Monster Factory Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Bro don’t be like this

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“Guys look, look who it is.”

Doudou is somewhat interested, just like how everyone wants to get a piece of the action when some shocking news happens right in front of them.

When the camera finally focused, the audience went ape s.h.i.+t with “who is this”, “this flashy”, “this is definitely me” and so on.

This young man definitely isn’t a superstar, so why do we need to see him.

Doudou is ours. This was what much of the viewing audience thought.

“Look carefully guys, look carefully” Doudou moved closer towards Ye Qing again, even her voice started to crack up.

Now every audience member widened their eyes and began to carefully examine the stream in front of them.

Then, a red banner appeared.

[Holy s.h.i.+t, it’s the guy who Doudou interviewed last time.]

As soon as this banner appeared, it caused a chain reaction. Closely following suit, countless viewers who saw what happened last time came out and indicated how similar the guy in the camera is like one from last episode.

People with good eyesight even expressed, in ways words can’t describe, how shocking this was.

They’re shocked because the one who was ridiculed to no end by all of them at the street stall was now sitting in a Bentley with his own driver, like a king, receiving a very enthusiastic welcome from Tianranju’s beautiful receptionists.

When Ye Qing’s ident.i.ty was confirmed.

The tens of thousands of viewers suddenly went dead quiet.

No one said anything, it’s as if everyone suddenly went offline.

However, this break only lasted for about 10 seconds before everyone snapped back to reality.

Then they went on a riot. The banner and the chat system, just like a tsunami, came cras.h.i.+ng down.

[Bro, you’re just too low key, low key to the point of being unforgettable.]

[I’m ashamed, I plead guilty, bro please take my knees]

[President, I’m sorry, please forgive me.]

[I gotta kneel, this Bentley, even the wealthy in my town can’t afford it.]

[This guys is simply too low profile, even walking to eat at street stalls……]

[K I’m done, time to go eat at street stalls.]

[I plead guilty, I need to go to Tianranju and personally plead guilty to this brother.]

Tens of thousands of viewers, almost all used their best praise, and gave it to Ye Qing.

Right now, Doudou’s shock was definitely not less than that of the viewers. Last time when she interviewed him, he was simply too low key, low key to the point of being able to mix with the customers there.

Yet, today’s him.

Is just too eye catching. Just like a horse let loose, completely wild and untamable.

The chaos brought forth by the tens of thousands of viewers also alerted Ye Qing that someone was watching him.

Slightly turning his head, a cartoon like girl with hesitant looks was shockingly staring at him. [TL: Waifu material detected.]

The beautiful girl was simply too hard to forget. Even if it was just a couple of days, Ye Qing still recognised her on the spot.

“Hi Doudou!” Ye Qing took the initiative and greeted her: “What a coincidence, are you also here for dinner?”

“Ah, ye…… yeah.” Doudou is somewhat embarra.s.sed now, and even stuttering. Last time, just like all of her viewers, she didn’t believe that Ye Qing was a boss and what not.

Who would’ve thought that he was the boss of a major company. Using the words ‘Rich Youth’ to describe him was more than fitting.

A barrage of banners flashed past and countless people expressed their emotions by sending heartbreak emojis. The viewers, while being sour at how flashy, how drag, and how dazzling Ye Qing was, also said that with how Doudou’s face was red, that she was definitely gonna betray them now.

[No, no, not like this. Doudou is gonna go become his first lady now, she’ll definitely forget about all of us in the future!]

As soon as that sentence appeared, the majority of the audience agreed and threatened to unsubscribe and unfollow.

Gong Wei having gotten out from the other door, was still thinking of his successful future, and the atmosphere surrounding him also displayed it.

Of course, because the first impression was the strongest, all of the viewers immediately shoved him under the category of hitching a ride instead of being the one who owned the car. If it wasn’t for the driver letting Ye Qing out first, who would’ve mistaken him this badly?

“Mr. Ye, who is this beautiful friend of yours? Wanna introduce her?” Gong Wei clicked his tongue and asked: “Little girl, are you here dinning here alone?”

“This is Doudou, she’s currently doing a show about the wonderful foods in Zhongyun.” Ye Qing roughly introduced, then turned around and asked Doudou: “Wanna join us? Me and Mr. Gong here are only here for the food, not here to talk business.”

“Yes, yes, we even booked a room for the few of us.” Gong Wei gave out an invitation, today’s meal is purely for thanking Ye Qing so there were no outsiders, just him, two of his supervisors, and Ye Qing.

“No need, no need.” Doudou became even more embarra.s.sed, and hurriedly declined Gong Wei’s invitation.

What is this joke, they’re all people from the upper echelons of society. They’re clearly unfamiliar with me, and this is only out of politeness.

The cell phone screen was now completely filled with ‘Go!’. The viewers now all believed that Ye Qing was simply too powerful, and that no matter how much they tip or donate now, there was no way for them to get back Doudou’s attention. So they might as well as go with the flow and have Doudou accept the invitation. This way not only will they be able to experience the lifestyle of the upper echelons, but also be able to brag about it to their friends.

Doudou doesn’t even have the courage to look at the flickering screen anymore: “I… I’m currently shooting a show, it’s definitely going to disturb you guys, so no need, no need.”

“Oh right, I’m Bai Dour.” Doudou politely raise her right hand.

“I’m Ye Qing.” Ye Qing extended his left hand out first and shook her hand with both hands.

They don’t know if it was intended or not, but the Altiplano watch on Ye Qing’s left wrist revealed itself.

Naturally, the chat was again full of sourness and pettiness, with stuff like: “Please, no! Bro don’t be like this”, and so on.

Some people who knew what’s what recognised Ye Qing’s Altiplano series watch.

What the heck! This young and already filthy rich, how are we supposed to live now.

Bai Dour already rejected the invitation, so Ye Qing didn’t continue on with the polite talks, and said: “Alright then, you do what you came here for, we’re gonna head up now, see ya.”

Having said goodbye to Bai Dour, the two under the guide of the receptionists entered the VIP elevator, then Gong Wei exposed a wicked smile: “Mr .Ye is truly a man of honor, not even bothering to invite such a beautiful girl a few more times.”

“Mr. Ye being this upright, then let’s switch to some honorable place instead tonight, how about going to Qiangui’s KTV?”

“Mr. Gong, have you heard of the idiom ‘a promise is worth a thousand gold’?”

“Hahaha~” Gong Wei just like hitting the slot machine, patted his leg while laughing out loud.

Gong Wei’s booked VIP room was on the 5th floor. From there it’s possible to see the night scene of the streets below. There were even 4 wonderful waitresses waiting there, wearing nothing but short qipaos.

Add on the two supervisors who were already waiting, there was only 4 people who came to eat and celebrate.

This meal’s main target was Ye Qing, so apart from several signature dishes that needed to be ordered before hand, everything else was ordered according to Ye Qing’s taste.

Of course, when four men are eating together, there definitely isn’t anything entertaining.

Having opened two bottles of aged Maotai, the four men while drinking talked about men things, resulting in a lively atmosphere. They’re also here to set the foundations for future endeavors.

Having stayed until the lights were blazing in the streets, the moon was high in the sky, and seeing that the time was past 8:30, Gong Wei happily went and paid for the bill.

Gong Wei definitely knew how to act like a gentleman, he conveniently asked the acting manager if the girl had left yet, and when he learned that she hadn’t, he also paid for her bill as well.

The diligent driver was already waiting outside of the main entrance with the Bentley. Again, acting very professionally, he gestured Ye Qing onboard.

“Time to go to the Silver Palace!” Gong Wei happily snapped.

Monster Factory Chapter 35

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