Monster Factory Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The thing 2

Chapter 5: The thing 2

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Opening the screen, Ye Qing closed the introduction and a background resembling an industrial workshop popped up.

Suddenly, text windows appeared on the screen.

Suggestion: No factory has been binded to the user. A factory, [Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory], has been detected under the user’s name, would you like to bind it?

Ye Qing clearly felt cold sweat pouring out. He almost tried to smash the phone again.

This app! How does it know Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory is under his name?

When the factory was being built, Ye Jiangning made Ye Qing the factory’s legal owner because of the various compensations given by industrial policies aimed at working youngsters, such as being tax free for three years. Just this reason convinced his father to register it under Ye Qing’s name.

This is simply inconceivable. Ye Qing is really doubting whether or not the phone sneakily linked up to the industrial complex’s internal network.

Harbouring indescribable scepticism, Ye Qing lightly tapped the [Yes] b.u.t.ton on screen.

Binding complete, you have been awarded two basic monster workers and one chance to draw from the processing tool lottery.

Monster Factory: Level 1 (Binded)
Able to recruit monster workers
Able to purchase normal quality tools
Manufacturing efficiency +1%
Manufacturing precision +1%
Manufacturing life expectancy +1%

Having shown the factory’s data, two cards suddenly popped up onto the screen.

Both cards have the same portrait of a tusked monster. There is also a [use] option on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Hulk worker
Processing precision +5%
Processing speed +5%
Fighting power 10
Naturally born with monstrous strength, and precise with all machines. A peon for all your basic needs.

Finished reading all the introduction, Ye Qing pressed yes without hesitation. Having experienced the binding, he has already changed his view of things. He now faced this app with br.i.m.m.i.n.g expectations.


Suddenly, a sound that he has never heard of was emanated from behind him.

Sounding very similar to the howl of a wild beast alongside its deep penetrating growls.

“Who?” Ye Qing quickly spun around as cold sweat drenched his back.

Under the bright sunlight, a lump of white smoke suddenly appeared in the office out of nowhere. Then a pair of dragon like, exploding with musles, furry hands were seen pus.h.i.+ng out of the smoke.


Two green skinned, stronger than bears, more muscles than Arnold, monsters appeared in front of Ye Qing just like that.

They appeared to be like humans, but their arms are super thick. They also have two giant tusks jutting out of their mouths, a chest full of thick hair and no hair what so ever.

“W ~ T ~ F!” Ye Qing is scared s.h.i.+tless as he immediately ran for his life

Having burst all the way into the manufacturing workshop, Ye Qing found a crowbar and tightly clenched it in his hands. Just as he was contemplating whether or not to call 110 (chinese 911), he suddenly remembered that the two monsters in the office were really similar to the portrait from the two cards.

Are they really ……

As Ye Qing’s heart is racing, he finally gathered up the courage to go up the stairs again.

When he arrived on the second floor, he took a quick peek at the hallway. No monsters. Again slowly approaching his office, Ye Qing is already able to hear the heavy breathing coming out of his office.

Quickly opening the app, he opened the two photos, When the display showed them entering [Resting] phase, Ye Qing had a quick peek into his office.

The two monsters disappeared!

“So it’s like this!” Ye Qing sprinted into the manufacturing workshop, holding onto that crowbar, he summoned the two monsters again.

The smoke appeared again. Two transformer like monsters stood in front of Ye Qing motionless. It’s as if they are waiting for Ye Qing to give out orders.

Finally examining the beasts, the two’s tall and st.u.r.dy builds, gave Ye Qing too much of a feeling of inferiority.

They are over 195 cm tall and they possess arms that are as thicker than Ye Qing’s waist. Ye Qing is really suspecting that a punch from them, will knock the living daylights out of any world cla.s.s boxers.

“Squat.” Ye Qing commanded exceedingly.

Without any addition nonsense, the two monsters, with excellent discipline, squatted on the ground

“Hit each other.”

“Dong ~ Dong ~” Two cannon like sounds exploded as the workers doubtingly looked at each other, as they each ate a punch.

After a chain of hits, Ye Qing’s colder than liquid nitrogen heart, instantly felt hotter than lava.

I can control these two!

But what to do with them?

The introduction said, these two can precisely use all kinds of machines. They also gave an increase of 5% to precision and speed.

There wasn’t much he could use in the workshop right now. Just a bunch of machine beds and processing tools.

“You two, lift up that bed on top of the mill for me will ya?” Having skimmed the two’s introductions again, Ye Qing gave the two a test.

“En!” The two monsters suddenly relied with some very poor mandarin using their low and thick voice. This had Ye Qing completely stunned for a whole entire day.

These two can speak?

Not giving Ye Qing any time for questions, the two workers, while stretching, walked towards the broken CNC mill.

Seeing the fallen machine bed on the workbench, the two workers one at each end, flexed their thicker than Ye Qing’s waist arms and easily lifted up that over 500 lb machine bed. Just like that.

Ye Qing is flabbergasted. Something over 500 lbs is this easy to lift?

This power, it would be too unfortunate if not used for smas.h.i.+ng. (1)

“Move it over there……:”

The two workers obediently followed his orders. This kind of no complaint work att.i.tude nearly made Ye Qing burst into tears.

Who knew how the previous workers were hired. Complaints while working. Complaints about food quality. Complaints while sleeping. Complaints everywhere!

Towards this, Ye Qing and Ye Jiangning can’t even say anything. If they reply then they’ll just quit, saying stuff like I don’t feel like working today and stuff. Seriously annoying.

Now, with these two super strong, and have self buffed processing precision and speed +5%, hulk workers. Working them is just a bliss.

He could’ve been able to create anything he wants, but due to the broken CNC mill, only small scale parts can be made.

The machine bed has a bunch of small parts that require the use of the multi-function machines. Ye Qing brought out these parts’ blueprint from his office, and handed them over to Hulk One and Hulk Two.

There is only two multi-function machines in the workshop. Hulk One and Hulk Two operated one each.

They really are amazingly precise with any machine. Having gotten their hands on the blueprints, they work just like a clock. Directly picking up the flame cutters to cut out the parts needed and securing them onto the machine bed.

*Ka Cha ~ Ka Cha*, normal workers need to recalibrate the parts non-stop with dials, but the two never measure a second time.

He doesn’t know if it’s an illusion, but Ye Qing felt the normally slow as all heck cutting and a.s.sembling speed of the machine bed, suddenly sped up a whole lot.

It probably isn’t an illusion. Because the factory comes with an amazing buff. +1% manufacturing speed.

Hulk One and Hulk Two also have their own +5% processing speed.

Time means efficiency. Increased efficiency means a savings in power costs and time. This is a really effective compet.i.tive strength.

The future is bright.

To prevent others from entering, Ye Qing went and locked the outside gates. Then he went back to his office and opened the CNC mill for sale post.

Ye Qing, who is in dire needs of the money, refreshed it non-stop to see if there is anyone interested.

Having waited a couple of minutes with no reply, Ye Qing turned his attention to figuring out everything about the app.

The app has a mini factory. Under careful inspection, he found similarities with Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory.

Towards this, Ye Qing is calm and like water.

The settings for the app are also pretty interesting. Recruiting monsters or buying tools require gold. Yet gold can only be earned by the monsters. For example, if Hulk One and Hulk Two built a machine in the workshop.

Ye Qing can sell the created tool for 10,000 yuan. Ye Qing can then either decide to pocket that 10,000 yuan or exchange it for gold.

100 yuan equals 1 gold. And a Hulk worker costs 100 gold to hire.

Currently the factory is Level 1, so it can only hire Hulk Workers. However when it levels up, then there will be more kinds of monsters up for hire.

The system gifted 200 gold. Ye Qing, currently doesn’t plan to spend it all on two more workers.

“Oh right ~” Ye Qing remembered that apart from the two gifted workers, he was also gifted a tool lottery draw chance.

Opening up the tool shopping center column without any delay, a roulette popped up.

The roulette is separated into 56 different items. The majority of them are small stuff like pincers, wrenches, hand drills, hammer drills, and cutting tools.

Stuff like laser cutting machine, automatic welding machine, rocker drilling rig and other large scale processing tools only took up 10 spots on the roulette.


1. Ok I seriously can’t stop myself from doing this, but……………… HULK!…… SMAs.h.!.+

Tl: Officially they are named Ox #, but Hulk # just sounds cooler

Kai: He made them hit each other…

Monster Factory Chapter 5

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