Monster Factory Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The rest of the order

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Ye Qing pressed the [Lottery] b.u.t.ton, and the roulette started to spin.

“Come on!!!!” Ye Qing yelled. Why? Because the smaller the area, the more it’s worth.

Hence when the pointer stopped on slot with [Rapid Metal Engraving Machine], Ye Qing is extremely happy.

Congratulations, a Fast Metal Engraving Machine (Quality: Uncommon) has been added to your inventory. You have been gifted a free tools upgrade, would you like to use it?

Ye Qing pressed Yes.

Rapid Metal Engraving Machine (Quality: Rare)


Engraving speed +100%

Engraving precision +50%.

Warning: Tools purchased from the shop cannot be resold. As soon as it is put up for sale, it will become a normal tool with no properties.

Metal engraving machines, from his understanding, is similar to CNC mills, but there is a huge gap in the precision. Furthermore, it can only engrave on soft metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, acrylic boards, and stone. Due to the power needed to process metal alloys, there is no way to engrave them.

He doesn’t know if this rapid metal engraving machine from the lottery is able to engrave steel.

Ye Qing has never seen any tool that has it’s own properties. He ran into the workshop without delay and summoned the machine.

For his first try, to prevent hurting the machine, Ye Qing brought a piece of soft stone slab from the yard as a guinea pig.

This rapid metal engraving machine has an overall white body. It’s neat and tidy body looks like it came from the future. It’s workbench is 1 meter long by 1 meter wide, with the left and right operating arms above.

Having placed down the stone slab, Ye Qing just couldn’t find the start b.u.t.ton anywhere. Having called over Hulk Two, this guy chuckled as he handed over a small board from the top of the machine.

As soon Ye Qing saw it, he immediately delighted. Surprisingly it’s actually a tablet with a USB connector.

Completely computer controlled! Really high tech!

Having opened the system, all the controls are there, but it’s just missing the processing designs.

There is no way for Ye Qing to be lacking these. There are tons of these in the USB he carries around. Although these are all CAD component designs, the system actually supports it.

Picking a gear design, Ye Qing uploaded it and pressed start.

Just as Ye Qing pressed start, the metal engraver on the machine powered up at terrifying speeds.

Ye Qing can’t even tell when the engraver made contact with the stone. All he knows is the sandstorm on the workbench, the flying rocks, and the loud noise from the engraving.

30 seconds later, the sandstorm subsided. The engraver also returned back to it’s original position. On the stone slab is a gear component that is exactly the same as the one in the drawing.

Perfect, definitely perfect. When changing to metal materials, the machine can directly engrave out all kinds of parts.

Ye Qing is simply on cloud 9, as rubbed his eyes multiple times to confirm what he just saw.


Rapid metal engraving machine, the key word here lies with rapid.

This can’t even be compared to the slow a.s.s metal engraving machines that Ye Qing used to know. This is truly a monster.

Although stone isn’t like copper or aluminum, but which normal engraving machines isn’t calm, composed and slow like a turtle while engraving and carving on metal?

With the design before, normal engraving machines need at least 20 minutes to finish. And the precision of the finished product isn’t even in the same playing field as this new machine.

The result of normal engravers are all rough and unrefined. This is caused by precision errors with the engraving tools. There is a need for the bi-product to be polished and smoothed before they can exit the factory. As such, these parts can only be used in those tools with no need for high levels of precision.

This engraver with properties, not only do it’s blades spin at terrifying speeds, but from this test alone, engraving steel is no problem at all.

Where is the need to manufacture cutting machines now? Might as well as open a new factory to make these metal engravers and earn a tidy profit.

Thinking up to here, Ye Qing quickly ran up the stairs, preparing to make a post of taking metal engraving tasks.

Just before posting, Ye Qing first took a look at his second hand CNC mill sales post. There are a few replies on the post, but they all ask how come we can’t reach you?

Can’t reach me?

Ye Qing just remembered that his SIM card was eaten by the phone when it was upgrading.

No wonder no one is calling right now. Ye Qing hurriedly pulled out an Apple Iphone 4 with a cracked screen and ran out the door.

Having set Hulk One and Hulk Two into their resting phase, Ye Qing opened the door, got into the van and drove as fast as possible to the nearest telemarketer. Once there Ye Qing went to get a replacement SIM card.

Using his ID to get through the paperworks, Ye Qing quickly got his hands on a new card. When Ye Qing inserted the SIM card into the old Iphone 4, Dididi sounds continued a few times before it displayed 6 unanswered calls.

Using the telemarketer’s WiFi, Ye Qing first got his contacts restored, then went to check out these messages. Three of the messages are from the boss of Jiangshan masonry.

Jiangshan masonry is currently his one and only customer. So with no need to upset them, Ye Qing immediately called them back.

“Come here immediately, the water pump for the cutting machines broke.” Sang Qing, the boss of Jiangshan masonry, stated with an icy cold voice.

“Water pump?” Ye Qing is lost because the cutting machines he gave him didn’t even have water pumps installed.

Stone cutting tools require water injection when it’s working to lower the temperature, but the masonry installed the water pump themselves. Most masonries like to save on water costs, so they reuse the wastewater which contains stone powder.

This causes the water pump to be worn out extremely quick. Installing water pumps mean giving a warranty on the pump. Which factory would do this kind of asking for trouble work?

Ye Qing explained that the water pump isn’t covered by warranty, Sang Qing’s reply is actually very simple. Come fix it if you want the rest of the payment.

Ye Qing tried to the best of his abilities, to hold back his urge of smas.h.i.+ng the phone.

In order to finish the rest of the machines, Ye Qing screamed nooo inside, but still made the trip unwillingly.

The rest of the calls are all from strangers, but Ye Qing called them back one by one. Two of them are probably from bosses of processing plants. Since they asked a bunch of technical questions about the CNC mill.

Ye Qing honestly reported the situation with the broken CNC mill. One of the them straight up wanted a 20,000 discount, while the other one is willing to pay another 30,000 to have Ye Qing fix it.

The CNC mill requires their manufacturer to come fix it. That would at least take a few days, and since when does Ye Qing have that much time? As such he can only agree to the first one with the 20,000 discount, and booked an appointment for him to come take a look at the machine later tonight.

Then with a quick turn, Ye Qing drove off towards Jiangshan masonry.

The accident on State Road 104 has already been cleared away, so it was unclogged in both directions. Under these conditions, it took Ye Qing 40 minutes to arrive.

Jiangshan masonry is situated right below Mount Meihua, occupying a large area in the surroundings. They not only process all kinds of rocks, but they also do stone landscaping business. A lot of the landscaping stones in nearby communities are from here.

This kind of business, if it weren’t for director Zhang from city construction planning department, the boss Sang Qing will not in a hundred years order cutting tools from Clear Sky.

Hence, as soon as he met with Ye Qing, he refused to pay him any more attention and had someone that was just carving out stones deal with him.

This worker clearly is dressed to impress. With a cig in his mouth, he swaggered over.

As he got near, Ye Qing had the feeling, why does this guy look so familiar?

“Fk ~ It’s you?”


As soon as the two met, there were sparks of anger everywhere.

The person Sang Qing sent is none other than the one who took a beating from Ye Qing this morning at the hospital.

He seems to be Qian Dongdong’s sister’s son. At the time he had spoken some truly outrageous comments.

“Very good. The police was there in morning so I couldn’t do anything. But now you’ve come running to my territory.” Qian Xiaomeng chuckled as he waved for a couple of his friends.

These two clearly aren’t strangers. They were precisely the two who showed up in the hospital with Qian Xiaomeng.

“No wonder that stone cutter kept having problems. So you’re the one made it. What kind garbage are you making?”

With people backing him, the skinny and thin Qian Xiaomeng just like his name, ferciously gave Ye Qing a shove: “Heard the factory my uncle is working at is on the verge of bankruptcy, they can’t even pay their workers wages. I see that van over there is pretty good, why don’t you leave it here to support my uncle’s medical expenses.”

Ye Qing raised his leg, and kicked Qian Xiaomeng on to the ground.

What business is there for Ye Qing to care about now? All he wants to do it beat the living daylights out of him.

With the fall of Qian Xiaomeng, the other two also joined in. These two clearly look strong, it’s probably because they are usually lifting and s.h.i.+fting stones all day long at the masonry. So it’s no surprise they have strength.

Ye Qing also isn’t weak. You throw me a punch, if I can’t dodge I’ll just kick Qian Xiaomeng harder, it’s not like I’m the one suffering here.

“All of you stop! What are you guys doing?” Sang Qing who was talking business with someone far away, saw the fighting here, and exploded like a p.i.s.sed lion.

“Boss, he already gave me a beating today. Look my teeth……” Seeing his boss approaching, Qian Xiaomeng is exhilarated: “I ask San’r for a leave this morning to see my uncle at the hospital. Who would’ve thought that my uncle got hurt in his factory.”

“Boss you have to help me get answers. This morning at the hospital, I saw that my uncle’s medical fees are still missing so I said a couple lines, but I didn’t expect him to just come up and beat me. Now he comes to the yard to fix the machines, but he again attacked me without any reasoning.”

His two buddies also come along to put in their piece. Making the whole story seem as if it’s all black and white. Saying how Ye Qing’s factory is on the verge of bankruptcy, but now with the order from our factory for cutting tools, he is like the king of the world. Even attacking the victim’s families.

Sang Qing nodded saying I got it.

Sang Qing clearly know what Qian Xiaomeng and his cronies are doing. He also know how hooligan like their group is. But that doesn’t hinder Sang Qing from helping them out, because they are all Sang Qing’s subordinates.

What they do is three-dimensional hand carving. This job is dependent on the worker’s experience. The longer it takes to carve the carving, the higher its price when sold, and the less profit margin for the company.

Gaining people’s favour, Sang Qing, who has a big business behind him, clearly understands.

“Beat it. The pump doesn’t need you to fix.” Sang Qing shook his head as he continued to deliver devastating blows: “The rest of the 6 cutters are, as of this moment, canceled. You can also forget about the remaining dues from the one you’ve already delivered, thinking of it as compensation for Qian Xiaomeng and his buddy’s medical fees.”

Monster Factory Chapter 6

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