Monster Factory Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 : Upgrade complete

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

That night, Ye Qing couldn’t get any sleep at all.

Within the workshop were 20 monsters working non-stop.

Tomorrow, without mistake, the factory would level up.

These new electric scooters with aluminum cases would automatically be a hit as soon as they hit the market. It wouldn’t a matter of days to sell 50 of them, but rather a matter of hours.

Of course, with the change to an aluminum casing from plastic, the price tag of the scooters would naturally increase.

But Ye Qing left that for his dad to decide. He’d been a boss for more than 20 years, so naturally he should be familiar with these matters.

Ye Qing wasn’t prepared to meddle with the electric scooter sector too much. This was only to find a new product for the old factory, so that his dad could expand the factory and complete one of his never before fulfilled dreams.


Which owner doesn’t wish to expand his factory, and walk down the path of a successful individual?

Ye Qing remembered back in middle school when the factory was at its prime. His father was full of smiles back then. He even dreamt of buying a car in two years, a mansion in 5, and a Ferrari for the graduating Ye Qing in 10.

Sadly, in the end, he only bought an average commercial van and kept using it until now.

Unable to fall asleep, Ye Qing pulled out his cell phone and went to examine his total net worth.

The curbstones earned 3 million in profits so far, if they were all completed then that would around 6 million in pure profits. Gong Wei paid 1.5 million for the fix, the Silver Palace gifted a full 880,000 filled VIP card, and the engravers earned 2 million.

The scooters earned 4 to 5 hundred thousand, but Ye Qing hadn’t taken a single penny of it, but rather left it to his father to hire and expand.

Although Ye Qing was spending all his money super fast, but it was also coming in super quick.

Manufacturing was, from beginning to end, a bottomless pit. To establish any a.s.sembly line from top to bottom easily cost billions.

Now Ye Qing’s factory, just with hand made products alone, had already earned more than 2 million.

As for the 4 million and change he had on hand, it seemed it still needed to remain on hand for a bit before it could be used for a luxury cars.

Well, time to see what new black tech the level 3 Monster Factory brings.

With today’s morning suns.h.i.+ne, or maybe it was the early summer winds, even spots of weeds could be found in the surrounding barren hills.

Ye Qing welcomed the suns.h.i.+ne, as he stretched and exercised in the yard.

The first batch of 50 aluminum cased electric scooters had already been sent off to the old factory. The one who came hauling today was a driver that dad specifically hired for the job.

Ye Jiangning, witnessing the unprecedented popularity, straight up bought a brand new Jianghuai truck just to move the components and products.

Ye Qing, with trembling excitement, awaited the ever increasing stats. As of this moment, there were only the sales of the 5 normal engravers. Now just by selling 45 scooters, then the Monster Factory could level up.

By 11 in the morning, 50 brand new aluminum scooters had been a.s.sembled.

This kind silvery white electric scooter, never mind Ye Jiangning, even the workers in the factory were extremely envious.

These scooters were a.s.sembled by their own hands, so they’re naturally cognizant of their quality.

This kind of electroplated super car sh.e.l.l had many workers inquiring Ye Jiangning whether they could buy one on internal pricing.

Ye Jiangning naturally agreed: selling them to the dealer was selling them, selling them to the workers was still selling them, so why not?

By noon, the batch of scooters arrived at Huang Ranjun’s scooter store.

The other store across the street was still selling the knock offs with great popularity.

To speak the truth, even without the long mileage, just these scooter’s outer appearance alone was enough to attract a large crowd of customers. Many nearby delivery restaurants started to buy these knock offs without knowing anything. Very quick they found that apart from the same outer appearance, it had nothing else.

It’s mileage was just that much better than that of regular scooters, yet when you rode it, it felt completely dreadful. When compared to that of the Typhoons, it was just like the comparison between a Pontiac and a Ferrari.

The owner very pragmatically lowered the price of the scooter right to 2500.

Just like that, even normal customers swarmed in. Such beautiful appearance, such a cheap price, it was definitely them.

Then when Huang Ranjun’s store received the delivery of the 50 scooters, that kind of obliterating appearance from the silvery white scooters even had pa.s.sing by drivers stop and watch.

What are those scooters??

The fk ~ Why the h.e.l.l do those electroplated metal casings look so much like those super cars on the internet.

What’s more shocking was the front of the scooters. It freaking had an angry looking dragon with bared fangs and brandished claws carved on it.

Dragons are one of the most famous mythological creature in most Chineses’ views. The many images of dragons in public were even more common than finding a chance to see yourself naked.

Getting tired of it, not really. But getting apathetic to it, most definitely.

But who had ever seen this kind of moving yet not moving, lifelike silver dragon with bared fangs and brandished claws?

The fk, with these scooters, it was even more eye-catching than riding a Harley!

Many scooter riders looked at their garbage-like plastic cased scooter below them.

Then they looked at the scooter with it’s race car-like casing, and the lifelike carving.

Suddenly they all had the urge to trash their scooters.

“Don’t pus.h.!.+ Fk stop pus.h.i.+ng! I’m gonna stop selling if this continues!” Huang Ranjun almost got ran over by the crowd: “5000 each, if you wanna buy it, then get your cash ready and line up!”

“Why is it this expensive!”

“Me, me, you accept credit cards?”

“Expensive, but I’m still going to buy one!”


Within the Dragon Creek beach factory, Ye Qing was holding onto the Monster Factory cell phone, and ignoring everything else, including food and washroom needs.

From the start of noon, the progress bar of (5/50) in the Monster Factory began to slowly increase.

Almost increasing by 1 every minute, and without any other delay.

40 or so minutes later, the Monster Factory interface suddenly changed.

A batch of dazzling fireworks exploded in the middle of the screen. After exploding, all the scattered fireworks quickly gathered in middle and finally formed the word [Congratulations].

Congratulations, with your unending efforts you have finally met the level 3 factory requirements.

Level 3 Monster Factory shall be officially released. The industry ranking system and all kinds of magic tech have been unlocked.

System upgrading……

Ye Qing was not going anywhere now, but rather sat down and waited for the upgrade to finish.

This wait had Ye Qing wait for a total of 2 hours before the system finished upgrading.

When the progress bar reached 100%, a notice popped up saying Upgrade Complete. The Monster Factory then suddenly had a ball of bright blue light surrounding it.

Ye Qing couldn’t help but close his eyes. When the blue light disappeared and he opened his eyes, the Monster Factory cell phone in his hand……

Was still the same, with no apparent changes.

However the user interface changed. It changed to be even more sci-fi like, with a heavy layer of metal tastes.

Under the original gold display position appeared an extra [Manufacturing Industry Ranking] menu.

Opening up this ranking, a long list that require scrolling immediately popped up.

Regional manufacturing industry ranking. A comprehensive ranking based off of each manufacturer’s skill, tech, equipment, funding and product sales.

You must first enter the regional top 10, before you have the qualifications to level up again.

Beside the regional manufacturing industry ranking was the extended regional manufacturing industry ranking, then there was the domestic, continental, and world manufacturing industry rankings.

Ye Qing scrolled down the list for days before he found that row of unique golden letters in the regional rankings.

Monster Factory (Bound to: Monster Heavy Industry). Industry index: 536.

Regional ranking 903. World ranking 8542657……

Ye Qing took a look around. The ones ranked at the front of the regional list were all familiar large scale enterprises. Naturally Huaxing Heavy Industries was the only one at the top of the hill and at number one. Gong Wei’s plant ranked at number 13.

Ye Qing did a careful examination. This regional ranking only included all of Zhongyun’s pure manufacturing industries. None of those in the financial sector, real estate, or foreign trade were listed.

From the findings so far, the regional ranking only consisted of enterprises within the Zhongyun metropolitan area, and the extended regional ranking should consist of enterprises within the province.

He was not unaware before the ranking, but what a scare. Although Ye Qing’s factory could be considered to be within the million yuan sector, but it didn’t even rank within the top 500.

Of course, the lower the ranking the quicker it was to surpa.s.s. With Monster Factory in hand, it wouldn’t be long before they crashed into the top 10.

Ye Qing right now actually wasn’t caring about the ranking at all. Rather, he was more interested in the disguise uniforms for the monsters.

With this, the monsters could stop hiding in the background and enter the world of humans!

Monster Factory Chapter 56

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