Monster Factory Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Time to make some trouble

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing went through each individual icon to try to find the disguise uniforms.

Even the user interface changed. Ye Qing looked through the app’s market for ages before he found a branch called The Glory Shop.

The Glory Shop uses glory points to buy the stuff in the shop.

Right now Ye Qing had 536 glory points, the same as the industry index. The Glory shop as of right now, only sold the disguise uniforms.

Disguise uniforms: able to disguise monsters, who will automatically obtain human appearances and ident.i.ties.

Warning! The effects of the disguise uniforms only works on human shaped monsters.

It was 100 glory point for one, yet Ye Qing bought 3 without any hesitation right off the bat.

Ye Qing selected to use the uniforms, and the system asked him to select the targets.

Ye Qing quickly selected one of the master artisans, as well as Hulk One and Hulk Two.

Hulk One and Hulk Two were the two monster that Ye Qing first summoned, had the longest contact with, and had the most connection with.

Hulk One and Hulk Two were currently in the workshop working, so Ye Qing quickly rushed into the workshop.

In Ye Qing’s eyes, Hulk One and Hulk Two still looked like the same old ma.s.sively ripped monster with tusks. Expect now they were wearing a set of well-fitting navy blue overalls and a pair of black work boots.

Ye Qing recalls that there was a notice before saying that the disguises only worked in front of others and security cameras. Ye Qing pulled out his new iPhone, opened up the camera, and faced it towards Hulk One and Hulk Two.

Sure enough, in the cell phone picture, Hulk One and Hulk Two had already changed into two baldies with NBA-like bodies. They had an Asian fierce-looking face, as well as ma.s.sive, bronze looking, ripped muscles.

“Holy s.h.i.+t……” Ye Qing took in a cold breath. These two seriously looked too savage.

Having lowered the camera to center of the uniform of the master artisan, Ye Qing felt this guy looked a lot more pleasing. A 1.6 meter tall body, with a clear hunchback, and looking in complete resentment. It was as if he had just found out that his wife ran off with someone else.

Ugly for ugly, at least his stunted height removed most of his threatening feel.

The system even said it had solved their ident.i.ty problems. Ye Qing asked the somewhat wise Qiao One. Then Qiao One, from his uniform pocket, pulled out an ident.i.ty card and a hukou registration.

Xiyun (Yunnan) province, Qujiang city, Honghe county, Weibaofeng town, Moya village……

A series of random place names had Ye Qing completely flabbergasted. Hulk One and Hulk Two’s ID card and hukou registration all point to the same area, but just with different towns.

A quick search on the internet and, holy s.h.i.+t, these places actually exist. Extremely backwater counties, impoverished villages, a single trip to the nearby city takes at least several days. Some backpackers who have actually made the trip there, all say how intrepid and fearless the locals are.

Hehehehe ~

Being able to solve the monster’s ident.i.ty problem had Ye Qing extremely happy.

He summoned out the M.P.C.V. to see what’s new with the upgrades.

A car that’s the size of a small excavator, with a c.o.c.kpit able to barely fit two Ye Qing’s, and two very science fiction-esk robotics arms appeared.

Level 2 Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle (Quality: Rare. Upgradeable): a combat vehicle specially designed for you.

With it, you can and will be undefeated within the manufacturing sector.

With many modifications available, the vehicle can undergo an unlimited number of them, as long as there are enough gold coins to keep up.

Fully automated processing robotic arms, with the ability to cut, drill, and weld.

High definition cameras can precisely capture and measure the measurements of any object, and create a 3D model of it.

What power, was what Ye Qing thought as he dug into the c.o.c.kpit.

With just a single person in it, there was still enough s.p.a.ce left for another. Now not only can the M.P.C.V. be remote controlled, it can also be piloted from within with its control systems.

All that needed to be done was to move the joystick on top of the control panel, then the M.P.C.V. computed the captured motion and transmitted it to the limbs and treads outside.

The already installed operating system was both simple and robust. Moreover, the c.o.c.kpit gla.s.s could even handle the water pressure of being 200 meters below the sea surface. The 4 high speed thrusters all around let it ditch the need for a pressure chamber, and even relied on its formidable propulsion force to let it move underwater.

This was seriously a prominent tool. This guy’s underwater construction abilities could easily match that of 100 professionally trained divers.

Ye Qing, itching to test out the new M.P.C.V., had it rumble to the dock and with a plop dove right into the sea.

As the M.P.C.V. entered the sea, Ye Qing looked out of the c.o.c.kpit to see the ever rising waterline, and suddenly felt the urge to examine the underwater sea world. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel shock, but rather wanted to treasure this super rare opportunity — After all, those who have experienced the underwater world in a submarine were still quite rare to find even in a group of a hundred thousand people.

Sadly the water quality here was complete garbage. Under the dock was only sand and rocks. There was no coral or any other signs of life.

After fooling around for a bit, Ye Qing controlled the MPCV back to sh.o.r.e. This guy is mainly for industrial purposes, so its entertainment capabilities are obviously garbage.

Having gotten on sh.o.r.e, Ye Qing called over the disguised Hulk One, Hulk Two, and Qiao One over to the van.

Ye Qing needed to check out what happens when ordinary people see them now. Could they see through the disguises or did they treat them as fellow humans.

The van drove all the way to the city, and Ye Qing found a someone secluded spot to first drop off the master artisan.

This guy, with his long hands, short legs and hunched back, clearly looked like a 50+ year old, but his ID card clearly said he was only 35.

Qiao One, with his navy blue overalls, raised only some looks of pity from the pa.s.serbys, and not any of shock or surprise.

Ye Qing then let out Hulk One. This time the pa.s.serbys were all shocked and surprised. In their eyes, Hulk One’s a muscle head with an NBA player-like body. Even if it was the most ferocious gangster on the streets, they would definitely end up in a hospital bed for several months if they actually encountered Hulk One.

Of course, the pa.s.serby’s shock and surprise was pretty normal, yet no one cried out words like ‘monster’ or ‘devil’ in fear.

Having pa.s.sed the experiment, Ye Qing directly drove up to the front gate of [Owen’s Electric Scooter Manufacturing Inc.].

Owen’s Electric Scooter Manufacturing Inc. actually owned a lot of land. It was even able to squeeze into the top 200 on the Monster Factory’s regional ranking list.

They even had 2 security guards at the front gates. Before the gate house was a new hiring notice, with urgent need for welders and lathe operators, offering 3500 a week after confirmation.

Ye Qing parked the van right outside the gates, and walked straight in.

Ye Qing decided to first have a conversation with the factory owner, to have him stop making those knockoff scooters of his.

Although Ye Qing came out with the aluminum carvings now to deter the knockoffs, the scooter factory could still continue to make the plastic cased ones.

Think of it from a different point of view. If Ye Qing’s factory decided to make knockoffs, then if the actual owner came looking, then Ye Qing would definitely stop taking the risks to make them

Ye Qing doesn’t know how virtuous this owner was, hence the attempt at discussion first. If he actually agreed, then that would just save everybody time.

To be quite frank, even without the monsters, Ye Qing now possessed quite a powerful network of connections. He was able to ask the Chief of the City Construction Management Bureau for help, Gong Wei was able to sort out any small problems, and even the Silver Palace owed him favors.

But as Ye Qing was able to solve this problem by himself, then there was no need to bother those big shots.

As Ye Qing approached the gate, a guard asked what he was here for.

Ye Qing replied that he was here to discuss scooter production details with the owner.

Smoothly getting past the guards, Ye Qing coincidentally b.u.mped into a worker who just left the washroom, and asked whether the owner was here.

The worker told Ye Qing that the boss was probably in the product inspection room right now, and even gave Ye Qing clear directions.

Beside the super large workshop was an office building. Ye Qing was told to go to the first floor of that building.

The door to the product inspection room was tightly shut, but from the gla.s.s window, traces of human shadows could still be seen.

Ye Qing knocked on the door, and a middle aged man in a uniform opened the door and clearly blanked out.

“Who are you?”

“I’m here for your boss.” Ye Qing without any expression, forcibly pushed open the anti-theft door. As soon as he entered, he saw an aluminum cased electric scooter placed on a shelf being a.s.sessed by 7 to 8 people.

Monster Factory Chapter 57

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