Monster Factory Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The irritating customer service

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing’s expression was just like a drama, changing with the seconds.

Who would’ve thought……

That it was DouDou who was advertising the scooters. Not only did her audience across the nation see it, but they also got to know all the finer details of the Typhoon.

Even if it were TV ads, with their audiences in the hundreds of millions, that was still for only a couple of seconds. How could that stretch of time explain to everyone all the advantages of the scooter?

DouDou, with her stream portal, each broadcast was 2 hour long, and she was even riding the scooter everywhere.

How many people were watching the stream?

Ye Qing took a glance at the viewer count, and found that it had already broke the 500,000 mark. Putting it right behind Wuwukai’s stream.

What does that mean? Although Douyu’s data might be inflated, there’s always viewers coming and going.

Even if DouDou only streamed for a couple of days, it was still estimated that there would be at least two million people nationwide who had seen the scooter.

For the past two days, the factory had been getting more and more calls from across the nation, and product deliveries had already been piled to a month later.

It could be said that all the nationwide purchases, were all thanks to DouDou.

A full month of products, that was at least 8000 scooters.

Out of the two million viewer exposure, there were definitely a lot more people, who would go to scooter dealers.h.i.+ps to ask more details about the scooter.

But the amount of people who would actually buy it wasn’t high at all.

But now the problem comes: there was no way that all these dealers would only buy and s.h.i.+p one from that far away.

So at the very least they were going to need five.

Plus those dealers were all super well informed.

Since many dealers.h.i.+ps had been chased down by customers asking whether or not they had any of the Typhoon scooters, then that meant that those Typhoon scooters had become the must haves and possessed a very high sales value.

If it wasn’t for the policies limiting the use of two wheel scooters in many major cities, the order total would most likely double if not quadruple.

What did monthly sales of 8000 truly mean?

Every scooter sold made 1500 in pure profits, so that was a monthly profit of 12 million for the factory.

That wasn’t a dream, but the cold hearted reality.

And those were the results caused by DouDou unknowing advertis.e.m.e.nts.

Riding the scooter towards all kinds of tasty joints in Zhongyun could be a very boring trip. So DouDou used that time to connect with the audience and answer any question they might have, including introducing her newly bought scooter.

And it was this unknowingness that caused the scooter to explode all across the country.

Of course, the superior quality scooter plus it’s super looks were the main reasons why viewers sought after it. If it was any normal scooter, then it would’ve been forgotten about a long time ago.

Yet if it weren’t DouDou doing her unknown advertising, then it would take ages before the factory could sell it across the nation.

Now, finally the mystery had been solved.

Ye Qing immediately exited the room and called his dad to inform him why the scooters suddenly became so sought after.

Although Ye Jiangning didn’t watch streams, but he was more than capable with the internet. Even before data usage became a necessity in Zhongyun, he was already on QQ and surfing through forums.

Hence, when Ye Jiangning opened the link sent by Ye Qing, and saw a girl with super model looks, riding his scooter around on the streets and even answering questions about it.

Ye Jiangning already saw through what this girl was unknowingly doing. The unimaginable advertis.e.m.e.nt effects and the unthought of sales, left him completely speechless and in tears.


After having eaten lunch, Ye Qing drove everyone back home. Ye Qing dragged Xu Xiaohu off to the side and stealthly shoved his congratulatory gift over while his mother was chatting away with his uncle.

That was an unopened Hasee G.o.d of War gaming laptop that was labeled at more than 4800.

That was a truly expensive gift, and the not so wealthy Xu Xiaohu didn’t know whether or not he should accept it anymore.

Of course he heard of the constantly improving factory from his aunt during lunch. It was just that if his grandfather got wind of it, then he 100% was going to have to reject it.

Ye Qing naturally knew of his uncle’s nature. If it was some hundred yuan gift, then he would definitely tell him to accept it. Except that laptop was definitely a rejection. Even if he did accept it, he would always think of ways to pay back for it.

That was also the reason why Ye Qing didn’t reveal it at the restaurant. Ye Qing patted the laptop’s packaging and happily said: “Leave it here for now. You’re coming back after summer break anyways, so come pick it up then.”

“You’re the best uncle ever!” Xu Xiaohu anxiously breathed, as if hating the fact that he couldn’t personally rip open the packaging yet: “Uncle, how about this. I’ll come over and work at the factory. All you need to do is cover my living expenses, and when the time comes tell them that I got this laptop from my wages.”

“How can I do that. Didn’t uncle say that he’s going to help you get into a driving school?”

“I can learn it here too.” Xu Xiaohu suddenly came up with a brilliant plan: “I’ve already spent a period of time with you guys, so dad and grandpa will definitely agree. I can even get familiar with the city while attending driving school.”

“When the time comes I can work not only work at the factory, but also learn to drive.” Xu Xiaohu begged: “Uncle, if my grandpa found out that the laptop was a gift from you then he definitely won’t let me accept it. He’ll only accept me working for it.

“Alright ~ let’s go with your plan then.” Ye Qing naturally agreed, and having Xu Xiaohu work in the factory was only for show.

Sure enough ~

When his uncle heard the Xu Xiaohu wanted to work for a laptop, he was happy to no end. He even praised him for his enlightenment as a factory was one of the best places to exercise and train.

The factory was owned and operated by his sister’s family anyways, so there was no way that Xiaohu would get bullied there.

“I know someone who owns a driving school and he’s right on the other side of the park.” Ye Jiangning was one of those cla.s.sic gentlemen, so he had lots of friends all over the place, and getting some discounts was naturally not a problem.

Ye Qing’s uncle immediately pulled out a credit card, and told Xu Xiaohu to get the necessary fees.

Ye Jiangning was also very familiar with the att.i.tude of this brother-in-law of his, so he didn’t offer any more unnecessary help.

When Xu Xiaohu came back from retrieving the money, the factory also began to start working on the afternoon work, so Ye Jiangning left everything to the master artisan and dragged his brother-in-law and Xu Xiaohu towards the driving school.

Ye Qing also went down stairs and left the laptop with his mom. He even told his mom to wait until his uncle left before giving it over to Xu Xiaohu.

Then Ye Qing returned back to the Dragon Creek Beach factory. Here, the master artisans had already finished making the altered mechanical engineered chair.

However, Ye Qing didn’t have the time to examine it. He was too busy preparing rewards for DouDou.

At lunch his dad had already wired some money over to pay DouDou for her advertising services.

Paying her though rewards could also raise her prestige within the streaming community. A simple and perfect plan.

After getting onto Douyu, DouDou had already gone home. Probably due to summer break, DouDou said that she would sing for everyone in the afternoon. All of the audience cheered and wanted her to sing Xu Ninggong’s new song — [Looking back]

RIght now, just as Ye Qing was trying to log onto his Douyu account, he got a pop up notification saying that Xu Ninggong released another alb.u.m again.

It truly was true that when men get busy, they were even willing to forget about their wives, Xu Ninggong was Ye Qing’s first love, and yet he didn’t even know that she released new music.

He was just in time to listen to DouDou sing it for everyone, and Ye Qing could even reward her for it.

Having forgotten what the pa.s.sword and the account id for the old account was, rather than trying to go through the forgot pa.s.sword actions, Ye Qing simply registered a new account.

Randomly coming up with the name [Dats right I was here], should count as responding to Xu Ninggong’s new songs.

Completing registration, while watching the stream, Ye Qing also began to charge money in his Douyu interface.

Ye Qing chose the biggest option available – 10,000, amount – 10.

Union Pay could charge in large amounts with every go, like that, 10,000 a charge. When Ye Qing tried to charge the fourth time, he suddenly couldn’t charge in anymore as it showed him having reached his card’s daily spending limit,

Just when Ye Qing was about to call the customer service to increase his spending limit, a number leading with 400 and ending in 95533 called.

That was the customer service number for China Construction bank. Ye Qing answered the called and was just about to ask why he got the called, the self introduced something manager on the other side used an anxious voice and asked.

“Excuse me, is this Mr. Ye? And may I ask if it is you yourself that initiated the four large amount payment?

“Yeah, I was just charging money into Douyu.”

“Douyu streaming?” The customer service manager’s voice suddenly dropped, 5 seconds pa.s.sed before he finally came back: “Mr. Ye, what did you want to do with charging in 400,000? There were many internet trolls and swindlers active recently. You must be careful and not get deceived.”

“I’m doing it cause I want to. Oh right why did you call me again?” Ye Qing pulled out the card that he used for charging: “If you got nothing else, then help me raise my spending limit to a million. I want to charge in a million.”

“You…… You want to charge in a million?” The customer service manager’s voice was all coa.r.s.e and husky: “Mr. Ye, I’ve also seen Douyu streams before. Who…… Who are you going to reward the million to? You really need to think this through, it only streams, what you’re doing isn’t worth it at all!”

“I got the money, and I want to.” Ye Qing fidgeted with the card: “Quickly raise the limit, this is myself asking, no one’s deceiving me.

“I’m very sorry Mr. Ye, but you can only do this when you bring you identification to the front desk.” The customer service manager was now clearly upset. Why is this seemingly young man able to reward people with millions as he wished?

Why?? G.o.d d.a.m.n why???

His voice was very gloomy and had hint of being somehow tired: “Mr. Ye, which streamer are going to reward? If I can ask.”

“Won’t you know as soon as I start firing rockets?” Without the ability to increase the limits, Ye Qing also didn’t have the time to waste with him.

“*sigh* you wealthy people’s world, I seriously don’t get it. With a million you clearly can sleep with a bunch……” Realising he went off topic, the manager immediately halted and angrily ended the call.

The cards had a 400,000 daily spending limit, but instant wire transfer limit was two million. Ye Qing transferred the rest of the 600,000 into two other cards, and used the online banking to continue charging.

Having worked for half an hour, Ye Qing finally got the million yuan all changed into Douyu’s online credits.

*crack crack*

After adjusting his position, he stretched out his fingers for a bit, and prepared himself for the 2000 rockets to be readied.

Now let the rewards begin!

Monster Factory Chapter 65

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