Monster Factory Chapter 66

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Chapter 066: Ooo! Cool rockets!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

To be completely honest, Ye Qing hadn’t ever fired off any rockets before.

If you actually wanted to find something similar, then it had to be leaving a favourable review and donation for a favorite author on Qidian, then having the review be stickied and have it seen by all the readers.

Of course Ye Qing has never had that happen to him, but he had seen many of the wealthy readers give out money like it was candy. Truly very envious.

Now he could finally experience what it felt like to be rich and wealthy.

At the moment in the stream, DouDou was sitting in front of the computer, setting up her microphone.

And unlike some other girl streamers who loved their special effects, DouDou’s stream was very pure, only her and nothing else, including special effects.

It was also only something like this that could display how pure DouDou was.

“h.e.l.lo ~ ”Having set up the mic, DouDou sweetly greeted everyone: “Since everyone wanted to hear Xu Ninggong’s new song [Looking back], I’ll try my best to sing it for everyone.”

[I’ve prepared my headphones a long time ago, DouDou start already!]

[I’ve got my Grado RS1e headset ready, don’t be jealous guys.]

[You guys seriously, who cares about the brand, it’s good as long as it’s less than 10,000]

Hearing that DouDou was ready to sing, the banners clearly began to drop, and people in the chat all started to hype up.

When the graceful melody began to flow, even Ye Qing raised up the volume on his computer’s sound system.

“There used to be……”

“Someone who loved me……”

“There used to be……”

“Someone who used to write me love letters to confess……”

“There used to be ~ Someone who followed in my wake, explored every corner I went.”

“I wanted you to personally confess to me, to let me understand what love truly is……”

The chat occasionally floated past:


Ahhhhh, fIrst love!

I wanna cry! I want to find my true love!

Elegant music coupled with powerful lyrics, had Ye Qing become intoxicated, and even sink into deep thought.

Because the first ever love letter Xu Ninggong received was from Ye Qing during 4th grade. That Ye Qing could guarantee with his pride and manhood on the line that he was the first.

5 seconds later, Ye Qing was slapped back into the ice cold reality. Because someone in the chat informed everyone that this was the ending song Xu Ninggong wrote for a new to be released movie. What’s more, she was also the female lead in it.

“Thank you What path to take for the airplanes, also Bro you short on books, and I love mystery fantasy for your fish b.a.l.l.s!”

Having reached the end of the song, DouDou bowed and cupped her hands to thank the audience for their donations and support during the song.

“Shoot I almost forgot about this!” Listening to only the song, Ye Qing almost forgot about all of the virtual credits he just created.

And his goal also wasn’t listening the song, rather it was to thank DouDou.

Hence Ye Qing hovered his mouse over the gift basket as the bottom right, and selected the largest amount of rockets.

That was the first time Ye Qing was donating, yet for some unknown reason, Ye Qing suddenly felt an urge of excitement.

Clicking on the rockets, Ye Qing thought there would be some sort of pop up for him to write a message, yet who would’ve thought that with just a click, a rocket would fly across the screen.

Ye Qing’s account name was [Dats right I was here]. So when the rocket flew across, the chat went apes.h.i.+t with 666s.

Because someone sent a rocket, which means everyone in the chat could scramble over the fish b.a.l.l.s reward from the resulting jewel box. Moreover the rocket would connect to all other streams, and everyone there could also join in the scramble.

“Thank you Dats right I was here for the rocket.” DouDou was naturally happy that someone was willing to send rockets. That was the biggest support available from the audience, it was also the biggest acknowledgment of her work.

DouDou was actually really famous in the streaming community. Her show, Brawl on the tip of the tongue, used exceptional commentary, and drool invoking food presentations, to win the heart, mind and soul of her ma.s.sive fanbase.

Hence she has received rocket gifts before.

DouDou can clearly remembered, from when she started streaming to now, she had received a total of 73 rockets.

Every time there was a rocket, DouDou would always send a private message to personally thank the gifter.

Thus very quickly Ye Qing received 2 private messages. One from DouDou for thanks, and the other was from one of DouDou stream’s admins to inform Ye Qing of a VIP fan group and how to join it.

Ye Qing didn’t pay these messages any mind, rather he continued with sending the rockets.

The feeling was simply too intoxicating. An uncountable amount of people were all praise him, all of Douyu’s ma.s.sive viewers.h.i.+p could see his name roll across their banners.

Everyone sending 666 in chat, plus the special effects from the rockets, made Ye Qing’s old and outdated computer lag.

He continued sending some rockets but nothing happened, but he continue to madly send them anyway, then the screen froze as a ma.s.sive barrage of tightly packed rockets flew across.

DouDou, who was focused on singing, suddenly paused, just like having seen something completely inconceivable, covered her mouth, and continued to stare at the screen with wide eyes.

The hundreds of thousands of viewers, just like having all seen a living ghost together all went quiet, to this silence the row of more than 40 rockets flew across.

Many people’s computers also began to lag, because at that time a countless amount of viewers from other streams also joined in the army of fish ball s.n.a.t.c.hers.

Suddenly everyone went berserk!

[Rich mister, do you still need followers?]

[Both of my legs are jello now, I bow down to you mister.]

[40, suddenly, my heart’s eternal……]

[This Dats right I was here viewer, may I ask…… may I ask why you suddenly gifted so many rockets?] DouDou had some difficulty speaking, she was even wondering whether or not this viewer was in the right room.

And because of all the donations, Ye Qing also became a chat admin, and his messages within the chat would have prefixes and different colors.

Ye Qing stated that his computer froze back there, seeing nothing happening, so he sent that much.

[Oh my pitiful mister. Why would you charge this much virtual credits?]

[Douyu’s pretty black hearted. It doesn’t confirm with you whether or not you want to send, it’ll just do it. Don’t ask me how I know this, I’ve been deceived before……]

Yet for some unknown reason, DouDou seeing the audience say it was all lag, suddenly felt some heavy responsibility on her shoulder.

1 or 2 rockets might make her happy, but 40 rockets, meant a price tag of more than 20,000, gave her quite the pressure.

Hence she very quickly sent Ye Qing a message saying that it was alright. When she got the money from the gifts, she would return it to Ye Qing, it was just that the site would take a cut.

Ye Qing reply to was her, ‘Don’t worry it’s fine, I’m going to donate away all the money here, so screw the lag.’


Ye Qing didn’t give DouDou any time to think, or give time for the audience to snap back.

As he started to send off even more rockets 1 by 1.

50, 60, 70, 100……

In the wake of that many rockets, there was no break in the screen as an endless row of rockets flew across the stream, or it could be to said to be across every single stream on the site. Everyone stared on at this rare feast for the eyes.

The viewer numbers for the steam, from 400 some thousand, in an indescribable speed, suddenly popped to over a million.

Yet this Dats right I was here super rich viewer, continued to endlessly send off rockets. Many of the viewer’s computer started to lag, what’s more even those who have banners turned off also began to lag.

Because rockets came with their own animation, so a rocket a second of animation eats up tons of the GPU.

It was a good thing that there was an option to turn off animations, which Ye Qing also found and pressed.

[Mister don’t lie! You clearly kept on sending, yet you say you’re lagging……]

[This mister seriously knows how to joke around. One of his graphic card can probably make up for 10 of our computers.]

[Mom asked me why I’m watching the stream kneeling, I said I’m watching rockets fly by.]

[I’m the boss of this street here, and no one has ever tried to mess with me before. Now that I’ve been screwed over by mister, I truly feel honored……]

Some viewers spent some money to get a different color for their texts. Normally when they donate, the most they would get back is some thanks from the streamer. Yet now they must spend money to keep their banners going, otherwise it would just get drowned away.

Rockets just like before, endlessly kept on coming. Their counter had already surpa.s.sed 300.

At that moment the rockets’ jewel boxes all began to open. The already waiting viewers, all fought over one another to try to s.n.a.t.c.h the fish b.a.l.l.s.

Right now how could DouDou still sing her songs, she was just sitting there dumbfounded watching the chaos go on.

The audience were also dumbfounded, as the most rockets ever sent before was only 200 something. Now that record had been easily smashed to smithereens and beyond.

What’s more, this G.o.dly rich man didn’t take the regular routes at all!

Normally all those wealthy individuals who fire off rockets love to wait for the animation of the rocket to stop before sending off the next one. That way they could have their names remain on screen for the longest possible time.

Yet as for this G.o.dly rich man……

He was completely in a life or death mode, with no pauses between mouse clicks at all!

Definitely expensive, to use white jade to place the gold on a horse, but totally worth it.

Ye Qing wild gold tossing style, had completely and utterly smashed everyone dumbfounded and speechless.

Monster Factory Chapter 66

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