Monster Factory Chapter 67

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Chapter 067: The spam continues

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Seeing the still increasing number of rockets, the countless viewers went nuts and relayed this to their friends and online forums. They used the most descriptive and excitement invoking words they could think of to describe what was happening on DouDou’s stream. In addition to links to the stream.

When some forum users got linked in, and saw what was going on, the rocket counter had already surpa.s.sed the 500 mark.

Everyone remembered DouDou’s stream and at the same time remembered the [Dats right I was here] super rich mister.

There was like a never ending supply of fish b.a.l.l.s dropping. The viewer’s were delighted to the point where they’re already forgot to spam 666s, rather they all followed in the wake of the rocket counter, and helped Ye Qing count all the spam he fired.

551, 552, 553……

Right now DouDou’s viewer count had already surpa.s.sed 3 million. What’s more, every time someone refreshed the page, the view count was still visibly increasing.

On other streams, some singer and dancer streams all stopped their performances in despair, and dumbfoundedly looked on as their hard earned views all disappeared.

Yup, that’s right, those people all ran off to the rocket and jewel box s.n.a.t.c.hing festival on DouDou’s stream.

Some streamers gave up and actually switched their stream over to DouDou’s and watched on as she continued on to break and set old and new records

A streamer who was dubbed as ugly by his audience, right now was facing a losing battle as Lucian in League of Legends.

Under the situation where all his teammates were either dead or ran off, he, kiting around the base with beyond imaginable skills, outplayed the enemy, got a quadra kill and avoided getting GGed right then and there.

Just when he finished off the last enemy champion, he let out a sigh of relief, and yelled ‘How was that? Can we get some 666 in the chat please!”

Normally for streamers like him, they would always have at least two monitors. One for playing the game, and another to watch the stream. Yet today his other monitor was getting some repairs so it wasn’t on.

The enemy required a long time to revive, and just as he controlled his hero towards the enemy’s base, he quickly alt tab’d out to see whether or not there were floods of 666 in the chat.


That alt tab had him completely shocked.

His stream suddenly seemed to become as lonely as if it had gone offline. If it wasn’t for the barrage of rockets flying across, he definitely would’ve believed that his stream broke.

But all those rockets weren’t for him at all.

Glancing at the view count again, it was only a few tens of thousands, and most of those people were either bots or just had the stream on, but weren’t paying any attention to it at all.


He remained perplexed on what was suddenly going on, and clicked on the link to the rocket spamming stream.

Then looked at the viewer count……

The same situation occurred in every other stream.

At that moment, Ye Qing’s mailbox was already stuffed full with messages. Not bothering to spare a moment to look through them, he continued on to happily spam more rockets.

To be completely honest, these kind of extremely eye popping donations, seriously felt too G.o.dd.a.m.n good.

The animations were turned off on the computer, but Ye Qing had the stream open on his cell phone, and was able to witness the chaos he was making in clear high definition.

Right now DouDou didn’t even know what to do anymore. So she used her still unfamiliar singing voice to persuade Ye Qing to stop spamming.

Yes ~ DouDou right now was very nervous as she wasn’t familiar with the viewer at all. The viewer all of a sudden began to spam rockets for her, yet each and every single time, just when she thought he had reached his limit, he would smash that belief to bits right after.

Just who was he?

This question was floating around in DouDou’s mind, and also in the minds of all the viewers.

The audience was already apathetic to the 666s in the chat. Rather, right now they were all bickering over who [Dats right I was here] actually was.

Some guessed that he was a school, but that was quickly rejected by everyone.

Some guessed whether or not it was one of those rich boys who float between streams, yet that was also quickly rejected by everyone. Because this kind of donating style wasn’t like them at all, as there was no way they would mask their names and spam rockets like no tomorrow.

Seeing the intense fighting within those supporters to guess who he was, Ye Qing who had already spammed over 800 rockets, secretly felt extremely superb.

‘You guys definitely won’t guess who I am, definitely.’

Those in the audience who weren’t supporters yet, were all madly trying to count the number of rockets sent.

They, under no coordination, all gave out a 893/1000 answer at the same time.

All those rich misters from before all had an unspoken rule: they all liked to donate whole numbers, such as 10, 20, 50, 60.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t anyone who spammed donations 100 times in a row, it was just that it was too rare to see one as there was at most one per year.

Yet now there was this new rich man, who with jaw dropping speed, was breaking one record after another, and at the same time setting new records one after another.

Then going from how things were going right now, this unknown rich mister’s target was definitely 1000 rockets.

Right now the viewer count had surpa.s.sed the 5 million mark. On some gaming forums and news sites, people were already discussing like mad on how the stream was able to attract the support of such a rich mister.

It was just what DouDou was doing let everyone down. She covered her face with both of her hands, with no courage to even take a glimpse at the ever increasing counter.

Several tens of seconds pa.s.sed before she even mustered the courage to slip a peek between her fingers. Quickly taking a peek at the number, she then quickly hid herself again.

998/1000, 999/1000, 1000/1000!

When the rocket number broke the 1000 barrier, the whole audience exploded and flooded the chat with all kinds of colours.

Many famous streamers all let out long congratulatory messages to congratulate DouDou for setting the new and almost impossible to break record.

Many internet news groups also caught wind of this piece of news and had already began to make recordings.

Congratulations ~ congratulations ~ congratulations ~

The whole chat was filled with this.

The entire stream suddenly became an ocean of congratulations. As for the streamer [DouDou] and the mysterious mister [Dats right I was here], they both became internet celebrities.

And those already waiting network administrators, also quickly recorded down the historical moment for later uses.

Then suddenly, without any warning, the perfectly fine whole number jumped.

It changed to 1001……

Why? Why did the number change?

The move by Ye Qing has everyone lose it. The clearly 1000 was not only a whole number, but also a perfect ending. Yet it was just like that was completely ruined.

Many audience members with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) all hate not being able to wipe that last digit off.

“Haha ~ sorry, been clicking too much, miss clicked there.”

Ye Qing sent a flying kiss emoji, and mashed out the following: “But if you guys are able to guess who I am, I’ll send another 999 rockets to get a whole number.”

A period of silence, then the audience as if having been hit by a nuke, completely went beserk.

[G.o.dly mister who are you?]

[The G.o.dly mister replied! Everyone come and guess!]

[My eyes were blinded by G.o.dly mister’s radiance, G.o.dly mister you’re responsible for me for the rest of my life!]

[G.o.dly mister come quickly with me, these people are all completely against you.]

[Who is this G.o.dly mister?]

[G.o.dly mister please give some hints……]

[G.o.dly mister please give some hints +1 ……]

As soon as this message came out, the original viewers all got excited, dropped out of the fight for fish b.a.l.l.s, and began to start typing.

When the G.o.dly mister said he would send 999 more rockets, no one questioned whether or not he could, rather everyone started to wonder who he actually was.

The remaining 999 rockets, Ye Qing definitely needed to send. Now it seemed the commotion he caused was way better than antic.i.p.ated, and there was definitely going to be more people watch DouDou’s stream now.

To let them guess who he was, was purely because he wanted to show off, and get back at them.

“Sure here’s the hint: The first time I met DouDou was at Ayun’s snack shop.”

That hint of Ye Qing’s had many original viewers go thoroughly mad.

That low key bro from Ayun snack shop, and that beyond dazzling bro from the entrance of Tianranju.

They had clearly remembered Ye Qing. Many in the audience now even made him into their life’s model.

Who would’ve thought……

Who would’ve thought……

[Brooo, so it’s you.]

[Ah s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t, bro finally made his move, now DouDou’s definitely gonna runoff with him.]

[Bro why you gotta be like this, we completely can’t do anything……]

[I completely bow down to the majestic you. Originally I thought this was something coordinated by the site. Yet who would’ve thought I would doubt you……]

[Only hate not being a girl and can’t be your partner.]

[I’m sorry, my suspicion from the beginning was uncalled for. Who would’ve thought it was you bro.]

[Idol, I’ll only admire you for the rest of my life.]

Accompanying the audience’s crazy praise, was DouDou’s shocked beyond the world expression on the screen. Ye Qing who was joyous beyond belief, continued on with his rocket spams.

Monster Factory Chapter 67

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