Monster Factory Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Visitors

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing just left the office of some advertising company.

He wasn’t there looking for marketing strategies, rather he was there to collect the bill. Right now, the rumors of a new super quick, and super accurate rapid metal engraver with super beautiful results had been spread far and wide within advertisers in Zhongyun.

500,000 for one!

If you wanted to buy it, then first was a down payment, then when it was ready to be s.h.i.+pped it needed to be paid off in full, otherwise you could forget about it.

Conditions, delayed payments?

Ye Qing’s reply to them all was: cash up front, otherwise fk off.

Just like that, completely overbearing. Back in the day when the old factory was looking to s.h.i.+p products, the customers were literally like G.o.ds.

And now?

Before Ye Qing’s machine even arrived, the owner of the advertising agency was already downstairs anxiously waiting with a cash check in hand.

Up until now, there were only a total of 26 engravers sold.

Right now there was a bunch of stockpiled engravers. Within the factory warehouse, there were at least 20 of them sitting there.

No one who had bought them deferred payments, because as long as you were in possession of these engravers, then you would be able to sweep through all your compet.i.tions like weeds.

Engraved plates for products, advertis.e.m.e.nt decorations, metal art, industrial memorabilias, metal business cards, copper letter plates…….

For any metal carving order, as long as you were quicker, your products were better than everyone else’s, and you still couldn’t make an earning, then you should really go jump off a bridge.

With others making a killing, naturally as the provider, Ye Qing was also making a killing.

Not only did he make a big killing, Ye Qing’s Monster Factory within the local rankings also rose from 903rd to 801st.

Now that the Monster Factory had reach 801st within Zhongyun’s industrial rankings, its industrial index also increased from its original 536 to 839.

The increase in the index number meant 303 more Glory points, as well as the ability to buy 3 more disguise uniforms.

But to want to increase the industrial index and rankings, then there was only rapid expansion, and increased product sales. Only this way could those numbers actually increase rapidly.

Money was a consumable; gone when used. The 303 industrial index increase mainly came from the marketing of the factory’s products.

When Ye Qing reached the parking lot, before he even got on the car, a series of order notifications came in, literally turning the cell phone into a police siren.

Ye Qing stood in front of the van, completely bewildered.

In total 60 Mechanical Engineer chair orders, and from all over the country at that.

What the heck……

Ye Qing was seriously doubting what he was seeing. This was for a 50,000 yuan chair!!

Those orders couldn’t be fakes, so that only meant one thing, that that Chang Yu person showed the chair around to his group of friends after receiving it, then had his friends see what was truly outrageous about the chairs.

And this group of friends of his, were all wealthy individuals, otherwise there was no way they would be willing to spend 50,000 for a single chair.

‘Haha ~ there’s really no need to worry about marketing with great products, because the buyers will do that themselves for free.’ Ye Qing thought to himself as he happily raced back towards the Dragon Creek beach.

There were already 13 stockpiled chairs in the warehouse. Ye Qing decided to first mail them to the distant customers first, and rush in some more for the closer ones.

Oh right, he also need to send Chang Yu two free chairs. There was definitely a need to repay the favour of having him do the advertising for the products and even dragging in several tens of orders.

The level 3 Monster Factory could support up to 40 monster workers.

Ye Qing, without any further thoughts, immediately filled in the remaining 15 slots with 5 peons and 10 master artisans, and had them begin helping out with the construction of the Mechanical Engineered Chair.

Right now there were 13 chairs ready to be delivered, it was just that the van was too small, and completely unable to fit all of them.

Dragon Creek Beach was surrounded by barren wilderness, so there was no way that carriers would be willing to come and pick up the stuff.

Ye Qing quickly gave his father a call, and had him send the freight truck over.

At the same time, Ye Qing also made up his mind to purchase 2 more freight trucks. Going through all the hard work these days with selling curbstones and engravers, Ye Qing now had more than 8 million in the bank.

Right, the construction plan for the metal smelting center could also move forward now, as Ye Qing decided to go on another industrial shopping trip.

2 freight trucks, the ma.s.sive amounts of steel needed for building the metal smelting factory, then add on another car……

Yes ~ Ye Qing had been daydreaming about buying a luxury car for a while now. Ever since his first time at the parking lot of Tianranju, where that young man cut him off and taunted with his Jaguar and pretty girlfriend, he had been looking to buy a luxury car.

The chipped, dented and beat up old van, had been with Ye Qing through the highs and the lows, and seen through all of Ye Qing’s hards.h.i.+p and struggles.

But as Ye Qing’s net worth increased, its value would keep on dropping.

Ye Qing had many fond memories with the van, so even if he did get a new luxury car, he still wouldn’t abandon it.

Worse comes to worst, might as well as send it for a complete makeover, with a whole new paint job and interior decor.

Ye Qing felt that spending 2 to 3 million for a car was definitely no problem. He could basically earn all that back in just 2 days.

Being good to his words, as soon as the driver from the old factory came to pick up the chairs, Ye Qing also followed out.

Going out right now, Ye Qing could be at ease with leaving the monsters working in the workshop. The factory had already been surrounded by a high wall, locked the front gate, then left a monster wearing a disguise uniform outside to act as a gate watcher. If something did happen, it could simply tell the undisguised monsters to return back to the Monster Factory and everything would be good.

With the peons there, Ye Qing was convinced that no one would try anything with the monsters.

After having sent off the chairs and purchased all the steel, Ye Qing took a taxi directly to the car market, and bought 2 new Dongfeng 10 wheeler freight trucks.

Letting dad recommend some licensed drivers would be more than enough; as Ye Qing believed that his father could do a better job at that than himself.

At 4 pm in the afternoon, Ye Qing called for a taxi to bring him to Construction road. That was where all the Ferrari, Benz, Bentley, Aston Martin and other luxury cars stores were gathered.

The first store he entered was a Benz 4S store. Ye Qing went in for a glance and was warmly received by a beautiful receptionist.

Ye Qing asked for a brochure, took a seat on a sofa and slowly flipped through it.

Many Benz car models looked very mature, then again they were usually for those successful business men and women. However, the thing with buying stuff, was mainly with choices.

While sipping on tea and flipping through the brochure, a very beautiful receptionist in a miniskirt was also on the side helping give introductions.

Yet a sudden phone call stopped Ye Qing’s car selection.

Because that number was too special!

That was the number that Ye Qing left with the master artisans to contact him when something happened at the factory while he wasn’t there.

“Boss, there’s a car outside of the factory.” The master artisan’s voice was super calm: “A very buff man came out of the car and is knocking on the gate.”

“What kind of car?” Ye Qing stood up and exited. Dragon Creek Beach was very remote, so the only reason someone would be at the factory would be to find him.

Ye Qing thought that it might be Xia Muqing, but she had got his number, so if she saw the gate closed, then she would definitely call.

Qiao Two was the unbeatable overlord in the industrial sector, but on the social side, he was completely lacking and out of his elements. He wasn’t able to tell what kind of car was waiting outside, but there was no problem in describing the appearance of it.

“There’s some kind of bird man with wings at the front of the car. It appears very blocky, and its front looks very much like a truck.” The master artisans had super good eyesight, as they were even able to see the small details outside from just a small gap in the gate.

“A blocky sedan, with a truck like grill, and a bird man with wings……”

Isn’t that a Rolls Royce……

Ye Qing swearing endless holy s.h.i.+ts inside, then that big muscle head that was knocking was definitely either a bodyguard or a driver.

“Go ahead and welcome them, but don’t lead them into the yard. Just say that the owner’s not here so visitations aren’t permitted because of industry secret problems.”

“Just tell them that you’ve already contacted the boss, and he’ll be there shortly.”

Having made what to do clear, Ye Qing apologized to the beautiful receptionist with the sudden situation and took his leave.

Monster Factory Chapter 72

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