Monster Factory Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Definitely master level

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing hurriedly called for a taxi to head back.

A pure black Rolls-Royce Phantom quietly parked outside of Ye Qing’s factory gate, and a master artisan was standing beside a suited man waiting.

Just as the taxi stopped in front of the factory, the door to the back of the Rolls-Royce opened. A middle aged man in a dark dress s.h.i.+rt, loose pants, and reddish skin exited.

The man wasn’t tall by any standards, but was emitting a super confident atmosphere. When he actually exited the car, the non-stop complaining driver c.u.m bodyguard, immediately stopped talking, and politely went up.

He was Li Huaxing, a leading figure in Zhongyun’s manufacturing industry, a guest of honor in the munic.i.p.ality, and the current CEO and owner of Huaxing Heavy Industry.

As long as one was in the manufacturing sector, then there was no one who wouldn’t know of the name Li Huaxing.

Li Huaxing was 50 this year, had a son and a daughter, and was the target of much jealousy for everyone in Zhongyun.

It could be said that if any industry company could get a connection with Li Huaxing, then that was another layer of success and security.

With that connection in place, even banks would view you highly. If you were even able to drag Li Huaxing over to be your guarantor, then every single bank would willingly and happily let you borrow outrageous amounts.

If it was the mayor that wanted to have a deep discuss about economic and industrial questions with Li Huaxing, even he needs to have his secretary make a personal trip with the invitation.

And sometimes, even with the secretary making the trip personally, he still wouldn’t be able to invite him back.

If the Mayor was to find out that Li Huaxing, personally made a trip to some secluded no time small time factory, and even waited 40 some minutes for a noname somebody, then his face would definitely be shocked beyond belief.

The one Li Huaxing was specifically waiting for, was naturally Ye Qing.

Yet even when he had waited 40 some minutes, Li Huaxing still didn’t feel any annoyance.

Everything began from that signing event with Tiancheng Mining Corporation, where Tiancheng Mining Corporation signed for a ma.s.sive order of equipment from Huaxing Heavy Industry

Included in it were 5 240 tonnage haul trucks.

That was Huaxing Heavy Industry’s largest haul truck product, those ground level steel monsters, they had a height of nearly 6 meters and were 12.5 meters wide.

2500 horsepower, the vehicle itself weighed in at nearly 40 tons, and a single wheel alone was 3 meters in height.

Being able to produce large scale mining haul trucks had pretty much became a standard for all large scale industrial manufacturers. Moreover, Huaxing Heavy Industry could only produce 40 of them annually.

But those 40 trucks could also bring in a total net income of close to 1 billion, as those land monsters cost 23 million each.

Back then the world renowned Three Gorge Project used similar imported haul trucks to completely dam off the Yangtze River.

Now domestically, the country was also able to create those gas guzzling industry monsters. Although it still had a long way to go when compared to those foreign brands.

But their price was seriously cheap……

The 240 tonnage haul truck, was a new upgrade version created by Huaxing Heavy Industry from the 190 tonnage ones.

A prototype had already been made, and it ran without a hitch.

Like this, they happily let the word out, and even managed get an order for 5 of them. Just when Huaxing Heavy Industry was enjoying the feeling and started production, suddenly devastating faults began to pop up left, right, and center……

When problems popped up they must be fixed, otherwise the order would be severely delayed. If their new product actually became defective in the hands of their clients, then wasn’t that just ruining their hard earned reputation?

But who was able to help with the problems from the 240 tonnage mineral haulers?

There were only so many companies in the country who had the ability to create such beasts, Trinity, SEO works, Xiang Electrical, Liu Gong?

Asking those compet.i.tors, wouldn’t that just be making them into a complete laughing stock?

Li Huaxing was completely able to predict the outcome: not only would they be of no help, but they would also heavily criticize and rebuke him for being too ambitious, too self centered, too idiotic, and so on.

Asking foreigners?

Holy s.h.i.+t, those foreign a.s.sholes would just love it if the heavy industry in the country went kaboom, especially for the globally esteemed mining equipment provider, The Caterpillar Group.

Originally, when the domestic heavy industry hadn’t caught up yet, The Caterpillar Group made killings and had a stranglehold on heavy industry.

Then each time a similar product was pushed onto the market, the Caterpillar Group’s sales would plummet by a third.

That was a third of international sales, especially for weak developing countries, their heavy industry was completely filled to the brim with cheap Made In China products.

Asking them was completely out of the question, Li Huaxing even anxiously held 3 technical meetings in a row, yet all those skilled researchers ended up suffering from high blood pressure, and still weren’t able to find a feasible solution.

Under high anxiety, Li Huaxing suddenly remembered of a small time mechanical factory at Dragon Creek Beach.

Recalling the small time factory at Dragon Creek Beach, was completely due to a report submitted by his yacht pilot.

Tiancheng Mining Corporation ordered 5 trucks in one go, and also a bunch of other related mining equipment, so naturally Li Huaxing was happy. When he heard that Tiancheng Mining Corporation’s jewel Xia Muqing wanted to go sea fis.h.i.+ng, Li Huaxing very willingly lent her his private yacht and pilot.

This time, when going out to sea, Xia Muqing was completely out of luck. Right when the yacht pilot took her out for a spin, as soon as they neared the Dragon Creek Beach, the yacht’s propellers both got wasted.

When Li Huaxing heard the news, he didn’t make a fuss about it. It was only a couple tens of thousand yuan, and it was his pilot that made the mess to begin with.

So where was the need for Li Huaxing to make a fuss about it?

But there was another small matter that peaked his interest.

The pilot told him that he followed the GPS to a nearby s.h.i.+pyard, for repairs. But the s.h.i.+pyard closed a long time ago, and was now owned by someone who was using it as a mechanical manufacturing factory.

If it was mechanical manufacturing, than in all of Zhongyun, who would compare to him Li Huaxing?

But this mechanical manufacturing factory, taught him a ma.s.sive lesson with actual skills.

The pilot told him that this factory’s owner probably resented the yacht for taking so much s.p.a.ce, plus he also knew Xia Muqing, so he immediately made two new aluminum alloy propellers and swapped them on.

Wanting to lathe out a pair of 7 fan, high curvature propeller in a short period of time, was definitely impossible for Huaxing Heavy Industry.

Of course, if Huaxing Heavy Industry wanted to make it, then that was as simple as buying some manufacturing equipment.

When Li Huaxing heard this, apart from admiration and curiosity, there wasn’t much else. Who knew what kind of skills that factory was hiding, maybe it even had some master level worker overseeing everything.

As for those amateur s.h.i.+pyard workers, what DMG CNC center, what precision was better than the original, Li Huaxing almost fell to the floor laughing.

It wasn’t that Huaxing Heavy Industry didn’t have any DMG CNC centers. Whether or not it could mill out propellers, wouldn’t Li Huaxing know the answer to that question?

If it was the foreign full version, without any castration, then sure.

But Li Huaxing felt the chance of that happening was just too d.a.m.n small, the likelihood of it being handmade was even higher.

After all, the first propeller driven boat was completed in 1836, back then there was no such thing as CNC center, vertical computer guided mills, it was all done by hand.

The precision level of handmade products, especially when it was rushed, had no way of reaching the needed precision standards.

Li Huaxing, as someone who chases after precision levels endlessly, immediately had someone order a pair of original propellers.

Yesterday the propellers just arrived from their manufacturer. Li Huaxing took the returning yacht, immediately had it dry docked, and swapped out the propellers.

The two ‘workshop’ level propeller were also brought back by someone. Because Li Huaxing felt interested, he wanted to see what kind of power that small time factory had, that they could even create the two of them in less than half a day.

As a result, when the two garbage tier propellers were placed in front of him, Li Huaxing almost had the urge to trash the cup in his hand that was worth more than tens of thousands.

Holy s.h.i.+t what kind of workshop level work was this?

This is fking clearly world grade work alright?

Micrometer ruler, spiral micrometer, roundness measuring instrument, angle measuring instrument, and every other inspection technique were all used by Li Huaxing at least once.

When the final result came out, it had Li Huaxing break out cursing, cursing those two propellers from the original manufacturer as garbage, as trash, as useless pieces of s.h.i.+t.

He dejectedly had the workers once more install those two propellers back on, then Li Huaxing suddenly jumped out of his chair when a thought popped out.

h.e.l.l yes!

Weren’t the difficult problems faced by Huaxing Heavy Industry in the mechanical processing area?

They definitely had some special processing technique, and some beyond G.o.d like master workers overseeing everything.

The next day, Li Huaxing had his driver bring him to the small time factory at Dragon Creek Beach, to pay the owner there a visit.

Monster Factory Chapter 73

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