Monster Factory Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: You’ll definitely love it

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Li Huaxing, who was right beside Ye QIng, kept on going back and forth between him and the master artisan.

Right now he was seriously, emotionally happy. The last time he was this happy would have been back in 06, when he and the Nigerian government signed a one billion yuan machinery order.

Mining trucks were complex machines made up of tens of thousands of different parts. There was not a single person in the world who could guarantee that the machines they made would be problem free.

Even supercomputers weren’t without errors. The jet engines researched through the efforts of the entire country, even after going through multiple generations, still had many tiny problems.

To create the design of a complex machine without any flaws or problems, was the dream of all mankind!

Let’s take the already mature industry of civilian cars for example. Just Toyota alone, at their highest, still had to make 24 recalls to fix major defects in their products.

Due to major flaws, they had also stopped the sale of 8 different models of cars in the USA, as well as their production.

Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, what car maker hasn’t done a recall to fix fatal flaws in their products?

When a design flaw appeared on a product, if the company wanted to maintain their reputation, then they must acknowledge the mistake and quickly fix it.


That old man on the ladder, who with just looks and feels, was actually able to see through multiple design flaws in the truck. Moreover, he was actually pointing out those technical mistakes for Li Huaxing.

How high of an insight and industrial experience does this need?

Exaggeratingly calling him a world level mechanical master wasn’t too much at all!


This kind of genius, really ran off to act as a gate watcher for some small no name factory……

Well, not really as a gate watcher, as that owner clearly said that he was also the one who made the propellers.

That meant he was more like a technical consultant, usually sipping on tea, taking everything on leisurely, and from time to time, show off his shocking skills to the world.

He was just like the caretaker monk from DemiG.o.ds and Semi-Devils by Jin Yong.

That was Li Huaxing’s guess, but sadly he would never be able to guess that under Ye Qing, there were actually 17 of these masters, and their number would only increase.

The key thing was, Ye Qing was actually in possession of dream making blueprints that people would kill over.

Li Huaxing endured the desire to continue guessing, and had a worker drive a truck over to see if the problem was actually with heat expansion.

The 40 some ton mining truck, roared into the workshop. Li Huaxing, very sincerely, invited Ye Qing and the master artisan to visit some of his other workshops.

Right now Li Huaxing didn’t care about whether or not he could get praise from the master artisan, rather he only wanted him to use whatever words he wished to give out more pointers.

Ye Qing naturally agreed, that was clearly a great opportunity for him to learn.

Their first stop was Li Huaxing’s secret workshop, responsible for making power shafts and bearings.

If the mining truck workshop could be described as a representation of intelligence and technology, then the bearing workshop was from head to toe a steel foundry.

An one meter long high carbon chromium bearing steel, used a large scale sawing machine to cut out the needed shape. Then, an enormous excavator rumbled through, used its front claws to raise the piece of one ton steel, and dumped it into the gas powered heating
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furnace to enjoy a baking under 1000 degree flames.

When it was heated bright red, it was then delivered under a million ton hydraulic press, to be pressed into a giant piece of steel disk with the huge pressure from above.

Following the ear splitting squeezing sound, was the drilling for the oblate piece of bearing steel. First was the appearance of a circular hole with a water jet cutter, then using a large ring rolling machine to, while heating, expand the diameter of the hole.

Those were the steps needed to create super large bearings. On the other side was a 6000 ton free forge press, using its Optimus Prime palm like clamp to slowly shape, with shockingly large power, a bright red steel beam into a steel cylinder.

That was the most important step in creating power shafts. The drive axle that the master artisan said to have internal injuries was turned into a cylinder just like that, then precisely processed.

The master artisan was completely bored out of his mind, but Ye Qing was completely entranced by all of this.

The metal forging center that he was planning to build, was a complete combination of every piece of equipment right in front of him. From metal smelting to shape making, it was all combined into one.

When that time came, Ye Qing would genuinely be in possession of technical abilities to compete with all other large heavy industry groups.

The workshop was hot like a furnace, but Ye Qing’s heart was even hotter.

However Li Huaxing felt somewhat disappointed. The master artisan probably realized that he said too much before, so now he was only wagging his mouth around, but not saying anything at all.

Having visited many core manufacturing workshops this mechanical master, apart from disdain, only had more disdain. But the small time owner on the other hand was quite interested in these things.

At the same time, Li Huaxing had seen through much of the underlying meanings. This would follow Ye Qing’s words to the letter. A look from Ye Qing would immediately change the master from a rampaging tiger into an obedient rabbit, and then some.

And right at that time, a worker ran over to congratulatory inform Li Huaxing that, under the inspection of many engineers, the problem had been confirmed to be with the heat expansion inside of the drive axle.

The heat expulsion design for the DC motors of the back wheels did not pa.s.s standards at all. Yet the transformer was also built right on top of the power shaft, so they had remove the shaft and the casing for the transformer before finding the problem.

Li Huaxing waved his hand for the worker to get back to work, then secretly guided Ye Qing and the master artisan into a magnificently decorated office.

That young man had seriously gotten the luck of his life by being able to hire such a master.

Ever since the master artisan stood on top of the mining truck, and scolded the workers and engineers for being completely useless pigs, Li Huaxing had already figured that he had found a hidden jewel.

If it wasn’t because of his full obedience to Ye Qing, Li Huaxing would’ve extended out his olive branch a long time ago.

Now the question was that Li Huaxing didn’t know the situation between the two, and was also afraid of losing face if he offered an opportunity but got rejected.

What’s more was that the master’s att.i.tude was seriously poor. If he really did come over, then very shortly, Li Huaxing would definitely have headaches in dealing with worker relations.

That being the case, with this cooperation being a success, if there were more problems in the future, then he could always invite them over again.

The master’s obedience to Ye Qing……

Thinking up to there, Li Huaxing had already decided to keep a close knit relations.h.i.+p with Ye Qing.

“Mr. Ye, I really can’t help but congratulate you for being able to hire such a talented master.” Li Huaxing went behind this magnificent, scented wooden desk, pulled out a drawer of tea, and had his secretary pour a cup for the guests.

“Oh right, before at the factory, I saw that you took a taxi back.” Having solved his recent ma.s.sive headaches, Li Huaxing was truly relaxed now: “Mr. Ye, you haven’t bought a car yet?”

“I was just at the 4S stores on Construction Road when you called.” Ye Qing replied with some embarra.s.sment, because Li Huaxing would be gifting him a lot of money soon.

“Car shopping?” Now Li Huaxing was interested: “If I recall correctly, all the 4S shops on Construction Road are luxury brands, so it would seem you’re really well off Mr. Ye.”

“What car were you looking to buy?”

“I’m not too informed here, probably one around the 2 to 3 million range. I’ll probably get another one once I’ve earned more.”

“The more expensive the car, the longer it’ll take to be delivered. That Rolls-Royce of mine from ordering to being delivered used nearly 4 month.”

“So no need to buy one!” Li Huaxing look at Ye Qing: “I’ll gift you one!”

“I’ve ordered a new ride a couple of months back, which just arrived this morning and is going through customs right now.”

“Now that it’s yours, you’ll definitely like it!”

Monster Factory Chapter 77

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