Monster Factory Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Aston Martin Lagonda

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing still hadn’t recovered yet. Was Li Huaxing seriously gifting him a car?

Hearing his words, he bought the car as a replacement for his current one.

What was Li Huaxing’s ride right now?

It was a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a luxury car that took the clients need into account before being built to order.

To be perfectly honest, Rolls-Royce Phantom had a great reputation, but its looks really couldn’t be said to be good; it freaking looked like a truck.

Now Li Huaxing’s new car, after several months of waiting, belonged to Ye Qing before it even pa.s.sed customs.

Ye Qing really hadn’t recovered from the shock. For someone as successful as Li Huaxing, when they decide to switch rides, then it definitely needed to be either the same tier or better than the Rolls-Royce Phantom, definitely not something worse.

This kind of 8 million plus luxury cars, if it was before, then there was zero chance for Ye Qing to own or even touch one.

Now someone was gifting him a brand new one, that just arrived.

The better the car, the longer the delivery wait. The car had been already in the wait process for several months, so naturally it couldn’t be too bad.

While Ye Qing was daydreaming about the new car, Li Huaxing’s secretary had already come back with steaming cups of high quality tea, at the same time told Ye Qing that his new car had already pa.s.sed customs, and was now on its way.

Delighted for delighted, but Ye Qing would definitely not forget about his etiquette.

Helping Li Huaxing with these major problems, and even pointing out other major design flaws. Although he should receive high compensation for it, but now matter how big the compensation was, Ye Qing still couldn’t believe that it was this much.

This was a kind of investment. The next time Li Huaxing encounters some hard to solve mechanical problem, he would definitely hand it over, and what’s more, he definitely couldn’t continue to ask for compensation.

Even if Li Huaxing wanted to pay, Ye Qing also wouldn’t accept it.

The thing with friends was, they’ll be there when you’re troubled, so naturally you also couldn’t stand by and watch when they need your help.

Li Huaxing was a leading figure in Zhongyun’s industrial sector, his connections weren’t limited to those only within the metropolitan of Zhongyun. Many difficult problems in Ye Qing’s eyes could easily be settled with a phone call from him.

“Chairman Li, if you have any technical problems in the future, just give me a call.”

Ye Qing felt that as long as it was not selling the black techs from the Monster Factory, then it was fine to help everyone else out. The heavy industry products from China, when compared to those established foreign companies, still had a long long way to go. Without the backing of any black techs, it would be really difficult for them to compete with the Monster Factory; especially later on.

“Definitely, definitely. Mr. Ye if you ever encounter any problems in the future, feel free to find me.” Li Huaxing, completely elated, stood up and firmly shook Ye Qing’s hand.

Then Li Huaxing walked to in front of the master artisan, and extended his hand for a shake.

The master artisan, with the worst possible set of etiquettes, drank his cup boiling hot tea in one gulp, spotted out the leaves, and extended his hand.

After having extended his hand, the master artisan, probably disliking the taste of tea, asked for cold water when the secretary went in to refill it.

But Li Huaxing was completely stunned, not knowing if it was because of the wasted
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high quality tea, or was it because of the master artisan’s no fear att.i.tude towards boiling things.

The ones who were considered to be unbeatable in a particular field, all had some kind of strange problem. The master artisan wasting good tea, in Li Huaxing’s eyes, matched him really well.

5 pm, a burst of engine roar and brake screeches from a heavy duty truck came into the office from outside. Li Huaxing opened the window, looked out, and waved to Ye Qing: “Brother Ye, your new car’s here. I guarantee that you’ll love it.”

Ye Qing also took a look out the window. On top of the flatbed trailer was the silhouette of a super sleek sedan with a silvery grey dust covering. From its outer appearance, the car appeared to be longer than the Benz S cla.s.s, but it didn’t have the roughness of a Rolls-Royce.

When Ye Qing and Li Huaxing arrived downstairs, the silver grey covering had already been removed, and at the back of the car, someone was already lowering the ramp.

A completely silvery white, beautifully hand crafted sedan appeared in front of Ye Qing.

High angled headlights, and hexagon shaped grilles, had Ye Qing tell what kind of car it was.

Aston Martin — A sports car manufacturer turned luxury car maker.

“This is Aston Martin — Lagonda!” Li Huaxing laughingly introduced: “This car’s price is even more steep than my Rolls-Royce Phantom. Same 4 door sedan, but on a completely different spectrum than the Phantom; one’s for sitting, while the other’s for driving.”

“Having gotten used to the comfort of the Rolls-Royce, I got it to satisfy my need for speed, and to relive my long lost youth.”

“Now she is yours. She’s very low key, but only when you step on the gas will you truly feel her hidden powers.”

The client manager who personally delivered the car, backed the silvery white Aston Martin Lagonda down the ramp very carefully, and when it was off, he handed the keys as well as the paperwork for the car to Ye Qing.

The car key was as big as an ordinary plastic lighter, with an inlay of the silver Aston logo. When Ye Qing was signing the rest of the paperwork, he stole a glance at the receipt and saw an outrageous price of 8.3 million yuan.

Ye Qing originally planned on getting a 2 to 3 million luxury car, but alright then, a 8 million plus yuan car appeared right in front of him.

Having finished signing, the client manager, very professionally, explained to Ye Qing the car’s performance and all the different features available on the car.

The 8 cylinder dual overhead camshaft engine, with just a slight gear s.h.i.+ft, could easily outrun many race cars. Well, the Lagonda series was known for its race cars for the past 100 years.

However, her outer appearance was seriously low key. Without the slightest hint of being a super race car, if someone without any knowledge of cars were to see it, then they would most likely think of it as a new Ford Mondeo.

6 pm, Ye Qing said goodbye to Li Huaxing, then drove the Lagonda as carefully as a nuclear missile launcher out of the gates of Huaxing Heavy Industry.

Having exited the factory’s gate, when the car entered the developing regions of the industrial park, Ye Qing very gently stopped the car beside the road.


Unable to contain his inner excitement at all, he sat on the driver’s seat and laughed out loud.

Holy s.h.i.+t ~

In the whole province, who else could compare to him?

Helping someone out with some technical difficulties for only one afternoon, and get paid over 8 million for it!

Who else was there!

If the master artisan didn’t look so much like Gollum from The Lord of The Rings, then Ye Qing would definitely kiss him right now.

“Haha ~” Ye Qing exhilaratingly fondled the wheel, the feel of driving the super luxury car that was worthy of the 8 million plus price tag, really couldn’t be described in words.

This was……

This was simply an indescribable feel to driving. Just a single light press of the gas pedal would let the monster inside of the Lagonda loose, and roar off forward.

Then there was the rest of the car’s features. Originally when Ye Qing saw people drive Benzes, when they left the car, with just a brush of the hand on the handle, the door would lock itself.

And the Lagonda?

Just dangle the keys when you get out, and it would lock it self. As for unlocking, as long as the keys are nearby, you could immediately open the door.

They were called car keys, but it no longer served the same purpose as regular car keys, rather it was a highly technical remote control.

The car casing was made of pure carbon fiber. Inside was covered in hand tanned deer leather, and some kind of super slow growing birch wood. On the footboards surrounding the 4 doors was the engraved name of the car’s designer and the place where she was hand crafted.

On the floor was wool carpet, and the chairs were adjustable ergonomic chairs with electric heating.

It could be said that this Lagonda, could become a conversation starter with just one look of the interior.

Sadly the master artisan was sitting there on the shotgun seat with zero emotion, it was almost as if he was sitting in a tractor instead.

On the other hand, Ye Qing was just like he had received his most favorite toy during christmas, as he continuously played around with every single b.u.t.ton and switch in the car.

Finally, Ye Qing was unable to contain himself.

Looking into the rearview mirror, he tidied up his jacket, brushed his hair, then pulled out his phone, exposed his watch, and began to take a series of selfies.

Having finished inside, Ye Qing again exited the car, carefully laid down on the front of the car and took a couple more. Finally selecting one where he blocked the logo of the car, and send it to all his friends.

t.i.tle: Bought a new Ford Mondeo!

Ford had the Mondeo, which pretty much copied the front of Aston Martin’s cla.s.sics. Now Ye Qing deliberately blocked the car logo, and couldn’t help but show off to his friends.

Of course, if anyone who actually knew anything saw it, then they definitely would recognize that she was actually not a Mondeo.

Not 2 minutes had pa.s.sed after uploading the pictures, while Ye Qing was still enjoying the new leather smell of the car, that his phone rang.

Ye Qing glanced at the number, it had no name, but somehow it felt very familiar.


“Is…… Is this Big brother Ye?” A super sweet voice came over the speaker: “I’m Bai Dour, Big…… Big brother Ye, are you free tonight? I want…… I want to invite you to dinner.”


Monster Factory Chapter 78

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