Monster Factory Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Applause

Edited by drpetro.

When s.h.i.+ Yuqing got back into the surgery room, he told Doctor s.h.i.+ to wait another 20 minutes.

“What is this bulls.h.i.+t, you even said it yourself that mechanical cutters needed 5 to 6 hours to cut through.” The other doctor was irritated to the point of going nuts: “Wasting this much time, if something does happen, who’s responsible?”

“I trust him, he’s a man with a good heart.” s.h.i.+ Yuqing straight up ignored this doctor.

Doctor s.h.i.+ took another look through the endoscope to observe the condition of An Sinian’s hand: “The little girl’s hand has already turned completely purple, I can only give another 30 minutes before a final decision needs to be made.”

“Team leader, how many times have we cut these things open? So where is the need to question our knowledge of whether this is cuttable?” The other two firefighters were somewhat hesitant. It wasn’t that they fear the blame, but rather feel sorry for the little girl who was just laying there on the surgery table. What’s more was that the longer the wait, the more likely unforeseen mishaps would occur.

“He says 20 minutes, so we’ll wait 20 minutes, just for the chance to rescue this little girl.” s.h.i.+ Yuqing believed in Ye Qing, because the mechanical cutter advertis.e.m.e.nts on his minivan, showed how much more experienced in the field he was compared to himself.

When the electric clock on the wall displayed the pa.s.sing of 17 minutes, knocking noise could be heard coming from the door of the surgery room.

The nurse opened the door to take a look. That young man from before was back, and with him was a very high tech looking machine that was just like the regular anesthetic
The nurse, without any knowledge in the mechanical sector, could still recognise that the machine wasn’t a mechanical cutter at all.

But with no time left for the regular disinfection procedures, the nurse directly gave Ye Qing a set of surgery cloth and mask.

Team leader s.h.i.+ Yuqing and the other 2 firefighters’ happy and relieved expression were replaced by ones full of shock and amazement, as they ignorantly looked at the unknown machine.

It was a small, but compact machine with extremely high levels of complexity. Below its square ish base were 4 wheels, one in each corner. It had 8 hydralic like presses right above them, and a workbench at the top connected to many st.u.r.dy looking black tubes.

“Didn’t you say you’ll be operating mechanical cutters?” Even s.h.i.+ Yuqing, who knew of many cutting methods, couldn’t help but ask Ye Qing such a question cluelessly.

“Who said I would use mechanical cutters?” Ye Qing quickly placed the machine right next to the surgery table, and had the nurse bring over two buckets of water.

“You you you…… Without a mechanical cutter, how are you going to cut?” The other doctor obviously couldn’t get his mind around the corner: “What is this thing, and why do you need buckets of water?”

Ye Qing didn’t bother responding to him, rather he looked at An Sinian.

Right now An Sinian had already tightly closed her eyes, to bear with the pain. After such a long time had pa.s.sed, she didn’t have the strength to spare to keep her eyes open.

The nurses hurriedly left to get the needed water, while Ye Qing pulled out the power cord for the machine.

“Alright let me fill you in, this piece of equipment, is called the computer guided ultra high pressure water cutter.” Ye QIng having connected the power, started the computer guidance system: “You guys see the many pressure cylinders underneath it yet?
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They can pressurise water to 380 MPa, and can be released through those jet hoses above. The release velocity of the water jet released is generally 3 times that of a handgun bullet when fired.” [Tl: 380 MPa -> 55114.34 Psi, in contrast 1 Atmosphere -> 14.7 Psi]

“Although mechanical cutters can quickly cut through stainless steel, they create lots of residual heat. The heat can only be released or transferred by spraying water on the blades. Not only does that mean starting and stopping while working, but it also wastes tons of precious time.”

“Pressurised water cutters can do the job without the need for heat creation.”

Pressurised water cutters……

Everyone was dumbstruck, when several of the firefighters were getting training in factory fire prevention, they also witnessed a pressurised water cutter at work within Huaxing Heavy Industry. Yet this kind of metal cutter equipment, not only was it c.u.mbersome to move, it was also super super expensive.

As for the machine in front of them?

It was compact to the point of being able to be randomly placed in the back seat of a car without any problem.

Yet the water shoot out by pressurised water cutters could definitely penetrate through the stainless steel.

For a water jet that could penetrate through stainless steel, what kind of result would occur when it was shoot at human bodies?

The nurses quickly brought over two buckets of water, Ye Qing unable to fully explain everything, used a makes.h.i.+ft ruler to measure the thickness of the stainless steel clump, and quickly entered his eye balled results into the control system.


If this was a regular computer guided pressurised water cutter, then it would be next to impossible for it to cut open stainless steel without damaging the insides.

But this compact pressurised water cutter of Ye Qing’s was a rare quality tool from the Monster Factory’s tool market.

It could use the entered or sensed data to automatically adjust the depth of the cut and the needed pressure, to be just like an engraver, cutting away only what was needed.

The height of the surgery table was also adjustable, so Ye Qing had the nurses change its height to be the exact same as this pressurised water cutter, then used surgical cloth to isolate the workbench; preventing any water from being shoot at An Sinian’s body.

Having adjusted all the parameters, Ye Qing lightly brought up An Sinian’s left hand and the stainless steel clump onto the workbench.

With a light hum of electric motors, 2 clamps popped out of the two sides of the workbench; securely securing the stainless steel clump.

As Ye Qing pressed the start b.u.t.ton on the control panel, the jet nozzles on the 3 axles of the workbench, slowly began to center themselves according to the stainless steel clump.

Without any blades, accompanied by the movement of the many pressure cylinders below, the jet nozzles on the workbench, with a buzz, shot out streams of extremely thin jets of water that were beyond imagination.

The firefighters all widely opened their eyes, as in front of such high tech equipment, they had already lost the right to speak or even comment.

The doctors and nurses were also dumbstruck, even if they had been doing surgeries for 3 generations, they still couldn’t believe that a piece of high tech industrial equipment could be used on the operating table to save lives.

The extremely loud rumbling noise had many of the nurses involuntarily cover their ears.

Yet the scene in front of them was memorable for a lifetime. The super tough stainless steel that even the firefighters couldn’t cut, under the treatment of these jets of water, turned to be softer than a stick of b.u.t.ter.

The jets of water walked a precise straight line, when the many water droplets cleared, a precise deep cut appeared.

The firefighters all had their hearts in their throats, as they deathly stared on at those high pressure water jets, and non-stop praying for them to not actually shoot through the stainless steel.

On the other hand Ye Qing wasn’t worried at all, because this rare quality water cutter, could automatically adjust its depth and pressure in accordance to what it senses from its sensors.

Doubting its abilities implies doubting the Monster Factory’s strength.

Seeing the non-stop flowing jets of water, their pressure had already been adjusted many times by the computer guided system.

3 minutes later, the first cut from the water cutter was complete. Several firefighters gathered up their courage, and went to examine the cut with wide open eyes.


The three all drew in deep breaths as the deep precise cut on the thick stainless steel stopped within paper thin margin of breaking through. If every other cut was like this, then probably anyone with large enough strength could rip it apart.

There was a must learn technique within the whole special police task force called the hand rip basin.

Usually the thickness of those stainless steel basin used, were much thicker than this margin.

Ye Qing prepared the machine for another cut.

This time, without the need for Ye Qing to warn, everyone obediently backed off to the side, and stared at Ye Qing with admiring eyes.

The nurses were all awestruck. They all felt that this young and successful man, while working, possessed an irresistible attraction.

Bursts of violent hums coming from the water cutter, burst their daydreaming bubbles.

3 minutes later, the second cut was also successfully completed. While Ye Qing was pus.h.i.+ng the water cutter aside, the already agitatedly waiting firefighters all rushed forward.

Two pairs of pliers grabbed onto the stainless steel clump, and without much effort, the stainless steel clump was ripped apart.

Maybe it was because of the disappearance of the high pressure feeling, but An Sinian’s almost completely purple left hand unintentionally spasmed.

She had a clear cut on her palm. It was clotted right now, probably because the cut wasn’t deep at all.

There were some other abrasion on the back of her hand and fingers, but those were all superficial injuries.

Removing the grinding wheels that held onto her hand, Doctor s.h.i.+ carefully examined her hand and finger bones, and excitingly said: “Oh my G.o.d, none of are bones are actually damaged. Quick, get me a CT scan, I need to know if there are any further injuries.”

*Clap clap clap*

A nurse applauded movingly and looked at Ye Qing with hero like eyes.

*Clap clap clap* *Clap clap clap*

Under the joyous atmosphere, everyone else also joined in the round of applause, and looked at Ye Qing with admiration.

“I apologise for my idiocy.” That doctor was afraid of a medical inquiry after this, which would affect his future endeavors, embarra.s.singly said: “Today you seriously taught me what real high tech means.”

“I also want to apologize.” A firefighter walked forward: “Before I thought you were a total r.e.t.a.r.d for bringing in such a useless piece of junk.”

“But now I must submit, completely and utterly submit. I would’ve never thought that mechanical cutters could evolve into such a high tech piece of equipment.”

Monster Factory Chapter 86

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