Monster Factory Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: A natural price hike

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Seeing the circ.u.mstance in front of him, Ye Qing let out a sigh of relief inside, and felt completely wonderful.

Now that there was nothing left for them to do, the firefighters packed up and prepared to leave. Seeing that Ye Qing was also preparing to leave, the firefighters all came forward to help him move the machine.

The operating room had a special tunnel for special times, and their fire engine was also parked at the back of the building.

The firefighters still needed to head back and wait for other emergencies, but s.h.i.+ Yuqing still grabbed Ye Qing’s right hand and thanked him non-stop, saying that if he needed a fire inspection in the future, to give him a call.

Now that the firefighters had left, Ye Qing also decided to secretly leave.

Placing the compact water cutter in the back, Ye Qing then put it away in the Monster Factory.

Right then, Xu Xiaohu called asking where he was, and that customer relations just got a ma.s.sive order from some company called Illusion Corporation. They even asked whether or not they were willing to launch a joint venture with them.

"Illusion Corporation?"

Ye Qing was surprisingly shocked, it sounded like some VR tech company, but they didn’t have much presence in the field because the majority of the technology was grasped by American based companies.

Recently many major corporations have joined on the virtual reality hype train. Except only the goggles were easy to make, everything else such as the software and programs were all full of hidden obstacles that were very difficult to surpa.s.s.

A real virtual reality goggle must be all inclusive. Where the user looks, the images must follow accordingly.

Ye Qing didn’t understand the software part of them, hence he was unable to help improve VR technologies. But when you add the Mechanical Engineered Chair to the mix, then many of the impossible actions needed for virtual reality become possible.

Pairing up with virtual reality movements was also one of the Mechanical Engineered Chair’s selling points.

'They’re looking to cooperate with me?'

Ye Qing rushed back to the new office in 20 minutes, and Xu Xiaohu who hadn’t experienced anything like this, immediately gave Ye Qing a seat to one of the customer relation computers.

This so called Illusion Corporation's CEO client, straight up ordered 20 Mechanical Engineered Chairs, saying that they were to act in a pair with their company’s products during the upcoming tech convention.

Ye Qing typed: "I’m the owner, does your company really want to launch a joint venture or cooperation?"

The other side replied: "Hi, I’m the CEO of Illusion Corporation."

"It’s like this, our company specializes in making wearable gear that can be used in virtual reality and other 3D virtual environments."

"We possess highly advanced virtual reality gear, supporting motion sensing guns, motion captioning controls, traditional controls, steering wheels and such. But we are always lacking a piece of equipment that can let the users experience the all inclusive experience."

"I’ve seen your company’s product videos, which perfectly suits our needs for a moving equipment. Hence, we want to cooperate with you to create a chair specifically designed for VR."

"Your company doesn't need to make any changes to the design, as the chair's functionalities are already perfect. All that needs to be done is to create a new set of movement program such that it is linked to the images from the virtual reality."

Ye Qing replied: "I’ve already released the source code for development, you can go ahead and develop what you want, I’ll just sell my chair."

"No no no, can we possibly meet face to face to discuss this?"

Face to face meeting?

Ye Qing naturally would agree to a face to face meeting, but if anything related to shares or rights purchasing were to come up, then the meeting would be immediately over. Because Ye Qing doesn't and will not share the profits of the chair with anyone.

Ye Qing had already registered trademarks for the chair, so he wasn’t afraid of people imitating it. Of course, they also needed the ability to imitate it to begin with.

Ye Qing warned him first, that he wasn’t planning on share the rights to the chair with anyone.

The CEO replied that it wasn't about the rights to the chair, and stressed that they must have a discussion in person about it.

Ye Qing said that his company was in Zhongyun, to call him when he got there, and he would come pick him up.

Having finished chatting, Ye Qing felt surprisingly extraordinary because a somewhat well known tech company was actually going to come over to discuss about cooperation.

"Uncle, the chair you made is seriously too easy to sell." Xu Xiaohu was in complete admiration: "In just a single morning alone, we've already sold over 60 of them, and the amount of people inquiring about it is even higher."

"It really isn’t little……" Ye Qing scratched his chin, now the product was already this popular after its initial release, and even a VR company was running over to discuss cooperation for a VR specific chair.


Under the excuse of tight production numbers, Ye Qing could only shamelessly imply a natural price hike in accordance to the market……

Having not enough product to sell, naturally meant price hikes. It was just that those who were still contemplating whether to buy or not, would definitely curse him to the sky and beyond.

Meh, oh well, who let the product be this popular……

Ye Qing quickly ran back into his office, sat down on the vibrating Mechanical Engineered Chair, and began to modify the information of the product within the web store.

Our dear valued customers, due to the high production costs of the product, we are sorry to inform you that the 0 profit price tag event is now over. Due to the stabilization of sales, and for the future of the company, the product's price tag will return to what it originally was.


When Ye Qing updated the price, sure enough in less than 2 minutes, many of those who were still contemplating, immediately bombarded customer relations.

Some said G.o.d d.a.m.n fking captilists, others asked why they didn't go rob a bank.

Some others even said they would give their kidney to them.

Some others said 88,000 per chair, wife wickedly laughing with knife in hand and what not.

Ye Qing, seeing that there was nothing out of ordinary, immediately ran off. Otherwise those client relation girls would definitely grudgingly stare him to death.

Now that he had over 27 million on hand, the explosive sales of the Mechanical Engineered Chair, straight up removed Ye Qing's worry about having no money left to spend.

Hence Ye Qing was going to go on a ma.s.sive spending spree, though first comes building the metal smelting center.

It was the most important building for the level 3 Monster Factory. It was also a must have building in any heavy industry.

Building the metal smelting center would waste tens of thousands of tons of steel. Thus Ye Qing must contribute to the slumping domestic steel industry.

Most industrial steel was in the form of steel plates, round steel, and flat steel. Whereas steel used in construction were I beams, angle steel, and rebars.

And every kind of steel was cla.s.sified by complex model numbers by their size, material, tempering and such.

Ye Qing required all kind of them because currently the workshop in the Dragon Beach factory was just too small. Hence Ye Qing's need to expand, plus the hidden base that was going to be built under the hills, the amount of steel he needed was simply terrifying.

Ye Qing called his father to see if he had any friends in the steel business, as he was in need of purchasing ma.s.sive loads.

Buying steel from whoever was still buying, thus naturally this favour was left for his father.

Half an hour later, Ye Qing arrived at a large warehouse on the outskirts of town. A completely haggard, and restless man was currently waiting in front of the entrance to the warehouse.

Beside him was an old looking electric scooter. Seeing a glistening silver colour luxury car approach, Mr. Li immediately ran up bowing and, trembling as he pulled out some Zhonghua, seeing that it hasn't been opened, and promptly unpacked it.

He was called Li Suohua. Originally he traded ma.s.sive amount of steel around, but due to the recent slump in the steel industry, the first ones who were affected were traders like him who had ma.s.sive amounts stocked up.

Receiving a call from an old friend, telling him that there was a ma.s.sive steel deal waiting for him. Li Suohua who had invested much of his personal wealth and debt into steel, almost burst out crying on the spot.

The door to the warehouse had already been pulled apart by Li Suohua with great effort. A whole 10,000 ton of all kinds of steel, were all ordered neatly in the warehouse by kind.

Ye Qing got out of the car, politely greeted him, asked about the price of the steel, and said he wanted to inspect him.

Li Suohua hurriedly agreed, and even said that the more he bought the cheaper it was.

What Ye Qing mainly needed was steel plates. But within the warehouse were all kinds of different steel, there was also lots of galvanized, anti-corrosive, I beams as well, which Ye Qing also needed.

Of course, quality was another matter, thus Ye Qing brought a portable grinder with him, and asked Mr. Li whether or not he can examine the quality.

This brother is a veteran in the field!

Experts who constantly do processing work could guess the quality of the steel though seeing the amount of sparks that fly off when grinding at a set speed.

This steel was produced from large factories, which all came with standard quality certificates, so Li Suohua easily agreed to the ins

At the same time, he was also praying for this brother to buy a lot after the inspection. Preferably hundreds if not thousands of tons, that way he can free up some of his capital and live easier days.


Monster Factory Chapter 87

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