Monster Factory Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Give me all of it

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing examined everything meticulously, and after a round, saw that all the steel was up to par, and were all from large smelteries.

"It’s still not enough!" Ye Qing complained.

"What’s not enough?" Li Suohua hadn’t reacted, or rather didn’t even comprehend what Ye Qing was talking about.

"These steel, there’s only 10,000 tons, it’s too d.a.m.n little."

Li Suohua was almost scared to the point of collapsing, widened his eyes and stuttered: "You…… want it all?"

"Yes, so I’ll pay 50% of it right now, help me move all this steel back to the factory, and I’ll give you the rest."

All of it, and even paying half of what it was worth right up front, the rest would be paid when the product arrived.

Right now the whole steel industry was suffering from the problem of excessive product, hence every steel maker and trader was facing hard times.

Yet this brother in front of him, not only did he empty out his entire inventory, he even had the ability to pay for everything up front.

Hard times were a problem that everyone would need to face. For those with established families, and 50 plus year old people, sometimes a period of difficulty would smack them back to how they were before they started working. Furthermore, they would also have lost the courage and the chance from their youth to gamble with everything they had again.

If it weren't for this accidental Ye Qing, then Li Suohua not only would be lost everything and back to where he started, he'll also never be able to climb up again.

"I…… I……" Suddenly Li Suohua felt tears rolling down his face, this unpredictable surprise, as if blocking his throat, had him completely lost for words.

He and Ye Jiangning were only superficial friends, but who would’ve thought that this ordinary friend of his, while he was in the depth of h.e.l.l like everyone else, introduced him to a super large client, that not only dragged him out of the depths of h.e.l.l, but also threw him right into heaven.

"I…… I’ve got a bunch of friends who also have a lot of steel stocked up. The price will definitely be the lowest, and the quality is guaranteed to be the same." Li Suohua wiped his tears, and found it hilarious that he was actually crying.

"Sure, go ask for me, but make sure the quality is the same." Ye Qing nodded. To be completely honest, this steel that had been sitting around for a while was even better than those just smelted steel in some areas.

Within them was the most important problem of metal stress. Metal that was placed under natural conditions could let the metal stress disappear. Those who work in the precision industry, especially care for the stress level of the metal they use.

Half an hour later, Li Suohua and Ye Qing arrived at another, albeit much smaller, steel warehouse.

There was only 2000 tons stocked there, plus it was of great quality, Ye Qing without another word, emptied it.

His father gave him 3 locations, while Li Suohua brought him to 4 others, and with no difference, as soon as Ye Qing finished inspecting them, he emptied them.

It was just that when added all together, it was only 25,000 tons. Still quite far from Ye Qing’s target goal.

Again calling his father to ask if he had any other friends, even friends of friends are fine, but the steel definitely needed to be up to par.

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing also got on his WeChat.

Ye Qing graduated from mechanical engineering, hence he knew of some cla.s.smates who owned factories, as well as some who went to work for other factories after graduating.

Opening his WeChat, Ye Qing saw a friend request right at the top of the screen. Clicking on it, and saw that it was someone called DouDou who sent the request.

Ye Qing pressed accept, and sent over a smiley right after. Then opening his cla.s.smate chat group, and asked everyone if they knew anyone who had stockpiled steel to call him.

The group was completely dead.

No problem, Ye Qing sent a 200 yuan red pocket, set for 40 people.

Xu Le received your red pocket.

Zhang Ying received your red pocket.

Xu Lele received your red pocket.

Within 30 seconds, 20 plus people has received the red pockets. Then there was an overwhelming amount of thank you boss, thank you president Ye.

It was just that none of those cla.s.smates of his were actually in the steel trading business, some knew someone who was, but they were all small time traders, who made pa.s.sable livings.

Right at that moment, DouDou replied: "Sorry Big brother Ye, I was just at the TV station getting used to the surroundings with the director, and learning the things to watch out for while broadcasting."

"No problem, I was also busy. Oh right, does your family know of anyone who’s in the steel trading business?

"Not that I know of."

Ye Qing shared some big facts: "Recently the factory is building new buildings, after sweeping through several steel warehouses, it only totalled to 20 some thousand tons, which is short of the needed goal by several tens of thousand tons."

"Ah!" DouDou sure enough got a scare, as she sent a shocked radish head expression.

She didn’t know industry, but she understood math. Even if a ton of steel only cost 1000, that was still 20 some million for 20 some thousand tons.

Of course she didn’t know that there was stockpiled steel everywhere. As long as you were willing to spend the money, it was even possible to get a million tons of steel. It was just that Ye Qing wanted to give out favours to family and friends only.

"Big brother Ye, do you need me to help you ask? My dad’s the finance manager at the China Construction bank on Peace Rd, he probably knows some people."


Ye Qing said yes, but he didn’t really expect anything out of it. The munic.i.p.ality of Zhongyun had over 100 China Construction bank branches. These small branch banks were all made up of 10 some people, and the finance manager there held the manager t.i.tle, but was more like a floor manager, helping out clients wherever they were needed.

Pa.s.sing the bank's inspections and getting promotions was all tied to the person's ability. If the person in question knew some big clients and was able to get a loan from them, then that naturally meant promotions, otherwise have fun staying at the bottom.

Chatting for another bit, his father called, saying that he found 2 other friends who had stockpiled steel. It was just they were both not very big since together they only had 1000 some tons on hand.

Ye Qing first said goodbye to DouDou, then went over to sweep out their warehouses.

Having returned back to the Dragon Creek Beach factory in the evening, Li Suohua was already there waiting with his team of trucks. Behind him was a long line of trucks that had reached Huanhai Avenue.

The sight was simply beyond imagination: close to 200 heavy trucks lining up for several kilometers, and there were even dozens of forklifts at the end.

That was only half of the purchased amount, after delivering this batch, they needed to make another trip.

In front of the factory gate were a group of 7 to 8 steel traders. Normally they all saw each other as rivals, but right now they were all gathered together to celebrate and be merry.

Their chatting topics never left Ye Jiangning and Ye Qing; their two life savers.

When Ye Qing arrived, he had them all dump the steel in an empty corner of the factory, and told them he would pay for everything after the next batch.

The traders swiftly left to command the forklifts to move the products. Ye Qing called a master artisan over to oversee everything and keep all the steel neatly sorted.

Ye Qing disappeared into his office, and continued to search the forums for million ton press and 50 ton electric furnace sales.

Those two pieces industrial scale equipment were the core for the metal smelting center. Million ton presses were somewhat easy to find, but if there weren’t any 50 ton electric furnaces available on hand, then he could only order from the makers, wait several months, and waste another large sum of money on deliveries.

Electrical furnace was the common furnace used to smelt mixed alloys. There were always 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton furnaces on the market, but the 50 ton ones that Ye Qing needed were just too rare.

Buying from other provinces, unless the seller was right next to the sea, and was able to cargo s.h.i.+p it, would cost just simply too much to move such a large industrial scale equipment.

Searching through the net for days, Ye Qing wasn’t able to find one within the local area, but found a smaller one for sale in a nearby coastal city. If he paid the down payment now, then it would probably arrive within a week.

The smaller electric furnace from that coastal city was only of 25 tons. The closest 50 ton furnace that is available for sale was over 700 kilometers away.

However just when Ye Qing was contemplating whether to buy the electric furnace or not, his phone rang with a call from DouDou.

Monster Factory Chapter 88

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