Monster Factory Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Get lucky!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"Sorry Big brother Ye, I asked my father after work, but he also doesn’t know any big steel traders." Said DouDou, with some embarra.s.sment. "I asked him to help out, and he ended up calling the public general manager at the main branch, who does tons of work with industries."

"The public general manager said that his one and only steel producer, not long after getting a loan, declared bankruptcy. The steel they made was used to supplement the workers' wages a long time ago, and all that was left for the bank was a head aching pile of equipment."

"En that’s fine, if there isn’t any left in Zhongyun, then I guess I just order the rest from out of the province, and waste some time waiting for them."

"That just foreclosed steel maker should be a maker of special steel." Ye Qing recalled: "If I remember correctly, our Zhongyun doesn’t have any steel smelters, rather only special steel makers.

"En… I don’t know too much about this." On DouDou’s side, there was what sounded like dinner calls.

"Auntie is calling you for dinner, go eat first, we can talk later." Ye Qing seeing the pile of fast-food in the corner of the room, thought that it was also time for him to eat.

"Say h.e.l.lo to uncle and aunty for me, and thank him for helping me ask."

"En en~ alright Big brother Ye, I’m going to eat dinner now."

Hanging up the call, DouDou felt super sweet inside. Not only was Big brother Ye stronger than all those presidents in those dramas, and not mentioning his knowledge, he was even politer than them.

DouDou’s family was only a high-end middle income family, her knowledge of being rich, all came from those role model like male presidents from drama series.

So naturally, if DouDou were to rate Ye Qing, then of course she would rate him in comparison to those presidents. Except the more she compared, the more she found that all those presidents were all getting their handed to them by Ye Qing.

Those presidents were all arrogant beyond being G.o.d like. Not only did they need someone to take care of them, they were even pickier than a princess. If they were to eat any peasant food, they would exaggerate to the point of being hospitalized.

Now look at Big brother Ye, the first time they met was at Ayun snack shop, and he didn’t even forgot to greet mom and dad when hanging up.

At the dinner table, DouDou asked her dad whether or not that bankrupt steel factory specialized in making special steel.

Her father Bai Chengan said yeah, hearing the main branch manager say, the only thing that was worth anything there was a several story tall pressure press, and a 50 ton electric furnace.

Ye Qing in his office, microwaved a bento of kung pao chicken, plus a cup of hot tea and that was that.

After clearing out the bento, Ye Qing walked out to the production workshop, to tally the results of the day’s hard work.

Right now, Ye Qing was focusing on making more chairs. 20 hours of different s.h.i.+fts, able to produce 300 plus daily, was barely able to meet the order requirements from all over the country.

The rapid metal engraving machines also sold pretty well, only 5 were left from the original stockpile.

Ye Qing took a look at the Monster Factory’s ranking, it rose up to rank 297, and the industry index jumped from the original 839 to 2711, meaning the ability to disguise 20 more monsters.

When the metal smelting center was complete and operational, the rankings for the Monster Factory would definitely rise again.

As soon as the factory could get on to the 10th spot within the local rankings, then the Monster Factory could once again level up, and be one step closer to becoming the complete overlord of the manufacturing industry.

Need to work harder!

Having finished inspecting the workshop, Ye Qing, alone, entered the secret base under the surrounding barren hills.

Below the barren hills, an area that was almost half of a football stadium was already emptied out by the raging miners. At the bottom of the 20 plus meter deep base, was a mountain of dazzling metallic t.i.tanium ore.

4 never before seen raging miners, were currently circling around the t.i.tanium ore, and mining further into the earth non-stop.

Surrounding the 4 sides of the base was a long winding stretch of road going from the bottom to the top.

8 big sport stadium lights were installed at the top of the cave, which illuminated every single nook and cranny of the cave and then some.

Ye Qing summoned out the MPCV, and used the 4 meter long mechanical arms to drill holes all over the surrounding walls; to leave the framework for installing air purifier and electrical wiring.

As soon as night fell, Ye Qing would command the raging miners and the peons to move all the piles of steel from outside into the secret base, and even set up the base necessary to build the metal smelting center on.

Large scale welding naturally meant using the MPCV, with the MPCV and the heavy duty crane system that was the raging miners in hand, the work of welding up the base didn’t need the help of the peons at all.

As for the missing million ton pressure press and electric furnace, he could only find some free time and make a trip out of the province to buy.

The secret base only had 1 air intake pipe, Ye Qing piloted the MPCV until all the holes had been drilled, before heading up back onto the surface for some nice fresh air.

As soon as the cell phone connected to the cellular network, it began to buzz on all the notifications he missed.

There was a WeChat messages from DouDou telling him that her dad confirmed his guess of that factory being a special steel maker.

Now that the owner of the factory ran off after declaring bankruptcy, there was only a several story tall pressure press and a 50 ton electric furnace left that was worth something. The general manager who did the risk a.s.sessment and gave out the loan for the factory, was currently having sleepless nights wondering how to get rid of the equipment.

Several story tall pressure press?

50 ton electric furnace?

Ye Qing suddenly had an urge to burst into tears, DouDou really was…….

Really was his lucky fruit!

Ye Qing was just contemplating where he should buy the million ton pressure press and 50 ton electric furnace from out of the province, and spend an astronomical amount to have them s.h.i.+pped to Zhongyun.

Now DouDou told him that, that bankrupt special steel maker, actually had the equipment he desperately needed waiting to be sold.

DouDou unknowingly riding the old factory’s scooter on stream pulled in tens of millions in purchases.

Enthusiastically helping Ye Qing ask where there were large stockpiles of available steel for sale, although she didn’t find any steel, but she unknowingly again helped Ye Qing find the whereabouts of the million ton pressure press and 50 ton electric furnace that he so desperately needed.

Ye Qing really wanted to run up to her and give her a deep loving kiss; just to demonstrate his thanks.

"I call dibs!"

Ye Qing typed: "I was just wondering where I could buy a million ton pressure press and 50 ton electric furnace in Zhongyun."

A minute pa.s.sed, but DouDou still hadn’t replied.

Ye Qing looking at the time: it had already pa.s.sed 10 pm, she probably already went to sleep.

Having solved a very annoying problem, Ye Qing also happily went to sleep.

The next morning, Ye Qing was woken up by the ringing from his cell phone.

Still not fully awake, Ye Qing thought that it was DouDou calling, but with a glance, it was actually the CEO of Illusion Corporation.

Connecting the call, the young CEO named Yan Zhaoge told Ye Qing that he and his secretary had just arrived at Zhongyun’s airport.

Right now was 5:30 in the morning, Ye Qing yawningly said that he would arrive at the airport in 40 minutes, and that they could get something to eat while waiting.

Hurriedly getting out of bed and cleaning up, he also made a call to Xu Xiaohu, telling him to bring 5 Mechanical Engineered Chairs up from the bas.e.m.e.nt warehouse, and place them in the company’s reception area for product marketing later.

"Oh right, get me some nice tea, and some desserts and what not. I need them for a client meeting later."

Zhongyun’s airport was called Xuanyuan International Airport, located on the outskirts of Zhongyun munic.i.p.ality.

Ye Qing, after getting suited up, got onto Huanhai Avenue, and went onto the state highway at the end of it.

30 minutes later, Ye Qing drove the Lagonda right into the airport’s arrival pickup terminal.

Monster Factory Chapter 89

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