I Have Medicine Chapter 266 - Teng Yunfei

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Chapter 266 - Teng Yunfei

Those things were put away. While Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng had long known what spirit crystals were, the other seated people didn’t necessarily know.

At once, someone asked: “What is this thing…”

This kind of matter naturally didn’t require the Sect Master to personally explain.

The Sect Master’s son, Qin Zhuofeng, walked out from the side, and answered for everyone’s sake: “This object is called a spirit crystal, and it can be used for cultivation. On the Central Continent, although golden banknotes are still in common use, spirit crystals are usually exchanged between martial artists. When one’s strength is even higher, there are also profound crystals. Only, the number of profound crystals is even more scarce. It’s also very rare in the Sect, and they’re only in the hands of the Grand Elders.”

So it was like this.

These disciples all nodded their heads. They had long thought that golden banknotes might’ve not been of much use. Most had prepared quite a few inter-spatial tools, which were stored with useful things and lots of gold that could be converted. Although it was a bit inconvenient, once they reached the Central Continent, they could take out the gold and convert it for that side’s banknotes.

As for the spirit crystals…

They recalled previously hearing about the martial artists from other expanses who would also be traveling on the Road of Heaven’s Chosen.

Between fellow disciples, if there weren’t any feelings of deep hatred, it was only natural that they’d help each other out. However, it was different for the other expanses. Most of all — That Chongyun Sect!

The shame of that year had yet to be forgotten!

Gu Zuo couldn’t help but look at Tianheng.

Tianheng smiled at him.

As far as these martial artists were concerned, spirit crystals and even profound crystals were very rare. However, the quant.i.ties of both were very high in Tianheng’s inter-spatial tool… That was the legacy left behind by that Human King Yan Ruo.

To this day, that bangle was still worn on Tianheng’s body. Some commonly-used things were put inside by him, but as for specifically how much “wealth” it contained, Gu Zuo still hadn’t asked him.

[Is Ah Zuo curious?]

[A little…]

[Inside the bangle, there’s 1.2 million spirit crystals, a hundred thirty thousand profound crystals, and two thousand treasured crystals.]

[So many!]

[If Human King Yan Ruo hadn’t spent so much to set up the great tomb, there would’ve been even more remaining.]

Gu Zuo thought about it. This made sense.

Speaking of which, among those spirit weapons and other things inside the Great Tomb of the Human King, besides a small number that were relatively suitable for Tianheng, the rest were going to be left behind. All of it would be placed in Dragon One and Tianyang’s hands for safekeeping. At that time, one would be in charge of the Tianlong Guards, and one would be in charge of the Gongyi Clan children and his own team. The division of labor was clear-cut. Those martial skills that Tianheng had looked over were also left behind and copied. They were handled in the same way.

At this time, Tianheng’s transmitted voice carried a smiling expression.

[Ah Zuo, there’s no need to worry. When we get to the Central Continent, this elder brother will have enough money to buy medicinal ingredients for you. Of course, half of the riches in the bangle belong to Ah Zuo.]

Gu Zuo stared blankly.

[I’ve always been together with big brother. There’s no need to divide it…]

Tianheng smiled.

[Some will be stored with Ah Zuo for pocket money. How about that?]

Gu Zuo heard these words, and didn’t refuse anymore.

Nowadays, he and his big brother had long stopped bickering that much. Too much arguing would hurt one’s feelings.

After the crowd of disciples thanked the Sect Master, the Sect Master said: “This trip will have thirty-eight martial artists and six pharmacists. We don’t know what will happen while on the Road of Heaven’s Chosen, but everyone must properly wear the Heaven’s Eye Stones. Otherwise, you will be invaded by other exotic energies. Then, it’ll be too late for regrets.”

Everyone a.s.serted: “Understood.”

After making these things clear, the Sect Master looked at those few pharmacists: “Never once have pharmacists gone together in the past. However, since you all are willing to go out and make your way in the world, you’ll need to follow the accompanying martial artists. Don’t just rely solely on your psychic powers, and let your guards down.”

The pharmacists all agreed.

Gu Zuo watched as the Sect Master warned them repeatedly in this way, and sighed ruefully from the bottom of his heart.

Whether the Sect Master was sincere or not, he was quite good at swaying people.

Once everything that ought to have been said was covered, the Sect Master brushed his sleeves: “Now, you all can go and pack your luggage. Return here within six hours, and this venerable one shall lead you all to the Road of Heaven’s Chosen!”

Gu Zuo’s heart trembled.

Tianheng faintly shook his head at Gu Zuo.

[Big brother, are we going to go back?]

[Any matters that needed to be explained have already been made clear. Leaving on a journey will pain those left behind. There’s no need to go back.]

Gu Zuo sighed softly.

This wasn’t the first time they had left on a journey, but last time was when they left the Cangyun Empire. Although the distance between the Qingyun Continent and the Cangyun Empire was vast, it wasn’t impossible if one wanted to make the trip. But now, they were heading for the Central Continent. In the end, who knew if they could return?

Gu Zuo and Tianheng stayed seated, and didn’t move. Among the other martial artists, the majority did the same. Only a small number of people hurriedly left.

At this time, Gu Zuo remembered many things and many people.

For example, when he first came to this other world, he was hesitant. And now, even if he had to go to an unfamiliar land again, he was calm.

For instance, the people he’d met back then in the Cangyun Empire. Regardless of whether it was the Ninth Prince Cang Yu who once could be mentioned on equal terms with his big brother, Huangfu Zhanghao who borrowed his big brother’s luck and acted as his s.h.i.+eld, or those formerly dazzling young masters of the other aristocratic families — Nowadays, in Qingyun Sect, some were competing on the Earth Leaderboard, some were in the middle of painstaking secluded cultivation, and some had never made the smallest of splashes to this day…

Additionally, some time ago, his big brother had taken a trip back to the Cangyun Empire to inform his close relatives in the Gongyi Clan that he was going to leave for wider places. There was a chance that he wouldn’t be able to return for a long time.

Gu Zuo shook his head.

Originally, he thought that the Qingyun Continent would be the end point. He never expected that even Qingyun Sect would probably be nothing more than a starting point.

Six hours pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

The few people who had rushed out had come back in a flurry. The Sect Master didn’t mince words. He immediately stood up, and stated: “Follow this venerable one!”

The expressions on the numerous disciples’ faces were all different, but a deep and spirited light blossomed in most of their eyes.

The Road of Heaven’s Chosen! The Central Continent!

Even though what they were about to face was a pa.s.sage filled with death, they firmly believed that they could get through this crisis and become the people who would smoothly reach the finish line!

They, who had this kind of desire to forge ahead in the face of hards.h.i.+ps and danger, also had such determination and self-confidence!

Gu Zuo followed along next to Tianheng.

However, Xu Lingxiu wasn’t walking with Gu Zuo. Beside Xu Lingxiu was a martial artist with powerful qi emissions. It appeared that he and Xu Lingxiu were partners. There was some tacit understanding, but between these two people, it didn’t look like there was any deep friends.h.i.+p like with Xu Lingxiu and Xi Yangyun.

…It was probably for the sake of entering the Road of Heaven’s Chosen, and they had to select a partner just a while ago?

Gu Zuo made this guess.

However, what astonished him even more was that an individual was still hidden among these martial artists. Because this person’s qi emissions were very weak, Gu Zuo surprisingly hadn’t detected him before.

A slender and tall figure that thrusted straight into the blue dome of heaven like a sharp sword. His face was lean, his lips were thin, and his pair of long and narrow eyes were as sharp as the cutting edge of a saber.

He was Teng Yunfei.

Originally, he had already reached the peak Immortal Realm. So much so that he was someone who was only a final push away from the Atomic Realm.

However, the present him was just a peak Xiantian stage nine martial artist.

This was very strange.

Once Tianheng “heard” Gu Zuo’s puzzlement, a trace of admiration streaked across his eyes.

[Ah Zuo wouldn’t know. Two years ago, when you and I found out about the matter of the Roads of Death, many of the secluded disciples in the Sect likewise found out. At that time, Senior Sect Brother Teng Yunfei’s strength far exceeded the highest limit. Thus, he was direct and straightforward. He voluntarily abolished his own qi ocean. Because he had already cultivated once through, his strength smoothly advanced to peak Xiantian stage nine again over the course of about two years. From then on, he didn’t enter the Immortal Realm.]

Gu Zuo was shocked when he finished listening.

What powerful courage! Sure enough, the Qingyun Leaderboard’s first place was a justified reputation!

At first, there were almost no intersections between Teng Yunfei and them. Teng Yunfei also appeared and disappeared unpredictably. However, the legends that one could hear about Teng Yunfei truly weren’t few. At that time, Gu Zuo already looked highly upon Teng Yunfei, but Gu Zuo didn’t expect that the true Teng Yunfei would be even more decisive than what he’d imagined!

— Although most of what was abolished could be re-cultivated, it didn’t rule out the possibility of failing to re-cultivate. Teng Yunfei needed to treat the injuries of abolis.h.i.+ng his qi ocean before he started re-cultivating. Even if there was enough resources, it didn’t guarantee that he could reach his expected achievements before the two years were up.

Once he failed or didn’t reach his goal, then he basically wouldn’t be able to enter the Road of Heaven’s Chosen. The matter of crippling oneself would mean that everything he did had been for nothing.

However, Teng Yunfei didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

What was even more frightening was that he was extremely calm. After re-cultivating, he could give up on making breakthroughs and having means of self-defense while on the Road of Death. He suppressed his own desires, and didn’t become an Immortal again.

Gu Zuo sighed ruefully. That guy and his dear big brother were this resolved.

The Immortal Realm was to break free from the ordinary and commonplace. It was cla.s.sified as an important stage in cultivation. The Qingyun Continent was too small. If one was an Immortal, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to meet their own expectations.

They all wanted to reach the Central Continent to break through — Because over there, when they broke through to the Immortal Realm, perhaps it could allow them to obtain even better results!

Hence, for the past two years, they only continuously acc.u.mulated, but they never tried to break through.

Their bone pearls had long been completely condensed. They only needed to wait for a certain day to smoothly transform their qi oceans —

Under the Sect Master’s call, a Spirit-Level wild beast flew over and carried them away.

Amid the sound of gale-force winds, the Spirit-Level wild bird flapped its wings. Its speed was as fast as lightning and as sudden as thunder.

In only three or four days, they arrived at their destination.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 266 - Teng Yunfei

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