I Have Medicine Chapter 267 - Road of Death

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Chapter 267 - Road of Death

From far away, one could see an enormous pillar that rose up to the sky.

The huge pillar towered into the clouds, and there were countless tendrils of mist that curled around it. As they got closer, everyone realized that the pillar was extremely thick. It would take over a hundred people to gather together and surround it. At the top of the pillar, it could probably accommodate several hundreds of people.

The Spirit-Level wild bird flew directly ahead, and landed upon that pillar’s summit.

Above the pillar, there were many similar wild birds descending and temporarily taking roost on top of the huge pillar.

Many people jumped down from the wild birds. They were the disciples of the forces on other continents in the Southern Expanse. Among them, there were also some sects. The realms of the people who led them were also at the Atomic Realm or above.

Gu Zuo came to this world so long ago. Ever since he entered Qingyun Sect, this was still the first time he’d seen the sects and organizations of other continents from the same expanse. It looked like there were many talents here. In terms of vitality and energy, they definitely weren’t too inferior compared to Qingyun Sect’s secluded disciples.

This kind of feeling was very peculiar.

Gongyi Tianheng swept a glance over those people: “Is Ah Zuo curious?”

Gu Zuo shook his head: “I’m not. I just feel… Previously, I had limited my attention to only the largest Qingyun Sect. On the contrary, I didn’t have a good understanding of what was on the other continents, and I didn’t think that there were any other sects. Now, it looks like there are…”

Tianheng smiled and said: “Although the other continents have some organizations that are called sects, their foundations fall far short of Qingyun Sect’s foundations. Thus, when the common people of the Southern Expanse talk about sects, they’ll only talk about Qingyun Sect. The other forces only call themselves sects within their local continents. Within the Southern Expanse, there’s no mistake in saying that the only genuine sect is Qingyun Sect.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head.

In any case, they were Qingyun Sect disciples. After recognizing these people, who were also from the same expanse, Gu Zuo and Tianheng wouldn’t take the initiative to do anything to them on the Road of Death.

After the two spoke these few sentences, the Sect Masters and such personages from the other organizations came over to meet with Qingyun Sect’s Sect Master.

Qingyun Sect’s Sect Master Qin quietly stood in place. At this very moment, his appearance somehow became faintly indiscernible, as if he was veiled in mist. His features were completely different from when Gu Zuo and the others met with him in the Sect — No, perhaps it wasn’t different, but rather, his features had been covered up. Even if others saw him, they wouldn’t recognize him.

However, Qingyun Sect was, after all, aloof and remote. After Sect Master Qin received these few people, he closed his eyes and didn’t speak.

The numerous disciples of Qingyun Sect stood behind Sect Master Qin and also waited quietly.

Since they had arrived and found a place to settle, they currently needed to calm their hearts and wait for that Road of Heaven’s Chosen to open.

Gu Zuo and Tianheng exchanged glances. The two simply sat down cross-legged, and made the most of this final bit of time to review all of their previous comprehensions.

At the same time, they also wanted to make further preparations — Preparations for confronting all kinds of things in that Road of Death.

After seven and a half hours, the color of the sky darkened.

Sect Master Qin abruptly opened his eyes, which spilled forth a brilliant radiance. His entire person revealed an extraordinary might! The area that his gaze fell upon was the void in front of the enormous pillar under his feet. If a person carefully looked over, one would discover that the layered shadows of many mountain ranges appeared amid the lingering clouds and mist. And surrounded by the mountain ranges was an abyss!

Gu Zuo startled.

This abyss was —

As the mountain ranges became more and more distinct, that abyss yawned open like the jaws of a beast. Sect Master Qin, the other Sect Masters, and organization leaders all came to the edge of the pillar.

Soon after, Sect Master Qin opened his mouth: “My Sect disciples, falling from this place will allow you to enter the Road of Heaven’s Chosen.”

The other Sect Masters and organization leaders all said: “That’s right. Just jump down from here.”

Meanwhile, the hundreds of disciples gathered here all looked at each other in dismay.

Into the abyss?

While they had powerful strength and great potential, they couldn’t see the bottom of this abyss as they gazed into it. If they jumped down, wouldn’t they drop to their deaths without an intact skeleton?

This wasn’t the time for making jokes!

Sect Master Qin solemnly said: “The entrance is right here. Is there anyone who dares to take the first step?”

As soon as his voice fell, a figure had already shot out and rushed down extremely quickly. Unexpectedly, there wasn’t the slightest feeling of cowardice or hesitation.

Gu Zuo looked over, and recognized that this person was Teng Yunfei.

Yes, could a person who had abolished his own qi ocean to enter the Road of Death be scared of a mere overhanging cliff?

However, Gu Zuo felt that he had lost.

Soon after, Tianheng smiled and said: “Ah Zuo, you and I can’t fall behind.”

Gu Zuo promptly nodded.

After that, Tianheng reached out a hand and grabbed Gu Zuo’s wrist. Without the slightest hesitation, Gu Zuo hopped onto Tianheng’s back.

Immediately following which, Tianheng flashed out. The bottom of his foot stamped the ground, and he had already jumped down!

They had long come to an agreement.

No one knew what would happen while on the Road of Death.

As a result, they would stick close together to avoid being separated under any circ.u.mstances!

One after another, people began jumping down.

Xu Lingxiu coldly harrumphed and said: “They truly run quite fast. I also can’t lose out to them.”

After he finished speaking, with his own partner’s mutual support, he fell below that overhanging cliff.

The remaining people no longer hesitated.

They had already come here. It was life and death. They would either turn into meat paste, or soar into the sky —

There was no need for any regrets.

The sound of the wind whistled past their ears. The mist that rushed by from all directions seemed to bear an insurmountable gravity. The mist pressed in from every angle.

But right away, before it rushed into their bodies, a wisp of radiance appeared on the surfaces of the two. In a split second, the mist seemed to transform into true mist, and didn’t negatively affect them anymore.

Gu Zuo rested against Gongyi Tianheng’s back, and sensed the brilliant life underneath him.

His big brother had already been properly nursed by him. Every inch of muscle possessed a vigorous life-force and terrifying strength!

No longer was Tianheng that sickly young master.

A burst of satisfaction bubbled forth in Gu Zuo’s heart, and he snuggled closer to Tianheng.

Tianheng didn’t say anything, but they were already communicating within their linked consciousness.

[Ah Zuo, are you afraid?]

[With big brother here, I’m not afraid. It’s just that…]


[Big brother, how long will it take for our feet to touch solid… Eh?]

In Gu Zuo’s consciousness, he still hadn’t finished reacting when he sensed that Tianheng’s body had come to a halt. The gale-force winds on both sides had also vanished. It seemed that they were already stepping on the ground?

At this moment, Tianheng smiled and said: “We’ve landed.”

Gu Zuo rubbed his face: “…Big brother, let me get down.”

In the past, although Tianheng made most of the decisions, he rarely rejected Gu Zuo’s many suggestions. But this time, Tianheng shook his head: “I can’t.”

Gu Zuo blanked: “Why not?”

Tianheng lightly sighed: “Ah Zuo, take a look around.”

Hearing what was said, Gu Zuo looked to the side: “Eh, there’s nothing there…”

Wait a minute. That wasn’t right.

Nothing there?

How could there be nothing?

Gu Zuo suddenly startled.

When he previously talked about not wanting to separate, that was only just in case. But now, it was clear that the “just in case” had come true!

Apart from them, there was basically no one else nearby. If Teng Yunfei was alone when he jumped down, then he’d be walking by himself. In that case, what about those martial artists afterwards? Could it be that not a single person jumped down during this time? This was impossible! The martial artists who came here were all people who’d stake it all on one throw! Their courage wouldn’t be so weak!

As such, where did they go?

Why had no one else come?

Gu Zuo’s heartstrings were stretched taut.

Sure enough, there was something weird about this place. They had to keep their guards up.

Subconsciously, he put a big more strength in the hands that were placed on Tianheng’s shoulders, and he hugged his dear big brother even more tightly.

Gu Zuo asked: “Big brother, what’ll we do now?”

Tianheng said: “We’ll move forward. Ah Zuo, release and send out your psychic power. From now on, we need to be even more careful.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head. After that, he could sense what his big brother couldn’t see, and hurriedly said: “Big brother, rest a.s.sured. I will.”

Following that, Tianheng supported Gu Zuo even more firmly. Step by step, he resolutely walked forward.

Gu Zuo also stretched his mind to the limit, and didn’t dare to neglect even the tiniest details.

All around was very quiet. Too quiet.

Through this pa.s.sage, aside from the all-encompa.s.sing mist, there was only a s.p.a.cious and empty road.

On the road, there was soil and some weeds. However, these weeds were unremarkable, and the soil also made the most typical black, dirt road. It looked like an average road surface, and it wouldn’t cause one to raise their guard.

But for some reason, Gu Zuo sensed a feeling of concealed danger, as if something was in hiding. A moment of carelessness would cause a huge calamity!

Hence, he did several things at once. His thoughts moved in his consciousness, and a round pearl had already appeared in his hand.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gu Zuo stuffed this pearl into Tianheng’s collar.

Tianheng only felt a chill on his neck. Soon after, something rolled down and went directly into his own inner robes. After that, it tumbled to his waist where it came to a halt.

In that moment, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Ah Zuo, what are you doing?”

Gu Zuo was very serious. In a low voice, he said: “It’s a Life-Subst.i.tution Beast Pearl.”

Yes. The instant that Gu Zuo successfully landed, the system had already reminded him that he completed the mission, and then it granted the reward. Only, at that time, he was too nervous, and didn’t give a timely response. But now, he didn’t hesitate at all.

Tianheng heard the name of this pearl, and faintly frowned: “Ah Zuo, this is…”

Gu Zuo softly talked about the pearl’s function, and said: “Big brother, who the h.e.l.l knows what’ll happen here. You see, I can use my psychic power to protect myself, and I can also enter the Divine Medicine Palace Hall with just a thought. But if, by any chance, I dodge to the side and I don’t have enough time to bring you with me when we encounter trouble, you can use the pearl to take the place of your life.”

Tianheng’s gaze warmed.

Gu Zuo continued to murmur: “Big brother doesn’t need to stand on ceremony about this with me. We always maximize the value of things. No matter how we slice it, it’ll be more secure on big brother’s body than on mine.”

Tianheng still shook his head: “If Ah Zuo’s thoughts aren’t fast enough, how is that any better?”

Gu Zuo promptly waved his hand: “Don’t worry about this. My psychic power has been protecting my body the entire time. It only needs to block for one instant, and I’ll be able to escape!”

At that time, Tianheng didn’t continue to refuse. His steps only became more stable: “As your elder brother, I absolutely won’t let anything happen to Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo gave a brilliant smile: “I believe in big brother!”

It was just that the silence on this Road of Death wasn’t so simple.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 267 - Road of Death

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