100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 36

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– 12 –
The Online Game G.o.d is Very Pure

However, after the one slash, the Boss fell.

Yu Chu was stunned.

This kind of Boss monster, how to say, should not be so easy to beat like this, ah. Moving the mouse to click on her inventory bag, she opened it and looked at the numerous materials inside.

Wild monsters, upon death, will drop many things and in general, the things that will burst out from these kind of wild monsters will automatically enter the inventory of the player who lands the killing blow.

There is no doubt that the one to do the killing blow to this wild monster was Seven Meows.

And the reason being, every item that had dropped automatically fell into her possession.

Maybe because of the added effect of the increase luck given to her by the system, the wild monster hide that dropped was just the material she needed most, suitable to use for forging practice.

She swept her gaze over the dead monster on the ground and frowned slightly. Not long after, she looked at the current channel to see someone sending out an angry rant:

【CURRENT】[Within the Distant Time]1: I've never seen such shamelessness. While other people are working so hard to weaken the monster till low health, you actually have the nerve to just run out with a knife and take it away? Hey, this whatever Meow Meow elf, hand over everything!

Yu Chu frowned.

Truthfully, she had not notice that the monster was at low health. No wonder it had been so easily killed. As it turns out, other people were already chasing/killing the monster, and she just happened to take the kill.

Knowing she was in the wrong, Yu Chu did not pay attention to that player's jeering and prepared to return the items to them.

However, just as her mouse moved to the inventory icon, Yu Chu suddenly saw another message appear on the current channel:

【CURRENT】[Hera's Apple]2: Time, it doesn't matter. I'm certain that she didn't do it on purpose so don't say such things and just let her hand the items over.

Yu Chu fingers paused.

‘Hera's Apple', was that not Lin Xinxin?

In that case, ‘Within the Distant Time' should be Lin Xinxin's good sister, Li Rong.

The original owner, along with Lin Xinxin and Li Rong, shared the same dormitory, but the relations.h.i.+p between them was not very good.

While Li Rong was a very arrogant person, Lin Xinxin, on the other hand, always kept the appearance of a little white rabbit. But in actuality, her sense of superiority was just not obvious for others to see. She also felt it beneath her to befriend someone like the original owner who was a goody two-shoe and came from an average income family.

Yu Chu rubbed her chin. She never expected that she would run into this kind of confrontation with Lin Xinxin inside the game.

Since Lin Xinxin wanted to play this kind of understanding white flower, Yu Chu played along with her words and said:

【CURRENT】[Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow]: Right, ah. Why say stuff like that? I didn't mean to do it.

Lin Xinxin didn't seem to think that the other person would say such, and for a while, no one said a word. Li Rong then exploded:

【CURRENT】[Within the Distant Time]: What do you mean? I saw what you did. You robbed someone else's monster, yet you don't allow others to say anything towards you? Hehe, I tell you, you tactfully hand over the things now or don't blame me for not properly reminding you. Do you know who Hera's Apple's master is?

Yu Chu raised her eyebrows slightly.

At this time, One Leaf Boat should not have allowed Lin Xinxin to display his name yet.

However, Lin Xinxin might have gone and told her friend, Li Rong, and, out of vanity, did not admit this fact to One Leaf Boat.

Yu Chu blinked, still not giving a reply, and just looked at Hera's Apple quickly giving an explanation on the current channel.

【CURRENT】[Hera's Apple]: It's okay, Time, don't say so much. Just let her return the things.


She wanted to change the topic. Unfortunately, Yu Chu wasn't going to let her have her way.

【CURRENT】[Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow]: Oh, who is her master?

1. Within the Distant Time // 遥远的时光中 // Yáoyuǎn de shíguāng zhōng – 遥远(remote/distant) 的(possessive particle) 时光(time/era/) 中(within/in/center/during/while) I very tempted to use ‘In Remote Antiquity' instead.

2. Hera's Apple // 赫拉的苹果 // Hè lā de píngguǒ – 赫拉(Hera, wife of Zeus) 的()possessive particle) 苹果(apple) Hera's Apple or Apple of Hera? Which sounds better?

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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 36

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