100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 37

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– 13 –
The Online Game G.o.d is Very Pure

Yu Chu estimated that Li Rong would subconsciously hit the keyboard in reply, but before she could, Lin Xinxin quickly intervened:

【CURRENT】[Hera's Apple]: Okay, Time, don't say anymore. And this friend, this matter, you are originally in the wrong so aren't you being too overbearing like this? It's best that you quickly hand the items over.

With her expressing it like this, Within the Distant Time no longer made a sound. Yu Chu picked up her eyebrows.

Not at all prepared to take on Lin Xinxin's small gain at the moment, Yu Chu moved her fingers and was again, prepared to take the things out.

But just as she was about to do so, from through the headphones, the sudden sharp and clear sound of a beast cried out. Soon after, the huge and beautiful tail feathers of a phoenix occupied the entire screen, its sparkling and translucent plumes overflowing with brilliant lights and vibrant color as the sunlight spilled over them.

The phoenix faced the sky to spew out several wisps of faint flames, then narrowed it's pair of crystal clear eyes as its claws slowly hooked into the ground. Raising up it's beautiful head proudly, it's many gorgeous tail feathers fell, spreading out on the ground in a colorful flourish.

It was truly a very beautiful scene. Even if the scene was merely inside this picturesque game, a phoenix was still quite a rare sight.

Several people stare up in awe.

A lone man stood on top of the phoenix's back.

There were not many phoenixes in the game, and there were even fewer phoenix mounts. From since the opening of the server to the present time, aside from knowing that the Great G.o.d S had a phoenix mount, there was no news of anyone else having one.

Several people continued to dumbly looked up in admiration.

Wearing just a simple white attire, the man did not have on any advance equipment. Almost every character in the game had the same appearance, but when looking at this person, he seemed to give off a very indifferent temperament that was insipid and cold.

Several newbies stared dumbly at the War G.o.d who had ascended, as well as the name on top of his head:


The mysterious number one Great G.o.d, S.

The mount was unsummoned and the Great G.o.d stood indifferently in it's place.

Despite knowing that he should have just pa.s.sed through, the legendary figure known as ‘The First War G.o.d' appeared, and this made both Li Rong and Lin Xinxin somewhat excited.

Every girl dreamed of an unrivaled hero who, with his body draped in golden holy armor, could turn up his palm to gather the clouds1 to call forth the wind and summon the rain2. Even though they did not know what S was like in reality, the S inside the game could, without a doubt, accomplish all these things.

Between One Leaf Boat and S, there was quite a huge gap.

Moreover, S had a really cold character. But though no one knew what he looked liked in real life, even this kind of frosty asceticism did not prevent many girl's hearts from being full of fantasy and romance.

Lin Xinxin was still acting quite reserved but Li Rong, somewhat unable to hold back the thought of wanting to strike up a conversation, sent out a line.

【CURRENT】[Within the Distant Time]: Great G.o.d S, why did you come to this low-level map? Did you have a quest here?

The Warrior G.o.d remain unmoving from his original spot.

With S's temperament, it was unlikely for him to respond to a stranger's questioning. Seeing that he did not answer, though Li Rong felt disappointed in her heart, she tried not to mind as it was expected.

So, she switched her attention back to Yu Chu.

【CURRENT】[Within the Distant Time]: Hey, this Elf, quickly return the items to us. In the presence of Great G.o.d S, you still have the nerve to take unfair advantages?

Yu Chu: ……hey, being in his presence and whether or not I'm taking advantage of things has no correlation, ah.

Hera's Apple, also not wanting to miss the opportunity to show off her sweet and adorable nature in front of the Great G.o.d, interjected:

【CURRENT】[Hera's Apple]: Actually, it doesn't matter. You return the items to us and we can add each other as friends, then in the future, we can go hunt monsters together.

Yu Chu: ……

Looking at Lin Xinxin's word, Yu Chu's heart was rendered speechless. Her fingers on the mouse faintly moved.

However, at this moment, the Great G.o.d who had been calm and indifferent since his arrival, suddenly commented on the current channel.

1. turn up palms to gather the clouds // 翻手为云 // fān shǒu wéi yún – part of 翻手为云覆手变雨, lit meaning: turning his hand palm up he gathers the clouds, turning his hand palm down he turns them to rain. Idiom: very power and capable.

2. to call the wind and summon the rain // 呼风唤雨 // hū​fēng​huàn​yǔ​ – idiom; to exercise magical powers, to stir up troubles

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100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 37

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