100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 38

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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:33:23 PM Chapter 38

【CURRENT】[S]: What happened?

It was a question asked without any unnecessary tone, as though the Great G.o.d’s calm, questioning expression could be seen from through the computer’s screen .

For a moment, the current channel was completely quiet .

No one thought that the Great G.o.d, who was always indifferent and cold, would actually take the initiative to ask them a question .

After all, the Great G.o.d’s cold and aloof nature was widely known .

On the forums, there was specialized area set up for players to post photos . There, one player once posted a their real life selfie for the G.o.ddess selection, then bashfully called out to the Great G.o.d . However, the end result was a quick slash of the Great G.o.d’s blade .

And following it was a cold reply of: “Noisy . ”

Even this kind of female player who was also a beauty in reality could not make the Great G.o.d have tender and protective feelings for the opposite s.e.x . However, many other girls still could not help staring at the G.o.d with beating hearts and starry eyes .

It has to be said that even this kind of cold and practically unreasonable character can sometime still poke at a girl’s heart .

Of course, there were also some people who doubted S’s gender, believing that his indifference to beautiful woman was maybe because he was a woman himself .

After all, S has never partic.i.p.ated in any events or posted a picture of himself, so no one knew what he looked like in reality .

Currently, just from the Great G.o.d’s calm, questioning words, the two girls could not help but blush .

Lin Xinxin looked at the two words on the current channel .

——Earlier, he did not even acknowledge Li Rong when she had spoken to him, yet now, he actually chose to speak out on his own, right after her own self had spoken .  Was this or was this not something that could be explained……

Lin Xinxin couldn’t help but cover up her burning hot face .

Before Li Rong could get in the way, she quickly typed out an explanation:

【CURRENT】[Hera’s Apple]: It’s like this . Time and I have been chasing and fighting this Boss until it reached low health . But then the final kill was done by this player here so now all the drops went into her inventory .

After a pause, she smirked and very kindly and understandingly wrote:

【CURRENT】[Hera’s Apple]: However, I don’t believe she did it intentionally . She probably just didn’t see it’s low health .

After she sent out those words, she stared attentively at the screen .

After a few seconds, the Great G.o.d indifferently typed:

【CURRENT】[S]: Give it to her .

——Undoubtedly, those words were directed towards Seven Meows .

Seeing those four simple and concise words, Lin Xinxin, Li Rong, and even Yu Chu, was stunned .

Lin Xinxin eyes widen and her heart was simply unable to suppress the feelings of surprise and joy . S’s att.i.tude was very clear . Evident from his rea.s.suring and protective stance, it was also very obvious who it was that he was protecting . After all, he had said ‘her’ .

And not ‘them’ .

Lin Xinxin’s eyes couldn’t help but sparkle .

This was indeed S! Regardless of reasons, with his protectiveness being so clear, it was enough for the girl to relish in the aftertaste for a long time . If she were to screenshot this and post it on the forums, numerous people would no doubt become envious . Better yet, if they could add each other as game friends……

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became .

When Li Rong saw those four words on her screen, her reaction was also exactly the same . The Great G.o.d was looking at Lin Xinxin .

Unable to suppress the jealousy towards her roommates good fortune, her face distorted as she bit her lips .

As for Yu Chu……

Naturally, she was very angry .

Feng Qing, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he had been so clingy in the first plane, yet in this plane…… this was too much .

She gave a faint humph, opened her inventory with a blank expression, and threw out the materials obtained from just moments ago .

The War G.o.d then suddenly moved .

And as he walked her way, a sentence written in a tone that could not be guessed, appeared on the current channel .

【CURRENT】[S]: The rank of monsters here is too low .

After a pause, he said:

【CURRENT】[S]: I’ll take you to farm1 higher rank ones .

100 Ways To Get The Male God Chapter 38

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