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Dr. Xu and Dean He initially felt disdain towards the two old men Su Qiubai brought in.

We live in a time when certifications and qualifications were important. When Dean He asked Hua Tuo which school he graduate from, the old man didn't understand his question!

It was fine if one couldn't understand what he said. But even the other one couldn't understand!

However, the disdain soon turned into shock. They had never witnessed such a skillful acupuncture performance before!

Hua Tuo and Zhang Zhongjing completely ignored the two doctors. On the way to the hospital, they found out that Su Qiubai's sister was the one lying on the hospital bed, so how could they not save her?

In fact, it wasn't merely just saving her, but saving her with style!

No one expected that after the two old men took turns applying the acupuncture, Su Xiaoxiao's condition would actually improve a lot. In fact, she would soon wake up.

Su Qiubai was struck speechless for a while. If he had known the two doctor's level of skill earlier, why would he have let Xiaoxiao stay in a hospital that lacked all kinds of resources?

They didn't even have anything available at all. I was the one who brought all the necessary stuff.

Finally the surgery was completed. After stowing away the golden needles, Hua Tuo advised Su Qiubai to let Xiao Xiao eat more essence supplements and have sufficient rest after she woke up. She should be fine after resting for a few days.

At that moment, Dr. Xu and Dean He suddenly realized that the two old men were about to leave.

They hurried to get the two old men's contact information or even their phone number, but the two old men insisted that they didn't understand what the doctors were saying.

That left the two doctors feeling awkward. If you don't want to give it, then just say so. What do you mean you don't understand?

But they had no choice. These old men were really capable, so they couldn't complain even if they weren't satisfied.

The doctors could only watch Su Qiubai send the two old Chinese doctors away. It was then that Dean He and Dr. Xu suddenly realized that they didn't help with anything.

When Su Qiubai returned, both of them were too embarra.s.sed to stay in the ward so they went back to their offices.

Gazing at the little pale face through the window and knowing that she was alright now, Su Qiubai could finally relax a little, but the pain in his heart still remained.

He clearly recalled one time when it started raining heavily just as he had left for school, his parents were at work, but when he arrived at the school gate, he spotted Xiao Xiao standing all alone with a black umbrella.

I was shocked, I ran over to ask her, "Why are you here?" She just cheerfully laughed. Her clothes were drenched by the rain. Then, she said something that I would remember forever.

She said, "Brother, you'll surely be drenched by the rain if you don't carry an umbrella."

I hugged her and cried. On the way home, I carried her as I hiked through the muddy mountain road, while she held on to the umbrella.

Su Qiubai reminisced about that time and felt that it was the most beautiful memory he had. The sorrow in his eyes slowly faded away, until they became completely calm. Since Xiaoxiao was now alright, the next step was to teach the Xiao family a lesson!

Looking back at the two little girls who didn't dare to speak, Su Qiubai tried to calm himself down.

“Where's Xiao Yun?”

At that moment, in the Xiao family's courtyard, Xiao Xiuwen's wife, Fang Chunyu, just finished her phone call with Deputy Dean Zhang.

She didn't know what madness had caused Dean He to go against her orders. But she was certain that that la.s.s (Xiao Xiao) wouldn't be able to recover, especially without the equipment that was only available in the United States. She felt an inexplicable pleasure at the thought.

Yun Er was her most precious son. It was a blessing that he had feelings for the girl, yet she chose to jump off a building; bringing shame to the Xiao family, and even angering her husband!

All of these could only be blamed on Su Xiaoxiao. If she had been good and didn't resist it, all these incidents wouldn't have happened! Now, she had to suffer a lifelong disability.

Fang Chunyu sneered, positioning the tea cup close to her lips. She enjoyed the feeling of being able to decide someone else's fate. However, before she could take a sip of the tea, Deputy Dean Zhang actually called her up.

She frowned and picked up the call.

“Mrs. Xiao, things aren't good. Su Xiaoxiao's brother was somehow able to obtain the equipment from the US. In fact, he even invited master acupuncturists and was able to acquire a lot of medicinal herbs. It seemed that Su Xiaoxiao will soon recover."

After those words, Fang Chunyu's frown grew. More importantly, the uneasiness she felt when Dean He suddenly went against her orders rose after the call.

“I understand.” She muttered eventually.

“There's still one more thing. Su Xiaoxiao's brother came over from Qinghe City this time, and he brought along dozens of younger brothers. All of them driving top luxury cars. Things don't look easy."

Deputy Dean Zhang's voice softened towards the end, he knew that Fang Chunyu had always thought that Su Xiaoxiao was merely a rural girl with no special background, but that didn't seem to be the case now.

“I understand.” That was the second time Fang Chunyu said the word. She then hung up the phone. The room was terribly quiet. Although Fang Chunyu was reluctant to admit that she had underestimated Su Xiaoxiao, or that she had underestimated her brother Su Qiubai, the facts were right in front of her eyes.

“Do you know where the young master is today?” Suppressing the anxiety rising in her heart, Fang Chunyu asked the servant next to her.

“He should be playing around somewhere. I'm not very sure. Should I call the bodyguards?"

Listening to the servant's words, Fang Chunyu couldn't sit still anymore, she immediately stood up from her chair, “Hurry up and call the bodyguards, bring the young master back to Dongkou Lane. It's safer at the boss's place (her husband's place)!”

After giving out the order, Fang Chunyu strolled to the window and stared into the heavy rain; her worry worsening.

At the same time, dozens of sports cars could be seen leaving Dong Hai hospital closely behind a taxi. They headed toward the same direction in the rain!

Spring House was a well-known entertainment venue in Donghai City. The customers were usually wealthy. There shouldn't be a lot of people since it was raining, but the Xiao family's young master just happened to reserve the whole top-floor in order to celebrate his friend's birthday, so there were a lot of cars parked in front of the entrance.

Inside, boys and girls were wildly dancing on the dance floor. The place was very lively.

"Young master Yun, I heard you like a girl from Dong Hai University. You don't like me anymore."

In a corner close by, Xiao Yun was sneakily hugging a female model. Both of his hands were rubbing on her body. The model's soft voice could clearly be heard.

"Haha, what nonsense. Since when did I like other people, I only like you.” Laughing out loud, Xiao Yun directly leaned his head on the model's chest, and the two of them immediately became entangled with each other.

In the large hall, Xiao Yun wasn't the only one messing around with a lady, everyone else were in the same position. Men and women were clinging to each other. The whole scene was just intolerable and disgusting.

Just as the live music reached its climax, it suddenly stopped!

Everyone immediately looked at the DJ's direction and noticed a yellow-haired boy who had actually unplugged the power cord.

“So freaking noisy, what's going on here!”

Cao Toufei yelled. The people at the scene immediately shot up; some had already started swearing as they stalked over. But halfway there, they stopped still.

Where did all these people come from? Each one of them looks fierce!

That's right, all the youngsters of the Street Racers Gang were there. The music was too loud upstairs, so no one heard a thing when the sport cars started honking downstairs. That was the reason why Cao Toufei unplugged the power cord.

“Who is Xiao Yun?” Striding forward, Cao Toufei demanded.

“I am, who the heck are you?” Xiao Yun swore, appearing from the corner.

He was the young master of the Xiao family, so he was unlikely to be afraid of such a scene.

“You're Xiao Yun? Keep quiet if you're not.”

Another voice suddenly sounded from behind the yellow-haired boy.

Everyone then spotted a calm and young man. He looked delicate, but he wore a taxi vest that didn't seem to fit in with the rest.

With that said, he slowly walked towards Xiao Yun.

"Hehe, you think I'm lying? I will not hide my name…"


Halfway through those words, Xiao Yun's head was. .h.i.t unexpectedly.

He swayed at his spot for a moment but didn't fall down. In his mind, he couldn't comprehend the idea that someone in Donghai City would actually dare to beat him up.


Another bottle was smashed onto his head and shattered. Xiao Yun fell to the ground.

"Since you're really Xiao Yun, then you asked for this!”

Grinning, the third bottle in Su Qiubai's hand had already begun to swing, landing straight on Xiao Yun's face. Following a loud shriek, the bottle shattered and blood flowed out from Xiao Yun's head.

Super Driver Chapter 42

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