Super Driver Chapter 59

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Cao Toufei's voice was so loud that everybody in the ward looked strangely at him. Su Qiubai helplessly indicated that they should talk outside, so Cao Toufei swallowed his words.

Outside the ward, Su Qiubai and Cao Toufei sat on the bench in the corridor and talked.

“The Drivers' League has had an accident!”

Cao Toufei went straight to the point. Su Qiubai snorted while glancing at him. The Drivers' League had nothing to do with him.

When Cao Toufei saw his expression, he immediately realized that his boss wasn't bothered by the matter. Besides, the racer from the Drivers' League had previously stabbed Su Qiubai, so Cao Toufei a.s.sumed that he was still upset with the Drivers' League.

“Boss, if this situation isn't handled well, it will be the end of the Drivers' League, given the fact that they're entering the international arena soon.”

Cao Toufei explained it in detail, hoping that Su Qiubai would understand how important the matter was. But Su Qiubai's expression clearly showed that he was still not interested. Cao Toufei felt a little upset, but he controlled his mood, and began to talk to Su Qiubai.

“There's supposed to be a press conference today. But this guy named Carl…”

Cao Toufei relayed the whole situation to Su Qiubai. Finally, with a hint of indignation, he swore, “That idiotic foreigner. He'll surely lose till his pants drop when Gu Qingtian returns this evening!”

Unexpectedly, right after his last sentence, Su Qiubai continued, “He can't come… The race is over."

Cao Toufei was immediately dumbstruck. Puzzled, he peered into Su Qiubai's eyes.

I just explained the whole situation to you clearly. You don't even know anything. How did you conclude that he can't come?

“That's impossible, Gu Qingtian will definitely come back. Maybe the other two magnates abroad will also return. By then, that foreigner will surely be beaten up. This is a crucial moment for the Drivers' League… They won't give up.”

Su Qiubai quietly looked at Cao Toufei.

Halfway through listening to Cao Toufei, he already knew why the lady in his taxi had acted that way. It was obvious… She must be Gu Qingmei.

No wonder she looked familiar to him. There was a big poster of her hanging on the wall earlier. He knew it was her in the poster at first sight, yet he didn't recognize her in person. Since he knew she was Gu Qingmei, he naturally understood the meaning of her call. Obviously, it was Gu Qingtian calling. Perhaps he was injured by someone, so he had asked Gu Qingmei to admit their defeat…

“Why are you not saying anything? Boss… How about you join the race?”

Having said that, Cao Toufei peered at Su Qiubai with a little temptation. In fact, he already had that idea since the very beginning.

Although Gu Qingtian's strength was strong, in Cao Toufei's opinion, his boss was definitely more powerful. Su Qiubai should be the one racing. Besides, it was a compet.i.tion with foreigners, so they needed to be more confident!

However, after he finished speaking, Su Qiubai rolled his eyes and replied, “Not interested.”

He wasn't joking at all. He really didn't have any interest in helping the Drivers' League to compete in the race. Jun Xiaodao had stabbed him in the past, so there was still tension between him and the Drivers' League. Besides, this was their business; he didn't want to be involved.

Lastly… the navigation system was still upgrading… Darn it, even if I wanted to help, I can't!

With that thought, Su Qiubai stood up and walked towards the ward. Cao Toufei was still trying to say something, but he swallowed his words and followed him silently in the end. However, he couldn't sit still any longer after a few minutes

“Boss, I'll go there to see what's going on first. If there's any news, I'll report it to you right away."

After that, the kid barged out the ward. His anxiety was obvious. Su Qiubai helplessly shook his head. He couldn't be bothered with the matter.

“Brother… Why isn't sister Rong Rong coming?”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Su Qiubai and asked. She actually wanted to ask that question long ago.

“She… may be busy?” Su Qiubai was also a bit stunned, but he smiled and answered.

“I knew you didn't call her. Quickly go out and ask her what she's doing. You have to step up your game!” Su Xiaoxiao gestured with her only moveable right hand to encourage her brother.

Su Qiubai nodded. When he called Xia Rongrong yesterday, she seemed to be busy with something. Now was the chance to call her and ask about it. He had just stepped one foot out of the ward when the three girls in the ward began to talk.

“Xiao Xiao, is your brother really a taxi driver?”

Zhang Wen turned to Su Xiaoxiao and asked in a low voice.

Looking at her, Su Xiaoxiao helplessly replied, “How many times do you have to ask me? My brother's really an ordinary taxi driver in Qinghe City… Why can't you just believe it?”

“But…” Xiao Li also wanted to argue.

“I understand all the things you said. He must've borrowed the money from his friends. How can he have so much money?”

Su Xiaoxiao continued to explain.

“I don't think so. Your brother's definitely not ordinary… Why don't you ask him? After all, it'd be good for you. You should spend more money to…” Zhang Wen stopped talking because she spotted Su Xiaoxiao fall silent.

“It's okay, I'm good here. I don't want to trouble my brother… He would surely have to return the money he transferred to my card. You two better not mention this to him.”

Seeing the firmness in Su Xiaoxiao's eyes, the two girls nodded.

Outside the ward, Su Qiubai had to call Xia Rongrong twice before the call was connected. The other end sounded hectic.

“Are you still busy? Do you want to hang up first? I'll call you later.”

"It's nothing, is Xiao Xiao better?” Xia Rongrong smiled. She was quite surprised to receive Su Qiubai's phone call. It was the second time he had called her first.

The first time was to borrow some money.

“She's doing quite well. She asked me why you aren't here and urged me to call you.”

Su Qiubai didn't know what to say, so he just admitted the truth.

That woman was sometimes quite inexplicable. Hearing the truth from Su Qiubai, Xia Rongrong felt warm and happy.

“I'll come over when I'm done with here.”

Then, they chatted for a while before hanging up.

“President Xia, there's no news at all, what should I do?”

As soon as Xia Rongrong hung up the phone, a sweaty man ran over and anxiously said.

“Continue to search! If there's no news before noon, then call the police immediately… Don't move that batch of goods!” Xia Rongrong ordered without hesitation.

The man nodded before leaving the office. Xia Rongrong's eyes flashed with a hint of worry. If we can't find those people… it will be a huge issue.

Su Qiubai returned to the ward and stayed till evening. Then, Cao Toufei called.

Su Qiubai thought that that kid had finally found out about the Drivers' League giving up the game. However, Cao Toufei actually said, “Boss, the Drivers' League has officially announced the time of tomorrow's race. It's time to teach Carl a lesson!”

Su Qiubai was dazed upon hearing Cao Toufei's words.

How can this be?

“Who's partic.i.p.ating in the race? Gu Qingmei?”

Su Qiubai thought that the racer should be her, because in the taxi, Gu Qingtian seemed to deliberately advise her about the matter.

“It's not Gu Qingmei or Gu Qingtian. It's another magnate who has just rushed back from abroad."

Su Qiubai finally understood what was going on.

“Haha, I told you that the Drivers' League won't admit defeat, right? Boss… Your guess was wrong."

Cao Toufei felt proud. The Street Racers Gang were unusually noisy.

Su Qiubai grinned. He certainly wouldn't calculate who was wrong or right with Cao Toufei. He just urged them to be safe then hung up the call.

It was nearing dinner time, so he planned to go down to buy some food.

However, he had just taken two steps out when his phone rang once more. It was actually from Cao Toufei again. Su Qiubai felt somewhat strange. Didn't you just call me?

He picked up the phone anyway.

“Boss, something serious has happened!”

Darn… Why is the ending the same as the last time?

Super Driver Chapter 59

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