Super Driver Chapter 60

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“The Drivers' League has just issued a notice that the magnate from abroad was in a car accident so he can't partic.i.p.ate in the race." Su Qiubai was stunned before Cao Toufei was done speaking.

No wonder Gu Qingtian would insist for Gu Qingmei to give up the game. This really is a conspiracy!

The Drivers' League was in a complete mess at the moment. Gu Qingmei was originally ecstatic to learn that A Peng was returning from abroad. She thought that she finally saw some hope. That was why she had quickly announced the time of the race, but who knew that as soon as the announcement was made, the car accident would happen?

“Sister Mei, what should we do?”

Gu Qingmei, who had returned to the headquarters, was now in the conference room. The entire Drivers' League had reached its biggest crisis as the announcement had already been made. At such a critical moment, everything would be over if no one was able to join the game.

“How's A Peng? He really can't partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion?”

Gu Qingmei regretted that she didn't listen to Gu Qingtian's advice and insisted on the race. It was too late now.

“He definitely can't partic.i.p.ate in the game. The car accident… seems to be intentional.”

The person who spoke was a bald man. He too was an important figure in the Drivers' League. The last sentence was his guess, but truthfully, everyone else also had the same thought.

Gu Qingmei didn't say a word. She was clearer than anyone about that matter. The car accident must be intentional!

“It must be their work. We're going to fight!”

“Yes, let's do it!”

Someone suddenly shouted. Everyone was furious, but they had no better options. Everyone knew that the most important thing now was the Drivers' League's reputation and glory.

“Everyone, quiet. Let's think carefully. Is there any way we can compete?”

With widened eyes, Gu Qingmei directed this question to everyone. But… they just stayed silent.

“Who's able to compete? Do you have any confidence?” Since there were no answers, Gu Qingmei asked once again.

However, the room was still silent. Everyone knew their skill level. If they were really skilful, the Drivers' League wouldn't only have three pros.

“Since no one's going to do it… then I'll do it.”

In the end, Gu Qingmei took a deep breath and made her decision. Although she knew that it was very dangerous and she would most likely lose, she had no choice!

“Wait… maybe there's someone who can.”

A voice suddenly sounded from a corner. Everyone squinted to that direction. The one who had just spoken was Kun San. He had lost to Carl, so he just sat in a corner.

“Who?” Gu Qingmei's eyes flashed a hint of excitement and asked.

“The taxi driver who won Xiao Dao last time. He can surely do it with his skill!”

Kun San still hesitated a bit at the beginning but he got more confident nearing the end.

“You mean… The man who was stabbed by Xiao Dao?” Gu Qingmei also immediately thought of the person Kun San mentioned even though she still had some doubts.

Can he really do it?

“Yes, it's him!” Nodding, Kun San could only think of that person.

“But… he should be in Qinghe City now. And would he really help us?” Gu Qingmei's voice was full of hesitation.

“I don't know if he'll help us, but… he's in the Dong Hai now. Xiao Dao told me that the Street Racers Gang came here together with him these few days!”

The ambience of the conference room gradually became awkward after listening to Kun San.

 “What if someone asks him?”

Someone in the room whispered, but no one responded.

“I'll go. Go and contact the Street Racers Gang. Take me to the taxi driver, I'll talk to him!”

 Gu Qingmei made up her mind.

The time of the compet.i.tion was scheduled to be at 9 o'clock the next morning. If the taxi driver was really in the Dong Hai, they still had some time.

The meeting was hurriedly dismissed. Gu Qingmei and Kun San immediately went to find Jun Xiaodao.

Cao Toufei and the gang were waiting for the Drivers' League to make an announcement of the game when he suddenly received a call from a stranger. He was speechless upon listening to the caller. The woman actually said that she was Gu Qingmei!

Gulping down his saliva, Cao Toufei felt strange. Why would the big sister of the Drivers' League call me?

“I want to see Su Qiubai.”

Cao Toufei quickly understood what was going on. He felt excited.

She's planning to invite our boss to race!

As a brother, Cao Toufei didn't hesitate to sell out Su Qiubai. Gu Qingmei set up a time to meet Cao Toufei. Before hanging up, she told him to keep that as a secret; he agreed. However, once the mobile phone was kept in his pocket, Cao Toufei cheered to his brothers, “Gu Qingmei has just invited our boss to partic.i.p.ate in the Drivers' League's compet.i.tion!”

With that said, everyone was hyped up immediately!

As for Gu Qingmei's warning… In Cao Toufei's opinion, those were his brothers. They weren't strangers anyway!

Ten minutes later, Cao Toufei met with Gu Qingmei. Then, both of them headed straight for the hospital.

Su Qiubai didn't know that Cao Toufei had brought her there. He had driven around for a long time, before finally buying Su Xiaoxiao's favorite food. He was on his way back to the hospital.

When Su Qiubai had just reached the hospital, Cao Toufei, who was in a BMW by the roadside, pointed at the taxi and told Gu Qingmei that Su Qiubai was in there.

The two of them had already discussed this. Gu Qingmei would personally invite Su Qiubai to compete; Cao Toufei wouldn't have to be involved.

Seeing the taxi appear, Gu Qingmei took a deep breath, alighted her car and headed straight towards it.

No one noticed that when Gu Qingmei alighted her car, there was actually a young man in dark tailing her from another van in the distance.

At that moment, Gu Qingmei's mind was in a mess because she knew how much damage Jun Xiaodao had caused previously. Although she had already punished him, he was still one of the racers to the Drivers' League at that time.

I've never personally apologized to Su Qiubai, and now that I need his help, I appear just like this… Will he agree to help me?

But there was really no time to retreat now. If Su Qiubai didn't agree, it would be a devastating result for the Drivers' League so she was prepared to accept whatever Su Qiubai's demand were.


Since Su Qiubai was still in his taxi, without much thought, she dashed towards the co-pilot door and directly pulled it open, then quickly squeezed herself in.

With all sorts of ideas in her mind, Gu Qingmei turned to face the unknown taxi driver, and then… she was dumbfounded!

"Why is it you!”

After a long time, she shouted out subconsciously.

Su Qiubai was also speechless for a while. I'm getting off my car with a packet of brown sugar roasted chestnuts, and you suddenly barge in here and ask this question? Who else would it be in here if it isn't me? This is my car!

“You… You are Su Qiubai?”

Gu Qingmei pointed at Su Qiubai and sluggishly asked.

"Big sister… Why are you here again? You've already paid for the ride this morning.” Twitching his lips, Su Qiubai snapped.

Gu Qingmei finally reacted. Her shocking expression finally faded. She asked Su Qiubai once again to confirm his ident.i.ty.

Seeing Su Qiubai nod, she finally believed!

There really are coincidences in this world!

"Erm… I want to invite you to partic.i.p.ate in a race for the Drivers' League.” Although she and Su Qiubai had actually met each other before inexplicably, she immediately explained the purpose of her being there.

“Sorry, I don't have the skill. You guys would be better off looking for another solution.”

Spreading out his hands, Su Qiubai directly refused. He really couldn't join the game.

“But now, only you can win Carl.” Gu Qingmei certainly wouldn't give up that easily. Her voice was filled with anxiety as she spoke.

“I can't beat him… You guys should just admit defeat. Your brother has already told you to do so, what are you so afraid of?” Su Qiubai couldn't understand. It was just a loss anyway. They could get back into the international race again in the future. Why must they make it to the state of life and death?

“No… We can't admit defeat! We will never give up!”

Completely out of Su Qiubai's expectations, Gu Qingmei's affirmative expression stunned him a little.

With a flash of determination in her eyes, Gu Qingmei was about to continue. However, through the window, Su Qiubai spotted a man with a gun behind her…

Super Driver Chapter 60

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