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“You almost killed me! Next time, stay as far away as you can from me. If I see you again, don't even think of studying in Donghai University anymore… Also, let me give you some advice, don't ever provoke Su Xiaoxiao again. If not, when you die, you wouldn't even know how you died."

w.a.n.g Qing threw those sentences at Mo Jialing. Perhaps he was still unsatisfied, so before he left, he spat on her once more.

Seeing w.a.n.g Qing leaving, Mo Jialing felt as if someone had seriously smacked on her head, especially after listening to w.a.n.g Qing's last sentence.

Why can't I provoke that s**t? Why is she always so lucky, but I'm not!

But no one knew about her anger. Xiao Xiao surely didn't know about it. However, one thing that everyone understood from that day was that Donghai University had another person who mustn't be provoked…

After the Street Racers Gang left Donghai University, Cao Toufei planned to return to the villa directly. However, the uncles suddenly said that they wanted to go horse racing!

It seemed that the comments from Xiao Xiao's History teacher had deeply irritated them. Each of them wanted to compete with each other. But it was difficult to find a place for them to show off their skills in this society. So after some thought, everyone actually agreed to horse racing!

Qin s.h.i.+huang had two fast horses, Zhui Feng and Nie Jing. Han Wudi had conquered Da Yuan just for his Ferghana horse. Li s.h.i.+min had the Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleum, and Genghis Khan had rode on his horse and conquered Europe. As for Qianlong, everyone in Manju was proficient in horse riding during his time!

[TLN: The story of Han Wudi conquering Da Yuan: Han Wudi had wanted to exchange his Ferghana horse with the emperor in Da Yuan (now known as Ferghana Valley) but he was rejected. On the way back, his horse was captured and the rider was killed. Hearing that news, Han Wudi decided to attack Da Yuan, conquered the place, killed the emperor and claimed his horse back.] [TLN: Ferghana horses were one of China's earliest major imports, originating in an area in Central Asia. Those horses, as depicted in Tang Dynasty tomb figures in earthenware, “resemble the animals on the golden medal of Eucratides, King of Bactria.”] [TLN: The Six Steeds of Zhao Mausoleum are six Tang Chinese stone reliefs of horses which were located in the Zhao Mausoleum, Shaanxi, China. Zhao Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Emperor Taizong of Tang/Li s.h.i.+min.]

Even Cao Toufei was hyped after feeling stunned for a short time upon hearing the group of people suggest horse racing.

There were always traces of warhorses in Jiang Shan of the Chinese history! Several heroes had conquered many places riding on their horses!

Although the current society had improved a lot in science and technology and things were indeed more convenient, it also became less interesting.

Which teenager would ever imagine being in a heroic scene of swords and horses?! Who wouldn't want to live happily and ride horses in the great land with beautiful rivers and mountains!

But in that moment… If anyone made such a decision, it would only result in… being one of the viral searches, and getting caught and disciplined!

With the honking sounds from the Ferrari, dozens of sport cars sped towards the racecourse in the suburbs. Cao Toufei felt excited imagining the ancestors mounting their horses.

Having the chance to witness the emperors racing horses… He had nothing more to regret in his life!

Not only was Cao Toufei excited, but the emperors were also eager!

Horse racing was a common event to the emperors, but to be able to race with other famous emperors in the Chinese history, it would only be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

So… surprisingly, no one said a word.

Ying Zheng closed his eyes to rest, Li s.h.i.+min wasn't even blinking, and Qian Long had a serious look on his face while Liu Che pondered secretly.

As for Genghis Khan, he just stood right up and roared!

The race wasn't just representing himself; it also determined the result of the argument between the Qin Empire and the Tang Empire, and the communication between the Han Empire and the Qing Empire. It was also an opportunity for the Yuan Dynasty to express his power and determination throughout history!

The line of cars inexplicably gave off a kind of chilly feeling. Along with the ear-deafening honking sounds, there was a strong sense of pride!

However, unexpectedly, just about ten minutes of driving, the cars were blocked on a bridge across a river. There must be some sort of accident ahead. The drivers honked a few times; however, they still couldn't move an inch. There wasn't any response from the front.

After a.s.suring everybody to wait, Cao Toufei rushed to the front to check out what had happened. He silently prayed that the accident wouldn't affect the uncles' interest in horse racing.

If they actually got upset and didn't want to race anymore, he would surely cry. To him, nothing was more important than going to the racecourse.

After trotting for a short while, he finally reached the front where the accident occurred. With just a glance, Cao Toufei was shocked to see the terrible accident that had happened roughly a while back. A truck flipped over after cras.h.i.+ng into the railing in the middle of the road and landed across the road, blocking both ways traffic.

Another big pa.s.senger van, which must've been hit by the truck when it was turning, flipped onto its side so half of the vehicle slipped out of the bridge. It was barely maintaining its balance at the edge at that moment. All the people in the van were trapped inside, unable to escape!

It seemed that the accident had just happened, because there were only a few onlookers at that moment. However, someone must have already called the police. Everyone was on their phone but n.o.body dared to approach the van to rescue the people. The height of the bridge was 50 meters. The consequence would be unimaginable if the van dropped down.

Seeing the horror and the despair of the pa.s.sengers trapped inside the van, Cao Toufei felt that his back was soaked with cold sweat. n.o.body would like to see such a scene. One would only understand the feeling after personally seeing it.

After hesitating for a moment, Cao Toufei ran towards the pa.s.senger van. He clearly saw the hope that filled all the pa.s.sengers' eyes when they spotted him coming over. At about five or six meters away from the van, Cao Toufei could already feel the chilly wind from the river, but he couldn't afford to be afraid now. After a careful observation, Cao Toufei realized all the windows in front were blocked. It must be due to the serious deformation of the van during the collision.

He thought of some ideas but rejected all of them in the end. No matter how he planned it, the end result would be very dangerous. Once the car lost its balance, it would most likely cause a big disaster. Although he was reluctant to admit it, the only way out now was to wait for the police to see if they had any ideas.

He shouted loudly to the people in the van, telling them not to panic. After that, Cao Toufei ran towards his gang.

He was thinking about explaining the situation to those uncles. It seemed that the horse racing plan was completely ruined, because that was the only way to the racecourse. He a.s.sumed that the bridge would be blocked even until night.

When he thought of those people in the car whose lives could be in danger at any time, he had no mood for horse racing anymore.

Just as Cao Toufei left, the police arrived.

Coincidentally, the person who came was Xia Xiaomo. She had just met with her cla.s.smate and discussed her niece's transfer to the hospital. All of a sudden, she received a call about a major traffic accident, which had happened on the bridge, so she had to stop all work on hand, and she rushed over to the place of accident with her cla.s.smate, Lu Ming.

She immediately asked the onlookers to make way while she continued to calm the people who were trapped inside the van.

The only option now was to wait for the arrival of the fire brigade, who would then saw open the van body to rescue everyone!

No one knew that Su Qiubai was also on his way there. In fact, he wasn't very far from the scene of the accident because he was searching for the energy crystal. Upon hearing that there was a serious traffic accident from his car radio, he quickly drove over.

Sometimes, when you have an extraordinary ability, you'll feel a corresponding sense of responsibility.

Although he didn't know what had happened, he believed that he could certainly help. He could even use his growth points to go back in time to stop the accident from happening.

Cao Toufei's gang and all the emperors didn't expect to hear about the traffic accident, which blocked the crossway on the bridge.

After clarifying the situation, Cao Toufei intended to comfort the uncles.

However, all the emperors just looked confused.

“Just move the car away!”

Genghis Khan's tower-sized body and his stentorian voice always gave off an empowering feeling to the surrounding people.

“That's right. It's just a metal box. Just move it away!” Cheng Yaojin also said loudly. Then, everyone else had almost the same expression.

Gulping, Cao Toufei wanted to say that it was impossible to move it away, but with the thought of the abilities those ancestors had, he became inexplicably excited.

Without any hesitation, he led the group to the front.

Xia Xiaomo was still calming the people who were trapped inside the van while Lu Ming was helping her to block the onlookers. Then, she suddenly heard a commotion.

Looking back, she saw that Lu Ming had been slapped and had fallen to the ground. Then, several men ran towards her.

She frowned and was immediately speechless when she saw clearly the faces of those people.

It's… It's them!

Super Driver Chapter 76

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