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The onlookers felt strange. The policewoman has been keeping the order well. Why are those people going over? Could it be that they're policemen as well?

Lu Ming, who had been knocked over by Tie Muzhen after a slap, also ran over.

“What are you doing?! Don't you know…”

However, before he could finish the sentence, Xia Xiaomo suddenly stopped him.

Lu Ming felt strange. It was Xia Xiaomo who had requested for him to block the onlookers, why was she stopping him now?

“What are you guys doing here?”

Taking in a deep breath, Xia Xiaomo felt a little nervous. The onlookers might not know those men, but she was too clear of how horrific they were!

However, as a police officer, she still questioned Tie Muzhen and the rest.

“Don't worry, we're here to save people.” Cao Toufei hurriedly explained, feeling that the situation was a little odd. Tie Muzhen and Cheng Yaojin just simply ignored Xia Xiaomo and ran straight towards the van.

At that time, there were hundreds of onlookers surrounding the area. Everyone was staring wide eyed at those men, completely unable to understand what they were trying to do.

Then, before everyone's eyes, Tie Muzhen and Cheng Yaojin each grabbed a corner of the van with both their hands…

The heck… They're going to carry the van back!

No one believed that they could do it. They just a.s.sumed that the two people must be mad.

But… the van, which had been at its most dangerous position, was actually pulled backwards.

And following that was another pull.

In the end, with a roar from both Tie Muzhen and Cheng Yaojin, the van was pulled back to the middle of the road!

The chaotic scene became silent suddenly!

Someone couldn't help but give himself a slap. That was surely a shocking scene!

Can you ever imagine someone lifting a whole van?

Lu Ming's mouth was so wide open that one could stuff an egg in it, and his face was also pale.

At that moment, he was very grateful to Xia Xiaomo. If she hadn't stopped him earlier, he would surely be dead for annoying those monsters.

Soon, after a short silence, the crowd broke out into an applause and cheers.

Everyone would always admire heroes, especially in that situation. No one would think that Tie Muzhen was ill-mannered for slapping Lu Ming earlier.

The people who were trapped inside the van were quickly rescued. Everyone approached Tie Muzhen and Cheng Yaojin to thank them.

Cao Toufei was initially worried that the ancestors would be annoyed. But the outcome was quite astounding! They were actually polite and cheerful! He suddenly remembered those people's ident.i.ties and immediately understood. No wonder they could leave their name in history. It seemed like they really understood the importance of their people!

After hesitating for a long time, Xia Xiaomo planned to express her grat.i.tude, but before she could speak, Cheng Yaojin actually asked her whether they could cross the bridge.

Xia Xiaomo was somewhat embarra.s.sed. The car and the truck weren't blocking the traffic anymore, but the railing was still in the middle of the road, so they definitely had to wait for the fire brigade to handle it.

However, in her brief hesitation, Tie Muzhen had already removed the railing that was blocking the road.

That was yet another shocking scene. However, those ancestors didn't have time to delay any further, they were rus.h.i.+ng to go horse racing!

So, soon after the road was cleared, the group returned to their sports cars and sped away.

Xia Xiaomo was shocked to see the whole fleet of luxury cars driving past the location of the accident. She had never seen such a large group of luxury cars before.

She was even more curious about those people's ident.i.ties and that taxi driver, Su Qiubai.

A few minutes later, the fire brigade and the traffic police finally arrived and took over the work. After seeing them take over the work, Xia Xiaomo was going to leave. Lu Ming followed her as usual.

Sometimes, luck was just always against one's will. When in school, Lu Ming had always taken advantage of his family's wealth to pursue Xia Xiaomo, but she never had any feelings for him.

However, because of her niece's illness, she had to contact Lu Ming.

Lu Ming was so excited that he nearly went crazy when he first heard Xia Xiaomo asking him for help to transfer the patient to Donghai Hospital.

Only he knew how long he had craved for that lady, especially after she had become a policewoman. Whenever he imagined her angel-like face and voluptuous figure, he would instantly be excited.

So, after understanding her niece's situation, he had already made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would get Xia Xiaomo this time!

The pediatrics' deputy director so happened to be his uncle. It was also this relations.h.i.+p that allowed a worthless man like him to work in Donghai Hospital!

However, Lu Ming had never felt ashamed. He felt proud instead. Especially now that Xia Xiaomo had taken the initiative to ask for his help, he felt even more superior.

“Oh hey Xiao Mo, I've told you before that it's hard for me to transfer the patient. You know, Donghai Hospital isn't just an ordinary hospital…”

When the two of them were waiting for the car by the roadside, Lu Ming decided to bring up the matter once again.

“If it's difficult, then forget it. Thank you.” Xia Xiaomo felt very uncomfortable that Lu Ming had called her by her name, and she now regretted contacting him.

“Don't worry, I didn't say that it's not possible! My uncle works in the pediatric department, so…"

Having said that, Lu Ming directly scanned Xia Xiaomo from head to toe, which almost made her punch him in the face.

“Forget it. You don't have to bother, thanks.”

With that said, Xia Xiaomo had already made up her mind. She turned to leave, but Lu Ming actually blocked her.

Xia Xiaomo felt like she was about to explode. She had always been cold to everyone. If it wasn't for her niece, she would have beaten up this rascal.

Taking a deep breath, she was planning to give that guy a final warning when she spotted a taxi.

Therefore, without any hesitation, she pulled the door open and headed in.

Seeing that, Lu Ming anxiously opened the pa.s.senger door and headed in too.

The driver inside the taxi was Su Qiubai. He blankly stared at the two people.

He had hastened there after hearing about the accident. He just parked his car at the roadside and planned to alight to see what had happened, when the two people inexplicably came in.

He was about to say something, but… Hey, what a coincidence, I know this lady!

Xia Xiaomo waited a long time for a taxi to pa.s.s by and finally, one appeared. However, raising her head, she was about to ask the driver to start driving immediately when… It's Su Qiubai!

Both of them were stunned at the same time.

“What a coincidence, you're here.”

“Yes, it's indeed such a coincidence… You're here too.”

The inexplicable conversation between the two caused Lu Ming to be alerted.

He had never seen Xia Xiaomo speak in such a gentle tone.

“You two know each other?”

Noticing that Su Qiubai was merely a taxi driver, Lu Ming felt relieved, but he still asked just in case.

“I guess you can say so… I thought there was an accident here?”

Su Qiubai wasn't in the mood to bother about who Lu Ming was, so he directed the question to Xia Xiaomo.

“It has been resolved… Don't you know?”

Only Xia Xiaomo understood her question. The incident in the bar previously had made her crystal clear of one thing: the relations.h.i.+p between Su Qiubai and those warriors was indeed unusual. But it seemed that he didn't know that the accident had been cleared.

Of course, Su Qiubai didn't know. He thought that the ancestors were still playing Dou Dizhu in the villa. He would never have thought that they were already on their way to the suburbs for horseracing after finis.h.i.+ng cla.s.s in Donghai University!

“I… What should I know?” Glancing at Xia Xiaomo, Su Qiubai was somewhat awkward.

“Oh, nothing… Everything is fine here. Do you mind sending us to the hospital?”

In the end, she decided not to tell the truth as she softly asked.

Before Su Qiubai could reply, Lu Ming was first to speak out.

“Why are you speaking so politely to a taxi driver? I'll give you a hundred dollars, send us to the hospital, hurry!”

Having that said, he even proudly looked at Xia Xiaomo.

Super Driver Chapter 77

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