Super Driver Chapter 95: Mine Isn't Worth Anything

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The whole area instantly became silent as soon as Su Qiubai said those words.

Ying Zheng and the rest looked oddly at him, while Yuan Qiuqing, who was standing behind him, had an even more stunned expression on his face!

Darn it… Who is this?!

He's even standing in front of me and stretching out his hands. Do you think this is a game of eagle catching chicks?

Before Yuan Qiuqing could say a word, Su Qiubai turned to glance at him and the people behind him.

“Is anyone hurt? I'm sorry, I'll pay for the medical fees.”

Su Qiubai really didn't pause to understand the situation ever since he ran over here.

He had originally felt extremely anxious about bringing the ancestors to Gu Chengya's birthday party, for fear that they would cause any trouble.

After all, they were just guests, so he didn't want to embarra.s.s the Gu family.

Therefore, along the way from the hall in the backyard, Su Qiubai already began regretting leaving the ancestors in the room by themselves. He knew that this would have happened long ago, and he should have stayed with them, which would have prevented something like this from occurring.

“Who needs you to pay! Who are you!”

Yuan Pengqing finally reacted. His usual gentleman style had been long forgotten as he demanded, fl.u.s.tered.

He was extremely furious! This was clearly a good opportunity for him to show off his strength to the Gu family, but this random man just appeared out of nowhere, and even ran over to protect him!

Darn it… I don't need your protection!

Su Qiubai was even more stupefied. I rushed over to help you out of good will, and you dare to yell at me!

Seeing Tie Muzhen and the rest trying to hold back their laughter, he slowly put his arms down.

Did I… mess up?

Realizing this, he looked around. Under everyone's gaze, he slowly walked towards Ying Zheng and finally stood with them.

The emperors couldn't hold back their laughter anymore, so they started to laugh crazily.

Even a few people behind Yuan Pengqing were amused. But noticing their young master's reddened face and clenched teeth, they finally zipped up their mouths.

The situation in the entire yard was a bit strange. Just at that moment, Gu Tian, who had heard the news, arrived at the scene. He initially thought that a fight had already been started between the two parties.

However, it didn't seem to be so!

Why are these people laughing so hard? They're almost in tears.

Yuan Pengqing was dumbstruck.

Seeing that Gu Tian had arrived, he surely couldn't start a fight anymore.

He was in a daze for a long time. He had wanted to show off his abilities; instead, he was being mocked by everyone. Yuan Pengqing suddenly regretted using those people as a way to show off his abilities.

Obviously, they were there to joke around!

“This is……”

The puzzled Gu Tian walked to a side and inquired about what had happened. Several people followed behind him. They all seemed to be party guests.

The security guard, who witnessed the whole course of events, rushed over to inform him about what had happened. After listening to him, Gu Tian gave Su Qiubai, who was standing there as if nothing had happened, an odd look. Even Gu Tian felt slightly amused by this.

He was indeed surprised that the Yuan family of Bei Du had sent a representative over for this event. His friends.h.i.+p with the families at Bei Du had faded in recent years. After all, those people were doing things there in quite an insane manner; he didn't want to be involved.

However, since they said they were there to celebrate Gu Chengya's birthday, he couldn't just force them out.

Besides, all the families' representatives were younger people, so Gu Tian also fully understood the motives of these people.

Hehe… If you want to marry Gu Chengya, we'll have to see if you are capable!

Without any hesitation, Gu Tian came over to mediate the dispute.

To him, it was just a small misunderstanding. Besides, since he had spoken out, Yuan Pengqing naturally didn't have any opinions to share. Even if he had any, he definitely wouldn't say them out loud.

Meanwhile, Su Qiubai didn't even care about it.

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In fact, the old taxi driver still didn't understand what had happened.

After Gu Tian and Yuan Pengqing returned to the hall, he finally gained some understanding about the matter from Cheng Yaojin.

“The heck, so that's what happened! Then, why didn't you guys fight them? They were obviously trying to cause trouble.”

Su Qiubai muttered this, slightly angered. The ancestors rolled their eyes in unison.

You came over and blocked them yourself, and even warned us not to fight. Now, you're actually blaming us? Better watch out what you say…

The party was about to start, so Su Qiubai returned to the backyard with the ancestors without saying anything else.

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After ten people entered from that door, in the blink of an eye, the whole place suddenly became packed.

They didn't sit at the front. After finding a table in a corner, all of them sat down and the waiter immediately served them some coffee.

The emperors smelled it for a long time, before finally looking at Su Qiubai and asking him whether it tasted nice. The old driver nodded with a serious expression on his face.

Soon, the emperors all spit the coffee out. Su Qiubai laughed out loud.

Who told you guys to roll your eyes at me earlier? Now, it's time for you to suffer!

“Darn it… What the heck is this!”

“Are you people crazy to drink this thing?”

Seeing the emperors complain, Su Qiubai slowly brought the cup close to his mouth, closed his eyes and took a sip.

Although he didn't taste anything, he still pretended as if the coffee tasted good. That angered Tie Muzhen, who almost kicked him out.

Upon seeing this scene, the nearby guests secretly swore at them before moving away from them.

Meanwhile, the little plump boy Zhou Zile didn't know who to talk to after walking around for some time. After spotting Su Qiubai, he strolled over happily.

He naturally greeted the emperors. He was actually quite curious about why Su Qiubai would bring those uncles to Gu Chengya's birthday party.

And what did that matching basketball team sportswear represent?

However, before he had the chance to resume pondering over this, all the audience members stood up as Gu Chengya entered the hall.

The lights were pretty, but Gu Chengya was even prettier. Her wild, energetic expression emphasized her stunning body, especially with the long white dress she was wearing. This made her extremely gorgeous.

Even the emperors admired her, simultaneously praising Gu Chengya's alluring look.

Su Qiubai glanced at them. He was relieved after ensuring that they had no naughty ideas.

Otherwise, it would really be like the dramas on TV: an emperor would fall in love with a woman, and with that woman, he would surely want to… everything would be over!

Smiling from ear to ear, Gu Chengya finally stood next to Gu Tian.

Then, someone brought in a big cake and placed it in the middle of the hall. Everyone gathered around.

Gu Tian seemed to be in a good mood as he held the microphone and thanked everyone for coming. At the same time, he also wished his granddaughter a happy birthday. The audience gave a standing ovation.

Just at that moment, Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai rushed forward.

They were well aware of the importance of that moment. The one who gave his gift first would be the first one to leave a good impression on Gu Chengya. It was also to give a hint to others.

Tonight was clearly a compet.i.tion to win over Gu Chengya. Those who weren't qualified should voluntarily withdraw themselves from this compet.i.tion. Everyone should evaluate their abilities before speaking out.

In fact, the audience had similar thoughts; everyone was a compet.i.tor to one another.

Fang Hongcai and Yuan Pengqing glared at each other.

They took out their gifts simultaneously.

Yuan Pengqing's gift was a huge, perfectly crafted diamond from South Africa.

Instantly, there was an exclamation and praise from the audience. Yuan Pengqing's eyes flashed with arrogance.

His mom had personally prepared this diamond for him. If it was in an auction, he could easily raise it to a fancy price. However, as long as it could attract Gu Chengya's interest, anything was worth the cost.

Following Yuan Pengqing's diamond, Fang Hongcai took out a necklace.

If one thought that the diamond was rare, then the necklace was truly perfect!

No matter how you looked at it, it appeared to be of the best quality!

Most of the girls in the audience were awed by the two gifts, and their eyes sparkled in delight.

Those girls couldn't resist jewelry like this, let alone these precious gems of special standards…

Zhou Zile, who was standing below the stage, was also stunned.

Finally closing his wide-open mouth, Zhou Zile turned to Su Qiubai and whispered, “Brother, what did you bring? I'm embarra.s.sed to give my present now.”

Su Qiubai took a glance at him while casually waving his hand.

“Mine isn't worth anything..”

Super Driver Chapter 95: Mine Isn't Worth Anything

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