Super Driver Chapter 96: What Are You Doing?

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“The families from Bei Du are really rich. That's why they are able to give such expensive birthday gifts.”

Zhou Zile twitched his lips, before sighing.

Su Qiubai just stayed silent. He was there purely to celebrate Gu Chengya's birthday. As for the gift… he would just give it to her after the party.

The exclamation from others below the stage satisfied Fang Hongcai. Just as what he believed, the Fang family should be the center of attention, no matter when and where they were.

Yuan Pengqing was a little upset. He thought that his diamond was precious enough. He didn't expect himself to lose to Fang Hongcai. Yuan Pengqing had totally disregarded the other families from Dong Hai. They couldn't possibly compete with the giants from Bei Du.

Therefore, he had already devised a plan in his mind on how to reclaim his win from Fang Hongcai.

In fact, before the two boys presented their gifts, there were indeed many youngsters who wanted to proceed with their plans of attack and give their gifts. After all, they were all there on a family mission. In addition, Gu Chengya looked extremely beautiful; whoever managed to marry her would surely gain a lot of benefits.

However, almost everyone secretly shook their heads after seeing the two gifts. They didn't want to take the initiative to compare their gifts with those two gifts. They didn't want to embarra.s.s their own families.

The hall became silent.

Then, a voice sounded aloud suddenly.

“Chengya, I have a gift for you.”

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice. Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai frowned simultaneously. However, after seeing the person who spoke, their expressions changed.

Yuan Pengqing was slightly surprised while Fang Hongcai felt confused.

The person who stood up was Xiao Xuan. The reason why Fang Hongcai had a different reaction from Yuan Pengqing was because he and Xiao Xuan could be considered cousins.

Xiao Xuan's mother was from the Fang family, and was basically Fang Hongcai's aunt.

However, at that moment, Xiao Xuan couldn't be bothered with the fact that he and Fang Hongcai were cousins. He had returned from abroad and was determined to win over Gu Chengya.

Gu Chengya was stunned upon seeing him. She didn't expect him to actually return.

Xiao Xuan used to pursue Gu Chengya madly. Almost everyone in Dong Hai knew about it. But Gu Chengya had always felt that he was very hypocritical, so she never gave him any chances to do so.

Later on, the Xiao family had sent him abroad, so Gu Chengya thought that she wouldn't see him ever again. She didn't expect to see him at her birthday party.

No one said a word as they watched Xiao Xuan slowly walk to the front, then take out a gift box.

“Chengya. This is for you…”

Before everyone's eyes, he opened the gift box and revealed a piece of ancient jade.

The guests were still silent. No one knew where the jade was from, but since Xiao Xuan dared to give it after Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai's precious gifts had been present, its value definitely wasn't ordinary.

Xiao Xuan finally explained himself with a smile. It was an ancient jade of the Han Dynasty, which he had purposely bought for Gu Chengya from an auction in Europe.

Instantly, everyone was shocked upon hearing his explanation. As the economy grew stronger, the value of the ancient antique would keep rising, as comparable to the valuable gold during the war time.

The price of that ancestry jade was surely inestimable. Furthermore, Xiao Xuan said that he had bought it from an auction in Europe, so it had to be extremely expensive.

Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai were speechless.

Xiao Xuan had expected that his gift would stupefy all the guests, so he couldn't help but chuckle. Finally, his hard work in preparation hadn't gone to waste.

However, the ancestors curled their lips contemptuously after seeing his gift.

“It's fake. The Han Dynasty wouldn't make this kind of thing.”

Liu Che was the first to speak. His eyes were full of disdain. Qian Long and Li s.h.i.+min nodded.

Su Qiubai certainly believed the ancestors. It was surely understandable, because in the entire world, who else would've seen the most antiques in the world, if not the emperors? Therefore, the emperors could easily be called the masters of jewelry. Since all of them had said the same thing in unison, then the jade definitely had to be fake!

Since they were sitting far behind, and not many people were surrounding them, only a few people heard the emperors' words. However, Zhou Zile was sitting right next to them. He was gaping at the uncles.

“Is it really fake?”

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He whispered his question after glancing around.

Su Qiubai wasn't in the mood to utter any nonsense with the plump boy so he just told him to keep quiet. Zhou Zile immediately understood. He couldn't help but laugh.

He had initially felt that his gift wasn't on par with Xiao Xuan's, but who knew that the Xiao family's grandson had actually given a fake piece of jade? If anyone knew about it, he would surely be more embarra.s.sed than Zhou Zile himself.

Of course, Zhou Zile wouldn't reveal that was a fake piece of jade.

It wouldn't be good for me if I yelled out the truth. My family isn't comparable to Xiao family. If I really offend Xiao Xuan because of this, who knows how the Xiao family will take their revenge on us?

Thinking about this, Zhou Zile just grinned to himself, but no longer uttered a word.

n.o.body dared to stand up after Xiao Xuan took out his gift, so the final result was obvious. Now, it was time to see which one of the three could win over Gu Chengya.

After the gifts were given, everyone waited to see Gu Chengya's reaction. However, out of everyone's expectations, Gu Chengya just simply thanked them for the gifts and let her servant take them away.

The three young boys, who were waiting for the beauty's praise, were somewhat embarra.s.sed immediately.

Afterwards, Gu Chengya stepped forward with Gu Tian and stood in front of the cake.

“I'm very glad that everyone can come to my birthday party today. Thank you all for coming. I believe everyone here knows what I had experienced…”

Gu Chengya's voice was soft, but it made everyone speechless.

Everyone could hear the pain and struggles that she had experienced in the past in her voice alone.

“So, I thank that person. If it wasn't for him, I might already be dead now. I can even say that he has given me a new life, a chance to rebirth…”

When everyone was unprepared to hear this, Gu Chengya suddenly said such a thing. Everyone fell silent, before murmurs started surfacing from the crowd.

Up until that moment, there were many versions of rumors about who had cured Gu Chengya. However, the most convincible and widely spread rumor was Murong Deye had done it. There was also some gossip that a young man was related to this matter.

However, the people who heard that would instantly refute it. Just think about it, Murong Deye and an unknown young man, who would you think cured Gu Chengya from her terminal illness?

So, the youngsters in the hall would definitely think that Gu Chengya was thanking Murong Deye.

Fang Hongcai and Yuan Pengqing even added on to Gu Chengya's words, expressing their respect for the doctor. They even said that everyone should praise the elder.

Su Qiubai felt so awkward listening to them.

Darn it, who are you calling an elder!

However, Su Qiubai felt deeply touched by Gu Chengya's words. He understood how she felt, and was equally astonished by her persistence and strength.

“Brother, do you think it was Master Murong who saved her?” Suddenly, Zhou Zile pulled on Su Qiubai's arm and whispered.

Su Qiubai smiled and shook his head.

Zhou Zile muttered something under his breath which he couldn't hear. Anyway, Gu Chengya had already cut the cake, so everyone started to return to their seats. The middle of the hall was lit up with colorful lights.

Some cakes were also brought over to Su Qiubai's table. The emperors were happily eating until the music once again could be heard from the center of the hall.

Gu Chengya stood in the middle of the hall like a beautiful fairy, with everyone focused on her. Everyone understood that the most important moment of the night was approaching.

Who will Gu Chengya invite for a dance?

Yuan Pengfei and Fang Hongcai had already started to compete secretly; they even felt nervous. Xiao Xuan also took a deep breath, especially when he saw Gu Chengya walking towards him. But… she simply strolled past the three of them and headed into the distance.

For a moment, everyone's gazes looked over.

Su Qiubai had just finished swallowing a piece of cake. While chatting with Zhou Zile, he spotted Gu Chengya walking towards him.

Super Driver Chapter 96: What Are You Doing?

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