Married To The Mermen King Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 You Are My Fiancée

Chapter 2 You Are My Fiancée Five Minutes Later. Lu Mengmeng sat on the yacht and looked across the table, staring at her savior. On the other side, he leaned on the soft couch prepared by Professor Lu and his wife. His wet red hair lay gracefully around his slender neck, and his well-muscled physique showed he was in good shape. There was no doubt that although his skin was white, he was male. The most eye-catching thing was his huge fishtail that stretched out from under his waist. Lu Mengmeng looked at him for a long while, but could not find any traces of the slightest connection. She deeply doubted she was dead. Maybe dying? Otherwise, why would she think that she'd seen a mermaid? Actually, a merman! This was the Amazon! Look at her parents, giving him tea and little desserts, but to her? A cup of cold water. The difference in treatment made her feel that she should be still in the world. Otherwise, the aunt in the dream would say that she would be better than her in reality. After serving the mermaid carefully, Professor Lu and his wife introduced the two. "Dajinos, this is my daughter, Mengmeng, the primate human Asian genus." She pointed at her daughter. Her daddy sat on the edge of the couch near Dajinos, and was fully intoxicated. "Mengmeng, this is Dajinos! It is an Amazon piranha merperson, a merman. It is also the last remaining piranha merman in the Amazon. His status is honorable, even among the merpeople. He is prince level. In addition to the common creatures known to everyone on Earth, there are many legendary mysterious creatures. In order to protect them, all countries are prohibited from reporting them. Ordinary people may not know their existence.” "Yes! We usually travel around the world, visit rare species, and witness the miracles of the Earth's biodiversity. In fact, I also want to help you see a different world! But these are all forbidden in the Global Biological Convention. It is a lucky day for you to see him today!"   Mengmeng’s dad was so moved by his words that he embraced her mother, and then he cried with joy. "Wait!" Lu Mengmeng couldn't help but interrupt the two. “Before saying I am lucky, explain to me what is called a cannibal merperson?!” "It is the same meaning as piranha. Look at the teeth on Dajinos. They are very sharp. They are carnivorous," Mengmeng’s mom explained with great interest. Lu Mengmeng was so angry that she wanted to throw the table. So what he wanted to do was not save her life, but eat her?! "Anything falling into the river and not floating back to the surface after one minute is my food," Dajinos said in a matter-of-fact tone, seeing the anger in Lu Mengmeng's eyes. Lu’s mother, who finally realized her daughter’s bad mood, quickly followed up. “This is an agreement written into the Global Biological Convention. Dajinos has not done anything wrong.” How Lu Mengmeng so wanted to swear at that moment. . . What did they mean, ‘has not done anything wrong’? It wanted to eat your own daughter! Fortunately, she was a good fighter, otherwise she would already be a pair of bones now!   But before she could roar angrily, Dajinos, who was supported by Professor Lu and his wife, took the lead in launching an attack. The handsome Amazon piranha raised one long finger, gently touched the corner of his mouth, and showed her the red blood on his finger. In a low voice, he asked Lu Mengmeng a question. "Before talking about my diet, do you know what did you do to me?" he asked as he stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth. Lu Mengmeng looked at the soft tongue and couldn't help but think of the touch he had when she sucked it. Her face turned red. But apologize? No way! Without her answer, Dajinos straightened his body, crossed the table, and lifted up Lu Mengmeng's chin, forcing her to look at him. "Hey!" His red pupils, like gems of blood, were both gorgeous and weird, fascinating Lu Mengmeng. "I am talking to you. Did you hear me?" Dissatisfied with her distraction, Dajinos increased the decibel, and the gems turned into black in an instant, filling his entire eyeb.a.l.l.s. Lu Mengmen was shocked by his sudden changes. "What? What?" The merman's eyes stared at Lu Mengmeng without moving away, giving her the illusion that she may be eaten at any time. "Hey!" Dajinos saw that she had finally stopped ignoring him, and allowed her to take back her chin. He lazily lay back on his soft couch. "You bit me, and exchanged your blood with mine and made a kiss of a vow. According to our piranha  merfolk regulations, we have now made a marriage contract. You are already my fiancée." Huh? Lu Mengmeng could not believe her ears, and suspected that her brain had been deprived of oxygen and this was a serious hallucination. "Although I don't like you very much, the marriage contract is sacred. We'll look for a good day and go to the Global Bio-a.s.sociation to register. As for the human side . . ." Dajinos stopped for a moment. He straightened up and looked at Professor Lu and his wife with a serious face. "We’ll rely on my father- and mother-in-law to prepare that part."

Married To The Mermen King Volume 1 Chapter 2

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