Married To The Mermen King Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Becoming an orphan

Chapter 3 Becoming an orphan “No worry! I will take care of your marriage. Let me call the Ministry of Civil Affairs to submit your marriage application. I promise to accomplish this asap,” Lu’s father swore to them, patting his chest. Lu’s mother hugged her daughter with great excitement. She kissed her face and said enthusiastically, “Wow, my baby girl Mengmeng, do you know how lucky you are? Danjinos had been single for 300 years. The living environment of the Amazon was so bad that your father and I were afraid that the species could be extinct . . . But now we can forget that stupid idea because we have you. . .” Lu’s mom suddenly straight herself and took the girl’s hand to dance a waltz and throw her into Danjinos’ embrace with the use of these movements. “My daughter, Lu Mengmeng, will take the responsibility of bringing him children.” Lu’s dad started to take photos of the new couple and supplemented his wife’s announcement with, “Wow, this will be a miracle among all the living species. Oh, yes, Danjinos, take your new fiancée closer, closer. I need a photo of you two for the application. Smile. . .” d.a.m.n smile! Lu Mengmeng tried hard to keep her thoughts straight. But her mom ignored her neutral acceptance and continued to the next procedure of preaching this divine marriage among species.  “Oh, yes, so cool. I cannot imagine that I have a merman son-in-law now. True, as I said, I will pa.s.s the doc.u.ments and pictures to you. Please be efficient on the marriage application issue. ”  “Really? Ah, yes, I also feel like I'm in a dream. Don't worry, I will ask Old Zhao to your daughter’s wedding.” Many dirty words arose in Mengmeng's heart. How had they even got to the wedding ceremony and guests? Wouldn't anyone like to ask about her opinion about this marriage? Wasn't it she who was proposed just now? What? Touch the scales? Let me ask. Hi, Danjinos, Officer Li is asking if he could touch your scales at the wedding? Lu's new fiancé's reply to this came in a proud, cool tone. “As to normal people, I won't agree. But since he is my parents-in-law’s boss, I can give special permission.” Did anyone care about her thoughts?  “I won’t marry him.”Lu Mengmeng pushed Danjinos away and tried to flee from the chaotic situation. With strong control on her anger, Mengmeng's whole body trembled as she asked, “Are you really my birth parents?” They used to live in the wild for more than a year without going home to see if she was still alive. Now she had crossed half of the planet to visit them and they did not even give her a serious look. What's more? They wanted to marry her to a merman only to create a miracle among the living species? Did they fully understand that this animal could eat her at any time? She had just learned to survive the understanding that they would not love her and care for her, and decided to love them anyway. But now they made her feel like she was a fool. A miracle? What the f.u.c.k . . . ? A miracle! Her eyes filled with tears and she could not raise her head to look at them and show her disappointment. Just let go! That's just the kind of parents they are!  “Mengmeng . . .”Her mom tempted to reach out a hand to the girl. She did not understand why her daughter became so angry so quickly. Why was her expression so desperate? Lu Mengmeng moved to avoid her touch, and said in a low voice, “Don't touch me. I need to go home.” A teardrop fell from the girl’s face. Danjinos saw the drop of tear and stretch out his hand to touch it. Lu’s father still wanted to persuade her, but Danjinos stopped him. “Let her go home first.” The boat put in to sh.o.r.e. The half-wet girl walked in her water soaked shoes, carried her bag like a big person, and followed the guide, disappearing into the Amazon woods. Just as she came here, she went back alone, only with her own shade. “Do you always leave her by herself?” the beautiful mermen asked lazily. “Yes, since she was three years old.” She suddenly felt shameful by this answer, but soon became bolder. “The world needs us. There are so many unknown secret species on earth. The planet does not belong to humans only, but we are destroying it. Many species have vanished. We secret species experts should stand up to protect you. Certainly, we owe Mengmeng our care.” “I got it.” The merman opened his hand. The drop of tear had already evaporated by the hot sun of the Amazon. He licked his own white hand to memorize the warmth of that small drop he had felt just now, and said, “Since she was not willing to marry me, the marriage covenant should only be. . .” Lu’s parents both nodded. In the airport hall, Lu Mengmeng sat in desperation. She had just announced that she would break with her parents. So, now she was an orphan? The air was so cold, and so was the world. She was chilled to the bone.

Married To The Mermen King Volume 1 Chapter 3

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