Phoenix Fight Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 To Be the Prince's Bodyguard

Chapter 3 To Be the Prince’s Bodyguard Maybe their teacher was on something, as he spent a long time reading poems and being dramatic, after a while, he suddenly sobered and muttered, “maybe  I shouldn’t have neglected your literary cultivation all these years in favor of martial arts training... Maybe I should keep you guys for a few more years, teach you calligraphy or poetry. Yiheng’s handwriting is the best among the lot of you, Guoguo’s not so great, and Junzhi’s is really pathetic.”  “No no, teacher...” Seeing their teacher was about to change his mind, Languo was worried. “When we get off the mountain, by day, we’ll rob the rich to help the poor, by night, we’ll study. When the weather’s nice, we’ll play chess, ride horses, write poems, make art... we will definitely not neglect our studies!” Right... White Rock seemed pleased at her statement, he turned to look at Junzhi, “and you?”  “I’ll make sure she studies!” Junzhi was honest. White Rock’s expression changed. Languo poked the back of Junzhi’s head, trying to remind him. He was fast to react, as he corrected, “I’ll study with her!”  “Good.” They have managed to pa.s.s White Rock’s literature test. Since they were on the topic, Languo decided to act fast. “I’ll go pack now, and we’ll be ready to leave the mountain soon!”  “Wait, I didn’t even say what you’re leaving the mountain for yet, what’s the rush? Sit down!” She really needed to go the bathroom. But she couldn’t defy the teacher, so she took a deep breath and sat back down on the chair. “But teacher, you’re letting us explore the world off the mountain, right? We know we have to be n.o.ble, we’ll be sure to make good plans and be independent.”  “Be independent?” White Rock stared at Languo with a dark look. Languo was already thinking of her new freedom, she smiled, “yes, yes!”  “Ha ha...” White Rock chortled a bit before stopping and looking angry. “Don’t even think about it!” Languo pa.s.sed gas at this moment, an appropriate way to show her discontent; of course she was also really desperate to use the bathroom, and things were getting bad. Junzhi covered his mouth and laughed. Languo roller her eyes at him and turned back to the teacher, “dear teacher, what do you want us to do? If you wanted us to be a.s.sasins like older brother, we’ll be very happy too!”  “You won’t be able to be a.s.sasins.” White Rock was stubborn. “The job I have for you two is to protect the crown prince and his daughter, Princess b.u.t.terfly, in the palace.”  “So... being bodyguards?”  “Being a bodyguard is so boring!” Before Languo protested, Junzhi also spoke up. “I don’t want to do that! I want to be a cold-faced like our older brother!”  “Me too!” Though she wanted to say that first, Languo had to agree.

Phoenix Fight Volume 1 Chapter 3

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