Phoenix Fight Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Let's Go

Chapter 4 Let’s Go White Rock ignored their comment and snorted, “ You two think you can be You’d better start as bodyguards.” After being in this realm for two years, Languo finally learned one truth: being a bodyguard is easier than being an  “I have another question,” Languo raised her hand.  “Go ahead.” White Rocker permitted her to ask.  “So we’re the crown prince’s bodyguards, but our older brother is an who kills on demand. If someone hired him to kill the prince, would he let us live?” She looked toward Yiheng pathetically. If something like this happened, they’d have to fight each other, but since Languo and Junzhi were no match for Yiheng, even when combined, the result would be them dying by their cla.s.smate’s hand. Languo was hoping that their older cla.s.smate would let them live, considering they were from the same clan. She hoped Yiheng wouldn’t ruin their jobs, or worse, kill them, if they ever confronted each other. Yiheng’s reaction was disappointing, however. He still sat in the chair, but his mind was vacationing somewhere, oblivious to Languo’s request. His expression was blank, it was as if he didn’t hear her words and had nothing to do with any of this. Junzhi, who sat next to him, poked Yiheng’s firm shoulder, asking gingerly, “elder brother, would you let us live?” Yiheng finally showed some reaction; his eyes looked toward them, but his face was completely still. If this world ever had a contest for “cold face,” their brother would be the winner for sure. His only reply to his cla.s.smates’ request: “No.”  “It’s best to rely on oneself than others! Junzhi, we’ll do our best to protect the crown prince and Princess b.u.t.terfly!” Languo was angry about Yiheng’s disdain, so she stood up and declared. Junzhi seemed a little motivated after her announcement, “right, we won’t be afraid even if ten of our elder brothers showed up!” And that was how the two of them went from loud and bragging to feeling melancholy as they departed for their journey the next morning, after they bid goodbye to White Rock and everything else at the Happy Life Clan.   *******************************  “Older Sister, do you know how big the outside world is?” Junzhi has never traveled. After he got over missing their teacher, their elder brother’s cooking, and their pet goose at Happy Life Clan, he became talkative and excited.  “Of course I do!” Languo didn’t want to look ignorant.  “I heard there’s a lot of fun things and great food out there. Especially the women, they are more beautiful than women at the Happy Life Clan.” Junzhi had to bring up an unpopular topic. There’s only five of them at the Happy Life Clan, the teacher, the elder brother, the second brother who left two years ago and whom Languo never met, Junzhi, and herself. Languo’s face darkened. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying I’m uglier than average?”

Phoenix Fight Volume 1 Chapter 4

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