Dragonborn Chapter 190: House Dare Assemble!

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Sigurd didn't do this awesome move on his own, it was a fully planned act from the start. I wouldn't be able to act in the Moonblade Clan this disrespectfully anyway. Still, the reaction of the people around was worth it. Announcing my engagement to Alina on such short notice was a bit hasty but I needed it to be able to act on her behalf. Sigurd, after all, is the patriarch and can't go around taking his daughter's side easily. Also, what is better than a former professional lawyer to defend Alina.

Anyway, that girl Elsa was dragged away like a chicken taken for slaughter. I kept looking at her coldly until she was taken from my sight. Now, my status as Alina's fiancé can't be looked down on, I am a Firemane even though I was announced as a distant relative with the bloodline.

All this and that kept the atmosphere inside the great hall awkward. I was still receiving some gazes of hostility but whatever... they are all can go to Oblivion as far as I care.

Sigurd called the clan meeting off and I was invited to his study.

"Little rascal, I may have given my consent but that doesn't allow you to go around with a smug face like that."


After that outstanding performance of mine, this guy said that.

The nerve!

"Old man, I am not going to argue with you anymore. I'll just take Alina and leave." I said and turned around.

"Hey! Wait!"

At that moment, Sigurd dropped the att.i.tude. He noticed that I got him and diverted the topic immediately.

"... How is Alina's condition?"

"Sigh! She is alright. Her eyes are healed but she can't… you know… turn it off anymore!"

Sigurd nodded and lowered his head gloomily.

"Why is it you?" He asked.

"Excuse me!"

"... Why is it you who can't get hurt by her eyes? What is the secret?"

Oh! I see…

For these words, I sat down on a chair opposite to Sigurd and started remembering how did it all go.

Vaermina, that vile Daedric Prince, she wanted to use Alina for her own amus.e.m.e.nt. Just like how I got the staff that can spread the terror of Vaermina in the Mortal Plane, Alina's eyes got bless, or rather cursed, by Vaermina.

Her eye power became more powerful than before, very much powerful that they can actually cause material damage. Wulfur and Jullanar accidentally saw her eyes after Vaermina put them back and they couldn't stay on their feet anymore, part of the reason why Wulfur fell ill the past few days.

Jullanar was a lucky one as she has more flexibility than Wulfur and strangely more Vitality, she recovered immediately after I applied some healing. The ones who didn't get affected one bit were me and Nefert.i.ti. Even though I understand why Nefert.i.ti did not get affected as she is linked to my power and she is blessed by Hircine, I don't understand why I don't get affected by Alina's power at all.

Some of my theories are dependant on the Dragonborn stuff which is rather everything is dependant on. I am not really upset but I'd rather have something other than Akatosh's blessings and all that.

In the end, after a week of being trapped in Quagmire, I got the 'Skull of Corruption' which is recorded in the books of history to have ridiculous abilities, and Alina acquired more eye powers. According to what we know, Alina can detect lies, scry other places, see some futures, tell fortunes, and after awakening, she can see clearer, further, slower and can use a 'Fear' type illusion power from her eyes. Alina herself hated the power she gained after awakening and never used her eyes in anything other than telling lies from truth. Now, Vaermina forced Alina's eyes to be always on the awakened mode, not just that but it seemed that Vaermina did something similar to what the Augur to me and Hircine to Nefert.i.ti did and added something like an Astral Extension so that Alina's eyes can do more damage and cause not just ordinary state of 'Fear', Alina's eye can now cause 'Psychological Terror' and can make people sink into their own nightmares and G.o.d knows what else.

Vaermina won't just use me as a way to gain nightmares by that staff I got but will also force Alina to do so by her own eyes. Such cruelty…

I guess I was lucky to not lose anyone of my friends to that Daedric Prince and her Realm.

And now, to answer Sigurd's question as for why I don't get affected by his daughter's eyes, I wouldn't be able to say all that.

"Maybe something related to 'Fate' or whatever."

That's all I could say.

'Fate' as a term is an interesting topic but one that can't be understood fully. Even the Greybeards and the Psijic Order rather not directly interfere with it. Actually, if I, the Last Dragonborn, is to be stripped from my own Fate as a Dragonborn before the prophecy is fulfilled, I may lose everything.

It is not something to worry about but 'Fate', 'Prophecies' and 'The Elder Scrolls' are all related and can be said as the hardest topic to discuss between us, the students of Mysticism.

"... Father-in-law, you don't need to worry. I will do whatever it takes to help Alina out of that dilemma she is in. My Master will never let her student suffer like that, we are a strong line of Mages and we take care of our own, there is definitely a solution."

"Yes, boy. For her sake… yours and mine too."

Sigurd replied and looked depressed. I stood up and was about to go but I halted my steps remembering the important matter I was here for in the first place.

"That girl Elsa or whatever, I am not done with her, you know that, right?"

Sigurd looked and nodded.

"Anyone who tries to so much put a finger on Alina is a goner. I don't care if it is my niece or whatever but she has to pay for sending my daughter to a cursed realm of Oblivion."

Sigurd said in a bloodthirsty tone. His killing intent activated his Aura subconsciously and that atmosphere around that monster felt overbearing to the extreme. This youth-like old man is another 60 years old monsters on par with Jonrad and Hilda, not far than Nurina too.

Just why doesn't he show off and act as lawless as I do? He would have solved a lot of problems rather than looking depressed all the time.

"It is fine, father-in-law. I will take care of the matter, just tell me when do the guards switch s.h.i.+fts for that Tower of Redemption?"

"Around midnight. Don't be too careless!"

"You can count on me."

With that all said and done, I left Sigurd's study for Alina's chambers.

In front of Alina's chambers, Nefert.i.ti was stretching her limbs after taking a nap in her Beast Form. None of the servants of the Moonblades dared to come close to the oversized cat and thus Alina's matters were only handled by Jull.

Even though Alina woke up earlier, it was only a slight response to her surroundings, she could be fed and listen to some words. She was still blindfolded though.

I tried to remove the blindfold but she panicked and almost cried. She said that they sometimes feel like burning and sometimes cause her pain but that a normal reaction to the changes in her eyes. She needs to adapt to the changes first before she could feel comfortable once again.

I spent the whole afternoon a.n.a.lyzing the magical power in her eyes but I need an expert's opinion. That's why I will take her to Nurina as soon as possible.

As I went into Alina's room, I was charmed once again with the elegance of it. It's fine furniture that was personally imported from High Rock, her soft covers and stuffed dolls, the calming incense that was imported from Hammerfell, her bed's red canopy that made it feel like a queen is residing there.

What can I just say? I didn't notice the beauty of this place at first as I was worried about Alina but now it felt came back to life after she woke up.

I sat in front of Alina who was wearing a large robe and sitting silently on her bed. She seemed to have fully awoken but still remained blindfolded. Jullanar, was sitting beside her reading her some book. I am glad to see their relations.h.i.+p becoming this close.

"How do you feel?" I asked while caressing her soft small hands.

Alina smiled softly and nodded.

"I feel okay, Seni… Jon."

"Yeah, you need to get used to calling your fiance with his name from now on." I replied.

Alina smiled and didn't say anything.

I was used to her covering her lower face so I was used to read her mood through her eyes but now it became somewhat upside down as her eyes were covered.

"I am sorry if Sigurd and I rushed in so fast. It was…"

Alina hurriedly but her index on my lips signing for me to stop.

"Being your fiancee is just made my life better and better, no matter how sudden it came, I now don't feel sad about what happened to me… I… just…"

"I understand!"

I said while taking her hand close to me and kissing its back.

"I swear I will find a way to help you see again." I said then pulled her close to me. I couldn't help but hug her.

On the side, Jullanar was looking at this pink scene while smiling. My hand move on its own and pulled her in my embrace.

"You too, I swear I will heal your eye."

It was a bit too greedy for me to have two beauties all for myself but I am a greedy person and I admit it. These two beauties are my future wives and I don't care about anyone's opinion.

"Yeah yeah! All these sweet words and…" Jull started to ruin the mood but...


… her two b.u.t.t cheeks got spank by Alina and me almost at the same second.

In this warm atmosphere, a small creature stuffed herself between the three of us and squirmed to fit in the place.

"Hooman! So warm!"

Oh, I almost forgot her meowjesty!

Now, with a beauty on the left, a beauty on the right and a cat on my lap, I can proudly announce that House Dare is coming to be in a splendid way.

With all the membered gathered we need to…

"... Let's spill some blood!"

"Yeah, it's about time." Jull agreed.

The four of us separated from each other and started to get ready to go to the Tower of Redemption.

Dragonborn Chapter 190: House Dare Assemble!

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