Dragonborn Chapter 191: Beyond Good And Bad.

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Midnight in the back of the Moonblade Mountain, a little girl walked with unsteady steps, she was carrying a blanket while heading towards an isolated tower.

The tower was heavily guarded and the little girl was naturally seen as she wasn't even trying to hide. A guard waved his torch to guide the girl to him.

"Young maidservant, what brings you to the Tower of Redemption this hour?" The guard looked at the girl with a cold gaze.

The little girl seemed to be uncomfortable with his gaze and was a little bit shy on words.

"M-Miss Elsa… she needs blankets."

"Fine, leave them here and go."

The guard stretched his hand to grab the blanket from the girl but she stepped back hurriedly.

"This is for miss Elsa! Miss Kaja and the Elder told me to deliver it pers"

The girl acted with caution and hugged the blanket she was holding tightly.

"Tsk! Don't test my patience, brat."

The guard was displeased with the girl's att.i.tude and seemed to be going to pull the blanket forcefully.

"Keep your hands to yourself, Paul."


Another guard saw the commotion and cut in.

"Let the girl in, man. If an elder is sending her then just let do what she came for. Don't offend people we can't offend."

"But the patriarch just imprisoned Miss Elsa, if we..."

"You think the patriarch will care if an Elder came to bust your a.s.s? Just let her in and spare us."

"Sigh! Alright, you guide her in."

Paul let the girl pa.s.s and Steve guided her into the tower. It was a high building built in the Nordic style, the only flaw is its location that was on an isolated peak that made all the coming and going winds go through its gabs and even make ice get formed inside. The place was some sort of frozen h.e.l.l and the moonlight that illuminated the place made it even more terrifying. This place is where the main family members get punished.

The guard led the way into a higher floor that was even more chilly than the first floor. Even the strong guards would need to build up some resistance to get through the place.

The guard looked at the girl who followed him and was about to tell her to not go further but once he turned around, he almost dropped his jaw.

The place that made him s.h.i.+ver didn't even affect the girl one bit. She was walking normally while looking at the guard with her expressionless big blue eyes and red rosy cheeks. The guard gulped on his saliva and smiled with a bit of fear.

He thought to himself that this girl is not a simple maid, after all, she may be one of the children the Hidden Clans pick up for their unique talents. This is something a lowly guard like him shouldn't have interfered with from the start.

"Young Lady, Miss Elsa is just around that corner."

The guard spoke politely and pointed to a certain place, the girl looked and saw a cell with just a few steps away. With a nod, she walked forward on her own and reached the cell looking at the person inside it.

Inside the cell sat a tall girl with a thin body, black hair, grey eyes and all the other features of a Moonblade, Elsa Moonblade. She sat in a lotus position and a small hint of Aura could be seen trying to fend the cold away.

"... For you."

The little girl pa.s.sed the blanket through the bars of the cell and the blanket fell on the floor. Elsa opened her closed eyes and saw something she needed dearly from someone she didn't recognize. She just moved and grabbed the blanket covering herself as fast as she could.

"Did you bring food?" Elsa asked in a pained tone.

The expressionless girl shook her head.

"Tsk! They just sent you with a blanket? Was at all my father could sneak for me? Dammit… just go away and bring something warm for me to eat."

The little girl looked at Elsa then just turned around and walked away.

Elsa remained in her cell cursing her dump luck for being dragged all the way to this cursed place. She was standing on top of hundreds and under a few but now her status has fallen so low to the point that even a lowly maidservant didn't speak with her in proper manners.

"These d.a.m.nable people, how dare they? To think they could sway the clan to turn on me like that! Her fiance, huh? Will see to that… just wait until I get out of here, this time, that b.i.t.c.h Alina won't even see sunlight… and that Jon Dare… I swear I will make him suffer for it, he will…"

"Are you serious about doing so?" A voice cut Elsa's cursing.

Elsa didn't expect to hear that voice here of all places and jumped away then turned around.

"... How? Why?"

Who Elsa saw was the little girl from just a minute ago?

Why was this girl in this cell? And how could she come from the other side… not through the cell's door? Elsa wondered.

The girl that barely could be seen as a ten years old brat looked down on Elsa and the air around her changed. The cell wasn't tight or anything but in front of that girl, Elsa felt like she was frozen not by cold but by fear, primal monstrous fear that only an apex predator can give off.

This girl was just standing and Elsa only felt helpless and cornered.

A weird movement was felt behind the girl that caught Elsa's eyes. It was something a human should not have.

"Wh- Why do you… have a tail?"

Elsa questioned and the girl tilted her head with a weak smile.

"To fluff you, my dear." The girl took one step towards Elsa as she said that.

Elsa reflexively moved back but she noticed another strange thing that a human shouldn't have.

"Wh- Why do you… have claws?"

Elsa questioned and the girl smiled wider.

"To grab you, my dear." The girl took one more step towards Elsa while saying so.

Elsa reflexively moved back once more but she noticed one stranger thing when the girl smiled.

"Wh- Why do you… have big fangs?"

Elsa questioned and the girl halted her steps.

"... To shred you apart, my, dear."

The girl moved this time and in a flash waved her claws and opened her mouth while jumping on Elsa. Screams and wails sounded but no one heard even a shriek.

I was waiting in the dark with Alina and Jull, we were standing in the outside and watching the situation at the tower.

Nefert.i.ti has done a splendid job delivering the blanket to that b.i.t.c.h Elsa and returned with the news. I sent her once again into that cell by teleportation this time and she should have started playing with Elsa first.

Nefert.i.ti was taking the Child Form that we barely managed to achieve outside Quagmire. Her appearance was adorable and heart melting, she can just bless the whole d.a.m.n Nirn by just existing in the same plane of existence. She doesn't like the Child Form that much and prefers the other forms over it but she still needs to learn its charm later.

The only problem we faced in the transformation process was how to conceal some parts of her like her fluffy tail and her big cat ears on top of her head, also her claws and fangs. Still, she was so devilishly cute.

The loveliest thing was how she said 'Jon' to me for the first time. I almost died from the happiness I tell, my heart literally skipped a few beats.

Anyway, back to reality.

I was waiting for the right time to teleport into the cell. While doing so, I observed Alina and Jull who were having some girl to girl talk away from me and were giggling to each other. I really wanted to eavesdrop but Jull's Stealthy Aura can block sounds and life signals even from me.

I was a bit concerned about Alina's and Jull's relations.h.i.+p but I started to get the feeling that it is becoming even smoother than their relations.h.i.+p with me.

Seriously… sigh!

A few seconds later, I felt Nefert.i.ti's telepathic signal and understood that we can come in now.

"Let's go!" I called the girls to come closer.

They approached me while smiling and didn't say anything.

I took held them both and looked at the tower with my Aura then activated the magical runes and s.p.a.ce twisted with us at the center.

The next thing we saw was the inside of a desolate cold cell that felt a bit scary.

"So this is the infamous Tower of Redemption."

I said while looking around the cell until my eyes spotted a b.l.o.o.d.y figure thrown in a corner. A black cat was sitting straight beside it and seemed to be waiting.

"Good job, Nefert.i.ti." I said and she came closer and jumped on my shoulder.

Looking at Elsa, I can tell that she hand the best time of her life being fluffed halfway to death. Nefert.i.ti has torn her clothes and shred her flesh to the point where Elsa can only be described as a person of a horror movie.

"d.a.m.n! This stupid cat made a score on that poor girl." Jull spotted Elsa and started checking her around.

"Idiot Hooman, know your place."

While us three were looking coldly at the half-dead Elsa, Alina seemed to be in distress.

"I know we talked about this and I agreed to it but… I never thought it would be this messy." Alina said.

Even though she was blindfolded, she could tell the area around her and smell the reek of the blood.

She was a bit reluctant when it comes to torture but I left Jull to guide her around the whole process so she would be fine and mentally ready. She joined a lot of fights and killed many people before but she wasn't into torturing and killing slowly. Still, she has a very awesome apt.i.tude to that anyway.

"It's okay, sister. We will just fry her little brain and be done with her for good, an eye for an eye, you know... In your case two, though." Jull kicked Elsa to wake her up and came to guide Alina into position.

I stepped forward to the naked b.l.o.o.d.y girl and grabbed her neck to carry her up. Weak screams came from her mouth but one slap was enough.

I still had to heal her enough for her to remain strong for what Alina is going to do.

After a bit of healing, the wounds on Elsa started to close up and her consciousness was fully regained.

"You… you… monsters… leave me… monsters…" She started crying while calling us monsters.

I wanted to retort and say she is the monster but I came to a moment of realization and thought about it.

"By Ysmir, she is right! We are monsters."

As I said so, the other three also seemed to have come to the same realization.

I am a Dragonborn, that's pretty much enough to qualify me for monsterhood. Jullanar can be herself and that is considered a monster too. Nefert.i.ti is the fluffiest monster no argue about it. And Alina can be a newbie in the field but her new eyes qualify her to monsterhood splendidly.

"Okay, enlightenment time is over. Time to do the monster work."

I pushed Elsa on her knees in front of Alina and held her head straight.

Jull came behind Alina and closed their heads together from the back.

"Sister, you ready?"

"..." Alina was still conflicted.

Jull hugged Alina tightly and intimately which rather seemed a bit s.e.xy.

"This is beyond what is good and bad, sister. This is your justice, my justice, Jon's justice, that cat's justice, and Wulfur's justice too. We were all harmed by that b.i.t.c.h, we have seen unsightly nightmares before Jon comes for us… not to mention what happened to you… now, you are the only one who can give her a taste of it. Would the woman of Jon chicken out here."

To Jull's swaying words, Alina's held her breath and her anger swelled up. Jull smiled once she sensed Alina's change of atmosphere and started untying her blindfold.

"She is all yours." Jull said so while kissing Alina's cheek then stepping back with Alina's blindfold.

Alina's shut eyes opened slowly and met with mine. As usual, her eyes have no power over me.

The one who tensed up was Elsa, her body twisted and deep groans came out, strange changes started appearing too.

The blood vessels on her neck started lining up as if a black liquid was running through them and became visible. Her eyes started tearing blood. Her mouth was shut tightly to the point where her teeth crushed each other.

I didn't expect to see that!

This was just an eye contact!

In Quagmire, the Wulf and Jull felt a strong strike of pain and fell off their feet but this is far more powerful than that time. Elsa was being tortured to a point I have never seen before.

Alina was shaken for a bit but she managed to hold up and keep still. She then spoke up.

"Stay still!"

To Alina's words, the squirming Elsa froze while groaning.

"Shut up!"

To Alina's words, the groaning Elsa didn't utter a sound.

I was curious and used a bit of my mystic arts to see what does that girl see.

I tried to get how she feels with a bit of magic, I got an image of her eyesight with my 'Eye of the Mind' spell.

Alina was seen from that girl perspective.

Alina spoke up once again.

"You are in the dark all alone."

With these words, what Elsa saw was a dark s.p.a.ce with only herself and two glowing red eyes.

"You feel your body being torn but it is all intact."

The nervous signals of Elsa started receiving foreign orders and reacted to them. I didn't feel what she felt but her body was probably feeling to all these orders that were being transmitted through the red eyes.


"You feel ants crawl under your skin."

The nervous system of Elsa reacted once again.

"You are being eaten!"

"You are being shredded!"

"You are being devoured!"

"You are being frozen! You are being burned! You are being frozen! You are being burned! You are being frozen! You are being burned! You are being frozen! You are being burned!"

Alina went all out.

I never expected to see all that.

The nervous system of Elsa was reacting in such a splendid way to Alina's words.

I cut the line and returned to observe the effect on Elsa's body.

"... G.o.dd.a.m.n!"

This went beyond all sense.

Even though Alina's power are illusions, her Eyes were making the reality inside Elsa's body s.h.i.+ft… just like how Quagmire does.

This is way too overpowered than what I could even think of.

I looked at Alina who seemed to have exhausted herself and closed her eyes. She kept Elsa alive while doing all that torture.

This thing about her being a newbie in monsterhood… we need to talk about that.

Dragonborn Chapter 191: Beyond Good And Bad.

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