Dragonborn Chapter 192: Visitors

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A few days ago, we left the Moonblade clan grounds with an aura of innocence and peace. No one suspected us to know anything about what happened with Elsa Moonblade.

The matter became a shock after Elsa was found in her cell between life and death. The whole Moonblade clan started searching for the maidservant that was the last person who saw Elsa but no girl with such description was found. Of course, no one can even know that Nefert.i.ti can turn into a human now. It was only me, Alina and Jull who know that.

Of course, Elsa was taken out of that cursed tower and all sort of mages examined her condition. The wounds that should have come from outside were all from inside. The experts in medicine among the Moonblades were shocked senseless from what they saw. All agreed that no human can inflict such damage, to them, this was the work of something mysterious.

Of course, I was suspected from the very first second but my alibi was solid. Most of the Moonblades saw me all over the fort that day guarding Alina's chambers… or some illusion I created to fool them.

After the inspection was over, two rumors were being spread. The first was that Elsa got claimed by the Evil Daedra that should have taken Alina, this is the one I started spreading. The other rumor was that Elsa got punished by Kyne for a.s.saulting her favored child, and that one was probably spread by Sigurd.

Regarding Elsa's condition, I can estimate that she lost her mind. She was healed but her body was crippled and her mind went coco. She doesn't even react anymore but sometimes she starts screaming and always see nightmares.

Sigurd kept looking at me as if I am some sort of a monster that time but he almost cried when he knew that this was Alina's handy work. He was so shocked that he spent the day all pale.

This man's health is a matter of concern now. I can tell that his heart is becoming weaker since the day he got to know me.

Anyway, we decided to leave the Moonblade clan this morning and rode to Winterhold accompanied by a lot of guards from the Dare Dragon Company and the Moonblade Clan.

Alina was riding with me by the way. As we are officially engaged, we can interact more from now on which was rather nice.

"I wonder why Master didn't come to check on us when we went missing." Alina asked.

"... I was curious too. Still, I gave it some thought and it seemed that she forced herself to stay."

"Forced herself? We are her only apprentices and you are her son. Why would she?"

I thought for a while but I could only think of one reason.

"It probably has something to do with Grandmaster."

Alina paused for a while.

"... I am so envious you got to meet our Grandmaster."

"Hehe! I know."

Once Alina found out that I met our Grandmaster and our Great Grandmaster, she almost fainted and started crying and kicking around. She is that type of person who craves to see the more knowledgeable people and discuss our art with them, missing the chance to meet our Grandmaster was more tragic to her than getting her eyes blessed by Vaermina. She kept nagging me to tell her the ident.i.ty of our Grandmaster and Great Grandmaster but I am sure she won't handle the shock. I myself wouldn't have handled if Nurina wasn't kidnapped by Alfe back then.

"Just don't make such a heartbroken face. If you ever meet her in the future, just turn to the other direction and run, she isn't the monster I would want to cross myself."

"Humph! Impossible, I would get cursed once again to Oblivion if I don't."

"Yeah yeah, act haughty all you want just because there is a Dragonborn who is foolish enough to go through Oblivion and bring you back."

"... I'll be relying on you then."

This girl! She is becoming more comfortable with me.

A bit of time pa.s.sed and Alina spoke again.

"You also promised me you would find a way for me to open my eyes again. And Jull's eye too."

About that...

"Yep, I have some ideas on how to do that."

I thought about the matter really deeply. Looks like I will get busy once I head back home.

"What are the chances? For Jull… I mean!"

"Not that bad, I have acquired a book from Grandmaster and a lot of progress will be made in my techniques from now on. The more I think about it, the more possibilities come to my head. Even regrowing limbs is not that much of a problem… in theory of course." I said and Alina seemed to be surprised.

"Being 'in theory' means it is still possible."

"Yes, the problem is the amount of energy we need. Luckily, I am working on a major project that will change the way we use magic and open up many great possibilities."

"I can't wait to be your a.s.sistant."

Alina seemed excited and stuck to me. Unlike Jull and Wulf who can't stand studying, Alina can research for days without getting bored. It was very nice to have another weirdo who shared the same hobby as me.

When I arrived at this world, researching magic was like me when I got my first computer when I was young, discovery was my sole drive back then. The new generations especially those d.a.m.n brats that were born after year 2000 may not have the same feeling we older kids had but I fell in love with computers so much. It all happened again with magic but it was rare to see a nerd like me, yet Alina was that nerd.

And about us sharing notes of research is not a simple decision. Each mage's notes are more sacred than their family member sometimes and sometimes even couples don't share these notes together. Alina and I were very willing though.

And that reminded me of the last piece of sketch I was working on.

"About your problem." I mentioned to Alina her eyes problem.

"What about it?"

"I have something in mind but I will need all hands on deck… that includes Nurina."

"... I am really not that distressed, Jon. I can already use my Aura to see ten meters in all directions. It will make everyo…"

"Tsk tsk tsk. This thing I have in mind is not just for you but also for me, my soul needs it, you know?"

"... Is it something weird from your sketchbook?"

"Oh! You know about that?"

"Yeah, Jull told me that you showed a sketch to Wulfur and he held it as if he saw the third volume of 'The l.u.s.ty Argonian Maid'."

"... Pffft!"

Wulfur would feel so embarra.s.sed if he heard this one.

'The l.u.s.ty Argonian Maid' is a famous novel in this world but the third volume is very rare. Only collectors like myself have it. I saved it long ago when it was about to be auctioned in Riften in some dark auction. One of the reasons why 'Catatoskr' name is so famous.

And speaking of Wulfur, he was riding at the back while talking with Brenda, my cousin.

"Hey, Big Wulf!"

I called for him and he rode beside me and Alina.

"Lord and Lady lovebirds! How can I be of service?"

And he is in a good mood too.

"When we reach Winterhold, you are going to cook me something." I said.

"Cook? You know I am not that much of a… wait! What are the ingredients?"

"Hehe! Moonstone, Malachite and Quicksilver."

Wulfur paused for a while with his eyes opened wide.

"... F- For that?" He realized what I wanted.

"Yes, this is the best combination for enchantments, right?"

"But… that is too hard! Even for my skill… this is beyond me!"

"Come on! I will gather the best materials and personnel for you. I am even bringing some rarities from my vault."

Wulfur understood what I meant but he felt conflicted and excited at the same time, it all appeared on his face.

He thought that it would be a waste of materials if he worked on it or something along those lines.

"Maybe you should invite Eorlund Grey-Mane. This is really beyond me." Wulfur was backing down for the first time.


"You will do it like it or not. I am not really in a pinch and we can use different material if this didn't work."

Wulfur nodded and said he will think about it.

"He seems very troubled? What is that you are making?" Alina asked.

"A special alloy for my special ladies." I said while looking at her and Jull.

"And I suppose it is a surprise."


"I'll be waiting then."

Alina turned around and kept the cool att.i.tude but I could feel her cheeks curving into a smile.

Two days after that, we arrived at Winterhold and found a lot of expected and unexpected visitors waiting for us.

The Firemanes and on top of them were Mother and Father, also the Master Alchemist Nurelion and his apprentice Quintus Navale, a Stormcloak messenger and an Imperial envoy, and there was also some messages from Svidi and Jon Battle-Born delivered by an unexpected face, Lisette.


I guess I should ask Lord Divayth Fyr about making me some clones. This is so busy.

Dragonborn Chapter 192: Visitors

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