The Transcendent Immortal Chapter 124 Coalesced Colors Equal To Dust

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On the stage, He Xunke smiled gently and said, "Fairy, please!"

Xiaoyue did not answer and appeared behind his back, but the figure where she stood before was still there. The crowd exclaimed, "It's the advanced method of the Thousand Feathers Sect, Coalesced Colors Equal to Dust!"

He Xunke's brows furrowed. "What the... Is this some clone technique?" He suddenly turned around and swept to the Xiaoyue at his back with the power that could break a tree. But he felt like he hit the water, and the fan crossed her body without obstruction.

He Xunke smiled coldly. "It really is just an illusion." But the duster came to him out of nowhere. Although it looked soft, it had the strength that could break metal and stone. "Poom!" He failed to dodge it and was sent flying for meters.

On the ground, he panicked. It was just an illusion. How could an illusion attack him? Before he could think further, the Xiaoyue behind him attacked with duster again. He failed to avoid again and was sent flying for a dozen meters.

He wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and smiled. "This technique is indeed unique. What is it?"

The two figures of Xiaoyue merged into one, and she walked forth, leaving an illusion for each step. She said lightly, "The colors coalesces, and the dust equals. This is the mystic uniformity. This Coalesced Colors Equal to Dust created by the patriarch of our sect is not for you to understand. You are nothing but a martial artist."

The crowd nodded upon hearing this and approved her. This was the essence of Daoism. Xiao Chen just smiled coldly in his heart. "It turns out Qianyu Nishang even learned my master's Immortal-override Steps. Humph! It turns into the Coalesced Colors Equal to Dust of the Thousand Feathers Sect. Heihei!"

He Xunke smiled coldly. "Pleasure to see this!" Then, a golden light covered his body, and his hair stood on end. He no longer looked like that white-faced childe before.

"Whether color or dust, I'll crush you into ashes!" He roared and charged to Xiaoyue like a 3-meter-long golden radiance.

He charged in an imposing, fierce manner as if he was a volcano that has been deposited for thousands of years. Even the crowd felt their faces were burning and thought it was a horrible power. Even a Core Forming Realm cultivator would be blown to ashes under this punch.

However, Xiaoyue stood still and swung her duster, saying, "For I am abstracted from the world,the world from nature,nature from the way,and the way from what is beneath abstraction." After her voice fell, a soft white radiance appeared at the end of the duster. The radiance gradually spread out and shrouded He Xunke's body as the golden light dimmed and disappeared.

This was an overpowered attack, but it became soft at the end. He was shocked and thought, "What happened? Why I feel my internal strength weakened?" Before he could think further, he was sent flying away by the duster again for meters.

"Roar!" A deep roar suddenly sounded under the stage. The monster flew to the stage and punched at Xiaoyue in the air. Xiaoyue lifted the sheath and drew a circle to him as a water column appeared and dashed to the monster's shoulder.

"Slas.h.!.+" Blood splashed. He Kui could not be damaged by a sword before, but now, his shoulder was pierced through by the water column and had a bowl-sized hole of blood. It looked like a blood rain, and the crowd retreated one after another.

"Nothing under heaven is softer or weaker than water, and yet nothing is better for attacking what is hard and strong," Xiaoyue said lightly as another water column dashed forth. He Xunke was frightened and said, "Third Brother, retreat!" He then waved his arm as the folding fan flew forth. "Clan!" The fan was instantly shattered into pieces.

The frame of his folding fan was refined for 49 days by the Northern Dark Iron with Outer Meteorites. It was formidable and could easily break a normal cultivator's flying sword. But now it was shattered into countless pieces by the water column.

Xiao Chen sneered repeatedly. This water column was indeed the cultivation technique of the Tianxuan School of the Mystic Cyan Sect, the 3,000 Weak Water. If one practiced it into extreme, it would be indestructible and could dissolve the target's True Energy.

He Xunke roared as a giant illusion of a golden lion appeared beside him. Finally, he used the advanced technique of the He Family. He roared deeply and pounced to Xiaoyue like an angry lion. In the meantime, the skinny man under the stage also attacked from her back, turning into a golden ape.

Two fierce strength brought about gales around, and many people could not open their eyes because of it. However, Xiaoyue stood still and swung her duster. The wind on the stage instantly stopped. He Xunke and the skinny man slowed down as if they were walking in the water, shaking and crumbling.

"The best of men is like water; Water benefits all things and does not compete with them," Xiaoyue said as she swung her duster. The air current turned into two water column which hit the two men. "Poom! Poom!" The two men kneeled on the stage.

The crowd burst out heaven-shaking applause. They sighed that this was the true essence of the Daoism, that they had learned so little. That was why they failed to defeat the ancient martial arts of the He Family.

"Do you two want to continue?" Xiaoyue asked lightly.

He Xunke and the skinny man looked at each other, and then they turned into two rows of golden light and moved to Xiaoyue with one from the left and one from the right. Xiaoyue swung her duster and stepped forth lightly. An illusion immediately appeared at her back. Before long, there were numerous illusions on the stage, and the two men could not hit the real Xiaoyue.

Being affected by the 3,000 Weak Water, the two men's internal strength kept draining. They exchanged glances and wanted to retreat. Just as they tramped on the stage to fly off the stage, an illusion hit them back.

The illusions looked exactly the same as Xiaoyue, and they felt like hitting the air while punching the illusions. But, the illusions could actually damage them. He Xunke was soaked in sweat. He planned to establish some reputation today, yet he was defeated by this woman. He regretted that he had not figured out her strength before going on the stage.

"All things under heaven sprang from it as existing, and that existence sprang from it as non-existent. I am nowhere, so I am everywhere."

There are more and more illusions on the stage, one every half-inch, and each had the same attack damage as Xiaoyue's. This was beyond common sense. He Xunke and the other one were trapped and could not get out, while as the crowd was already staring agape.

Xiao Chen sneered repeatedly in his heart. "Is that all you have learned from my master's Immortal-override Steps?" At first, he hoped that someone would defeat the He Family brothers. But now, he wished that the two men could win. So, he said in a low voice, "To observe the key of things in a free or bounded state of mind. I am everywhere, as I am nowhere."

He Xunke was stunned upon hearing this, but then he understood why the illusions had the real Xiaoyue's attack damage. He shouted, "Third Brother, you go east, and I go west!"

However, when his voice fell, the skinny man quickly went south with a tacit agreement as He Xunke went north. This was the so-called "make a feint to the east and attack in the west."

In fact, none of these illusions had actual attack damage. The amazing part of the Immortal-override Steps was that the real body could instantly switch positions with an illusion. So, it was Xiaoyue herself that attacked them. When He Xunke shouted to flee to the east and west, Xiaoyue moved to the illusions in the east and west, but did not expect that they went south and north.

He Xunke landed on the ground and said, "Fairy Xiaoyue is indeed powerful. I will definitely marry you someday!" He then laughed, helped up the dying He Kui with the skinny man, and left quickly.

The crowd was cursing this man that he was shameless. Only Xiao Chen noticed an eyesight full of murderous intent from the stage. Xiaoyue tipped on the stage with her foot and lightly floated to his side. She smiled gently and said, "I wonder who Mr. Han's master is?"

She had heard from Xuanyue that Xiao Chen could play the Coalesced Colors Equal to Dust. Just now, she heard that he point out the key to this method with only one remark, so she was now certain that it was true. The Coalesced Colors Equal to Dust was the most advanced technique of her sect, and only the successor of the sect leader was qualified to practice it. It had never been leaked to the outside. How did this man learn it?

She had also noticed that Xiao Chen took the banner from a distance and adeptly covered it over Shen Nianxue from a distance. She did not have such a good command of psychokinesis.

Xiao Chen pretended to ignore her and looked at the blue sky while stroking his beard. But he sneered coldly in his heart. "Who is my master? Humph! Even your patriarch, Qianyu Nishang, saw me back then, she had to call me senior brother respectfully."

It's well-known that Xiaoyue rarely talked to someone, but now she was asking someone with a smile. This was shocking. But they were mind-blown on that disdainful look on Xiao Chen's face. Many people frowned, and someone wanted to say that he was being rude.

Xiaoyue knew Daoism well and was not angry about this. Even if she was angry, she would not show it. She still smiled and said, "I heard that Mr. Han won the Immortals League Compet.i.tion of the Qing and Zhou states. You are indeed different."

Xiao Chen showed his strength in the Immortals League Compet.i.tion and betrayed the Zhou State. This issue had already spread around with multiple versions. Some said that he was the descendant of the Ancient Immortal Clan, and some said that he wanted to sleep Princess Xuanyue. Now they looked surprised that the characters of the story were present.

They also understood why he was ignoring Xiaoyue now. They thought that he was still unhappy about the Shen Nianxue issue. Many people, even some female disciples, did not blame him for being impolite. Indeed, Xiaoyue was too harsh on Shen Nianxue.

Now, Xiao Chen turned his head and pretended to be surprised. "Are you talking to me?"

Yu Yifeng's face looked very embarra.s.sed. "Is he still upset about Shen Nianxue?" He smiled obsequiously and said, "Sorry, this is my junior brother. His surname is Xiao, not Han."

Xiaoyue smiled gently. "So, it's Mr. Xiao. I heard Junior Sister Xuanyue talk about you. I reckon your skills are not learned from Perfected Immortal Qing Chen, right?"

Xiao Chen smiled lightly and did not speak. At this point, a cold smile suddenly rose. It was Ling Yingfeng, who stood up and smiled coldly. "Perfected Immortal Qing Chen does not have skills as advanced as his."

Many people were confused upon hearing this. The four famous experts nowadays: Perfected Immortal Qing Chen of the Jade Qing Sect, Yunya Zi of the Skygale Sect, Master Xuantong of the Wuyin Monastery, and Master Liku of the South Zhan Subcontinent. They were all half-step to the Nascent Soul Realm. Why did this man say that Xiao Chen was more powerful than them?

Some people could tell the other meaning of his words and waited for him to continue. Some people started to guess. The four experts were well-known and highly respected, but the Violet Manor was so big, and there must be some unknown hermits. The master of Xiaoyue, Perfected Immortal Su Nian, was a hermit. No one knew his cultivation. Did Xiao Chen also have a hermit master?

Ling Yingfeng snorted coldly and wanted to say something when an elder pulled him down and said, "Yingfeng, sit down. Today, the cultivator's sects are gathered. We will settle the issue regarding your brother."

The crowd was puzzled. Some people heard gossip that his brother, Ling Yuxuan, was disabled by someone two months ago, and they now started to tell the other people.

The words quickly spread around, and the crowd was no longer quiet. At this moment, a vigorous voice rose from the sky which almost broke people's eardrums.

"This is the humble He Chentian. I'm here to learn something from you Taoist friends!"

Many people felt a huge power closing in. They looked over and found a black point becoming bigger and bigger. It was a man stepping toward them in the air.

The Transcendent Immortal Chapter 124 Coalesced Colors Equal To Dust

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