Water Recovery System Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Arc 1 – Chapter 7

"System, I think I'm going to fail this mission," Shen Jiayan looked up a little sadly as he left the hospital doors. "And it's my first one, too."

The black cat licked Shen Jiayan's palm comfortingly. "Your Excellency Host, you've already done very well."

"Thank you," Shen Jiayan stroked the cat's head, but still felt depressed. The kitty ended up walking around Shen Jiayan in circles. Although its host was lazy at times and liked to forget his mission, he was still professional when it counted. Thus, he couldn't help but grow solemn at his current state.

After the third circle, the black cat suddenly remembered something and blinked. "Host, we can still get a pa.s.sing score!"

"A pa.s.sing score?" Shen Jiayan's peach blossom eyes widened. He was a little lost. "How?"

"It's like this. As long as Your Excellency Host can make Gu Jing say 'I want to stay by your side,' then we pa.s.s. It doesn't matter if he means it or not, we'll still get 3,000 points from that."

Shen Jiayan's eyes brightened as he consoled himself. "3,000 isn't bad."

The next few day, Shen Jiayan avoided the hospital as he wracked his brains for Gu Jing to say the fated words. Meanwhile, Gu Jing was free to join up with Old Dong without Shen Jiayan's "interference" and began to catch a few "big fish" in earnest.

"Jing, you brat, there's n.o.body left of the group except the boss Viper and his third-in-command, Cripple. They've been forced to their wits' end, so they're probably capable of doing anything," Old Dong said with some worry.  "Uncle Dong has already spread out my men. I'm sure we'll capture them within the next three days, so just be careful."

Gu Jing narrowed his eyes as his gaze darkened. It was an alluring sight. "Nothing will happen to me. They couldn't touch me in the hospital, so they'll have less chances when I go home."

"That's good," Old Dong was clear that Gu Jing had met with multiple a.s.sa.s.sination attempts over the past few days. There was poison and guns alike, but Gu Jing had evaded them all. With only two people left to capture, it'd be a simple job for Gu Jing to finish. Old Dong believed in his skills, so he hung up without worries after making sure he was alright.

But once the call ended, Gu Jing began to think of Shen Diyu instead. He hadn't visited him recently. According to Xu Chenle, all he did was stay in the Shen house. Even if Viper and Cripple were pushed to their limits, it was unlikely they'd pay attention to the buy. Naturally, there was no way he'd implicate Shen Diyu in this mess. But Gu Jing was still worried. Thus, he wanted to call Xu Chenle to check on Shen Diyu's safety again.

Strangely enough, n.o.body picked up even after he tried thrice. Gu Jing immediately recalled how Xu Chenle had been visiting him in the hospital nonstop these days to report on the company and felt a sense of foreboding. As expected, the fourth call connected to reveal Viper's arrogant tone on the other end.

"Gu Jing, your little lover's in my hands now. Do you want to listen to his voice?"

After a moment of silence, Xu Chenle's wretched cries came over the call.

"Gu Jing, you hurt four of my brothers a few years ago. Now you've caught five more over the past few days. How am I supposed to reckon my debt with you now?" Viper said as he grit his teeth. "How about this? I'll cut him once for every brother that's died. See if he can last long enough for you to save him."

Gu Jing felt he was despicable, because his first thought was of relief. Thank goodness I chased off Shen Diyu.

But no matter what, Gu Jing had to take care of Xu Chenle too. He'd gotten into this mess because of him. After a pause, he said calmly, "Viper, no one wants to reach the point of no return, right? How's this. Whatever you want, whether it's weapons or cash, I'll have it delivered. As long as you let him go."

"Heh, I don't want a thing. I just want you to taste the pain of losing your most important person. See what it feels like to suffer a fate worse than death!" Viper grew excited as he spoke, mixing his shouts with laughter as if he'd gone insane.

"Viper, I respect you as a man for not wanting a thing. But have you ever thought about your brothers? What do they want? After they die, don't they want their families to be set for life? As long as you let him go, I can give you as much money as you want," Gu Jing coaxed.

Viper clapped his hands. "Tsk tsk. Gu Jing, your tongue is still as good as always. I'm almost convinced by your words. But it's a pity, a real pity. I can't take care of those brothers anymore. I just want you to suffer for a lifetime."

"Fine, you want me to suffer?" Gu Jing lowered his voice into bewitching tones. "Then what's the point of tormenting him? Why don't you exchange him for me instead and torture me directly? Isn't that a better way to vent?"

Viper knew it was only a ploy, but he couldn't refuse the suggestion. "You're willing to trade yourself for him?"

Gu Jing knew he'd taken the bait as his eyes turned dark. "Of course. Didn't you say it yourself? He's my beloved." He put special emphasis on the last word.

Viper thought it over before he gave in. "On the outskirts of H City, there's an abandoned warehouse near the mountain temple. Only bring yourself. If I see a hint of anyone else or if you try any tricks, I'll drag you and your little lover to h.e.l.l."

"Fine. But why should I believe you? Suppose you refuse to let him go after I come? Wouldn't I be paying dearly for your cunning?" Gu Jing arched a brow. "There should be a method that's fair for both parties, don't you think?"

Viper immediately turned cautious. "Then what's your idea?"

"I'll bring two gold men and a police car with me. Then I'll trade myself for him. I promise they'll leave as soon as they have the man in their hands, how's that?" Gu Jing didn't pressure the other, but retreated in order to gain an advantage. "If that doesn't work, then forget it. You know I'm not a man for lingering feelings. At most I'll switch to play with another toy."

"Fine," Viper gritted his teeth with a nod. "But only two people max. Any more and I might as well have us all die. There's nothing in this warehouse but explosives anyways."

"Then it's set."

As soon as Gu Jing cemented his deal, the black cat transferred all the intel to Shen Jiayan. "Your Excellency Host, this is a great chance. You have to seize it. If you can help Gu Jing rescue Xu Chenle, perhaps he'll agree to your request."

"I know," Shen Jiayan responded without thinking. To him, it was either complete the mission or die–there was no hesitation there.

By the time Gu Jing rushed to the scene, Shen Jiayan had long concealed himself behind the warehouse. Viper came out with Xu Chenle as his hostage, leaving Cripple to guard the explosives fuse inside. Viper was insane enough to line the entire warehouse with explosives ready to go off as soon as he knew Gu Jing was coming. What he wanted was total destruction. Even if it cost Cripple's life too, he wanted Gu Jing dead!

Outside the warehouse, Gu Jing had just switched himself for Xu Chenle. Once the police car and its people drove off, he turned and punched Viper in the stomach. Blood trickled out from Viper's lips at the attack, but a strange smile rose to his lips. He handcuffed Gu Jing to himself before he declared, "Cripple, light the fuse."

Gu Jing's face blanched at the words. He could beat Viper in a fight, but if the man was determined to hold him down, then it'd take him time to break free. But none of that would matter once the critical time pa.s.sed.

a.s.suming that Cripple feared death, Viper roared out, "Cripple, light the fuse! Otherwise I'll kill you myself later!"

But there was no response from inside. Currently, Cripple was being held in place by Shen Jiayan from behind. The lighter in his hands had been kicked far away. In the end, he pulled out a knife from his chest and slashed at Shen Jiayan's arm. "Let go."

Shen Jiayan gave a m.u.f.fled cry of pain before tightening his grip. No matter how much it hurt, he didn't want to let go. Cripple went wild and started stabbing him in the arm and legs. Blood poured from more and more wounds to dye the floor red. Shen Jiayan grew weaker and weaker. He figured he wouldn't be able to last at this rate, but still used all his strength to hold Cripple back. Even if he died, he wasn't going to let him light the fuse.


Someone kicked open the door to the warehouse. Gu Jing's first sight upon stepping inside was seeing Shen Diyu in a pool of blood. His breath caught. Is this why the explosives never blew up? He dealt with Cripple using a single bullet and staggered his way to Shen Jiayan.

"Diyu, hold on. I'll take you to the hospital," Gu Jing said, but his hands trembled so much that he couldn't even find the strength to pick him up.

Shen Jiayan's vision was hazy with blood. He couldn't even see Gu Jing clearly, but he recognized the man's voice. Somehow, he found the energy to grasp him by the sleeve. "Gu Jing, it's fine even if you lie to me once. Can you—can you just tell me that you want to stay by my side?"

"Fine," Gu Jing's voice grew stiff. "But Diyu, why are you here?"

Why? Shen Jiayan's thoughts were getting muddled. In the end, he managed a smile. "Maybe because the whole time you were looking at him, I was looking at you too?"

"Shen Diyu! I won't let you die!" Gu Jing's cries were heartrending, but nothing would ever wake the man in his arms again.


Water Recovery System Volume 1 Chapter 7

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