The King of Special Warfare Chapter 112

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No one expected that a normal Actual Combat Lesson would turn into a situation like this.

Several most potential experts in cla.s.s attacked their instructor.

The headmaster, director of teaching, director of the political department, and other officials were all present.

Yang Mengjiang, who was an official too, apologized to a freshman himself.

More surprisingly, the freshman did not accept the apology and kicked Yang Mengjiang as what Yang Mengjiang did to him.

Indeed, Li Tianlan was injured, but how overwhelming the power of the Wind and Thunder Veins was!

It was overwhelming especially in terms of strength. Though in Qi-controlling Realm, Li Tianlan’s strength was no worse than an expert in Fire-flaming Realm when Li Tianlan went all out. Being seriously injured from the joined attack, his body flew about 20 meters away at Li Tianlan’s kick. He was spitting blood before Gu Yunxia and could not even move a bit at that time.

“I don’t accept it.”

His peaceful and mild voice rang through the entire arena, without the slightest anger or pleasure. However, people who heard his words all felt their hairs stood on end.

This guy was really tough.

Gu Yunxia’s eyes flashed with a ferocious and hateful emotion just for a moment. She bent her withered body and slightly squatted to help Yang Mengjiang stand up. She handed him to her a.s.sistant. When she straightened up again, she was wearing a mild and calm smile.

“What Mr. Yang did today was indeed inappropriate.”

She paused and her voice became even tendered. She continued in a graceful manner, “The academy will come up with a solution as soon as possible. Is Tianlan satisfied with this method?”

“I’m not.”

Li Tianlan smiled. He put up with his injury to move his body a little. In his pupils, there was suddenly intense fighting willpower like a raging fire.

“Then what do you want?”

Gu Yunxia squinted and asked gently, however, her fingers unconsciously retracted a little. It was an almost instinctive move she did every time she wanted to kill somebody.

What happened today had involved the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, Mount Shu, and Jade Pool. Moreover, Academics and Sigh City were also ready to take part in. This matter looked trivial, but if handled without care, the consequence would become troublesome. Thus, Gu Yunxia had decided to comprise for now. When this was over, she had so many other ways to handle Li Tianlan.

“I’m just saying that I’m not satisfied, but what can I do anyway?”

Li Tianlan smiled gently. “Something just can’t be done if you’re not powerful, no matter how upset you are. Is that right, Director Gu?”

His gaze swept around calmly and he continued, “So I just want to take the in the future, but Mr. Yang shouldn’t bother to pick names for me. Let’s be straight forward. I’d like to challenge some of the freshmen. So… please, can you let me?”

Gu Yunxia’s face slightly changed and subconsciously glanced in Gu Youlan’s direction. Her tender eyes grew cold and the gaze she shot at Li Tianlan became vicious.

Li Tianlan smiled like a breeze, mild and soft. However, when he looked at Gu Yunxia, his eyes became full of conspicuous killing intent.

Two people’s eyes met in the air head-on.

In the gloomy sky, the atmosphere suddenly turned somber.

“Do you really want so?”

Gu Yunxia slowly asked. It could be seen as her threat, and also her final warning.

Li Tianlan did not say a word and grasped w.a.n.g Yuetong’s palm. Then, he went back to the stage. Every step he took was firm.

“Tianlan, you’re hurt.”

Zhuang Huayang frowned. He did not how badly injured Li Tianlan was. However, under such a situation, he should not fight anymore with his injuries. Could not he save the revenge for later?

“It’s OK.”

Li Tianlan said without so much as a backward glance.

Gu Yunxia shot a cold glance at Li Tianlan. Then, she looked at Zhuang Huayang and said gently, “Will the headmaster please decide?”

“I agree.”

Before Zhuang Huayang said anything, the Enchantress declared herself.

“I agree too.”

Ye Fengcheng looked at Li Tianlan’s descending figure in a meaningful way, and the appreciation in his eyes grew more and more.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Zhuang Huayang looked at Tribulation beside him.

Tribulation did not say a word, and his figure started to twist and became transparent. A back shadow appeared in front of Zhuang Huayang, while the real Tribulation had already left the Number One training ground.

Was that a yes?

Zhuang Huayang squinted and nodded. “So be it. Tianlan, who do you want to challenge?”

Li Tianlan was already on the stage.

On the three-meter-high platform, Li Tianlan’s figure looked small against the gloomy sky. However, at the same time, it was so clear that his figure was in everyone’s eyes.


Li Tianlan pointed randomly in some direction.

In the direction he pointed, most of the freshmen spread out instinctively. Then, a closely-packed group presented themselves.

In the crowd, Gu Youlan stared at Li Tianlan, whose fingers were pointing at her. She compressed her red lips and did not say anything, but killing intent flowed in her eyes.

Liu Dongyu was still in the direction, and her face remained blank.

Xu Yunzong was the most hot-tempered one among them. He clenched his fist and said with his teeth gritted. “I’ll go meet him.”


Gu Youlan said peacefully, “You will, but not now.”

Her gaze swept around and finally fell on a few experts in Ice-condensing Realm at the outer circle. She asked in a sweet voice, “You’ll go, no need to be quick. Hold him till he’s exhausted.”

The experts in Ice-condensing Realm from Flames of War looked terrible. They exchanged a glance with each other and subconsciously looked at Liu Dongyu.


Liu Dongyu was not showing any emotion.

“Will the students go on the stage?”

Zhuang Huayang’s sound rang. As a headmaster, he actually taught an Actual Combat Lesson. It was really a high-end lesson.

An expert in Ice-condensing Realm went on the stage. With a pale face, he hesitantly opened his mouth before Li Tianlan and slowly said, “I’m…”

Before he finished the sentence, Li Tianlan’s figure already dashed in front of him.

He raised his fist!

He did not draw out Human Emperor.

Knuckles in Li Tianlan from head to toe were violently shaking. He exerted his full strength in one fist and punched hard on the other’s chest.

On the stage, all air shook and madly twisted.

In the gloomy and cold air, the wind seemed to blow out of nowhere, ferocious and overwhelming.

The expert in Ice-condensing Realm who just got on the stage was scared. Subconsciously, he folded his arms before the chest.

Li Tianlan punched forward.


A trace of menace flashed through his eyes. Endless hate spread from his heart to shroud his entire body.

“I’ll show you how to be really ruthless!”


Crazy strength went through the arms to the chest.

Shrouded in twisted air, what was happening on the stage looked blurry. A low but dull and desperate scream rang with a crackling of bones.

An expert in Ice-condensing Realm from Flames of War had just gotten on the stage, and then he was sent off the stage like a sandbag. The fist reached his chest through his arm, but in his entire back, there was a pool of blood.

The lonely and desperate figure flew over the platform and crashed before Gu Yunxia. He twitched and then stopped moving.


Li Tianlan opened his mouth without a slightest change of expression.

Gu Yunxia could no longer keep her smile anymore. She looked extremely gloomy right now.

An Ice-condensing Realm expert might be nothing in Kunlun City. However, no matter in Sky Academy or in Kunlun City, Flames of War was a force that belonged to Kunlun City. Now, an Flames of War elite was pushed at her feet by Li Tianlan on purpose. Gu Yunxia felt as if she had been slapped in the face, her face burning hot.

She squatted to check the injured one. Then, she lifted her head and her eyes seemed to be on fire.

After the fist, bones of the student before her were all shattered, and his viscera almost all broke down. Injured like this, if he got treated in time, he would not die. However, it was extremely hard for him to recover to his previous level.

Li Tianlan did not kill anyone in the Actual Combat Lesson, but how was it different from killing him with such a method?



Thinking of Yang Mengjiang’s comment on Li Tianlan, Gu Yunxia gnashed her teeth and could not say a word.


On the platform, Li Tianlan moved like a dragon. Just when the second Flames of War elite got on the stage, Li Tianlan kicked him in the abdomen.

Large amount of blood spurted out of him like a blood fog. His body fell in the same routine, falling again beside Gu Yunxia.


Having witnessed for himself, Yang Mengjiang’s lips shuddered and he started to see stars. Without a doubt, this was the strongest response to his calling Li Tianlan ruthless.

In the first fight, Li Tianlan just broke his opponent’s arm.

What kind of ruthless was that?

Now, he took them down by just one stroke. He disabled them when they met. Only such a style could be called ruthless.

“Go on.”

Li Tianlan gently said. His smile was mellow and mild.

“Headmaster, look what he’s doing! This is our Kunlun City’s, no, Sky Academy’s elites. Headmaster, this man could not stay!”

Yang Mengjiang shouted with a shaking voice. Because of extreme anger, his dark face had turned crimson.

Your Kunlun City?

Finally, your tongue slipped?

Zhuang Huayang’s eyes grew cold and stared deep into Yang Mengjiang’s eyes. Then, he casually said, “Tianlan, please behave.”

“Yes, I will.”

Li Tianlan nodded, smiling. Deep down, he recalled Liu Xiuwei, Yang Mengjiang’s kick, and Kunlun City.

The organization that took bullying others for granted and demanded the other should not stay when they themselves were bullied.

What a Special Warfare System’s authority center in Zhongzhou State!

Li Tianlan smiled and looked at the fidgeting expert who was stepping onto the stage. His body flickered and he kicked once again.


The same blood fog burst out all over the place.

However, this time, the opponent did not fly off the stage. When Li Tianlan’s foot landed on him, all of Li Tianlan’s power exploded inside him.

He flopped.

He knelt to the ground and died on the spot.

Li Tianlan looked Yang Mengjiang with a meaningful eye, which Yang Mengjiang was extremely familiar with.

Just now, Yang Mengjiang was watching Li Tianlan with that kind of eyes, aggressive and cruel.


Yang Mengjiang spat another mouthful of blood, and his entire body was staggering.

Li Tianlan kicked the body before him off the stage and continued, “Who else?!”

Gu Yunxia twitched the corner of her lips and managed to swallow the blood that flowed to her mouth. She twisted around and ordered coldly. “Let’s go!”

With the headmaster behind him, Li Tianlan could do anything he wanted. Gu Yunxia did not want to see what happened next anymore.

She turned around and had her a.s.sistant supported Yang Mengjiang. They were about to leave.

“Director Gu.”

On the stage, Li Tianlan suddenly said, his voice emotionless.

Gu Yunxia suddenly turned around and her killing intent surged, and then she snapped. “What do you want?”


Li Tianlan laughed out loud and directly said, “Have I told you that you’re ugly, like an old witch?”

He was young and hot-blooded, young and wild.

“Good, haha, very good.”

Beside Zhuang Huayang, a loud laugh suddenly rang. It turned out that Ye Fengcheng was looking at Li Tianlan with an appreciative face. He smiled. “Tianlan is right. Just because of that, when you recover, I have to buy you a drink.”

Back in Youzhou, Ye Fengcheng was called a mad man. He had that reckless personality. If not for his fear-nothing-at-all att.i.tude, he would not have taken the position of the director of the Political Department in Sky Academy. Though the position looked high-level, however, compared with Ye family’s power, he could be considered to have been exiled to the frontier.

Gu Yunxia froze on the stop for a full five minutes. Finally, she looked deep into Li Tianlan’ eyes and then turned to leave.

Li Tianlan glanced at her figure, twisted around toward Gu Youlan’s direction and asked, “Who else?”


Xu Yunzong suddenly roared and stepped to the platform regardless of Gu Youlan’s warning eyes.

A large layer of flamed surged up around his body. At that time, Xu Yunzong was like a sun, glowing and scorching hot.

He stepped on the platform.

Without any word, he rushed to Li Tianlan, roaring.

His innate strength inherited from Thunder Vein was completely gathered. Amidst the firelight, the stage shook at his madly rus.h.i.+ng. He ran faster and faster like a behemoth.

The air in front of Li Tianlan was completely twisted. Looking from the outside, he seemed to be pus.h.i.+ng forward a small world.

The air gathered to blow wind.

The wind stirred.

A large layer of firelight was dispersed by the gale.

The two approached each other in an instant.

Appearing before Xu Yunzong was also a firmly-clenched strong fist.

Xu Yunzong roared and lifted his hand toward the fist without hesitation.


Just when their fists touched, they immediately retracted. Li Tianlan suddenly took a step forward, and the twisted air swooshed around his entire body madly. Then, Li Tianlan turned around and smashed Xu Yunzong’s chest with his elbow.


Xu Yunzong was badly injured, but he managed to stay. The surrounding air had formed a ma.s.s of wind blades. Immediately, his large body was covered in blood. However, his expression became even more ferocious. He grabbed Li Tianlan at the arm and moved, roaring. Amidst his shout, he lifted up Li Tianlan’s body and threw him out.


Li Tianlan was thrown to the ground, leaving a terrible trace of blood after rubbing against the ground. Finally, he crashed hard into the platform’s railings.

Railings made of thick long steel bars were out of shape at once. Li Tianlan spat a mouthful of blood and charged forward again without hesitation.

Blood-covered Xu Yunzong conjured a flame long saber in his hand. Flame crackled around his body from head to toe. Then, he directly brandished it to Li Tianlan.

Three Elements Final Hit!

It was the tenth hit from Ten Skills of True Martial Arts, Kunlun City’s most important unique skill. The tenth hit was called the best hit in Invincible Realm. Also, the other nine hits also stood out in their respective realm.

Li Tianlan quickly expanded his Human Emperor. Amidst the silver flowing light, he smashed the ground hard with the long spear.


The three-meter-high solid platform made of a ma.s.s of steel and concrete shook. On the floor, numerous dust and gravels burst out amidst the steel bars toward Xu Yunzong.

Xu Yunzong brandished his saber madly and swept everything.

However, Li Tianlan was already faster than Xu Yunzong. With his longer weapon, Li Tianlan’s spear had already reached before Xu Yunzong’s chest.

The spear let out an ear-piercing swoosh.

Li Tianlan’ figure seemed to have integrated with the air. His body looked blurry. Only his s.h.i.+ning silver spear could be seen das.h.i.+ng forward!

Xu Yunzong had to back up.

One forward and one backward.

In an instant, they had moved more than 10 meters away.

Xu Yunzong’s large body crashed against the railings on the edge of the stage. He then swiftly moved along the railings.

The long spear stuck into the breaches between the railings.

Before Xu Yunzong’s counterattack, Li Tianlan suddenly twisted the silver spear.


Under the great force, the silver spear directly tore apart the steel bar railings. Dust flew over at the edge of the platform. In an instant, all the steel bars broke off into numerous sticks and darted off the stage.

Fast and furious.

One in Qi-controlling Realm against the other in Fire-flaming Realm.

Li Tianlan found everything in front of him dark. He seemed to have gone completely crazy. He swooshed his silver spear in the rising flames and twisting air. In the fight between the two, the platform itself was at stake.

Xu Yunzong was in an awkward way. The long saber in his hand disappeared, and at the moment the flame dispersed as well.

The fourth move of Ten Skills of True Martial Arts.

Four Moves to One!

“Watch out!”

Off the stage, Gu Youlan had been confident. However, now, her pupils contracted and she shouted to warn.

In a place where n.o.body noticed, a vivid shadow that looked like just like Li Tianlan appeared behind Xu Yunzong’s back out of nowhere.

The flame of Four Moves to One gathered in front of Xu Yunzong and shrouded Li Tianlan in a split second.

The air in front of him gently rippled.

Li Tianlan stood quietly and did not move a bit.

However, under everyone’s eyes, Li Tianlan had already switched position with the shadow. He raised the spear and it swooshed down!

The shadow opposite Xu Yunzong was engulfed by the flame and dissipated at once.

The silver spear swooshed forward and smashed Xu Yunzong’s head without reservation.


The staggering platform finally crumbled at the final stroke.

In the boundless dust, ice fog permeated. Under the stroke, Xu Yunzong’s body was completely shattered. Only pieces of flesh and blood flew in the sky. His corpse did not even remain intact.

Brutal and vicious.

When extreme violence was taken to the extreme, it would be art that made everyone’s hair stand on end.

It was art that was extremely brutal and b.l.o.o.d.y.

The dust finally dispersed.

On the ruined stage, only Li Tianlan’s voice kept ringing. “Who else?!”

On this day.

In the first Actual Combat Lesson of Sky Academy’s new semester.

The Actual Combat Lesson instructor Yang Mengjiang was badly injured.

Two of the cla.s.smates were dead and two were also seriously injured.

Four students were expelled from the cla.s.s.

Flames of War that used to rule in the previous Sky Academy was almost annihilated.

Under Li Tianlan’s seemingly quiet but actually fang-baring and claw-brandis.h.i.+ng attacks.

Kunlun City’s young core disciple, the Fire-flaming Realm expert Xu Yunzong perished.

Gu Youlan retreated without even a fight.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 112

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