The King of Special Warfare Chapter 124

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Holding the Dongcheng family’s only Skyattack, Li Tianlan had no reason or position to refuse the promise Thunder G.o.d asked him to make, but Thunder G.o.d’s statement annoyed him, for he was obviously deliberate to say it.

Defend the household…

Obviously, in the eyes of the whole Dongcheng Clan, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+, who he had never met before, was already his wife. That was why they used the word “household”. If to put it another way, Li Tianlan could promise to do it without hesitation, whether it was to defend his country or protect his comrades. However, Li Tianlan opened his mouth several times and failed to give a definite answer to Thunder G.o.d’s ambiguous statement.

He pressed the promise into his heart, gripping the Skyattack in his hand, and quietly changed the subject, “The top-secret action in two academies refers to…”

A hint of helplessness crossed Thunder G.o.d’s eyes, but he did not continue to embarra.s.s him. He was always by Li Tianlan’s side during the year in the desert. He sent Li Tianlan there and sent him back again. The two spent a long time together. Thunder G.o.d also had a deep understanding of Li Tianlan’s temperament. He knew that, despite the magnificent meaning behind the Skyattack that could kill an expert in the Thunder-shocking Realm, even if there was no reward, Li Tianlan would definitely come to help when Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was in danger, because she was a member of the Dongcheng Clan.

As for asking him to declare his recognition of Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+’s status, for a while, it should still be impossible. The simple test did not get a reply, and Thunder G.o.d did not say much more. He just turned his eyes to Zhuang Huayang and said, “You have to ask the headmaster about this. I only know that it is a top-secret action, but I do not know about the action itself.”

Li Tianlan looked at Zhuang Huayang.

Zhuang Huayang shook his head without surprise and said flatly, “This operation is very covert. Even if a bit of information leaks, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, we have signed a confidentiality agreement. Not everyone inside the Decision Making Committee knows about the specific operation, not to mention the people in the Sky Academy. I can’t tell you anything now. When the time comes, you will know that.”

Li Tianlan’s eyes focused for a while. It was conceivable that how secret the mission was since it was not fully open inside the Decision Making Committee. Did it really worth the big shots being so careful about the action?

Or were there some inside stories about it?

“Don’t think too much.”

Zhuang Huayang looked at Li Tianlan and said calmly, “Your most important task now is to improve your strength. After 40 days of special devil training, you should improve as much as you can. Tianlan, I need to remind you that this is the best opportunity if you don’t want to lag behind in terms of credits. Each partic.i.p.ant in this action will have 100 credits. Those who perform well in the action will be rewarded with additional credits, which will not be capped. Therefore, it is the most important thing to use the 40 days to improve your own credits as soon as possible.”

Li Tianlan nodded his head and slowly put the Skyattack back into the box, and carried it on his back.

The Skyattack was extremely heavy. It had a weight of almost thirty-five to forty kilograms. Only weirdos like Li Tianlan who put the Human Emperor with a weight of more than fifty kilos in his sleeve all day long could treat it as nothing. In other people’s cases, this weight was probably a big burden for most of the masters under the Thunder-shocking Realm.

“My cla.s.smates…”

He put the Skyattack on his back and continued to ask.

“They have special personnel to instruct them to complete the special training. The Enchantress, Bai Youming, Gu Yunxia, and Qin Ke, all of them will be busy, but their life will definitely be more relaxing than you, because you alone have two tutors to guide you.”

Zhuang Huayang said indifferently, “You have one day’s rest today. Come here this time tomorrow to sign in, and remember to adjust your condition. The special training will start tomorrow. In the next 40 days, you may not be able to relax.”

“Put your plan aside today.”

Tribulation, who was standing next to Zhuang Huayang, said, “Everything has its own flexibility. You should relax today.”


Li Tianlan smiled, but his thoughts were more and more, out of control. This strange 40-day holiday, which was called a holiday, was actually the more intense special training. Obviously, there was still a great gap between their strength and the requirement of the upcoming action. Therefore, the academy would mobilize superior forces to concentrate special training on their best freshmen in an attempt to maximize their capabilities in the shortest possible time.

After all, what was the top-secret action?

Li Tianlan silently walked out of the villa carrying Skyattack on his back, thinking about this problem all the way.

The afternoon sun fell quietly on the college road, bright and fresh. Li Tianlan walked along the road unconsciously, but his mind had already flown to other places.

A phone bell rang suddenly.

Li Tianlan, whose mind was wandering away, suddenly returned to reality. He took out his phone and looked at the number. His eyes narrowed subconsciously.

He picked up the phone and gave a cool h.e.l.lo.

“Young Master Li, I am at Sky Academy.”

In the phone, Liu Xiuyuan’s respectful voice came through, sounding extremely humble.

“I know.”

Li Tianlan smiled, but his voice was calm, so no one could guess his inner thoughts. “Congratulations, Deputy Director Liu.”

“Do you need me to do anything?”

Liu Xiuyuan hesitated for a while and then asked directly.

He couldn’t guess Li Tianlan’s idea, so he simply wouldn’t guess. This phone call was not meant to express loyalty. With their actual relations.h.i.+p, unless Li Tianlan’s brain was damaged, otherwise, he would not believe that the Liu family would be loyal to him. Moreover, it was not loyalty that maintained their affiliation. The Liu family’s fate was firmly held in his hand, so no matter how much hatred the Liu family harbored against him, as long as they wanted to survive, they had to accept the fate of being manipulated by Li Tianlan. They both knew this.

An idea flashed through Li Tianlan’s mind. He said thoughtfully, “Have you received any news or rumors about the top-secret action from the Sky Academy?”


Liu Xiuyuan honestly said, “It seems that even Gu Yunxia is not very clear about this mission. There was even no rumor circulating in Huating before it happened. Young Master Li, should I inquire about it?”

Li Tianlan seriously thought it for a moment, and finally shook his head and said, “No, no, don’t raise side issues.”

As long as he was selected for the top-secret action of the Sky Academy and the Deep-sea Academy, he was not allowed to refuse. In the Sky Academy, where the military atmosphere was very strong, the order he got was exactly the same as the command issued from above. Military orders were inviolable, and personal issues were not worth mentioning at all under military orders. Therefore, Li Tianlan would know this mission sooner or later. If Liu Xiuyuan went to inquire about it, it was not good if there were any variables, not to mention whether he could find out anything or not.

The Liu family was the most hidden chess piece he currently held in his hand. If it was exposed, it would not do him any good.


Liu Xiuyuan replied briefly. How could he really want to check the inside story about this top-secret action? However, since Li Tianlan asked him, he should express an att.i.tude after all. In fact, from the bottom of his heart, Liu Xiuyuan wished Li Tianlan to ask his family to do things as few as possible, because the orders that Li Tianlan gave, which were from his own point of view, must be against the Liu family’s own surface position if they executed it. The danger of the consequences and the cautiousness they needed when taking actions, could not be understood at all by others.

“Is there anything else?”

Li Tianlan continued asked, holding his phone.

“There is a thing.”

Liu Xiuyuan hesitated for a moment, and reported in full, “Young Master Li, a large number of elites from Jiangnan Society have left Jiangnan. Their chief Liu Shuanghua is still in Huating now and has no intention of leaving. I think they probably want to strengthen their intelligence power in Huating. What should we do?”

Jiangnan Society!

It was the largest intelligence agency in southern Zhongzhou State, and Liu Shuanghua was one of the intelligence giants in Zhongzhou State. Perhaps as far as Huating was concerned, Jiangnan Society’s power was not as strong as the Curtain. However, in the whole southern Zhongzhou State, Jiangnan Society was superior to the Curtain in both the scale and the number of covert channels.

Liu Shuanghua, the current chief of Jiangnan Society, was once a senior intelligence officer of the Prince Group. He broke up with the Prince Group for various reasons, then he joined the w.a.n.g family of Beihai under the guidance of Great Master Wuwei to protect himself, and in a few years, he had built Jiangnan Society into the largest intelligence organization in southern Zhongzhou State. How could ordinary people be comparable to him in terms of ability?

Liu Shuanghua led the organization himself to increase the Jiangnan Society’s intelligence input in Huating. It was definitely the Curtain, Huating’s largest local intelligence organization, that was. .h.i.t first. Facing the pressure from Jiangnan Society, how should the Curtain deal with it?

This was Liu Xiuyuan’s purpose to make this call. The news that the little princess of the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, w.a.n.g Yuetong, had lived with Li Tianlan had spread across the Sky Academy. Liu Xiuyuan would really like to know Li Tianlan’s stand when facing the w.a.n.g family of Beihai’s intelligence agency.

“Do you need to ask me about it?”

Li Tianlan frowned and added, “If I didn’t exist, how would you deal with Jiangnan Society?”

Liu Xiuyuan was silent for a while. He seemed to understand what Li Tianlan meant, but he still did not dare to make a decision easily until Li Tianlan made a clear statement. He took a deep breath and cautiously said, “If it had been before, the Curtain would definitely have tried every means to obstruct Jiangnan Society’s development in Huating, even if the two sides would make war in the dark.”

From the standpoint of the Liu family, this was what they should do most, and even if they didn’t do it, Kunlun City would probably give them some hints in this regard.

But from Li Tianlan’s standpoint, who knew if he had any other opinions?

Liu Xiuyuan held the phone and waited in silence.

Li Tianlan was silent for about a minute, then hung up the phone without saying a word.

In many cases, the silence was often the best answer.

Liu Xiuyuan felt an extreme fear that his scalp numbed.

During the silence that lasted for almost a minute, Li Tianlan’s breath was always smooth and steady. He didn’t recognize any hesitation from Li Tianlan’s breath but a kind of almost unfathomable calmness.

Was that the manner of an ambitious person?

A wry smile emerged on Liu Xiuyuan’s face. He picked up the phone again and began to call the Curtain.

Almost as soon as Li Tianlan hung up Liu Xiuyuan’s phone, his cell phone rang again.

Looking at w.a.n.g Yuetong’s phone number on the screen, Li Tianlan smiled and switched on the phone again.

“Senior brother, where are you?”

The crisp voice of w.a.n.g Yuetong came from the phone. She didn’t sound unhappy.

“I am on my way back to the dormitory. Where are you?”

Li Tianlan lit a cigarette and asked, “The academy didn’t let you partic.i.p.ate in this event. Are you angry?”


w.a.n.g Yuetong’s voice paused for a second and became low. She whispered, “This is not the intention of the academy, it should be by the will of my family.”

“This operation is mysterious, and it may be dangerous. His Majesty the Sword Emperor still cares about you very much. He did that in order to protect you.”

Li Tianlan casually smiled and said, without thinking much.

“This is not protection.”

On the phone, w.a.n.g Yuetong said softly, then became silent again. She seemed to hesitate.

Li Tianlan waited for her to speak quietly. Obviously, w.a.n.g Yuetong made the phone call to say something to him, but she didn’t know how to say it.

“I finally let her embarra.s.sed?”

Li Tianlan sighed silently, but he revealed nothing.

“My brother…”

w.a.n.g Yuetong hesitated for a long time, then she whispered, “My brother and several other young people from the w.a.n.g family of Beihai will also take part in this operation. In addition, Gu Hanshan, the young master of Kunlun City, is said to have left Kunlun City already. Senior brother, please be careful during this action.”

She paused, then intensified her tone, saying, “Be careful!”

Li Tianlan felt a chill down his spine. He remained silent.

Only w.a.n.g Yuetong herself knew who she referred to when she said “being careful” for two consecutive times.

w.a.n.g Shengxiao.

Gu Hanshan.

These two people had always held aloof positions in the younger generation. What did it mean when the two so-called young Heavenly Sons would also take part in this action?

What was most worth pondering was that the Zhongzhou State’s Sword Emperor let his son take part in the action, but excluded his daughter to do it. What was the meaning of this?

The whole Sky Academy already knew that w.a.n.g Yuetong was living with him, and w.a.n.g Xiaoyao knew it too, so how couldn’t w.a.n.g Tianzong know it?

Excluding w.a.n.g Yuetong from the action was not for protecting her.

And he thought of the two meaningful terms “being careful” that w.a.n.g Yuetong said.

Li Tianlan smiled with thoughtful eyes.

There were people who also didn’t want to make w.a.n.g Yuetong feel embarra.s.sed.

The w.a.n.g family of Beihai also didn’t want to.

Vaguely, he seemed to understand the deep meaning of the fact that w.a.n.g Yuetong was deliberately excluded from this action.

“It’s fine.”

Li Tianlan said softly, and his eyes became calmer.

On the phone, w.a.n.g Yuetong said “okay” adorably, and continued, “I heard that after this operation, the top ten masters of the younger generation will be re-ranked. Work hard, senior brother.”

Li Tianlan took a drag on his cigarette and did not speak.

The top-secret action of the Sky Academy and Deep-sea Academy, together with w.a.n.g Shengxiao and Gu Hanguang, almost made up the whole team of the top ten masters of the younger generation.

Would this top-secret action be the beginning of the formal fighting and compet.i.tion among the younger generation in Zhongzhou State?

Every 500 years, the new Heavenly Son would appear in Zhongzhou State.

Would this action be the beginning of the compet.i.tion of the t.i.tle “Heavenly Son”?

Li Tianlan’s eyes gradually gleamed with a gleam of divine light. He smiled softly and said, “Wait for me to come back.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong also smiled and said softly, “I have already left the Sky Academy. I am the only one who is in the cla.s.s, so I am forced to have a holiday. I just called Senior Yu. I’ll wait for you at the East Emperor Palace. I’ll wait for my man to amaze the world.”

She paused and then said in a low voice with a smile, “Senior brother, if you do well, I will reward you.”

Li Tianlan felt a burst of boiling in his heart for no reason. He asked directly, “What reward?”

w.a.n.g Yuetong smiled in a low voice. Through the phone, Li Tianlan seemed to be able to imagine the little princess’s adorable reddish face as she bit her lips.

“If you perform well, I’ll let you ‘play’ with your sister-in-law. Do you like the reward? Brother-in-law?”

w.a.n.g Yuetong chuckled and asked.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 124

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