The King of Special Warfare Chapter 130

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The Sky Academy’s unexpected special training ended on June 7th.

A total of 48 people joined the training.

Gu Yunxia, the director of teaching, and Gu Chengming, the group leader of members teaching the Defense Lesson, were in the same group.

The Enchantress, the group leader of members teaching the Camouflage & Lurk Lesson, and Bai Youming, the group leader of members teaching the Actual Combat Lesson, were in the same group.

Another two deputy directors from the teaching affair office, namely Chen Yunlu and Qin Ke, were in the same group.

All three groups stopped the training on June 7th.

The instructors had done their best and would leave the rest to G.o.d. The special training which lasted for more than a month finally ended. A few days before the official start of the operation, each and every partic.i.p.ant in the operation needed to relax and adjust the tension of their nerves. Then they would have to face a more intense top-secret operation compared to the training. In the early stage of the operation, what should be done had been done. What would happen next was up to the students themselves.

Independent of the three groups, Li Tianlan went to rest a day earlier than the other students.

Li Tianlan alone had received the special training of Tribulation and Thunder G.o.d day and night. With this alone, it was clear that he was treated entirely differently from other students. Other students, whether it was Li Baitian or Gu Youlan, the instructors had just tried to improve their fighting ability as much as possible. As for what level their strength could be promoted to, no one knew. They had tried their best.

The requests of Tribulation and Thunder G.o.d to Li Tianlan were extremely clear.

Li Tianlan had perfect Wind and Thunder Veins and Exquisite Bone. Moreover, he possessed acquired Heavenly King Heart. Almost everything about him was impeccable—the best inheritance of Martial Arts, the most lasting physical strength, the most firm will, the most rapid learning ability.

Once such a person grew up, he was completely unbeatable.

Li Tianlan’s greatest weakness now was that the level of his strength was a little low. But that was merely a drawback, not a bad thing. At least because of the low level of his strength, a short period of high-intensity special training could more easily squeeze his potential, so that his level and combat effectiveness could improve faster.

So during the special training, both Tribulation and Thunder G.o.d had very clear requirements to Li Tianlan.

Thunder G.o.d hoped that Li Tianlan would be able to master the Skyattack with terrifying power in a month, and meanwhile, drive a variety of vehicles.

Tribulation, however, hoped that Li Tianlan could go further after the special training.

Li Tianlan was originally at the Peak of the Qi-controlling Realm. If he could achieve this goal and reach the Fulfilment Stage of the Qi-controlling Realm and even the Pseudo Invincible Realm of this level, his real fighting power was enough to surpa.s.s that of most of the youngth, although his level of strength was still low.

Li Tianlan’s performance was surprising enough.

On the day when the special training was about to end, with the departure of Lin Fengting, Li Tianlan’s years of pent-up sword intent was released along with the endless negative emotions. Like the most complete sublimation, it was a breakthrough on the spiritual level, which made his state of mind more perfect invisibly.

On that day, Li Tianlan not only successfully used the Stop Formula which represented the Pseudo Invincible Realm of the Qi-controlling Realm but also managed to condense the third shadow.

Although the third shadow could not perfectly imitate all his movements, it was also enough to show that he not only reached the extreme limit of the Qi-controlling Realm but also broke through the invisible limit and even went one step further, just as Tribulation did.

These were the things the three of them were ecstatic about mostly.

However, Li Tianlan was not complacent. He only spent one day stabilizing the level of his strength after the breakthrough and then immediately prepared to break through to the Ice-condensing Realm.

He was ready to break through the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm.

From this point of view, Li Tianlan could now follow the same path which Tribulation had taken. The path that Tribulation had taken before loomed in front of him. It was a rugged and steep road, but through which one could make great progress each time. Although Li Tianlan had just taken a small step, it was enough to help him bridge the gap between the Ice-condensing Realm and Fire-flaming Realm. This step may seem small, but its effect on promoting his combat effectiveness was immeasurable.

The compet.i.tion which aimed at gaining the t.i.tle “Heavenly Son” was close at hand. Li Tianlan, who had broken the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm, now had the capital to fight for it. But if he could get into the Ice-condensing Realm, his power would be even greater.

He was ready to break the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm and enter the Ice-condensing Realm.

He was determined to win the compet.i.tion.

So he was still in the old warehouse on the makes.h.i.+ft training ground. For two days in a row, he had nothing but rest and continued to apprehend unique skills and meditate.

After the recultivation, he killed Gu Changjiang and broke the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm. His will and spirit had made two breakthroughs in a row in a short time. He now spent more and more time meditating. For the last two days, his Martial Arts level was rising rapidly.

Thunder G.o.d’s life became lonely.

He was nearly fifty years old and already had no hope of entering the Invincible Realm. He meditated for an hour or two every day and trained for an hour or two, so long as he could keep his mind focused and his body strong and don’t let his state slide. So when Li Tianlan was meditating for a breakthrough, he was so boring because he couldn’t leave although he had nothing to do.

Tribulation was no longer at the training ground.

On the very day that Li Tianlan made a breakthrough, he gave Tribulation a sword manual of unknown origin. Tribulation stood where he was for six or seven hours with the sword manual in his hand. Then he left without saying a word and began to engage himself in closed-door training. Now, at the age of thirty-eight, he really didn’t have much time left, and he had to hold on to any opportunity that might bring him closer to the Invincible Realm. So in this warehouse, in addition to Li Tianlan, who spent most of his time meditating, only Thunder G.o.d was left.

The moonlight was chilly and lonely.

It was already midnight.

In front of the warehouse, Thunder G.o.d, who had stewed a pot of broth, was stirring the soup with a spoon. Occasionally, he looked back into the warehouse, bored.

In the pale moonlight, a tall, plump western woman walked over at a modest pace. Her long blond hair fluttered in the moonlight in a messy way, which made her exceedingly s.e.xy and gorgeous.


Thunder G.o.d, who had just filled his bowl with soup, raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “I’ve just made soup. Would you like some?”

“I’m not hungry.”

Horsewoman spoke in the somewhat stiff but exotic Chinese in a low voice, “I will work with you guys.”

Thunder G.o.d nodded slightly. Dongcheng Clan and Samsara Palace weren’t familiar before and they even had little contact with each other. However, in the battle that Samsara destroyed Night Spirit, Dongcheng Clan offered 10 weapons named Heavenly Rainbow. The two sides also seemed to be getting closer because of the deal. And a month ago before Samsara launched a large-scale attack against Night Spirit, it was Thunder G.o.d who traded with Samsara with 10 Heavenly Rainbows. The two sides now met again, and they were, of course, acquaintances.

“Has the leader been selected?”

Thunder G.o.d sipped his soup and asked casually, “Is Tribulation the leader?”

In this operation, Thunder G.o.d was a partic.i.p.ant, but not the most important leader or architect. Therefore, he still had only a partial understanding of this highly cla.s.sified operation. However, Samsara Palace partic.i.p.ated in this operation, and as one of the 12 Super Masters of the Samsara Palace, Horsewoman must know more than him.

“The leader has been selected.”

Horsewoman p.r.o.nounced Chinese with difficulty in a s.e.xy yet serious tone, “Tribulation is in charge of the operation about East Island, but that’s in name only, because the job of Situ Cangyue—the Hidden G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, is not clear-cut. She could be in the East Island, of course, or somewhere else.”

Thunder G.o.d was deep in thought for a moment, then he said calmly, “Who are the specific partic.i.p.ants?”

“Tribulation, you, me, Duke, Flaming Fire, Cool Breeze, Gu Yunxia, Ye Fengcheng, Qin Ke, Bai Youming, Three-Eye, w.a.n.g Shengxiao, Skull, Gu Chengming, Black Pupil.”

Horsewoman blurted out so many names that Thunder G.o.d’s ears were kept fully occupied.

The corners of his mouth twitched violently and he didn’t speak for a long while.

He asked about the names of the specific partic.i.p.ants. Of course, they referred to the experts whose levels were above the Thunder-shocking Realm in this operation.

Horsewoman clearly understood what he meant. The fifteen names that came out of her mouth all belonged to Thunder-shocking Realm experts!

Fifteen Thunder-shocking Realm experts.

And obviously, this was only part of the operation.

“It’s really awesome.”

There was a moment of silence before Thunder G.o.d murmured.

There was a slight pause before Horsewoman continued, “We’re about to a.s.semble. Young Master Tianlan…”

“I’m ready.”

A gentle voice sounded from the warehouse.

Thunder G.o.d and Horsewoman turned at the same time.

In front of the warehouse, under the bright moonlight, raindrops were falling, and suddenly, moisture pervaded the air.

A clear and transparent current flowed out from the door of the warehouse. The water was not dispersed, instead, it was condensed. It flowed for tens of meters before finally stopping in front of Thunder G.o.d and Horsewoman.

As the two Thunder-shocking Realm experts instinctively contracted their pupils, the current that flowed to them stopped before them and expanded. It then sprayed in all directions. Meanwhile, Li Tianlan appeared before them, his clothes dry and smile bright.

“This is…”

Thunder G.o.d opened his mouth and looked puzzled. Tribulation’s Shadow Formula was quite famous in the Dark World, but shadow transposition was a completely different concept from Li Tianlan’s walking out of the spray. Should Tribulation’s unique skill have this pattern of manifestation when the user reached the Ice-condensing Realm? Did he know it himself?

“It’s the same as the shadow transposition,” said Horsewoman gently.

Thunder G.o.d was in a trance just now, but she saw it clearly. The instant that water sprayed, what appeared first was the shadow which was condensed by the current, and Li Tianlan appeared then. The difference was that Li Tianlan did it a lot faster than when he was in the Qi-controlling Realm. At this rate of making progress, when Li Tianlan reached the Thunder-shocking Realm and switched his place with the shadow, his speed would be as fast as that of Tribulation.

With a soft smile, she said respectfully, “Congratulations, Young Master Tianlan.”

“I’m not a young master.”

Li Tianlan waved his hand and said with a wry smile, “If you don’t mind, Super Master, you can call me by my name later. Shall I call you Horsewoman?”

Horsewoman smiled and said with a nod, “Okay.”

“Little Bai…”

Li Tianlan hesitated slightly and asked.

“The boss is in a meeting right now, but she told me to bring this to you.”

Horsewoman’s voice softened. Carefully, she fished a wooden box out from her pocket and handed it to Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan took the box and glanced at it. All he could see were the English letters on it, but he didn’t know what they meant. He opened the box and saw a crystal clear vessel in front of him. The vessel contained half a tube of azure liquid, and the light of the liquid was gentle and clear.

“This is a special potion in the Dark World, codenamed Surge. It is most useful to you now.”

Horsewoman said in a soft voice.


Beside them, Thunder G.o.d asked suddenly, “Is that a potion which is known as the chicken rib from North American?”

“Why is it a chicken rib?”

Li Tianlan asked slowly, closing the box in his hand.

Thunder G.o.d glanced at Horsewoman and said nothing.

Horsewoman smiled softly and said gently, “Surge is indeed a chicken rib, but it’s valuable as well. This potion can greatly increase the strength of the users within three months. To be exact, it enables the users to have the strength a level greater and there are no after-effects. However, this potion is only effective for the experts whose level is below the Thunder-shocking Realm.”

Li Tianlan’s countenance suddenly changed.

The potion could improve the combat effectiveness of the users by a realm in three months, and there were no after-effects. Although it was only effective for people whose levels of strength were low, its effect was immeasurable. It was ineffective for Thunder-shocking Realm experts, which meant it was perfect for elites at the Peak and even the Fulfilment Stage of the Ice-condensing Realm. Li Tianlan was able to have the combat strength at the Peak of the Fire-flaming Realm within three months, and it was just terrifying. It was nothing like the Immortality Potion, but it was by no means a chicken rib.

“This is the situation in the Dark World.”

Horsewoman explained softly, as if she had seen Li Tianlan’s doubt, “Most experts whose levels are under the Thunder-shocking Realm are not destructive enough to be taken seriously, except for few Fire-flaming Realm experts. The potion is a product developed by a laboratory in North America. The lab originally intended to create a great number of experts at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm to besiege Invincible Realm experts, but after the result came out, everyone felt very disappointed, because this potion has no effect on Thunder-shocking Realm experts and it’s only effective for some experts at the Ice-condensing Realm or Fire-flaming Realm. However, it’s so expensive. If it is ma.s.s-produced, the loss outweighs the gain. If the value of a Fire-flaming Realm expert is turned into money, that sum of money is only able to create a small part of the potion. So that lab didn’t ma.s.s-produce it after inventing the Surge, because it doesn’t make any sense.”

Li Tianlan looked down at the wooden box in his hand, his eyes burning.

What was useless in the Dark World was of unimaginable value in his hands.

He succeeded to break through to the Ice-condensing Realm from the Qi-controlling Realm this time. If he took the Surge, his strength would soar to the Fire-flaming Realm!

What did that mean?

When Li Tianlan reached the Fire-flaming Realm, he was almost invincible among the younger generation.

To him, the value of this potion was simply inestimable.

“This is the potion that Palace Master got by herself. Do you want to take it now? You can absorb it in half an hour.”

Horsewoman said smilingly, “There’s still a little time before a.s.sembling, so you can have enough time to do that.”

Li Tianlan hesitated and finally shook his head, saying, “Not now. Where’s my martial uncle?”

“He’s got some inspiration, and he’s been engaged in closed-door training in recent days.” Thunder G.o.d explained beside them.

“Let’s go to the a.s.sembly. We’d better go to the a.s.sembly point early,” he added.

Li Tianlan nodded. After taking two steps forward, he realized that the operation was about to begin, that the team was ready to a.s.semble, and that, until now, he had no idea what they were going to do.

At the same time.

In the office of the Political Department of the Sky Academy.

A figure of a woman in a lunar white loose robe appeared in front of the minister’s office.

In the dark, her white robe was obvious, but she seemed to be one with the darkness, looking contradictory yet harmonious.

“The door is unlocked.”

She hesitated for two seconds in front of the door of the office, and then a deep, hoa.r.s.e voice rang calmly inside.

The white figure paused and then pushed the door open.

The lights in the office were soft.

“Not bad,” whispered the woman in white as she entered the office, glancing casually at her surroundings.

She wore a golden mask that covered most of her face, and her hair was coiled up. Her figure was hidden by the loose robe, and no one could see her face or figure. She was like a white shadow, vacant and lonely.

“Sister, will you go with us to East Island?”

Sitting on the sofa, looking at the white shadow in front of him, Tribulation asked softly.

There was only one person in the entire Zhongzhou State who could be called sister by Tribulation; that was, the Hidden G.o.d of Zhongzhou State, also the Governor of Sigh City, Situ Cangyue!

“No, I won’t.”

Situ Cangyue glanced at her brother, and behind the golden mask, her cold, vacant eyes seemed to soften. “I’m here to tell you that I’m going to North America next. Gu Qianchuan is in Western Europe. You will take the team to East Island, and this time you’re on your own.”

Tribulation nodded placidly and said, “It’s all right.”

He sat quietly on the sofa, looking the same as before, but once taking a closer look, one could perceive that the present Tribulation seemed to be darker and more mysterious than before.

“This battle is very big and complicated. You must be careful in East Island.”

Situ Cangyue took a look at Tribulation and continued, “Higher-ups in Zhongzhou State contacted Lin Fengting a few hours ago, but he refused to offer a helping hand, and he will probably leave tomorrow. Gu Qianchuan was originally appointed as the Commander of the Snowdance Corps and the front line commander of the battle. But he is said to be in conflict with Lin Fengting. He’s still the Commander of the Snowdance Regiment, but no longer the commander in chief. He is in Western Europe, and cannot influence North America or East Island, which is probably the best news for us.”

“Is there any movement in East Island?” Tribulation asked suddenly.

He had engaged himself in closed-door training these days, and he didn’t know much about the spectators to the Sky Academy. This matter, however, concerning the interests of East Island itself, in any case, its experts could not miss the battle between the G.o.d of War of Zhongzhou State and the Master of Samsara Palace. However, it was not clear that who would come here among the three current Invincible Realm experts in East Island.

“In East Island, both Wuji Sword Master and Jifeng Sword Sage will come to Zhongzhou State to watch the fight.”

Situ Cangyue replied curtly.

East Island had always promoted itself by picking names that sounded like a bluff, such as Sword Master and Sword Sage. However, if these two giants in kendo came to Zhongzhou State in person, then only one Invincible Realm expert was left in East Island.

Tribulation nodded placidly and said, “I see.”

“Tribulation, don’t be careless.”

Situ Cangyue said in a serious tone, “The war situation in East Island is unlike that in Western Europe and North America. You are under unimaginable pressure. Moreover, Zhongzhou State has received the news that the one ahead of you on the list of killers has received a mysterious commission to East Island, and the deposit of the commission is $500 million. His goal is unclear at the moment, but if it’s you…”

The list of killers in the Dark World had been dominated by three giants in recent years.

The three killers, or three, had dominated the list in recent years. Tribulation came in second on the list. Coincidentally, the two super before and after him also had the codename of a single word.

First came Evil!

He was the top killer in the current Dark World and also the only Invincible Realm killer.

Tribulation, who took an unusual path, came in second.

The number three super whose codename was Shang was a killer who was a half step to Invincible Realm.

All the killers and in the Dark World, no matter however brilliant they were, were eclipsed by these three. Now Evil accepted a mysterious commission with the deposit of 500 million dollars to East Island, and Tribulation was going to lead his team there. Was this a coincidence or a scheme?

Facing the war, all the people had to advance instead of retreating. Not to mention Situ Cangyue, perhaps even Samsara Palace, the organization that planned all this, could not necessarily see the situation that clearly.

This operation was almost an unrestrained gamble.

Tribulation’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he just nodded and remained silent.

“Take the Setting Sun with you.”

Situ Cangyue was silent for a moment, then suddenly whispered.

Tribulation paused slightly, then shook his head. “No.”

Each one of the 12 Murderous Weapons had the ability to threaten the life of an Invincible Realm expert. If Tribulation took the Setting Sun with him, his combat capability would be equal to that of Invincible Realm experts. But if Evil really went to East Island for him, the showdown between the two super killers in the Dark World would be put on the stage. The aggressive Setting Sun might be useful, but not that useful.

With the Setting Sun in Situ Cangyue’s hands, her trip to North America would be more rea.s.suring to Tribulation.

Situ Cangyue wanted to say more, but Tribulation’s figure was already gone.

A nearly transparent shadow was left on the sofa. Its two palms had been encircled by black air, but one of it was almost transparent currently, and the black air encircling the other hand was still diffusing.

Situ Cangyue’s eyes sparkled and she sighed gently.

A bell rang in the office.

It was three o’clock at midnight.

The night was still outside the window.

Great waves were about to be stirred up in the Dark World.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 130

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