The King of Special Warfare Chapter 153 - Encirclement and Annihilation

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The ruins in the night were desolate and silent.

Moderate rain, no moon, and strong wind.

Piles of rubbish were piled up and some of the defunct machines were scattered all over the place. As the wind whistled over, some of paper and plastic bags in the ruins kept flying in the bleak wind and was then hit by rain. The windows of the dilapidated buildings were completely broken, and several of the dilapidated buildings leaned slightly. Behind the windows was a dark s.p.a.ce that seemed to swallow everything.

This was an abandoned factory in the suburb of Changdao. The factory covered an area of 200,000 square meters, through which we could see the prosperity of it in its glory days. It was just that since it went bankrupt in the financial crisis a few years ago, this place had become very desolate. Though uninhabited, messy, and unkempt, it could shelter people from the wind and rain. Thus, it was the favorite place of many homeless people and beggars in Changdao, as well as the best place for yakuza to fight and trade.

Similarly, it was also the best place to hide because of the complex terrain and chaotic facilities inside the factory.

In the wind and rain, there seemed to be a shadow cutting through the darkness.

The shadow was moving very fast, flas.h.i.+ng away in the gloom. It seemed real but actually gave people a hallucinatory feel.

The shadow rushed across the factory and charged straight into a dark s.p.a.ce inside the factory without hesitation.

The wind and rain darkened the sky.

The darkness filling the air grew deeper, and the whole world was pitch dark.

Accompanied by the sound of car horns and sirens, rumbling footsteps sounded in the distance, coming nearer and nearer.

The whir of the rotors of an armed helicopter rang and the air was turbulent.

Both in the sky and on the ground, countless bright rays of light were s.h.i.+ning in the factory, and numerous areas of the whole factory were covered by the light in the fastest time.

The beams of light crisscrossed in the darkness, making the raindrops more visible. Rumbling footsteps had been close to the factory. Succinct and effective commands were issued one after another, in an orderly manner.

The crowd armed with guns, dressed in police uniforms or casual clothes, broke into the factory in many groups, keeping a ready attacking posture and searching.

Time slowly pa.s.sed.

The foremost group was the first to storm into the building nearest to the gate.

They carried infrared submachine guns and nervously glanced around.

The sound of hearts beating m.u.f.fled even the sound of footsteps in the almost dead silence. Everyone could almost hear their own rapid, almost explosive heartbeat.

The other groups went straight up to the second floor.

After the group on the ground floor confirmed that nothing had been found, they let out a long breath at last. After a short silence, the captain took out his walkie-talkie and said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “The ground floor of the first building is safe.”

They did not know who they were encircling and suppressing, but it did not matter in such a battle. How much damage the target could cause was the core question.

The scale of the operation spoke for itself.

Special police, regular police, gangsters, experts who were occasionally recognized by others while they were disguising in the underworld but actually belonged to the army, and those who were not clearly identified but had very special privileges…

A helicopter, bazookas, sniper rifles…

Bombing and precision strikes were combined, and intensive fire coverage was also extremely complete.

Such a scale was enough to ill.u.s.trate the intensity of the operation and the danger of the other side.

The danger had been proved.

After twelve hours of continuous pursuit, their casualties were numerous. After three Thunder-shocking Realm experts and seven to eight Fire-flaming Realm experts died in a row, Changdao reacted most violently at last. They began to use all kinds of force to chase the target at all costs.

The search teams had to come here out of obligation. But once they met the target, they basically would die. Therefore, it was a great stroke of luck that they did not find the target.

Now, who was worse off to meet that crazy guy?

“The third floor of the first building is safe.”

“The fifth floor of the first building is safe.”

“Building one is safe. Request a total transfer.”

At the factory gate, amid the bustle of moving in and out, three figures stood silently in front of the door, waiting for the reports from all the search teams.

Two middle-aged men of the three were no longer young. The middle-aged man on the left was about fifty years old, short in stature, but he appeared strong and doughty. The other, however, was fat and had an oily face in the lamplight.

At this moment, the fat middle-aged man was holding an umbrella for the person in the middle. His waist was slightly curved, as if he wanted to be away from the person next to him. Nevertheless, he did not dare to let the person be exposed in the rain, so he could only try to put his hand beside the person, and then a very odd posture was formed.

The rain completely wet most of his body, but he seemed to be unaware of it and just smiled humbly.

Many search teams coming and going were stunned to see this, but were afraid to say much.

The portly, middle-aged man, who now fawned over his owner like a pug, was arguably a big shot all over Changdao.

He was the chief of the Changdao police department, Tufei Tianguang.

If that wasn’t enough, his another ident.i.ty as a member of Yamaguchi-gumi was proof that the fat pig had exceptional ability in both the underworld and the government.

And now Tufei Tianguang was doing the exact opposite of his ident.i.ty…

Everyone subconsciously glanced at the man beside Tufei Tianguang.

The night rain was bleak and chilly

The fierce wind howled.

In the bleak and dangerous environment, the red dress seemed to have become the origin of the tenderness between heaven and earth.

This was a young woman in red. Her long white legs were exposed to the air in her high slit dress, and her black waist-length hair was neatly combed. Her delicate, almost perfect face seemed pale and gaunt, but the frail beauty added to her charm.

She stood quietly beside Tufei Tianguang, letting the fat pig hold an umbrella for her. Her eyes, as bright as cold stars, looked straight at the factory through the rain, and she was expressionless.

The red dress was like fire.

But her aura resembled water.

The water seemed to flow softly in the deep night, but it carried a piercing charm and danger.

Mai s.h.i.+ranui, the Young Palace Master of Liuhuo Palace and a young genius in East Island.

The nearby search teams came and went.

Mai s.h.i.+ranui completely ignored the strange and carnal gazes around her. Listening to the reports from the walkie-talkie, she picked up the walkie-talkie and said in a crisp and cold yet strangely lovely voice, “Everyone in the first building stay put. Other teams report.”

“The ground floor of the second building is safe.”

“The third floor of the second building is safe.”

“The second building is safe.”

Mai s.h.i.+ranui was silent for a short while and then asked calmly, “How about the periphery?”

“The peripheral operation is going well and we’re pretty much done with the siege. We’re searching for blind angles, turning on satellite imagery and thermal imaging… It doesn’t help, but we can be sure that the target hasn’t left the factory.”

“How about the third building?”

“The ground floor of the third building is safe.”

“The second floor of the third building is safe.”

“The third floor is saf… Oh, wait… discover…”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Violent sounds of gunfire in the walkie-talkie suddenly sounded, as if countless notes symbolizing death burst out, roaring in everyone’s ears.

“Target spotted! Target spotted! All out! Surround the third building!”

In the sharp and rapid roar, standing at the door, Mai s.h.i.+ranui rushed straight into the factory!

The scorching heat rose in the air, and for a moment, all the rain was evaporated in her path. The red shadow flickered and was gone in an instant.

“Call for backup! The enemy attack! The enemy attack! The sixth group is silent. The ninth group is silent. The fifth group is silent. Oh, my G.o.d, there are still people alive. He’s coming up. He’s moving fast. Request the helicopter…”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The roar from the third building fell silent amid the sounds of gunfire. After the sounds died away, the whole walkie-talkie was eerily silent.

Tufei Tianguang opened his mouth and was about to say something. At that moment, his gaze went as far as it could. Through the rain, he saw some firelight.

The flame flickered and expanded.

The whole third building was suddenly turned into a sea of fire.

The woman in a fiery red dress rose into the air in the fire and went straight up into the third floor. Her shrill voice echoed through the area, sharp and cold, “Li Tianlan, you can’t get away!”


Before Mai s.h.i.+ranui’s voice could die away, the firelight in the third building was slightly twisted, and then the same raging fire rose. For a moment, the raging fire occupied everyone’s sight, and all the sounds of gunfire completely disappeared. The infinite flames mingled, disappeared, and then rekindled. Piercingly cold sword intent whizzed through the whole floor and the Sword Energy rushed to the sky. The extremely powerful sword intent swept everything in its path.

Under the sword intent, the torrent of fire coalesced in Mai s.h.i.+ranui’s shrill voice.

Countless flames were immediately gathered and turned into a huge ball of fire in the blink of an eye.

The gloomy night was completely illuminated by fire.

Mai s.h.i.+ranui finally saw the opponent in front of her, who had been fighting with her for several days and was getting crazier instead of weaker.

The sharp and heavy silver spear swept across the air, carrying the sword intent that was sharp and extremely crazy.

A glint of fire lit up the tip of the spear.

The long spear shot straight at the enemy!

Mai s.h.i.+ranui slammed down with a huge fireball in her hands.

The silver tip of the spear collided violently with the fireball.

Flames swept across the sky in silence.

Not a sound was heard.

But the whole building was suddenly full of cracks.


The violent sound m.u.f.fled the scream of Mai s.h.i.+ranui.

The cracked building immediately crumbled. Numerous stones were flying in the flames and rain due to the impact, and the dust filling the whole s.p.a.ce was rising directly into the sky with the flames.

Black smoke billowed.

Dressed in red and covered in dust, Mai s.h.i.+ranui rushed out of the collapsed ruins in the firelight, looking around warily.

Once again, Li Tianlan was nowhere to be found.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 153 - Encirclement and Annihilation

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