The King of Special Warfare Chapter 181 - The Murderous Weapon Was Right There

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An at the peak, from the target-observing, sneaking in and ambus.h.i.+ng, hiding, waiting for a chance, then to finding a shooting angle and planning the escape route…

The series of work always took a lot of time, and all of it was for a moment of

Life or death was decided in a moment.

For the real experts, life or death was indeed decided in the blink of an eye.

It was too late.

When the burning line of fire crushed the bodies of some East Island elites and rushed toward Li Tianlan, when the line of fire was still flying in the sky, Heavenly Calamity knew that his gunshot was too late.

This was the perfect angle, the perfect distance, the perfect timing, and it was the perfect trajectory.

But when the bullet was flying in the sky with raging fire, it met an obstacle.

A minor and weak obstacle.

In front of the bullet shot from the Grim Smile, the bodies of those East Island elites were weak like gla.s.s, but because the bullet hit them, it got a bit slower when it rushed to Li Tianlan.

How much slower?

Half a second?

One third of a second?

Or less.

But in this extremely short period of time, Li Tianlan made the most instinctive reaction.

The bright raging fire lit up the whole forest. In the flames, the bullet seemed to disappear completely, and only the loud sound of the gunshot echoed.

Switched the places!

Li Tianlan’s figure suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, in the bush a few hundred meters away, Heavenly Calamity changed his position while holding the famous gun Grim Smile.

The gunshots were louder.

In Li Tianlan’s sight, the whole world was like an erupting volcano, and there was burning lava everywhere in front of him. Compared to the last shot which was breaking through everything, this shot was crus.h.i.+ng everything.

The fire was roaring and howling in the forest. Li Tianlan’s body just switched places with his shadow, and flames appeared right in front of him.

A figure appeared in front of him abruptly, covering his whole body.

The dignified, charming and curvy body slightly bent, and the figure reached her hands fearlessly with the palms facing forward.

A blue light screen shone from all directions on the ground, and the light screen wasn’t spreading, but condensing.


When the fire wave hit the light screen, the whole light screen became a giant s.h.i.+eld.

The Absolute Protection.

Horsewoman from the 12 Super Masters of Samsara was the best at s.h.i.+elding. The attacking ability of her unique technique didn’t stand out, but when it came to defense, among the experts in the Thunder-shocking Realm, even some experts a half step to Invincible Realm, there weren’t many of them that could break her defense.

The light and the fire crashed into each other, and the whole forest was shaking violently. Suddenly, there were countless, dense cracks on the s.h.i.+eld that had become substance using lightning. As the raging fire burst out from the cracks, Horsewoman’s body was shaking violently, and a big amount of blood was coming out of her mouth. But she didn’t care about her injury anymore. She just stood in front of Li Tianlan, s.h.i.+elding all the attacks from him. She was shaking but didn’t move a step.

If she was gonna die, she would die in front of Li Tianlan.

“Be careful!”

Horsewoman’s voice was weak. After all this time she had known Li Tianlan, this was the first time that she looked desperately helpless and panic.

Heavenly Calamity, the top-leveled killer from the Dark World, held two famous guns in his hands, Whisper and Grim Smile.

The Samsara’s intelligence on Heavenly Calamity was not much, but it was enough.

The two famous guns made Heavenly Calamity who he was, and Heavenly Calamity also complemented the guns.

Whisper was a handgun; its shooting rate was fast, its bullet clip capacity was large, and it was the weapon for close battle.

This was also the gun that Heavenly Calamity rarely used.

Whisper got dust on itself because of Grim Smile.

Grim Smile was a sniper rifle, and based on power, it was definitely one of the most powerful sniper rifles apart from the 12 Murderous Weapons. Most importantly, this gun could fire continuously after temporary refit!

Three continuous shots!

This was Heavenly Calamity’s trump card; three continuous shots from his guns. There would be very rarely a surviving target, no matter the target was in the Thunder-shocking Realm or the Fire-flaming Realm.

It was heard that this kind of temporary refit would harm a certain part of the Grim Smile. To put it simply, it all took money, so Heavenly Calamity didn’t use the refit unless he had to.

But now the second shot had broken through the s.h.i.+eld of Horsewoman, where was the third shot?

Horsewoman couldn’t think of anything right now.

Who was it that wanted to kill Li Tianlan?

All kinds of thoughts were running wildly in her head. Waiting for the third shot, she had no choice but to face it directly.

The first shot and the second shot were almost fired at the same time. The loud gunshot echoed in the forest, and it took forever to fade.

Duke was seriously injured and powerless.

Dawn was still standing there. No one seemed to know what he was thinking about right now, and his eyes seemed dizzy.

About a hundred meters away, the extremely grand sword intent in the forest rushed to him at high speed.

The third shot was about to be fired.

Horsewoman bit her teeth hard, and her whole body shook violently. In the small noises, a big amount of blood burst out from everywhere of her whole body like a fountain.

The blood, the lightning, and the thunder crashed into one another. The blood fell on the s.h.i.+eld which was condensed into substance by lightning. The flames bursting out of the countless cracks were put out. Li Tianlan watched Horsewoman and found that the lightning in front of her had secretly turned into a sad scarlet red color, making the scene extremely tragic.

Suddenly, he wanted to cry.

“There’s no use.”

In the bush hundreds of meters away, through the sniper scope, Heavenly Calamity’s cold eyes were staring at the red, blue lightning at the front. He put on a confident, yet b.l.o.o.d.y smirk on his face. “I knew how important you are. Of course, I would make full preparation for it.”

After the short but smothering halt, Heavenly Calamity directly took out a scarlet red bullet from his sleeve.

The bullet looked elegant and long. It had some sharp edges on the side, and the b.l.o.o.d.y scarlet red color radiated the flavor of death.

The bullet’s name was Extermination G.o.d.

After many years, Heavenly Calamity went through countless hards.h.i.+ps and managed to get three bullets.

This was a big present, not only for Li Tianlan but for all the superiors a half step to Invincible Realm at present.

He put the bullet in the gun chamber.

Heavenly Calamity put on a grim smile on his face while holding Grim Smile.

In his sight, the blood was still busting out of Horsewoman’s body, and the blood seemed to paint every bolt of lightning red. Her body was shaking, and the s.h.i.+eld in front of her became pure blood red.


He gently opened his mouth, put his finger on the trigger, concentrated, then fired the gun.

“Heavenly Calamity!”

Suddenly, an angry cry rang out abruptly behind the blood red s.h.i.+eld.

That was an indescribable cry, with fury beyond reason, and the endless cruelty seemed to condense into a dot.

Li Tianlan rushed out of that b.l.o.o.d.y light screen. In the lightning and thunder, the b.l.o.o.d.y s.h.i.+eld in front of Horsewoman was crushed, and countless blood beads fell back to Horsewoman’s body.

Li Tianlan and Horsewoman pa.s.sed through each other, and he brought her boy aside.

At that moment, through the sniper scope, Heavenly Calamity could only see a pair of b.l.o.o.d.y red, extremely mad eyes.

Coldness, creepiness, and resentment.

That was a pair of eyes with no human emotion left but negativity, scarlet red and weird.

He sped up!

He rushed in!

He dashed forward!

Li Tianlan’s figure rushed straight ahead, with complete rage and madness, like a wild beast that got completely riled up.

All the substance in the world seemed to disappear at that moment.

The lightning and the thunder behind Li Tianlan had completely faded away.

There was no sword intent or raging fire.

There was a kind of killing intent floating between heaven and earth, so dense that it made people hard to breathe.

There wasn’t any medium, just original, pure, raging killing intent.

“Crack… Crack… Crack…”

Weird sounds kept ringing.

Heavenly Calamity suddenly realized something.

In a trance, he unconsciously fired the precious Extermination G.o.d in the rifle, but he didn’t aim well, so the accuracy could be predicted. But Heavenly Calamity didn’t have time to feel pity right now.

In his sight, Li Tianlan’s figure was das.h.i.+ng toward him at a speed that no one understood. He rushed from the same direction, a completely straight line.

He didn’t seem to be holding any weapon, just his body.

He rushed forward, and nothing could stop him.

A few thick trees that needed a couple of people to get their arms around were in front of him, but he didn’t change the direction and just crashed into those trees. The twigs and leaves all over the sky were shaking violently, and the thick tree trunks were shattered into countless pieces. In the wood pieces flying all over the sky, Li Tianlan kept speeding up.

Before that raging scream could completely fade away, Li Tianlan had rushed in for half of the whole distance.

At this moment, Heavenly Calamity felt cold inside.

He felt scared, or even terrified. He held the Grim Smile in his hands tightly and kept shooting it, but his body didn’t move a bit.

He had never seen someone rus.h.i.+ng like that, and he had never felt such sharp and crazy pressure.

Li Tianlan was getting closer and closer, and everything in front of him was crashed into pieces.

Heavenly Calamity kept reminding himself that in front of him, it was a young man who was in the Fire-flaming Realm, whose real level was in the Ice-condensing Realm. But the figure that was rus.h.i.+ng toward him in his sight felt like a devil to him.

In front of him, the sword light scattered.

In an extremely short period of time, Prince Renwu, who was also running away, finally got close to Heavenly Calamity. He didn’t have time to catch his breath, just dragged Heavenly Calamity up and yelled at him in a low voice. “Let’s go!”

Heavenly Calamity suddenly woke up and got up from the floor abruptly. But then he felt weak in his arms and legs and almost fell down again.

That extremely crazy killing intent seemed to be closer and closer. He shook his head hard and carried Grim Smile on his back, then said in a low voice, “Let’s go!”

The Shadow Formula.

The Desperate Chase.

The Night Walking.

Li Tianlan kept speeding up. Everything got blurry in his sight, and the road in front of him fell back quickly. The rain and wind were slapping his face and body, and he felt terribly painful all over his body.

The pain came from inside to outside.

A strong wind kept whistling in his ears.

But he could still feel clearly that the bones in his body were making sounds and showing him that they had reached their limit.

Li Tianlan used all the unique techniques that could help him speed up. He was doing everything he could to close up the distance between them.

His realm was improving like crazy, from the Fire-flaming Realm to the stabilization phase of this realm, then to the peak and still going up.

His will was as steady as iron and burning crazily. In a trance, Li Tianlan felt like he seemed to have become a trace of extremely sharp momentum!

Anything between heaven and earth that stood in his way was crushed by him.

His momentum was skyrocketing, and his killing intent was raging high up in the sky.

In a second, the rising momentum in Li Tianlan abruptly dropped down, but his killing intent was still rising.

His realm that already reached the breakthrough point of the Thunder-shocking Realm dropped rapidly. He fell from the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm to the Fire-flaming Realm. The potion named Surge from North America didn’t seem to work anymore, and his realm instantly fell into the Ice-condensing Realm from the Fire-flaming Realm. His realm kept dropping straight into the Qi-controlling Realm.

Li Tianlan didn’t even notice.

But his realm became stable as it reached the fulfillment of the Qi-controlling Realm, then it kept rising at a mad speed.

He got into the Ice-condensing Realm.

When he got slightly stable in the stabilization phase of the Ice-condensing Realm, then at that moment, he got close to the state of the Thunder-shocking Realm again.

He broke through!

Li Tianlan finally regained his composure. The darkness in front of him seemed to be clearer and clearer, and the pain in his body eased up rapidly. In a trance, his third shadow seemed to be growing a closer connection with him.

After he fulfilled the Qi-controlling Realm, he took a step forward in the way of progress.

At the same time, he officially entered the stabilization phase of the Ice-condensing Realm.

Li Tianlan, who was slightly left behind, sped up suddenly.

The joy of not having any breakthrough point.

The raging fury inside him that wanted to kill everything was clearer and clearer.

The raging fury came from Horsewoman.

There was no emotional connection between him and Horsewoman. Horsewoman sacrificed her life to protect him was purely because Qin Weibai asked her to.

But that didn’t matter to Li Tianlan. At that moment just now, when the b.l.o.o.d.y s.h.i.+eld came into form, he could clearly felt Horsewoman’s determination to die for him.

He wanted to return her kindness and sacrifice. He didn’t want to owe her anything because he had owed so much to so many people that he couldn’t afford to return any of them.

The raging fury also came from his pride.

He had the strongest physique, the best martial inheritance, and lived in the most outstanding environment.

He was the Heavenly Son of the generation, not some f.u.c.king cowards that needed someone’s protection.

Heavenly Calamity had attacked him once, and now he was attacking him again!

Heavenly Calamity… Hehe…

You wanted to kill me. Who did you think you are?!

The extreme fury made Li Tianlan’s eyes completely red. He had already lost his head, so now all he wanted to do was to kill.

Prince Renwu was running madly.

Heavenly Calamity was also running madly.

But the distance between the two parties was instantly shortened.

Fifty meters.

Thirty meters.

Twenty meters.

Li Tianlan suddenly let out a long howl. His body jumped in the air, and then he threw himself on Heavenly Calamity’s thin back.

“Your Highness the Prince, take care.”

On the ground, Heavenly Calamity felt the deadly danger, then he suddenly managed to spit out a sentence.

Li Tianlan got closer and closer.

Heavenly Calamity took out something like a grenade and threw it in the air.

At the same time, his body directly sped up and surpa.s.sed Prince Renwu instantly.

As a superior in the Fire-flaming Realm who had killed a couple of superiors in the Thunder-shocking Realm, it would be impossible for him to only have the Whisper for close combat.

The grenade wasn’t that powerful, but it was a great choice for getting out of danger.

As for Prince Renwu.

He wasn’t the one who hired Heavenly Calamity to East Island this time, and even the whole East Island didn’t hire him. Tonight, he teamed up with the prince because they helped him get out of danger once. Now that he had returned the favor, he didn’t really care about what was gonna happen to the prince.

Another five hundred meters forward.

Then he would be completely safe.

“Heavenly Calamity, you!”

Prince Renwu’s expression suddenly changed.

The grenade flew in the sky. As the silver light flashed in the sky, the Human Emperor became a long spear, and Li Tianlan used it to crashed the grenade.

At that moment, countless shrapnels burst out along with flames. An extremely condensed impact force suddenly rushed through the s.p.a.ce within a dozen meters nearby. The air twisted violently, and the airflow was surging. Li Tianlan slowed down abruptly like he was stopped by a strong wind.

In the storm, Prince Renwu’s body staggered, and his eyes were gloomy and ferocious.

He knew very well that Heavenly Calamity was Li Tianlan’s target, and now he was, too.

Now Tian Yue got seriously injured and fled, Holy Light had left, Bai Ye had also escaped, he was all alone now.

And now he fell behind Heavenly Calamity.

How could he die like this?!

Prince Renwu’s expression was more and more ferocious and twisted.

He was the nephew that the Mikado extremely valued. Among the few princes in j.a.pan, he was second only to the Crown Prince in status. After Night Spirit was destroyed, East Island wanted to bring up a superpower with s.h.i.+nto forces and the remaining foundation of Night Spirit and used it to replace Night Spirit. And Prince Renwu, who had outstanding apt.i.tude in Martial Arts, became the perfect candidate. He had a great future waiting for him. How could he die here?

At this moment, the prince’s heart was filled with viciousness, but apart from viciousness, there was only regret left.


If he didn’t chase down Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+… If he didn’t want the Border Praetorian Corps of Zhongzhou State to become a bargaining chip of his… If he didn’t plan to capture Li Tianlan alive… If…

There were too many ifs. How nice would it be if none of that ever happened?

Under deep regret, Prince Renwu shook the long saber in his hand abruptly.

The saber light surged up, and it was dark green in the twisted airflow.

Prince Renwu managed to steady his body, lifted the saber, and rushed forward.

Mountains Fall and the Earth Splits!

The lightning and the dark green saber light crashed into each other and then struck to Li Tianlan.

In a trance, the silver long spear became two swords in his sight.

The sword light was flas.h.i.+ng.

Prince Renwu suddenly seemed to hear the crackling sound of Li Tianlan’s bones and joints. There seemed to be a force surging like a river that was about to burst out of him.

Prince Renwu still didn’t feel any sword intent. In the light, there seemed to be sword light s.h.i.+ning brightly.

There was no sword intent, and the whole world was filled with killing intent.

The Fourteen Blade: Slaughter!

The bright sword light instantly chopped up the messy airflow blown up by the grenade. Li Tianlan didn’t even look at Prince Renwu. He just rushed past him and headed toward Heavenly Calamity.

The sword light instantly chopped up infinite airflow, lightning, and thunder.

The long saber in Prince Renwu’s hand cracked and broke, and the green light scattered.

In front of him, the whole world was falling into pieces.

Countless blood lines burst out of his body.

In his low chuffing sound, his arms, legs, and head all got detached from his torso.

The sword intent exploded inside him. The body of this East Island Prince, who a few minutes ago wanted to change his wife, who had a bright and promising future, split straight into pieces.

“Help me!”

Watching that the grenade didn’t cause any damage to Li Tianlan, Heavenly Calamity couldn’t hold back the fear in his heart anymore. He suddenly screamed while running forward.

There were three hundred meters left.

In this distance, a person could save him.

It was all dark and quiet in the forest in front of him.

Behind him, Li Tianlan’s figure rushed toward him, and he was getting closer and closer.

Heavenly Calamity bit his teeth hard suddenly and turned around.

A great amount of fire burned up around him, and there were faint lightning and thunder in the fire.

Heavenly Calamity was carrying Grim Smile on his back. He already took out a short gun with a simple shape and deep muzzle.

The short gun was slightly longer than the regular pistol, with a slightly bigger caliber. It was in gray color and wouldn’t draw much attention.

But this gun was one of the most famous guns in the whole Dark World.

The famous gun, Whisper!

Li Tianlan’s figure rushed to him.

Heavenly Calamity was facing Li Tianlan, but his body was moving back quickly. Meanwhile, he was holding Whisper and firing rapidly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The gunshots, which were as dense as raindrops, blew up in the forest. Countless bullets rushed toward Li Tianlan in the air.

Li Tianlan’s figure seemed to disappear completely. Behind Heavenly Calamity, there was only a ball of fire burning violently.

Heavenly Calamity started to shoot wildly, and his face looked ferocious.

In his sight, the burning fire suddenly exploded. Countless flames burst out and covered all the areas within dozens of meters nearby. There were ice chips in the flames, and the flames, as well as ice chips, were flying all over the sky. Li Tianlan’s figure kept flas.h.i.+ng in the spreading flames and ice chips as if he was everywhere.

In the blink of an eye, he had closed up the distance in the flames and ice chips and dashed toward Heavenly Calamity.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Heavenly Calamity didn’t care about anything but shooting, and it was entirely out of instinct. The bullets flew to Li Tianlan, while Li Tianlan also rushed to him.

Two bullets pierced through Li Tianlan’s stomach and shoulder. Blood burst out of him, but Li Tianlan’s expression was cold, and he got close to Heavenly Calamity almost instantly.

The Human Emperor turned from a sword to a dagger, and he used it to give him a backhand stab. A large amount of blood burst out of Heavenly Calamity along with his chilling scream.

He was crazy!

This dude went crazy!

Heavenly Calamity felt an unprecedented fear. He kept firing Whisper in his hand. But Li Tianlan didn’t hide or dodge the bullets, for he almost rushed toward the bullets.

And he brandished the saber!

Wounds that reached the bone appeared in Heavenly Calamity’s body one after another. The blood burst out wildly in the dark, and there was Li Tianlan’s blood, and also Heavenly Calamity’s blood.

Li Tianlan’s face was deadly pale, but his eyes were like the ones of a wild beast, as if he wanted to tear Heavenly Calamity apart.

Heavenly Calamity had to die.

He had to die!

Li Tianlan repeated this thought in his head over and over again, and his attacks were getting wilder and crazier.


Heavenly Calamity, who finally met such a psycho, had completely lost all hopes. Then he abruptly smashed Whisper in his hand to Li Tianlan’s head like he was throwing a rock.

The blood burst out.

Watching Heavenly Calamity who threw away the weapon in his hand, Li Tianlan subconsciously stopped.

In this extremely rare interval, Heavenly Calamity, whose upper body was covered in blood and almost torn into pieces by Human Emperor, jumped up abruptly and kicked Li Tianlan hard in the chest.

Suddenly, an explosive sound crackled inside his body, and his whole being flew to the forest ahead at full speed like a shooting star.

Li Tianlan followed him without hesitation.

A dark figure suddenly appeared beside Li Tianlan and pressed on his shoulder.

Then he heard a deep voice ringing in his ear, serious and stern.

“Don’t move. It’s dangerous.”

The scarlet red, bloodthirsty light was s.h.i.+ning in Li Tianlan’s eyes, and he stared at the dark shadow in front of him coldly.

“I’m Saint.”

The dark shadow said peacefully and simply. His whole body was covered in a black cloak, and he carried a normal-looking long sword on the back, looking mysterious.

“Horsewoman is fine, and everyone is fine. Today’s battle was for saving a person, and it’s enough now.”

Saint stood still in front of Li Tianlan and looked at the forest ahead, then said in a calm tone.

“It’s enough?”

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows. There was obvious coldness in his tone.

“Even if it’s not enough…”

Saint said softly in his raspy voice, “It’s not suitable to continue to kill today.”

Through the black cloak, he was staring at the mountain forest in front of him intensely.

It was quiet in the forest.

But according to his intuition, Li Tianlan could feel that Heavenly Calamity didn’t seem to run away immediately.

“Who’s over there?”

Saint suddenly shouted. His voice was raspy and calm, echoing in the forest that reached hundreds of meters. There seemed to be a great amount of sword intent surging in the sky, rising and falling like tides.

It was quiet in the forest.

Saint stayed quiet for a short while, then continued. “Which murderous weapon is it?”

Murderous weapon!

Suddenly, Li Tianlan was stunned, and the red light in his eyes faded away. He had regained his composure from the killing state, and his perception got sharp.

At this moment, Li Tianlan stared at the forest ahead, and the fine hair on his body stood up out of fear.

Right in front of him, in the dark forest, there seemed to be a giant cloud of dangerous vibe there. It seemed still, but he felt like it was swallowing the heaven and earth.

The heavy pressure was looming with deadly madness and violence.

In the grand momentum, Li Tianlan suddenly felt how small and powerless he was.

Murderous weapon!

One of the 12 Murderous Weapons in the Dark World.

It was right there!

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 181 - The Murderous Weapon Was Right There

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