The King of Special Warfare Chapter 192 - Under the General Trend

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The last bit of flying snow flew up to the sky along with his determined lingering sound.

The sky was getting dark on Fuyo Peak.

The flying snow stopped.

A blurry and illusory figure had appeared in front of s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto.


Looking at s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, he let out a soft laugh and said.

At the gate of the headquarter of Divine Wind Force, within the distance of a hundred meters, all the snowflakes stopped and floated still in the air, and the cold wind blowing between the hills seemed to disappear completely. Within a hundred meters, it was like a silent and frozen world.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto stood there, surrounded by the domain released by this person. His eyes got colder and sharper, then he said mockingly, “Cooperate of course, but is this your way of showing your sincerity?”

The domain which covered the snow slightly contracted, but it got more condensed. The shadow in front of s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was drifting in the night sky. In a trance, it was occasionally visible, but it had extremely sharp and ferocious killing intent.

Hearing s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s mocking, the illusory shadow laughed and said softly, “His Majesty the Mikado is very bald, and Mr. Miyamoto is very bald, but I’m not. In the territory of Divine Wind Force, it’s always better to be careful, isn’t it?”

The cold light flashed in s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s eyes, and he said blandly, “You heard the conversation between me and Crown Prince Rende.”

“Yes. You want to solve all the problems in East Island in seven days. To be honest, judging from the current situation, it’s almost impossible for you to do that. It’s a delusion that you think you can fight against the general trend of a country on your own.”

The black shadow spoke in a cold tone.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto didn’t get angry. He just stood there and thought about something silently for a while, then said blandly, “What will happen if we work together?”

“The general trend is irresistible, and n.o.body can do anything about it, so the best we can do is to reduce the loss.”

The body of the black shadow became clearer in the frozen domain. “If you and I work together, at least we can prevent the Special Warfare System of East Island from getting wiped out in the Dark World.”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto didn’t say anything, stood still like a statue.

“Mr. Miyamoto, I came here with full sincerity to talk about cooperation with you. You have kept me in captivity for days. With the situation right now, haven’t you made up your mind?”

The cold, creepy voice of the black shadow echoed.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto just put on a cold smile.

At least s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto didn’t take the word captivity seriously. Evil, who ranked number three on the Divine List of the Dark World, the number one killer in the Dark World right now, might die but never be kept in captivity.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto knew he could never keep this superior of the Invincible Realm who ranked on top of him on the Holy List in captivity.

But recently, Evil indeed stayed in the headquarter of Divine Wind Force, so quiet as if he weren’t the best killer in the Dark World right now.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was thinking about something.

Evil talked about the overall situation the day he came to Divine Wind Force and invited him to kill Li Tianlan, but he didn’t say yes or no. He just told Evil that he would think about it and asked him to stay in Divine Wind Force for further discussion. He didn’t mean the invitation seriously, but Evil really stayed here, even for days. He didn’t urge him to leave or something. Till today, when Miyamoto went into a dead end, he appeared in front of him.

Just like…

Just like he had predicted that this would happen to him today.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto thought about something and suddenly said, “When you asked me to kill Li Tianlan, who sent you?”

Evil’s figure became illusory again. He stood in front of s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, but he seemed to be surrounded by the mist, making it impossible to see his face and body.

“Mr. Miyamoto is a ninja yourself, but don’t you know the basic rules of killers?”

The most basic rule of a killer was, never ever expose any information of the employer.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto didn’t move or say anything. He had gradually figured out something, which made him a lot more confident.

Right now he needed to work with Evil.

Evil also needed help from him. If that was not the case, he could kill Li Tianlan a hundred times with his strength. It wouldn’t be hard for a power group that could pay hundreds of million as commission to track down Li Tianlan, and Evil would definitely have a lot of chances to kill Li Tianlan.

Evil was indeed worried about Samsara’s revenge after Li Tianlan’s death, but he wouldn’t take this job if he was really scared.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was calmer and calmer. He could almost be sure that the reason why Evil was still here right now was that he still got something he needed.

“What do you want?”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto asked softly.

He didn’t ask what he could offer. Once they decided to work together, at least Evil would be on their side. The combat capability of a superior in the Invincible Realm could be priceless in a critical moment. Even if Divine Wind Force didn’t have anyone to help except for Evil, East Island had to pay a lot of money to Evil alone.

“I want Yata no Kagami.”

Evil stayed silent for a while, then said in a calm and serious tone.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s face suddenly changed. Ever since Evil came here, this was the first time that he showed his anger and killing intent.

“Do you have any idea what are you talking about?!”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto said coldly.

Yata no Kagami, the mirror of the legendary Mirror, Jade, and Sword of East Island, was the symbol of the Mikado’s power. It was also one of the three legendary Divine Artifacts of East Island. Most people thought legend was just a legend. But only a few people knew that the Mirror, Jade, and Sword of East Island indeed existed, and they were indeed Divine Artifacts.

But this Divine Artifact didn’t have any killing power. To some extent, the three Divine Artifacts were even more delicate than normal china. But their existence was connected to the fate of the country.

Fate was a vague idea, but there was indeed destiny in everything. Fate, G.o.d’s will, and destiny were related to a domain that many people knew nothing or so little about, but a kind of majestic power was hidden in it. It seemed to be nowhere and yet everywhere.

And the three Divine Artifacts were holding the destiny of East Island in them!

The three Divine Artifacts represented the authority of the royals. When the Special Warfare System of East Island was established and before the existence of Wuji Palace, the Mikado gave Yata no Kagami and Kusanagi no Tsurugi separately to Liuhuo Palace and Jifeng Sword-reining School, and kept Yasakani no Magatama in the headquarter of Divine Wind Force to show the royals’ absolute control over the Special Warfare System of East Island.

After Wuji Palace was established, the Mikado gave Yasakani no Magatama to Tianhai Wuji. Now the three Divine Artifacts were separately in the three power groups, and they cherished them as if their lives depended on them.

The royals seemed to lose its real power in recent years. But the Special Warfare System was the root of the royals. This was why s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto made such a scene when he heard that the royals might give up the Special Warfare System for the negotiation. It also showed how hard it was for the Mikado to make a decision like this.

But even if they were to compromise themselves, even if the Mikado gave up on Liuhuo Palace, and even if the Mikado temporarily gave up on the Special Warfare System, they would never ever give up on Yata no Kagami, the Divine Artifact that controlled the fate of the country.

Evil was crazy for bringing this up.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto sighed deeply. In a trance, he seemed to see a black hand sticking into East Island’s inviolable area through Evil in this messy situation.

Black Hand…

This code name…

Black Hand?!

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s body shook violently. Suddenly, he realized who was the employer behind Evil.

In the whole Dark World, only one power group was the most obsessed with destiny.

The Jiang family of South America!

That superpower almost dominated Zhongzhou State back then.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto tried to hide his intense emotion and said blandly, “This is not something I can decide. But you should know that there’s no way we’ll give you Yata no Kagami.”

Evil stayed silent for a while, then said seriously, “Maybe you should know what we can offer you…”

“No need for that.”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto interrupted him abruptly and coldly. “This is not something I can decide.”

“A murderous weapon, me, another superior of the Invincible Realm and a superior of the Half-step Invincible Realm, we give you all of these I mentioned for Yata no Kagami for a month, just a month. We just want to borrow it. With this condition, are Mr. Miyamoto sure you can’t make a decision?”


It was an extremely sensitive word to any of the high official in East Island. Back then the w.a.n.g family of Beihai also borrowed their big island in Beihai, but they hadn’t returned it for hundreds of years and they never would. If it really was the Jiang family of South America behind Evil…

But in this situation, the things Evil offered were tempting enough. If they settled on the deal, East Island would have three superiors of the Invincible Realm and a murderous weapon, which would really help them a lot.

“I can understand why you hesitated back then. When Li Kuangtu committed treason, wasn’t East Island one of the biggest beneficiaries? Li Tianlan is also from the Li family, maybe you want to… Well, your plan is great, but right now you’re unable to achieve that. Working with us is your only option. After all, we are the only people who can help you through this.”

Evil’s illusory body became clearer and clearer, and his tone got more and more sincere.

“What does Li Tianlan have to do with Yata no Kagami?”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto asked.

“To be exact, Yata no Kagami and Li Tianlan both have something to do with us.”

“Asking for the Divine Artifact of East Island…”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto squinted and said calmly, “You people from the Jiang family of South America are really bald.”

The flying snow in the air suddenly froze.

Evil’s eyes instantly focused.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto said like it was no one’s business, “Between you and the Jiang family of South America, there’s something more than just employment? The Jiang family… I know about Jiang Qiansong. I know Jiang Qiannian whose code name is Black Hand. And you, should I call you the Third Master of the Jiang family?”

Evil looked at s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto coldly. After a long time, he said blandly, “Is there any point in talking about this? Miyamoto, I’ve made a great offer, and we can give each other what we want. If you disagree…”

“We want one more thing.”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto said quickly, “Right now East Island’s economy has met some difficulties, if…”

“There’s no if.”

Evil shook his head. “Right now, the Jiang family doesn’t have extra money to help you, nor do we have the obligation to do it. Our cooperation is only limited to the Dark World, and that’s it.”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto took a deep look at Evil and nodded coldly. The fact that the Jiang family didn’t have extra money really said a lot. As a superpower like the Jiang family, their money flow must be insanely huge. But now they didn’t have any extra, there was no doubt that their money was also messing up East Island’s economy right now. Somehow s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto figured out where did the two sums of money that almost destroyed East Island’s economy come from. At least, one of them was very likely from the Jiang family.

An ally in the Dark World, an enemy in the economy.

“Yata no Kagami is really important. I have to report to His Majesty the Mikado.”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto said blandly, “Before that, I can’t give you an answer.”

“Then please hurry up. You only have seven days. Time is rus.h.i.+ng.”

Evil let out a soft laugh and said.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto seemed to have made up his mind. He said calmly, “Then we’ll go right now. We go downhill, and I’ll talk to His Majesty the Mikado.”

He took a deep breath, then calmly focused himself and left the headquarter of Divine Wind Force at high speed.

Evil froze for a second and followed him.

The white snow and icy wind pa.s.sed them while whistling.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto got more and more nervous, guarding against everything instinctively.

He left Divine Wind Force farther and farther behind.

When s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto stepped across the snow line, the dangerous feeling that had been haunting him for days finally went away.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was relieved, then realized his whole body was soaked in cold sweat at some point.

The weird sense of oppression and deadly threat made him really confused.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto walked down the hill with a gloomy face and parted ways with Evil at the foot of the hill.

One of them headed straight to the Imperial Palace.

One of them headed straight to the airport.

In the night sky, Evil squinted at s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s figure disappearing in his sight. After a while, he took out the phone and dialed a number, then said peacefully, “He said yes.”

“Very good.”

In the phone, a calm, peaceful voice was speaking. “This is a disaster to East Island, but an opportunity for us. That Yata no Kagami must kill Li Tianlan the second we get it!”

Evil agreed and was about to turn around.

On the Fuyo Peak.

An earth-shattering sound suddenly echoed in the night sky.

The extremely violent killing intent swallowed the whole Fuyo Peak.

The headquarter of Divine Wind Force was suddenly lit up like it was in the daytime.

The insanely twisted airflow torn the snow peak into pieces. A large amount of flying snow rose up to the sky like a sky screen. In a trance, the whole headquarter was shaking. The violent killing intent rose up to the top instantly. The twisted airflow was shattered completely, and the sky screen made of snow was torn apart by the killing intent. The aura of death spread around and soon disappeared. Then the flying snow fell on the ground, and the sudden killing intent had gone away in a second, leaving no trace.

In a trance, the breakout at that moment seemed to really tear the heaven and earth apart.

Evil suddenly froze there.

He twitched the corner of his mouth, picked up the phone and said with a bitter smile, “Divine Wind Force was attacked by a superior, a real one… If I’m right about this, this person’s style belongs to Tribulation. Divine Wind Force in this situation… Never mind, big brother, our three superiors of the Invincible Realm have to be there soon.”

“Not three.”

In the phone, that stern voice stopped for a second, then said coldly, “Four!”

On the same day, at almost the same time.

When the general trend started to gather in East Island and broke out completely.

There were also storms in Northern Europe and North America.

In North America, the branch of Knights Templars was being ambushed during an unguarded moment. The ambush force was divided into several minor forces, and they wiped out almost all the strongholds of Knights Templars in North America in a day.

While it was even messier in the Northern Europe branch of Fantasy World, Dark Knights, Knights Templars, Samsara and the Heroes’ Club. A big fight broke out under the guidance of a mysterious force among the big and small power groups. All the power groups in Fantasy World were delisted from Northern Europe before anyone noticed. After the violent fight, this mysterious force that seemed to have been hiding for a long time lost no time and began to sort out all the resources.

Fantasy World’s North America branch could do nothing about it.

Knights Templars’ North America branch could do nothing about it, either.

The two superpowers had a lot of elites buried in Zhongzhou State and Changdao at the moment. The force guarding the headquarter wasn’t weak, but most of the branches were empty with no defense. Two superiors of the Invincible Realm attacked at the same time, and they were destroyed easily.

While the local government stayed silent the whole time, as if it had nothing to do with them.

On this day, the whole Dark World knew about the name Snowdance Corps.

On this day, Situ Cangyue and Gu Qianchuan officially appeared in Northern Europe and North America.

The whole Dark World was in a mess.

Almost all the dark power groups were in action.

Some people were still rus.h.i.+ng to Changdao.

While some people started to rush to Northern Europe and North America.

The general trend was still gathering in East Island, but the storm had reached the whole Dark World.

East Island, North America, Northern Europe…

There were chances and interests everywhere in these three battlefields.

The battlefields were more than three. As the appearance of Snowdance Corps, everyone knew that the fourth battlefield was about to appear.

Zhongzhou State, Huating!

Everyone in the Dark World was doing something, and they had to.

Under the general trend, even superiors of the Invincible Realm were like nonent.i.ties. Staying still equaled death.

Who could get out of this alive?


The King of Special Warfare Chapter 192 - Under the General Trend

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