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Transferring, fighting, colliding, retreating or rus.h.i.+ng.

Once the war broke out, it would not stop before there was an end.

For any force, it would be a fierce and strained struggle.

The war lasted from morning to afternoon. The storm stopped, and the sun rose up. The yellow light slanted toward the west.

The sun after the rain was not clear and bright. There was a strong and pungent smell of blood over the battlefield. The blood clotted between corpses was like a frozen river.

The cannon fodders put to the battlefield by East Island were vanquished. The bodies were scattered in every corner in and around the village.

Several hours ago, the five superpowers, including the Jiang family of South America, the Polar Ground Alliance, the Heroes’ Club, the Knights Templars, and the Fantasy World, joined hands with East Island to launch attacks.

Experts of Thunder-shocking Realm went to the field. And then, those at the peak of Thunder-shocking Realm joined. In the end, experts of Half-step Invincible Realm showed personally.


Whether the ordinary elites or the real experts, everyone spared no effort to kill the people of Zhongzhou State.

The lightning flashed in the raging fire, which soared into the sky, and the moisture after the rain wholly evaporated away. By the time approaching the evening, the wind blew in Changdao, but the battlefield was incredibly hot and depressing.

Zhongzhou State had suffered heavy losses, but the team of fewer than 2,000 people showed amazing indomitability and toughness while facing the siege of all superpowers.

All the experts above the Thunder-shocking Realm rushed to the forefront and vied with each other to fight. The ordinary elites of the six superpowers, including East Island, suffered significant losses in the first charge in Zhongzhou State.

The experts of the six superpowers had not to stand at the front to block Zhongzhou State’s attack.

“What is a decisive battle?”

When there was no way to retreat, a decisive battle meant that soldiers and generals fought to the death.

Some died while the other lived.

The war had lasted over 10 hours. Of these 2,000 Zhongzhou State’s group, less than 800 survived. What was more, they were all injured. However, they still act as quickly as possible.

Moving forward!

Keep moving forward!

There were enemies on all sides. In other words, they could break through the encirclement from all directions. From beginning to end, no one of Zhongzhou State shouted to break out or retreat. Likewise, they had not broken any enemy barrier in any direction.

Zhongzhou State’s only achievement was that it had caused several times of damage to the enemy than itself.

The achievement was significant, but it was also small.

No matter how severe the enemy’s loss, six parties shared it. However, Zhongzhou State was losing without stop.

The war continued in a strained and fierce state beyond description.

The people in Zhongzhou State got fewer and fewer.

They seemed to have only one way to go.

To be defeated!

The earth was bloodstained.

The sky was mighty.

When the setting sun cast a soft and brilliant afterglow, the vast darkness hung over the battlefield.

It was not the alternation after night fell.

In the beginning, there was only a little bit of darkness. The pale-yellow sun shone in every corner of the battlefield. The blackness appeared like a drop of ink under the light.

A rumbling and shrill whistle instantly burst out around the darkness.

A great sense of crisis suddenly shrouded the audience.

The darkness instantly consumed the tremendous strength undulating in the air and expanded to a few hundred meters in the shortest time. In the darkness, the deathly stillness was spreading, which covered the elites of Zhongzhou State and six superpowers at the same time.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was in the center of the darkness.

Gongsun Qi stood opposite to him.

After more than 10 hours of fighting, Gongsun Qi below the Invincible Realm tightly clung to s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, the only expert of the Invincible Realm.

The forces that could have changed the war situation were firmly contained. Gongsun Qi was a little embarra.s.sed and weak, but s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, who was dominant, still did not play its proper role.

More than 10 hours!

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto looked serene and severe. His close-fitting ninja suit became tattered, with his bloodstained skin exposed. However, he gave out a fierce killing intent in the darkness.


The darkness was expanding. s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto stared at Gongsun Qi, with undisguised anger and killing intent in his voice.

As he raised his palms, the darkness began to fluctuate wildly.

Hundreds of meters of s.p.a.ce wholly broke up into nothingness.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

With an almost crazy killing intent, s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto chopped down fiercely.

Heaven and earth suddenly roared.

The Void came to a halt!

It was s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s most potent stroke, also an all-out stroke.

Having not captured Gongsun Qi for more than 10 hours, s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto felt humiliated, apart from anger.

Anyone below the Invincible Realm was a nonent.i.ty.

Otherwise, how were those experts of the Invincible Realm called the invincible?

However, Gongsun Qi held him up here for 10 hours. s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, who was utterly impatient, was finally in a violent rage. Even if he would pay the price, he must kill the well-known Zhongzhou State’s Azure Dragon, the most potent expert below the Invincible Realm.

The domain of Invincible Realm enlarged in the dusk.

The darkness turned upside down.

The brightness broke up.

The absolute black instantly wrapped up Gongsun Qi’s body.

Gongsun Qi’s clothes glowed all the time, but the subtle light became fainter and fainter. In a moment, the darkness directly devoured sound, light, power, and air.

As he shook his body, s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto instantly went over hundreds of meters. His power of the Invincible Realm broke out near Gongsun Qi.

Gongsun Qi’s light was gone.

He disappeared in the darkness without any sound.

Gongsun Qi was not so capable, but his clothes were so useful.

Four Spirits Armor · Azure Dragon.

Four Spirits Armor, as one of the best personal defense equipment in Zhongzhou State, could be repaired after damage but it could not be duplicated.

Each of the four clothes was weaved of materials with over 80% cloud streaks. Its defensive power was incomparable. Besides, each clothes represented one top technology of Zhongzhou State.

Except for its firmness, the most outstanding feature of the Azure Dragon Armor was being stealthy.

It adopted the quintessence of the top optical camouflage technology.

Once Gongsun Qi in the Azure Dragon Armor went into battle, he can hide as well as experts of the Invincible Realm in any place that there was light.

There was light in the daytime, the nighttime, and even the Void.

If Gongsun Qi did not make the first move, n.o.body could lock his position, as long as there was light.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto could not lock Gongsun Qi’s position.

However, he was fast enough.

Static Void was his vacuum domain. Because there was no air resistance in the vacuum, under the force of the Invincible Realm, he could move a few hundred meters as long as he took a step.

Even if he concealed, Gongsun Qi existed. Since it was impossible to catch him, it was necessary to destroy everything.


s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto had not stopped, but a cold voice rang out.

Static Void · Destroy!

The unique power unexpectedly expanded in the dark, with crackling sounded clearly in the air. Rays of light appeared in the dark, like cracks. There were more and more cracks.

When the dim setting sun shone into the darkness, the domain of Invincible Realm, which was several hundreds of meters around s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, suddenly started exploding.

The black domain completely broke up.

Black spots appeared in the sky one after another. Countless lightning, raging fire, and ice frost circled around lots of black spots. Hurricane followed.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was motionless. With the Destroy, the area within a few hundred meters around him immediately became a death domain.

Lightning flashed; frost struck; gale rose.

No people or things could escape from this vast force.

This was the Invincible Realm.

It was the ultimate force after the sublimation of Four Realms of Martial Arts. s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto blew up his own domain. And then, the power of Qi-controlling Realm, Ice-condensing Realm, Fire-flaming Realm, and Thunder-shocking Realm broke out at the same time.

The battlefield was turbulent.

The power was destructive!

Gongsun Qi showed himself in the ravaged sky.

He still stood erect, but the next second, he stumbled and almost fell from the sky.

A mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth. Azure Dragon Armor looked dim and dark. His breath changed from vigorous to debilitating within a short time.

He raised the head and looked at s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, with his body slightly shaking.

“Heedless of consequences!”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto’s aura seemed to be weak, but his voice was still indifferent and commanding.

Gongsun Qi laughed with self-mockery.

He said, “If…”

He said nothing but if.

There was no if in the Dark World.

If he had not stopped at Half-step Invincible Realm because he was injured while rus.h.i.+ng into Invincible Realm, s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto was already a corpse.

But, there was no if.

It had become the fact that he could not reach the Invincible Realm in this life.

Gongsun Qi looked helpless, sorrowful, and emotional.

He was a big shot above the Dark World, but he could not take this last step to enjoy the top view.

Since he could not make a breakthrough, he would help others out.

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto reached out one hand and pressed Gongsun Qi beyond a hundred meters.

The air exploded after the sun’s rays pa.s.sed through, and its powerful strength directly acted on Gongsun Qi.

“Let me help you out.”

Gongsun Qi said to himself.

He fell down.


A low and husky voice sounded.

Air condensed and rotated in the sky that had become dark again.

The air was multilayered over a high alt.i.tude. A transparent cloud appeared in the blink of an eye.

As s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto pressed, the Void appeared again. However, despite the darkness. .h.i.t against the transparent cloud, it had not smashed the thick cloud cl.u.s.ter.

It happened after the expert of Qi-controlling Realm breaking through one peak after another.

Tribulation appeared in the position where Gongsun Qi was. He looked at s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto and said calmly, “Fighting!”

s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto contracted his eyes slightly.

New black Void appeared and disappeared.

The debris of the domain of Invincible Realm was rampant in the battlefield, with Ice Frost and lightning fire.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was also watching these Ice Frost and lightning fire.

In the lights and shadows all over the sky, the entangled color was so intense and gorgeous. The scattered forces of Invincible Realm kept exploding. Flesh and blood were obliterated by the forces while splattering. After falling, the power was still rampant, surging to the skies.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ felt familiar.

It was the Invincible Realm after the sublimation of Four Realms of Martial Arts.

It was Four Realms of Martial Arts after the dispersion of the Invincible Realm.

All kinds of light and shadow blasted in the air and on the ground. And then, black spots fell down. Every time they diffused, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+’s Silence Sword would shake slightly. Her eyes were not confused but increasingly clear.

Du Hanyin, who was very close to Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+, was startled to find that Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was about to make a breakthrough.

The 19-year-old girl at the peak of Fire-flaming Realm was making a breakthrough.

Half-step Thunder-shocking Realm?

A loud roar sounded in the sky.

Tribulation had played against s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto. When the Void suddenly appeared, the gas clouds twisted to the extreme surged and exploded, and the air began to mingle with the Void. Several transparent shadows appeared around Tribulation.

In a twinkling, an extreme sharp killing intent swept the heaven and earth.

On the ground, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ abruptly held the Silence Sword tightly.

As she brandished the long sword with sheath, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ suddenly shone with dazzling sword radiance.

Sharp and swift, the sword brilliance shone for tens of meters in the blink of an eye. The Silence Sword ceaselessly sounded in the sword radiance. The squad led by an expert of Fire-flaming Realm from East Island was torn to pieces as the sword radiance pa.s.sed.

It was not one of Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+’s major sword movements, but it was also one of Seven Swords of Jade Pool.

Aurora’s Glimpse!

With sword radiance, the flame with a small blue lightning spread.

After the heavy rain, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was slightly stained with mud due to fighting. She stood with a sword, being more and more beautiful.

She was now 19, half step to the Thunder-shocking Realm!

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ still had her own elegance and talent, even in the age of great talents such as w.a.n.g Shengxiao, Li Tianlan, and Gu Hanshan.

Sword radiance and raging fire faded away.

Unexpectedly, a crack of thunder sounded.

Thunderbolt appeared in the faraway sky. As it slightly flashed, it appeared above Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ suddenly raised the head and brandished her sword.

Raging Fire formed into a straight line and soared to the sky.

The light of thunder bombarded the Silence Sword after dispersing raging fire.

Out of control, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was struck to fly about more than 10 meters, leaving the crowd nearby.

A figure appeared behind the bright lightning. With a flash, it was already close to Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+.


Thunder G.o.d, who was near Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+, suddenly roared.


She was the Vice Palace Master of Liuhuo Palace, the top ninja of East Island, an expert of Half-step Invincible Realm.

To fight against East Island with Zhongzhou State, many valuable people came here this time. Not to mention the three young talents, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+, whose father controlled the Border Control Corps of Zhongzhou State, was also of great value to East Island.

How could the Vice Palace Master of the Liuhuo Palace launch attacks personally for an ordinary person?


Demon in tights walked extremely fast as if she was in the Void. In a twinkling, Demon was already over Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+.

A delicate dagger appeared in her hand.

She stabbed with the dagger.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ would not die but lose her ability to act. Thus, Demon could capture her.


Besides Thunder G.o.d, Bai Youming, Xu Chu, Ning Qiancheng, Li Baitian, and Du Hanyin simultaneously rushed to Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+.

These people were initially together. At first, they were leading the army to a.s.sault Li Tianlan. Even if they changed the direction now, they never parted.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was about to touch down.

Her eyes were still bright. Threatened by Demon’s dagger, she suddenly reached out and desperately withdrew the sword.

A flood of light fell and hit Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+’s arms.

Her arms suddenly fell to the ground.

Demon’s eyes were soft and charming and shone with excitement. She waved the dagger and stabbed downward.

She was a ninja of Half-step Invincible Realm. Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ could not resist her sneak attack.

Thunder G.o.d and others were at a distance.

Who could stop her right now?

The person was not in sight but far away.

The woman in white, who watched the fierce battle from beginning to end, still hid in the extremely distant void without moving a muscle.

She put the glittering dagger with golden lines back on her waist.

The battle carried on.

After the heavy rain stopped, the sun rose. Time lapsed.

From early morning to dusk, she did not move but watch quietly.

Most of the time, she was watching Li Tianlan.

Occasionally, she looked at the battlefield.

Her eyes ran down the battlefield, intentionally or not.

Although no one noticed her, she still seemed to be somewhat guilty or evasive.

When the sunset would end, she took another look.

Aurora’s Glimpse glinted and flashed.

Raging fire and lightning faintly flashed in her sight.

Until Demon and the striking thunderbolt fell down,

Her eyes suddenly twinkled.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ was struck to fly.

Demon was over Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+.

As the lady in white strained her muscles, the dagger at her waist did not vibrate, but the long sword on her back unsheathed for a section.

The s.h.i.+ny sword tip flashed away.

A seemingly subtle sword intent instantly broke through heaven and earth.

Demon stabbed with the dagger in her hand without hesitation.

Before the dagger fell down, the sword intent had crossed up to a thousand meters.


Since there was no sound, she took no protective measures.

The sharp sword directly dashed into Demon’s hind-brain. And then, Demon died in the shortest time.

The dagger was released from her hands and fell into Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+’s hands.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ caught the dagger and bewilderingly looked at Demon, who fell to the ground with fear.

From a thousand meters away, she killed an expert of Half-step Invincible Realm with sword intent.

When the sword intent appeared, Gongsun Qi, who had been on the ground, seemed to notice something. He suddenly raised the head and looked at the Void.

Tribulation and s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto, who were fighting against each other, stiffened slightly.

Firmament slightly frowned.

The Void, which they gazed at intentionally or not, had already been quiet for a long time.

In the other direction, the lady in white reappeared silently in the slightly distorted Void.

She looked at Li Tianlan again.

The breeze blew the white veil on her face.

Her white skirt and fine gauze flew.

With an extraordinary gesture and appearance, she was like a banished immortal.

“24 Moves of Sword.”

On the upside in the north of the battlefield, a pair of white and black figures simultaneously changed countenance while Demon died from a single strike.

Saint, the No. 1 Super Master of the Samsara Palace, was wrapped in a black cloak. Beside him, Daybreak wore white clothes and shoes.

Saint looked at the place that the lady in white disappeared. With a solemn expression, he frowned, saying, “Who’s there?”

Daybreak, who looked more shocking than Saint, turned the head like seeing a ghost.

Looking at Saint, he frowned and said, “Not your Palace Master?”

In the battle with Gu Xingyun, Master of Samsara Palace fought against Gu Xingyun’s Ten Skills of True Martial Arts with 24 Moves of Sword. It was not a secret in the Dark World.


Saint paused and shook his head. “Palace Master resisted against Blue Sky Underworld at first, and then w.a.n.g Tianzong stabbed her. After fighting against Gu Xingyun, she got injured.”

He said frankly, “Palace Master can’t fight anymore.

“I can roughly guess Master of Samsara Palace’s injury.”

Daybreak narrowed his eyes. “Although Palace Master was severely injured, she still can fight back. Just now?”

Saint still shook his head and said calmly, “She has exhausted her strength.”

Daybreak finally looked grim. He looked in the direction that the lady in white disappeared and paused for a long time. And then, he said quietly, “Who else could she be?”

Saint didn’t answer.

He was a master of the sword.

So, he could feel clearly that how horrible the strike was.

The strike was soundless, but it seemed to tear the world in an instant.

He could not do it.

An ordinary expert of Invincible Realm could not either.

“24 Moves of Sword…”

Daybreak murmured.

He suddenly frowned. As if he thought of something, he said with a sneer, “24 Moves of Sword…”

His tone was a little bit gloomy, angry, and cold. He seemed to become indifferent.

24 Moves of Sword was confidential in Li family and Lin Clan. In the Dark World, only a few persons mastered 24 Moves of Sword to perfection.

“Do you have a clue?”

Saint asked suddenly.


Daybreak shook his head. His handsome and almost fascinating face wholly distorted. His eyes gleamed with killing intent. “I only have some speculation.”


Saint was puzzled.

Daybreak took an in-depth look at him. Thinking of his stance, he laughed and said flatly, “It’s supposed to be a woman.”

“What kind of woman?”

Saint felt more and more confused.

“D*mn woman!”

Daybreak answered indifferently.

The setting sun was going down.

The dark night of the seventh day began to fall.

There were less than 500 people in Zhongzhou State.

Experts of Fire-flaming Realm started to fall.

Experts of Thunder-shocking Realm started to fall.

Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+ and others did not return to the army. After Demon died, East Island was more aggressive.

Experts and elites of the other five superpowers also crowded around at all costs.

The crowds were raging; the killing moves were frequent; the attacks were fierce. A large number of people almost dispersed the remaining troops of Zhongzhou State.

Sigh City, Eastern Theater of Operations, Mount Shu, Bai Youming, Thunder G.o.d, Dongcheng Rus.h.i.+, Xu Chu, and others were still together.

While in the other direction, w.a.n.g family of Beihai and Kunlun City were together.

They were unable to join.

A lot of people were approaching like mad.

In case of the vast disparity in strength, the so-called morale would not play a decisive role.

The dispersed people of Zhongzhou State began to retreat.

In other words, they were expelled.

All the way to the north.

The camp of the Jiang family of South America was in the north.

Li Tianlan was also in the north.

A small hilly area was in the farther north.

Behind the hilly area, it was the edge of the battlefield, the sea.

The battlefield moved north, getting closer and closer to Saint and Daybreak.

They looked at the battlefield silently.

“He’s dying.”

Daybreak, who calmed down, suddenly said, “An Arrow at the end of its flight. If you don’t take actions, I’m afraid it’s late.”

Saint narrowed his eyes and looked at the battlefield.

In the northernmost position of the battlefield, many elites of the Jiang family of South America were sieging a young man in white.

White clothes.

Silver Halberd.

Swift and fierce. a.s.sertive and unparalleled.

Li Tianlan was still fighting.

Ten hours of fighting, East Island, the Polar Ground Alliance, the Heroes’ Club, Fantasy World, Knights Templars, the Jiang family of South America, and many elites fell under the silver brilliance and enemies in all directions. He almost advanced step by step.

More than 10 hours!

He still did not see the battle’s leader of the Jiang family of South America.

As Daybreak said, at this point, he had become a spent force.

Saint merely said ‘H’m’.

“Won’t you launch an attack?”

Daybreak turned to look at Saint, with a look of surprise.

“Not interested.”

Saint replied with a calm tone.

Daybreak was surprised at first, and then he looked stunned. He thought of many possibilities, but he never thought that when Li Tianlan was about to fall down, Saint said that he was not interested in saving Li Tianlan.

What the f*ck was this?

Daybreak shook his head madly and chuckled. “That’s interesting. If your boss knows…”

“Here I am, so I’m carrying out the task a.s.signed by my boss.”

Saint said in a low voice with some confusion.


Daybreak looked at Saint. “Isn’t that your task to protect Li Tianlan? Come on. Since you’re here, the other Super Masters of the Samsara in East Island must be not far away from Li Tianlan. Don’t go so far.”

“Protect Li Tianlan?”

Saint said silently and immediately shook his head, “No. If I’m not mistaken, it should be your task. Your Highness ordered you to protect Li Tianlan, right? ”

Daybreak looked dull.

Before he started to talk, Saint said calmly, “But that’s not my task. So, our tasks are different.”

The mysterious Highness ordered Daybreak to protect Li Tianlan.

However, the boss a.s.signed different tasks to him and the other Super Masters.

Their most important task was to protect Li Tianlan’s corpse.

Right, corpse.

“What the h.e.l.l do you want to do?”

Daybreak looked pale and thought of a possibility.

Saint did not answer his question.

“If you do that, you’re not afraid…”


Saint interrupted Daybreak and said calmly and confidently, “Everything is under the boss’s control.”

Daybreak was extremely angry but laughed. He turned and looked to the north.

The battlefield was drawing to the north.

But from Daybreak and Saint’s position, the battlefield was in the south while the sea was in the north.

In Changdao night reigned.

Tide rose and fell by the sea.

There was light on the sea that seemed to be near, just like a beacon.

The light shone into the air and blasted away.

The beach was quiet.

The brilliant light lit up the night and did not dissipate for a long time.

In the battlefield, a burst of cheers, resounding to the skies, went up from the camp of East Island. All the people were excited.

It seemed to be responding to the burst of cheers.

A long cry into the night sky suddenly came from the sea.

The long cry was resounding, with sword intent and fierce wind, stirring the night.

The signal sh.e.l.l that rose from the night dropped.

A strong wind blew on the sea, and sword intent reached the cloud.

Saint and Daybreak looked at the sea silently.

“He’s coming.”

Daybreak said.

Because it was so far, he could not tell the sword intent on the sea, but he could feel the momentum.

Throughout the East Island, only one person could stir up the sea with sword intent.

He was Liusheng Cangquan, the Master of Jifeng Sword-reining School, and the Grand Master of Invincible Realm.

He was here. Tianhai Wuji, the Master of Wuji Palace, must be with him.

The first batch of East Island experts trapped in Huating had begun to return.

They might be the strongest.

There were less than 300 people in Zhongzhou State.

Daybreak resolutely turned and rushed to Li Tianlan.

Saint stood still and watched the number of people in Zhongzhou group increasingly reduce.

Raging waves were coming.

Raging waves would be gone.

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