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G.o.d watched Qin Weibai’s figure disappeared quietly, but didn’t see her fell down.

Apart from Saint and Military Counselor, the Super Masters of Samsara left one by one.

The battle stopped, the sea calmed down again, the bright stars reflected on the sea surface. In the battlefield where the battle came to an end, everything was silent and peaceful like a painting scroll.

G.o.d just stood there, without moving a bit.

The rest of the crowd didn’t dare to move, either.

The elites of Zhongzhou State who had a great loss stood in the very center of the battlefield. There were less than two hundred people in the troop, almost every one of them was seriously injured. Azure Dragon of Zhongzhou State Gongsun Qi was supporting Tribulation and standing at the front of the crowd. He stared at G.o.d who seemed to be thinking about something with a calm face.

Tribulation’s face was also very calm.

No one took the initiative to attack Zhongzhou State.

The elites of East Island and the five superpowers broke apart quietly some while ago. The elites of the Jiang family of South America had been wiped out completely. The Heroes’ Club, the Polar Ground Alliance, Fantasy World, and Knights Templars, all of them had lost their leaders. The spots they stood at still showed the weak connection among them, but it looked like they guarded against each other rather than cooperation.

Tianhai Wuji and Liusheng Cangquan stood at the front of the East Island elites and remained silent.

The battlefield had lost its meaning.

In the final battle of Changdao, all the superpowers sent out their elites and the flames of war reached every corner of the Dark World. All of the superpowers gave it all and lost it all. In the end, n.o.body won the battle.

The Purgatory of Heaven Capital, which appeared suddenly, broke the rules of all the superpowers and became the biggest beneficiary of this final battle.

Before the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, as known as G.o.d showed a clear att.i.tude, any action from any superpower meant nothing.

G.o.d had no att.i.tude.

He just stood quietly, among the bright star lights, as if he was asleep.

Time pa.s.sed slowly.

The night went deep.

The smell of blood on the battlefield got thicker and thicker, and the atmosphere kept getting more and more depressed in silence. Everyone felt numb from standing for too long, but their anxiety kept rising and falling, till a phone suddenly rang and broke the silence at the battlefield.

At the front of the East Island camp, the royals Crown Prince Renhe picked up the phone with a severe face, gave a respectful response, and moved forward.

Everyone’s attention focused on Crown Prince Renhe.

Crown Prince Renhe walked towards G.o.d.

His back was straight, but the closer he got to G.o.d, the more his back bent.

The two of them were getting closer to each other.

Crown Prince Renhe’s body finally bent into a humble posture.

“Renhe here to greet Your Highness.”

He walked in front of G.o.d and bowed deeply.

“Crown Prince is too polite.”

G.o.d took a look at him and said in a bland tone.

“Father Emperor asked me to invite Your Highness for a breakfast. The helicopter is on its way. Father Emperor will be waiting for you in the Imperial Palace.”

Crown Prince Renhe’s tone sounded more and more respectful.

He didn’t try to hide his voice, so everyone who should have heard it heard it.

This wasn’t a surprising choice.

East Island faced a great loss in this battle, at least Li Tianlan had killed more than ten superiors of the Half-step Invincible Realm. The Palace Master of Liuhuo Palace s.h.i.+nichi Miyamoto had died, many superiors of peak Thunder-shocking Realm had disappeared, and they had lost even more elites of Fire-flaming Realm.

After this battle, the strength of the East Island Special Warfare System got weakened by half.

And most importantly, even the remaining half of strength was basically in G.o.d’s hands right now.

Tianhai Wuji, Liusheng Cangquan, and a large number of elites of Divine Wind Force were at the battlefield right now, and G.o.d was also here.

Even if he couldn’t kill everyone here, it would be easy for him to wreck the remaining force of East Island.

It would be impossible that East Island misread the situation right now.

So, G.o.d’s silence before was pus.h.i.+ng East Island to state its stand.

Crown Prince Renhe’s invitation was East Island’s att.i.tude towards the whole Dark World.

Whether East Island had a choice or not, after the battle of Changdao, it had acknowledged the Purgatory of Heaven Capital.

This was the best choice.

If the Purgatory of Heaven Capital never appeared, the whole East Island wouldn’t be able to handle Li Tianlan’s breaking out and the attack from the w.a.n.g family of Beihai. By then the entire Special Warfare System of East Island would fall apart, the royals had to give up everything under the great pressure, the whole Special Warfare System would fall into the hands of Zhongzhou State and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai.

Without this sharp knife from the Dark World, the future of East Island would be turbulent.

The Purgatory of Heaven Capital pushed back the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, to some extent it saved East Island. At least Tianhai Wuji and Liusheng Cangquan, two superiors of Invincible Realm were still here. They were still considered the Special Warfare force of the royals.

And the most notable was the Purgatory of Heaven Capital itself.

They were different from the complicated beliefs and standpoints supported by financial groups, politics or religions behind the five superpowers.

They were also different from Zhongzhou State.

The Purgatory of Heaven Capital had no standpoint.

Everything they did was for themselves.

They were similar to Samsara Palace on this. They could easily make East Island accept when they didn’t have a choice.

For East Island, the Purgatory of Heaven Capital had no standpoint, that meant they could be a.s.similated.

On the premise of keeping a part of its own strength, East Island gave the authority of Special Warfare System to the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, which would help East Island to build its foundation. In a short period of time, even if the Purgatory of Heaven Capital wouldn’t do their best to help East Island, at least they wouldn’t turn their back against East Island on the premise of protecting their own interest, because they had no standpoint.

This would be enough.

And if they entirely accept the Purgatory of Heaven Capital in the future and G.o.d would be willing to fight for East Island, this would be the best outcome.

East Island chose the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, which had no standpoint. Somehow it meant that they gave the Purgatory of Heaven Capital a standpoint.

The key was what they would do in the future.

Anyway, after tonight, it was possible that East Island had an ultimate superior that could match w.a.n.g Tianzong.

This was what mattered the most.

G.o.d looked at Crown Prince Renhe in silence and didn’t say a word in a long time.

Cold sweat was streaming down along Crown Prince Renhe’s forehead. He was the Crown Prince of East Island, and he had great power and status. But facing the absolute force, he was also a nonent.i.ty.

Crown Prince Renhe’s body bent more and more deeply, it seemed he wanted to get down on the ground under G.o.d’s feet.

G.o.d looked away and laid his eyes on Tianhai Wuji and Liusheng Cangquan.

His stare was soft, but the two Grandmaster of sword and saber in the Invincible Realm felt his inviolable dignity at the same time.

The two exchanged a glance, then bowed at the same time and said with their dry voices, “Here to greet Your Highness.”


G.o.d let out a soft laugh. He hadn’t gone to Dongdu Imperial Palace yet, but already gave his first order: “Prepare five s.h.i.+ps.”

Crown Prince Renhe subconsciously responded, then froze.

He looked at the battlefield out of instinct.

Zhongzhou State, Fantasy World, Knights Templars, the Polar Ground Alliance and the Heroes’ Club.

Five superpowers just right.

The Jiang family of South America had no one left.

As expected, G.o.d waved his hand and said blandly, “Tell them to f.u.c.k off.”

Crown Prince Renhe wanted to say something but didn’t, then bowed and left.

On East Island’s standpoint, right now they had the Purgatory of Heaven Capital, it would fit their interest the most if they made all the superpowers stay. However, no one could go against G.o.d’s first order, and no one dared to.

He made a phone call and got rid of all the troops at the border of the battlefield, then looked at the five superpowers including Zhongzhou State. “Everyone, please.”

The Polar Ground Alliance was the first one to turn around and retreat to the beach in the North, and then they waited for their s.h.i.+p.

“Bring my message to your Master.”

Among the stiff troops of the superpowers, G.o.d said in a calm tone, “The rest of you, and the other superpowers of the Dark World, get the h.e.l.l out of Heaven Capital and East Island in twelve hours. Or I’ll make it tough for you.”

The superpowers left one by one, whether they liked it or not. They all lost in this battle of Changdao.

A fiasco!

The hovering sound of the helicopter rang out from afar.

G.o.d turned around and looked.

In the far North, people from the Polar Ground Alliance had started to board the s.h.i.+p.

G.o.d walked to the helicopter that was slowly landing.

Everyone from East Island followed G.o.d.

People from Senluo Hall and Athanasy Hall started to leave the battlefield.

Phoenix who dressed in bright red color, turned around and looked at the members of Life-prolonging Hall.

As she looked around, many members of Life-prolonging Hall showed uncomfortable expression.

The tacit understanding of Life-prolonging Hall was still the same.

But they seemed to draw distance from the Master of the Hall.

Phoenix waved her hand.

People from Life-prolonging Hall also started to retreat.

There were only Saint and Military Counselor left at the battlefield.

Saint watched the people from the Polar Ground Alliance, who were boarding the s.h.i.+p, with killing intent in his eyes, but he managed to press it down.

“That’s it.”

Saint said.

Military Counselor’s tone sounded a bit serious. “It seems that something is wrong with Boss…”


Saint stayed silent for a while, then sighed and said, “We can’t help her with her relations.h.i.+p.”

The relations.h.i.+p was between two people.

Even if they gave up on the relations.h.i.+p, even if they felt desperate, it had nothing to do with other people.

“What’s your plan?”

Military Counselor looked at the sea ahead and asked.

Saint squinted his eyes and said softly, “I’m gonna stay at East Island for a while, at least I have to take care of Tianlan, then I’ll talk with the Purgatory of Heaven Capital about the future cooperation, what about you?”

“What a busy schedule.”

Military Counselor laughed. At the battlefield where there were only two of them, they talked in such a casual way, like two old friends who knew each other. “Of course, I’ll go back to Zhongzhou State, take a long rest.”

Saint put on a playful smile. “Rest? Do you know how many people will be afraid of that? When you rest, the world will be a real bloodbath?”

Military Counselor laughed and didn’t say anything.

When he took a rest, he wouldn’t be Military Counselor, the second Super Master of Samsara anymore.

For some people, this was the scariest.

“About Tianlan…have you decided?”

Military Counselor suddenly changed the subject and asked.

Saint fell silent.

By now, everyone had left the battlefield. In the star light and the ocean breeze, there were only two black figures left.

Saint took off his cloak and showed his boney and stern face. He had sword-shaped eyebrows and bright starry eyes, looking handsome and exhausted.

‘I can’t say no.”

Saint lit up a cigarette for himself. “And it’s just a temporary step back, and it’s nothing. I hope when I take a step back, Tianlan can take a step forward.”

Just one step.

But this step was from the top Half-step Invincible Realm back to the peak of Thunder-shocking Realm.

Even if it was just temporary, but for Saint who never had many chances, it was still a big step.

An immense step.

Military Counselor didn’t say anything.

Long, long ago, the two of them had known that, whether in the aspect of life or Martial Arts, the extreme of Samsara was Nirvana.

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