The King of Special Warfare Chapter 266 - Attitude

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Chapter 266 Att.i.tude

Obviously, Zhuang Huayang was not in the mood to continue discussing business.

In other words, no business could be as shocking as Li Tianlan’s sudden appearance.

Li Tianlan was stabbed in the heart.

The whole Dark World had witnessed this.

But now, he appeared in front of him again.

Tribulation’s strange calmness indicated that he knew Li Tianlan’s state in advance. What did this mean?

The office was tranquil.

Zhuang Huayang felt uneasy without a reason.

He always felt that he had ignored some crucial things in this series of events, but he could not tell what they were.

Zhuang Huayang looked at Li Tianlan and asked earnestly, “How did you survive?”


“Do I have to explain why I’m still alive? To whom?” Li Tianlan responded.

His tone was calm without any emotion.

But not only Zhuang Huayang, even Tribulation looked at Li Tianlan with some surprise.

Evidently, his question was offensive. He spoke with a calm tone, but he could not conceal his impatience.

Both of them looked at Li Tianlan at the same time.

Li Tianlan sat there quietly. After reviving, he was much more dazzling than before. Although he looked absolutely perfect, both of them clearly felt his irrepressible awful mood.

He appeared to be calm, but he was deeply pa.s.sionate, like the boiling lava inside a snow-covered active volcano.

Li Tianlan seemed to be aware of his att.i.tude.

666 He took a deep breath and paused for a while before he said, “Sorry, I’m not in a good mood.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Zhuang Huayang smiled warmly. He chose not to investigate the secret of Li Tianlan’s rising from the dead, but chuckled. “It’s good to be alive.”

He paused and continued, “It’s even more exciting in Zhongzhou State.”

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Zhuang Huayang shook his head and glanced at Tribulation. Tribulation had no intention of saying something. The old headmaster said with some helplessness, “How are you doing? After the battle of Changdao, how much combat strength do you have?”

At such a realm in Martial Arts, they had to have extraordinary perception. Even if they could not determine a person’s realm, they could feel the strength of the other party from their essence, qi, and spirit.

But Li Tianlan was different.

From the moment he walked into the office, all he showed was perfection.

His essence, qi, and spirit were concentrated together. He was neither high-spirited nor feeble, but somewhat akin to being deceptively perfect.

“I’m lucky to be alive, let alone have combat strength.”

Li Tianlan was a little self-mocking. Remembering what he would lose and what he might not get in the future, he said with disappointment in his eyes, “I have to start over again.”


Zhuang Huayang kept quiet.

He was not surprised by this result.

The final battle of Changdao caused the worst losses in the Dark World in recent years. Thousands of elites stepped into the breach as another fell, but in the end, less than a hundred people came back alive. As the situation suddenly changed, the final battle ended in haste and confusion. Zhongzhou State could only get information about its process and the final results from survivors. The information about Li Tianlan was the most important.

Zhuang Huayang saw many reports, so he could roughly imagine how powerful the ultimate explosion was, which was at the cost of their lives. As Li Tianlan said, it was a miracle in itself that he could survive after being stabbed in the heart. Thus, it was not realistic to expect that Li Tianlan was still compet.i.tive.

In short, Li Tianlan’s foundation was abolished entirely, and his Martial Arts bottomed out.

Learn it again.

He could only learn it again.

Zhuang Huayang sighed gently, and he felt a headache at the thought of Kunlun City’s recent movements and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai’s att.i.tude, in combination with Li Tianlan’s revival and his current ident.i.ty.

Everything went very smoothly at the moment.

It was not hard for him to imagine that the struggle of Zhongzhou State would surge forward vigorously after Li Tianlan walked out of the door.

Zhuang Huayang suddenly asked in a low voice, “Tianlan, what’s your att.i.tude toward the Samsara Palace?”


“The Samsara Palace.”

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes.

Beyond doubt, the Samsara Palace was one of the three things that Tribulation just mentioned.

In the case of Zhongzhou State’s plotting against East Island, it cooperated with the Samsara Palace at the very beginning. Whether from the process or the result, what the Samsara Palace did this time was a betrayal of Zhongzhou State.

When Five Invincible Realm Experts broke through from Huating, the Master of the Samsara Palace, who was supposed to appear, did not show up. It directly caused the inadequate defense in Huating. When w.a.n.g Tianzong, who went to the border, ran back to w.a.n.g Tianzong, Gu Xingyun was seriously injured. Meanwhile, most of the elites from five superpowers who were trapped in Sky Academy also ran away from Huating.

It was no exaggeration to say that the final battle happened in Changdao, but Huating was the most important.

If the Master of the Samsara Palace could launch attacks along with Gu Xingyun, and ally with the third batch of people from Zhongzhou State, which was supposed to provide aid to Changdao, in the turbulent situations of that day, it would not be much of a problem for Zhongzhou State to quell the riot, even if there was no w.a.n.g Tianzong.

If Five Invincible Realm experts had not left Huating, East Island would not become so emboldened. If so, the general trend was still under the control of Zhongzhou State, so the five superpowers of Changdao would not join hands with East Island, and Zhongzhou State would not suffer such a severe loss.

The combat capability of the top-five Invincible Realm experts on the Divine List was very critical. The Master of the Samsara Palace’s hands-off approach and abrupt disappearance caused the general trend to be utterly out of hand.

Several Super Masters of Samsara in Changdao also looked on the entire military situation indifferently. In the end, they came together with the Purgatory of Heaven Capital. No matter how well they cooperated, it was irretrievable due to such an apparent betrayal. It was not hard to imagine Zhongzhou State’s att.i.tude toward the Samsara Palace.

With a movement in his heart, Li Tianlan directly asked, “How about Zhongzhou State? What’s Zhongzhou State’s att.i.tude toward the Samsara Palace?”

He looked at Zhuang Huayang with tranquil eyes, but behind them was indistinct ferociousness.


Zhuang Huayang looked at Li Tianlan unflinchingly, as if to read his mind. “Zhongzhou State has decided at the last high-level meeting to list the Samsara Palace as a hostile force of Zhongzhou State. Kunlun City has issued an order to kill 12 Super Masters of the Samsara Palace, Qin Weibai, and all people of the Samsara Palace. Meanwhile, it has been issued to all special warfare agencies inside and outside Zhongzhou State. The killing order will be issued to the mission system of Sky Academy and Deep-sea Academy.”

The atmosphere suddenly became frozen.

Tribulation was pale-faced and looked down at the ground under his feet as if he was asleep.

Zhuang Huayang watched Li Tianlan with a strained look.

He was not afraid but had mixed feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and love.

Everyone felt sorry for Li Tianlan’s death, but they could not say anything more.

But now, Li Tianlan was alive. Based on the dispute between him and the Samsara Palace, how would he treat Zhongzhou State’s att.i.tude toward the Samsara Palace?

Li Tianlan’s foundation was utterly ruined, but he had endless potential. It sounded like a tragedy to study for a second time. Under the circ.u.mstances, once Li Tianlan broke through, he would achieve immeasurable success. Zhuang Huayang really did not want him to split with Zhongzhou State.

Even heroes fall for beauties.

Li Tianlan was not a hero.

Qin Weibai was not an ordinary beauty.

“Tianlan, Zhongzhou State suffered significant losses this time. Samsara Palace’s movement greatly undermined the Special Warfare System of Zhongzhou State. Whether from prestige or a practical way, we can only be enemies with the Samsara Palace. We’ll fight to the last gasp.”

The sound Zhuang Huayang’s voice became deeper and deeper. He looked at Li Tianlan with a soothing and warning tone.

Li Tianlan remained silent.

Zhuang Huayang was getting more and more uneasy.

The Samsara Palace’s betrayal brought considerable trouble to Academics. In the past few years, the cooperation between Zhongzhou State and the Samsara Palace was secretly dominated by Academics. The deception had a significant impact on Academics’ reputation, especially the President of Zhongzhou State, Li Huacheng, who was extremely embarra.s.sed and pa.s.sive in this event.

When Kunlun City proposed to take revenge against the Samsara Palace, Academics was the first to support it in order to reverse the pa.s.sive situation. Then, the Southeast Group and the Prince Group seconded that. The Northern Group had no objection. Even the Giant Group acquiesced to the result.

But now…

Li Tianlan was alive.

The problem suddenly became a bit complicated.

The deep affection between Li Tianlan and Qin Weibai was well known.

But now, Li Tianlan was the Young Governor of Sigh City.

After the Samsara Palace split with Zhongzhou State, Academics, which was not good at the Special Warfare System, focused more on the cooperation with Sigh City. If Li Tianlan’s att.i.tude toward the Samsara Palace could stay the same as Zhongzhou State’s, the relations.h.i.+p between Academics and Sigh City would immediately become delicate.

Zhuang Huayang suddenly thought of something and spoke up. “Tianlan, when Zhongzhou State determined to pursue and get revenge on the Samsara Palace, Leading Cadre sought Senior Li’s advice, and Senior Li seemed to support it.”

After all, Li Honghe was the former War G.o.d of Zhongzhou State. This time he made significant contributions at the border. It was reasonable to ask him for advice. Zhuang Huayang mentioned Li Honghe to vaguely remind Li Tianlan of the Li family and his background.

Li Tianlan glanced at Zhuang Huayang with a calm look.


Zhuang Huayang s.h.i.+vered without reason.

“What’s Zhongzhou State’s att.i.tude toward me?” Li Tianlan asked. He frowned as if troubles were coming.


“You’re the Young Governor of Sigh City, a specially privileged person of Zhongzhou State. It’s not dissatisfied with you in any way. If you hadn’t tried your best to save the situation, this situation would be worse. Even Sword Emperor w.a.n.g Tianzong would be in danger. You contributed to Zhongzhou State! Since you’ve come back, you’re welcome,” Zhuang Huayang said without hesitation. He said a lot, but it did not sound meaningful.


That was not bulls.h.i.+t.

That was the legendary bureaucratic tone.

Li Tianlan laughed with sarcasm.

“I’m telling the truth!”

Zhuang Huayang braced himself and produced a forced smile. “We can’t emphasize your contribution too much. The Academy awarded the East Emperor Palace 100,000 credits. At present, Zhongzhou State is studying the level of the East Emperor Palace, probably to eliminate its level and let you develop freely. That is, if there is no accident, you can graduate from the Sky Academy in advance if you wish.”

“Oh, no accident?” Li Tianlan responded.


Zhuang Huayang spread his hands and looked increasingly helpless. Obviously, he knew that there had to be an accident.

If Li Tianlan were dead, there would definitely no accident.

But now, Li Tianlan was alive. Whether the w.a.n.g family of Beihai or Kunlun City, it was impossible for them to let Li Tianlan develop freely, not to mention let him graduate in advance.

“There are two other things.”

Li Tianlan kept his composure.

Zhongzhou State’s revenge on the Samsara Palace was a significant event in the Special Warfare System. What were two other things?

“Tribulation has broken through the Invincible Realm. Leading Cadre thought it was time for Sigh City to share more responsibilities.”

More responsibilities meant more power.

Sigh City had two Invincible Realm experts now, so it was a little inappropriate to defend Mount Taibai as tenaciously as usual.

However, Li Tianlan did not think that it had much to do with himself. He was a Young Governor but not a Governor. It was useless to discuss the path and future plans of Sigh City with him.


“And I don’t seem to be in charge of this kind of thing?” Li Tianlan asked directly.


“But you are at the Sky Academy,” Zhuang Huayang said with a smile.

Li Tianlan was stunned for a moment and immediately understood.

“I’m at the Sky Academy.”

Then, Tribulation could leave here.

After killing Evil, Tribulation became the only Invincible Realm in the Dark World. He was being wasted in his current position.

Zhuang Huayang wanted to sound out his intention by mentioning this matter. He had 100,000 credits, so even if he were to be absent from school for three years, the Academy would only deduct less than 1/10 of his credits. If he did not plan to continue taking courses, then it would be meaningless for Tribulation to stay here.

Academics was now working with Sigh City. It would be best for Academics if Tribulation left the Sky Academy and went to a more critical position.

Zhuang Huayang should have talked to Tribulation about this matter, but junior uncle master seemed to have known that he would come back, so he had not made a clear statement.

After figuring it out, Li Tianlan did not hesitate. He nodded and said, “If I can’t graduate in advance, I want to ask for a long vacation.”

Zhuang Huayang nodded and said calmly, “I approve your vacation personally.”


Li Tianlan asked again, “And the third thing?”

“The third thing is the compet.i.tion of Spirit Tortoise, the General of Nine Regions.”

Seeming to have a headache, Zhuang Huayang rubbed his temples. “There are only a few candidates currently, but the disputes are very great. Jiang Shan has resigned from the Terracotta Army. New Spirit Tortoises have various demands. Since you’re here, I want to ask for your advice.”

“Does it have something to do with me?”

A little surprised, Li Tianlan looked at Zhuang Huayang.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Spirit Tortoise.

The most neutral Four Spirits General in Zhongzhou State controlled the most mysterious Terracotta Army in Zhongzhou.

When he was in Changdao, he had known that Jiang Shan, code name Spirit Tortoise, the General of Nine Regions, would retire. Meanwhile, he knew the candidates for this position.

w.a.n.g Shengxiao, Gu Hanshan, and Jiang Shangyu.

The four leaders inside the Terracotta Army were in a period of superseding the old with the new. To find a relatively young person to join their leaders.h.i.+p, it was conducive for the smooth transition of the Terracotta Army in the future.

However, Li Tianlan did not think that he could have a hand in this matter. If he was still so capable, he might fight with the three candidates. But now, his foundation was utterly ruined, and he needed to study for a second time. So, what else could he do?

The position of Spirit Tortoise.

Was this a part of the greater responsibility shouldered by Sigh City?

“It’s related to the people around you.”

Zhuang Huayang shook his head and paused for a while before saying softly, “At present, the two most compet.i.tive people are in a relations.h.i.+p with you. One is Li w.a.n.gsheng, and the other is Xu Chu. If there will be no accident, one of them will be the new Spirit Tortoise. Who do you prefer?”

Li w.a.n.gsheng.

Xu Chu.

It was absolutely an unexpected answer.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes. “How about w.a.n.g Shengxiao or Gu Hanshan?”


Zhuang Huayang said, “Kunlun City and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai will have more important goals in the near future. They will give up the compet.i.tion of Spirit Tortoise. They fight for Academics’ support.”

Li Tianlan stood up and walked over to the window.

Night had fallen outside.

The night was dark.

Li Tianlan looked at the darkness outside the window. After a long while, he nodded and said, “I got it.”

He neither asked about the so-called goals of Kunlun City and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai nor aired his opinions. He only said one sentence, “I got it.”

It was his att.i.tude.

No att.i.tude was his att.i.tude.

“Don’t you want to know about the scheme of Kunlun City and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai? Their cooperation is uncertain. But if news of your revival were to be spread out, it might promote their cooperation, you…”

“I’m tired.”

Li Tianlan interrupted Zhuang Huayang. “I don’t want to think about these issues now.”

Zhuang Huayang opened his mouth but suddenly found that he had nothing to say.


Somebody pushed open the office door violently from the outside.

The three of them turned their heads at the same time.

w.a.n.g Yuetong, the little princess of the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, stood outside the door.

She seemed to have come in a hurry. When she appeared outside the door, she was short of breath with her long hair unkempt.

Li Tianlan was stunned in situ.

w.a.n.g Yuetong also looked at Li Tianlan in a daze.

She strained to see the man in front of her eyes. All kinds of intense emotions changed in her eyes—surprise, confusion, perturbation, and trance.

Her sight grew dim.

Her eyes became watery.

“Senior Brother Tianlan…”

w.a.n.g Yuetong shouted faintly and moved slowly toward Li Tianlan. She could not believe that this was true.

“Long time no see.”

Li Tianlan gave her a dry smile.

w.a.n.g Yuetong hesitated to reach out her hand, and then finally collapsed in Li Tianlan’s arms. She held him tightly as her charming body trembled.

The girl threw herself on him.

It was very familiar, but it was not the feeling he wanted.

Or, it was not what he wanted most.

His body began to stiffen.

w.a.n.g Yuetong had a little heartache after feeling this change.

Li Tianlan also felt heartache.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 266 - Attitude

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