The King of Special Warfare Chapter 283 - I Have A Sense Of Shame

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Chapter 283 I Have A Sense Of Shame

The Lunar New Year’s Eve was about to come.

It snowed heavily in Beihai Province.

Heavy snow indicated a year with a great harvest. The snowflakes fell on Mount Dibing, so that the usual desolation and cruelty slowly faded away. The Mount Dibing was covered in white, holy, and elegant.

It was still snowing.

w.a.n.g Yuetong stood at the broad balcony, watching the flying snowflakes outside and zoning out.

In the middle of the year, she and some of her close girlfriends planned to ski in the Tianren Canyon of Canglan City, but she had lost contact with all of them since she got back.

Mount Dibing was around the capital city of Beihai Province, Shengzhou.

In the few months w.a.n.g Yuetong got back from Huating to the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, she didn’t even go to Shengzhou, let alone skiing in Canglan city, which was hundreds of miles away.

w.a.n.g Yuetong became more and more silent.

She never left the mountain or the house. Since she got back from Huating, it seemed that she completely locked herself up and cut off all the entertainments. She just meditated in silence every day. When feeling tired, she watched a movie, rested, slept, and ate. Every day was the same.

Everyone knew that this little princess of the w.a.n.g family of Beihai had gotten back to Mount Dibing, but few people could see her.

The exquisite palace that she lived in lit up.

It seemed to be the only difference that showed whether the little princess had gotten back or not.

It was changing from autumn to winter.

The winter days were about to pa.s.s as well.

w.a.n.g Yuetong was still quiet and silent.

The most tender and prettiest flower of the w.a.n.g family of Beihai used to bloom in every corner of Mount Dibing, but now she chose to bloom in her own s.p.a.ce. She never withered, but she became prouder and unbending.

This was her fighting back, despite she already knew this wouldn’t end well.

The cold wind blew into the balcony through the open window, then into the room.

The dreamy gauze tent in the room flew around along the cold wind.

w.a.n.g Yuetong was facing the wind and snow, and her fresh, pretty little face looked more charming.

A beautiful young woman that looked about thirty walked into her room. Looking at w.a.n.g Yuetong, who stood at the balcony in thin clothes, she sighed, picked a coat from the closet and covered it on w.a.n.g Yuetong. She said helplessly, “You d.a.m.ned girl, however upset you are, you can’t mess with your health. What if you get a cold? I will be the one who takes care of you. Your dad is very busy lately, I bet he almost forgets about us, do you expect him to feel sad for you?”

The young woman was gorgeous, with a mature, curvy body. She was the perfect representation of womanhood. She was wearing a light-colored cotton pajama with her hair tied up. Without any makeup, she and w.a.n.g Yuetong looked like a pair of sisters when standing together.

But in fact, they were mother and daughter.

“Mom, I have gotten into the Fire-flaming Realm, so I won’t catch a cold that easily.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong looked at her mother in front of her and said in an intimate tone.

“I don’t know about those complicated martial arts of yours.”

The woman laughed in a gentle and virtuous way. “It’s getting cold, and you need to dress warmer. I made some soup, come get a bowl.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong said yes. When she was about to turn around, the woman said while laughing, “Oh? That shameless boy has come, go give him a welcome.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong turned around and looked over subconsciously.

In her sight, w.a.n.g Tianzong was stepping on the snow quietly and calmly. He had reached outside the main hall.

A young man that looked about 25 or 26 was following him. The young man had an average-looking face, but he was gentle and refined.

w.a.n.g Yuetong suddenly realized something.

Her face looked a bit pale, and she suddenly felt a chill.

“I won’t go.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong bit her red lips hard. Her face was so pale that it looked transparent, like the snow outside.

The woman looked at her daughter’s stubborn and upset face, then looked at the young man beside her husband outside the main hall.

She shook her head and said softly, “Maybe it’s not what you think it is. You need to find out yourself no matter what.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong just shook her head, without saying anything.

The woman reached her hand and stroked w.a.n.g Yuetong’s hair, then said in an even softer tone, “In fact, even if it is what you think, it won’t be that bad. That young man is your Uncle Wu’s son, don’t you trust your father’s choice?”

“I haven’t met that boy called Li Tianlan, but according to you and the rumors outside, I have a vague impression about him. Isn’t he the most outstanding young man currently in Zhongzhou State? Normally, you would fall for him. But since your father doesn’t want you to be with him, he must have his rightful reason.”

The woman’s eyes looked soft and calm. “Tongtong, you should trust your dad. The boy he chooses may not be the best, but he must be the most suitable for you. Knowing your dad’s personality, he won’t hand you over solely for benefit. Right now n.o.body in this world is worth our doing that.”

“I only want Senior Brother Tianlan.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong shook her head with an unwillingness on her face.

The woman laughed gently, as if she was looking at a naughty child. “But Senior Brother Tianlan doesn’t belong to you. No one can deny the achievements of a man like him. But for you, he isn’t the right one.”

“The successor of the Li family, this ident.i.ty could represent so many things. Right now the Zhongzhou State Special Warfare System belongs to Kunlun City. No matter how powerful the Li family was back then, twenty years could change anything. I worry about Li Tianlan being too outstanding. Most of the outstanding people are unwilling to live an ordinary life. He has so much burden on his back and he is so talented. So from the start, he has no way back.’

“He needs to keep moving forward, to turn over the general trend by himself. In that process, whether he wins or loses, it will be a brutal battle. Maybe he will get a lot, but he will also lose a lot. Adventurous, fluctuant, turbulent, these are nice words for a man. But for women, happiness and stability are the most important things. Let’s ignore the fact that Li Tianlan is standing at our opposite side, even if he is willing to join the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, deep down I still don’t want you to be with him.”

She looked at her daughter with a trance in her eyes and mumbled to herself. “For the women standing next to the big figures, the more decent it looks, the more difficult their lives are.”

“Mom, are you talking about yourself?” w.a.n.g Yuetong looked into the woman’s eyes and asked.

The woman froze, then laughed gently. “Of course not. Your dad is a big figure, but the w.a.n.g family of Beihai isn’t against the general trend. He may be under a lot of stress, but he never takes it out on me. We don’t have to worry about survival, why would I be upset? But Li Tianlan is different. He wants to survive, so he needs to go against the general trend. Being with him, you may get a lot of glories, but you won’t be delighted.”

“You don’t understand.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong said softly, “The w.a.n.g family of Beihai has been standing so high in these years that even I, can see many things clearly. I have seen many things, the so-called tolerating people who were willing to sacrifice their families, people who sacrificed their wives and kids for their own survival. I have seen too much. But Tianlan…”

There was a trance in her eyes. “He is the first man I met that is willing to protect me in front of any kinds of danger.”

She laughed gently. “And at that time, he already knew who I am. My ident.i.ty was hostile to him, but even so, he chose to protect me…”

“That is because you have never been in a dangerous situation before you met him.”

The woman didn’t know how to react. “If you are in a dangerous situation, a lot of people will protect you.”

“It’s not the same.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong said quietly, “Because in that moment, he was aware that even if he chose to protect me, he wouldn’t gain anything from it.”

Hardly when the woman was about to say something, the voice of w.a.n.g Tianzong, who had been ringing the doorbell for a while, rang outside the main hall. He called gently and calmly. “Summer Solstice, open the door.”

The woman answered subconsciously. She stroked her daughter’s hair one more time, then turned around and went downstairs.

w.a.n.g Yuetong bit her lips hard and looked outside the window. Like she had suddenly made up her mind, she put on the coat and went downstairs.

In the living room of the main hall on the first floor, w.a.n.g Tianzong had walked in with the young man. Summer Solstice was talking to the young man with a soft smile on her face.

w.a.n.g Tianzong was about to go upstairs.

He saw w.a.n.g Yuetong coming down.

He froze subconsciously.


w.a.n.g Yuetong took the initiative and greeted him.

w.a.n.g Tianzong’s face softened a bit, then nodded and said, “Come down.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong followed w.a.n.g Tianzong behind with a calm face.

The young man who was talking to Summer Solstice respectfully also got up. When he saw w.a.n.g Yuetong, who still looked gorgeous without any makeup, his eyes obviously lit up, and then he said with a smile, “Yuetong, it has been a while. I’m Wu Qiong. When we were kids, we often went to Shengzhou and hung out.’

“I know.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong laughed gently and nodded. “Brother Wu, I heard that you went to Star State for further study? Did you come back recently?”

“Yes, I did.”

Wu Qiong laughed with nostalgia on his face. “I haven’t been back for about ten years.”

“Little Wu will stay here for good. I’ll set up a position for him in Shengzhou. Yuetong, you guys are both young, you should hang out more often in the future.”

w.a.n.g Tianzong said softly, “Your Uncle Wu has always wanted you as his daughter-in-law. This has been discussed for years. I saw Little Wu a few days ago, and he’s indeed a nice kid.”

“I don’t deserve Uncle’s compliment.”

Wu Qiong bowed down quickly.

w.a.n.g Yuetong looked at Wu Qiong.

Her eyes looked very calm.

The Wu family was one of the wealthy families in Beihai. Wu Qiong’s father was called Wu Qiu, a very famous man in the Dark World. But judging from strength, he was definitely one of the top superiors in the w.a.n.g family of Beihai. He was in charge of the Internal Defense Force on Mount Dibing, and he was considered a well-trusted subordinate of w.a.n.g Tianzong.

w.a.n.g Yuetong had nice impression on Uncle Wu.

Although she had heard a lot of jokes about it, she never wanted to be his daughter-in-law.

“Father, do you mean…having an arranged marriage with the Wu family?” w.a.n.g Yuetong asked directly.

“Not an arranged marriage.”

w.a.n.g Tianzong frowned. “Wu Qiong is nice, you two can try to get to know each other first, if…”

“There’s no if.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong said calmly, “I won’t marry to the Wu family, so there’s no point in trying.”

She said it in front of the boy, it was obviously very awkward.

Wu Qiong’s face turned red. Suddenly, he couldn’t say anything.

‘Why? Tongtong, don’t be so selfish, I…”

Summer Solstice wanted to save the situation while sitting aside.

But w.a.n.g Yuetong had decided to make a big scene.

“Why?” She asked back.

Then she looked directly at Wu Qiong. “Brother Wu, do you want to know why?”

Wu Qiong’s face turned completely red, but he managed to nod.

It would be a great honor for the Wu family if he could marry the little princess of the w.a.n.g family of Beihai.

How could he give up?

“Because of here.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong pointed at her mouth, and laughed softly.

Her mouth was small, red and soft.

w.a.n.g Yuetong’s smile was beautiful and enchanting. “I sucked Senior Brother Tianlan’s private part.”

Her face turned red, but her eyes looked exceptionally brave. “To be precise…”

She thought for a second, then described. “I was naked, kneeling down in front of him like a good girl…then…I sucked him.”


Wu Qiong was dumbfounded.

Summer Solstice was dumbfounded.

w.a.n.g Tianzong was also dumbfounded.

The three people looked at w.a.n.g Yuetong in shock while she talked shyly and happily. Suddenly they didn’t know how to react.

“Anyway, I sucked him, in Sky Academy.”

w.a.n.g Yuetong looked at Wu Qiong. “This is why, I sucked Senior Brother Tianlan, so I can’t use this mouth to say I love you or I do to other men.”

“Because I have a sense of shame.” w.a.n.g Yuetong touched her face and said seriously.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 283 - I Have A Sense Of Shame

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