The King of Special Warfare Chapter 410 - The Light in Night

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Chapter 410 The Light in Night

The ethereal yet extremely real sword intent was still surging in the ruins of the manor.

Amidst the laughter, Li Tianlan’s figure had disappeared entirely in front of Jiang Qiannian’s eyes.

There was no sign of him exerting force. It seemed that with just a turn, his figure had lost all traces.

Only the sword intent was still condensed in all directions, endless.

Jiang Qiannian’s figure suddenly stopped in front of Li Tianlan. His figure paused, but the s.p.a.ce around him suddenly began to twist and shatter.

The void domain continued to expand.

The ruins suddenly quieted down.

The ruins disappeared, and so did the smoke and dust. In extreme silence, only the horrible darkness spread silently.

But there was still no Li Tianlan’s figure in Jiang Qiannian’s perception.

He frowned tightly and suddenly thought of someone, or rather, a piece of equipment.

One of the Four Spirits Armors of Zhongzhou State—Azure Dragon.

For many years, the Special Warfare System of Zhongzhou State had experienced countless fights and finally created the Four Spirits Armors, which were well known in the Dark World, for the Four Spirits Generals of the Terracotta Army.

The most important material of the Four Spirits Armors was the priceless Cloud Silk in the Dark World.

The value of Cloud Silk was not only that it was warm in winter but cool in summer. The most important thing was its extraordinary defense.

Attacks from an ordinary Thunder-shocking Realm expert could be absorbed by almost half.

It meant that Cloud Silk would absorb most of the attack power of a Fire-flaming Realm expert, and it could even absorb a little bit of the power of an Invincible Realm expert as the latter attacked it.

A little bit was very little.

But during the battle between two Invincible Realm experts, a little bit of power may determine their rankings on Divine & Holy Lists and could even be a matter of life and death.

In the Dark World, under normal circ.u.mstances, top-level martial heritage, special physique, and suitable Martial Arts were the conditions that enabled someone to defeat the enemy with a higher realm.

Similarly, there was some hardware that allowed people to improve their strength in the Dark World.

The most famous ones in the Dark World were the 12 Murderous Weapons. Any murderous weapon could almost have the deterrent power of an Invincible Realm expert.

Aside from murderous weapons, any treasure similar to Cloud Silk was also hardware that could enhance strength.

Li Tianlan had a garment of Cloud Silk from Samsara Palace.

It was no secret.

Similarly, the function of Azure Dragon Armor among the Four Spirits Armors of Zhongzhou State was no secret as well.

Azure Dragon General Gongsun Qi’s Azure Dragon Armor was improved by the Dongcheng Clan and used a technological concept that had hitherto led the world in terms of military.

The state-of-the-art optical camouflage technology.

Gongsun Qi was very strong. As a person second only to Invincible Realm experts recognized by many people in the Dark World, he could find his place even in the Holy List as he put on the Azure Dragon Armor. Facing an Invincible Realm expert, he may not win, but he could definitely remain undefeated.

Optical camouflage.

Where there was light, he was able to disappear into any corner almost without a trace.

It was Dongcheng Clan’s technology.

The relations.h.i.+p between Li Tianlan and the Dongcheng Clan was no secret.

The Dongcheng Clan repaired the broken garment of Cloud Silk in the shortest time and used their optical camouflage technology. What Li Tianlan was wearing was almost another Four Spirits Armor.

At last, there was a note of seriousness in Jiang Qiannian’s angry and cold eyes.

Gongsun Qi claimed to be the one second only to Invincible Realm experts.

That meant he was the strongest among all Half-step Invincible Realm experts.

A top Half-step Invincible Realm expert had the so-called combat power of the Invincible Realm.

Li Tianlan may be slightly inferior to Gongsun Qi, but he had the combat power of the Invincible Realm himself. After he put on that d.a.m.n garment, he was strong enough to make Jiang Qiannian value his existence.

The void still spread slowly around Jiang Qiannian.

The void domain of an Invincible Realm expert was dark and silent.

But the domain of an expert on the Holy List was bright.

The light was always there, whether it was bright or dark.

Where there was light, the optical camouflage enabled anyone to disappear silently in any corner.

The void domain was constantly spreading.

Jiang Qiannian’s eyes suddenly became cold.

A gust of wind suddenly appeared in the dark, silent void.

The gust swept every corner of the void domain, and biting cold airstreams stirred the silent void. The whole domain fluctuated like a curtain in an instant.

Jiang Qiannian felt everything expressionlessly around him.

His will had been fully condensed to the peak. Thus, the gust in the void grew stronger and stronger and became a storm that almost rushed out of the domain.

The domain of hundreds of meters became increasingly wild under his control.

In the undulating darkness, Jiang Qiannian finally perceived a faint, almost invisible, white shadow ahead of him.

The light lingered on the white shadow.

Hidden coat.

A shadowy figure.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Jiang Qiannian stepped down and waved his fist straight up.


A terrible sound suddenly burst out in the dark domain. The domain shrank madly, and the 100-meter void was directly condensed into a fist by Jiang Qiannian.

The horrible killing intent rose into the sky.

Jiang Qiannian’s body rushed forward. Like a goshawk that saw the prey in a fist condensed by darkness, he swooped down with all his might!

The wildly shrinking domain grew darker.

Under the shadow of darkness, the disappearing white figure finally became apparent and began to be clear.

Li Tianlan raised his hand.

Jiang Qiannian realized in a flash that something was wrong.

The man in white in front of him was vivid.

But he had no weapons in his hand.

By the time he could see those, he was already close.

The loud noise of void condensing and bursting began to dissipate.

All that on Jiang Qiannian’s fist was the darkness as black as ink.

In silence, white shadows appeared in front of Jiang Qiannian, one after another.

They were Li Tianlan’s figures.

Lifelike Li Tianlan.

It seemed that tens of white figures appeared simultaneously. Then, numerous white shadows condensed together like crazy and eventually turned into three shadows.

The three shadows surrounded Jiang Qiannian in a triangle.

The shadows raised their arms.

They had no weapons in their hands.

Jiang Qiannian turned back suddenly.

In the domain behind him, Li Tianlan stepped out of the darkness and raised a long sword.

The three shadows around Jiang Qiannian completely copied Li Tianlan’s movement, raising their arms.

Suddenly, the Sword Energy soared in the silent and dark void domain!

Like a storm that surged into an empty chamber, the tempestuous Sword Energy suddenly filled all corners of the dark domain. The tremendous sword intent was so continuous, majestic, and cohesive.

There was no shadow around Li Tianlan in the void domain.

But the three shadows had already appeared around Jiang Qiannian.

The four white figures, like four lighthouses in the darkness, lit the darkness and guided the way home of the Sword Energy all over the sky.

Shadow Formula!

It was Tribulation’s Shadow Formula.

But now it could be regarded as Li Tianlan’s Shadow Formula!

The four white shadows connected the Sword Energy that filled the whole domain and seemed to form a line with the real body in a trance.

Swift, violent, weird, and yet exquisite.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Qiannian struck.

And then he turned back instantly.

Li Tianlan’s offensive already covered the entire domain at this moment.

In the dark domain, the Sword Energy around the three shadows roared wildly. With Li Tianlan’s real body as the tail end and the shadows as the front end, the Sword Energy all over the sky directly condensed into a giant sword across the whole domain!

The giant sword was swift and sharp, whirling in the darkness.

The entire domain began to twist as the sword spun.

The rotating blade, like a collapsing column, directly covered Jiang Qiannian.

Sword intent coexisted with darkness.

Jiang Qiannian stood in his domain of the Invincible Realm but bled due to his opponent’s mighty sword intent.

There were two roads leading to the Invincible Realm.

One was like Kunlun City, the Jiang family of South America, and many Western superpowers. It was a path to create the domain with the body and then to devour the sword intent with the domain.

The other was like the w.a.n.g family of Beihai, the Li family, Jifeng Sword-reining School, and the Purgatory of Heaven Capital. It was a path that took self-reflection as the sword and focused on breaking the realms.

To put it simply, the former pursued huge containment and control capabilities.

The latter sought absolute destructive power.

Jiang Qiannian was very confident in his domain of the Invincible Realm, but when his domain couldn’t restrain Li Tianlan well, he recognized a fact.

After all, he underestimated the young man.

Like a downpour of rain, the Sword Energy all over the sky fell madly.

The giant spinning sword had reached the top of Jiang Qiannian’s head. As Jiang Qiannian felt the almost suffocating chill, his eyes turned indifferent.

The white shadow kept the sword intent around him.

Li Tianlan’s figure flickered and returned to darkness again.

Jiang Qiannian’s face changed. Without hesitation, he suddenly raised his hand and punched the void.

It was his domain.

It was his void.

It was formed by him, and it could be destroyed by him too.

The whole dark s.p.a.ce suddenly stopped quietly for a moment.

The vast and distant darkness was completely torn apart in a moment.

The domain covering an area of hundreds of meters exploded utterly. The darkness and the Sword Energy burst out at the same time. The two kinds of power got entangled and collided and then reinstated the ruins in the night. The sword intent entangled itself with the darkness, and light emerged.

Two bloodstains appeared in the chaotic ruins.

Jiang Qiannian fell from mid-air and stood on the ground. He bent down subconsciously and swallowed the blood that came out of his throat.

In his sight, Li Tianlan’s white coat had been wholly dyed red by blood. His figure fell to the ground, staggered backward, and disappeared again into the night.

Anger, coldness, resentment, and jealousy.

All negative emotions disappeared completely in Jiang Qiannian’s eyes.

His eyes were bright and indifferent, with black and white sharply contrasted. His pupils sparkled only with killing intent.

The most naked killing intent.

Covered in blood, he swung his fist again.

It was still a clear and powerful fist.

His movement was firm and steady.

After realizing Li Tianlan’s might, Jiang Qiannian no longer held back his power.

It was his first fight in Eastern Europe.

His opponent was a junior.

It was disgraceful, but as long as he could kill him, everything was definitely worth it.

He leaned forward slightly with his outstretched fist.

His arms clutched, and glittering blood spattered in the darkness.

Jiang Qiannian’s eyes were full of killing intent. Apart from that, only the concentration left.

This punch seemed to be slow.

But it couldn’t be stopped.

The punch went forward.

But the whole s.p.a.ce rolled back with his punch.

In all directions, from east to west and north to south.

All the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to have been completely imprisoned by this punch, and then moved closer to him.

s.p.a.ce was no longer dark.

It turned into a blur of colors.

Vaguely, only that fist seemed to be zooming in in the shrinking s.p.a.ce, as if it were filling the whole world.

The strongest unique skill of the Jiang family of South America.

Thirty-meter Mortal World!

This unique skill may be considered not as good as Tenth Unique Domain in the Dark World.

But its essence was no worse than that of any other unique skill.

In the Dark World, when all the domains of Invincible Realm experts were focusing on expansion, only Thirty-meter Mortal World was pursuing shrinking.

It was getting smaller!

Although the surrounding area of the Thirty-meter Mortal World performed by Patriarch Jiang Qiansong of the Jiang family of South America couldn’t really reach 30 meters, it was infinitely close.

In the domain of 30 meters, Jiang Qiansong came and went freely, and his power was as mighty as that of G.o.d.

Jiang Qiannian couldn’t do that, but he could barely narrow the domain to about 60 meters.

In the 60-meter domain, a full blow of an Invincible Realm expert was enough to destroy everything.

It was the true essence of Thirty-meter Mortal World.

The smaller the domain, the greater the force of a full blow.

Tremendous power gathered from all directions.

Jiang Qiannian’s fist still stretched forward.

In a hazy l.u.s.ter, Li Tianlan’s figure appeared in Thirty-meter Mortal World most clearly.

The domain kept shrinking.

One hundred and fifty meters.

One hundred meters.

Eighty meters.

Jiang Qiannian’s fist seemed to be getting bigger in Li Tianlan’s sight.

But it was all due to the illusion that the punch was storing up enormous power.

Li Tianlan moved with increasing difficulty.

With this punch, his figure was restricted, and he could not get away.

Li Tianlan didn’t want to go, either.

The domain of Thirty-meter Mortal World forcibly controlled his body to collide with Jiang Qiannian’s fist.

Li Tianlan looked up.

His eyes glowed with light.

He lifted the sword named Falling Stars in his hand.

In the overwhelming pressure, a clear howl, which was loud enough to penetrate stones, sounded in the misty domain.

Pressure came from all directions.

Li Tianlan didn’t retreat even an inch.

He raised the sword and charged forward!

No words could describe Li Tianlan’s decisiveness at this moment.

The silver blade rose with his body.

He released the sword intent all over the sky, and the domain of Thirty-meter Mortal World then crushed it.

But he still held his sword.

The sword intent disappeared.

But he had merged into an organic whole with the Falling Stars, showing increasingly harsh light.

His figure rushed into the air toward Jiang Qiannian.

He thrust his sword forward!

This sword stroke was not perfect and was not suitable for him.

It belonged to the Li family.

It belonged to 24 Moves of Sword.

Twenty-first Blade · the Shattering of Land!

The Li family’s sword focused on breaking the domain with the Sword Energy.

The Shattering of Land was the most powerful sword stroke against the domain of the Invincible Realm.

He went forward fearlessly!

The domain was still shrinking.

Fifty meters.

The distance of fifty meters was extremely short.

The silver sword and the white coat seemed to be burning in the domain and triggering thunderbolts. But in the end, the sword was still a sword.

The blade of the sword struck Jiang Qiannian hard with its silver light.

Jiang Qiannian held out his hand.

The domain compressed wildly before him.

A ma.s.s of air appeared in his hand.

The Falling Stars pierced the air ma.s.s directly.


The whole domain shook.

Jiang Qiannian’s complexion turned pale instantly.

Blood gushed from all over Li Tianlan.

The air ma.s.s that was condensed to the extreme dissipated crazily.

The Falling Stars in Li Tianlan’s hand trembled little by little, and the straight sword blade gradually curved.

There was a flash of cold in Jiang Qiannian’s eyes.

Li Tianlan’s pupils were still as bright as stars.

He laughed suddenly as the Falling Stars bent.

The Li family majored in swords, which was known to the world.

But it seemed to have been so many years, so long that everyone had forgotten or overlooked something.

The Li family came from Xuanyuantai.

Xuanyuantai was formed by the Lin Clan.

The Lin Clan stemmed from the Lin Clan’s ancestor.

But that amazing ancestor created 24 Moves of Sword with the help of a set of boxing techniques.

There were even a lot of people in the Li family who had never practiced that set of boxing techniques. The same was true of the Lin Clan.

That set of boxing techniques were very powerful.

But many of the strongest unique skills were recorded in the “Invincible Manual”.

For hundreds of years, except for that ancestor, Li Tianlan seemed to be the only person who had studied the “Invincible Manual”.

The Falling Stars bent to its limit, vanished in an instant, and became a silver bracelet on Li Tianlan’s wrist again.

Li Tianlan rose into the air.

In a domain shrouded in the hazy night, his bones vibrated wildly, making the sound of a dragon.

The dragon’s groan suddenly sounded. Accompanied by thunderbolts and raging flames, it echoed in the sky.

It was the predecessor of 24 Moves of Sword.

Seventy-two Styles of Dragon Fist of the Lin Clan and Li family.

Dragon Fist · Flying Dragon!

The raging fire and thunderbolts madly expanded in the domain, wreaking havoc.

In this late-night, hazy domain.

Recchi City, Eastern Europe.

The Li family, which had been silent for more than 20 years, seemed to have shone again. The light was burning in the young man of twenty-two, turning into a flame that seemed to last forever.

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 410 - The Light in Night

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