The King of Special Warfare Chapter 436 - Onslaught · Life-and-Death Fight

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Chapter 436 Onslaught · Life-and-Death Fight

The w.a.n.g family of Beihai could stand on the peak of Martial Arts for hundreds of years because they had Six Paths of Reincarnation—a move known as the best breakout of power in the world.

In the days when the Li family had not fallen from the altar, it was also recognized by the whole world as a family with peerless kendo, because the last three Absolute Swords of the 24 Moves of Sword were unparalleled.

Asura Path had been brilliant too.

In terms of time, Asura Path existed in Zhongzhou State even earlier than Mount Shu did.

During the peak period of Asura Path, the leader had once reached the forefront of the Divine List and stood beside several experts at the peak of the Invincible Realm, yet he didn’t pale in comparison at all.

That was a long, long time ago.

That amazing character perfected the Martial Arts of Asura Path and pushed Asura Path to the summit of the Dark World while he was alive.

Every Martial Arts force, more or less, sooner or later, must have its essence as long as it could be pa.s.sed down.

The essence of Asura Path was only one move.

Irrational Madness!

The essence of Irrational Madness was not in the hands of Asura Path.

It was in the hands of Hua Qingfeng, the leader of Shadow Sect.

Now it was in Li Tianlan’s hands.

In a way, Irrational Madness lived up to its name.

This unique skill was a peculiar and mighty state.

The incomparably weird way of exerting force and absolutely violent way of acc.u.mulating power, in the end, got the madness and might of losing all senses in return.

Irrational Madness exerted force from the end of the spine.

This move had existed for hundreds of years, and there was still no unique skill in the Dark World that had the same way of exerting force.

It exerted force from the end of the spine, connecting the upper and lower limbs. The momentary and violent acc.u.mulation of power brought to the user not only absolute strength but also the sharp pain that was enough to drown all his senses.

The damage to the spine caused by this way of exerting force was almost permanent.

It burned not only human potential. It was also destroying the human body most brutally.

Without hurting the enemy, the user hurt himself first!

It was the craziest and most tragic unique skill.

But it enabled Li Tianlan to break forth incredible combat power completely.

Dual Wind and Thunder Veins were almost half-destroyed in today’s war.

But even if it was really half-destroyed, Li Tianlan still had Wind and Thunder Veins.

The moment the spine tightened, the limbs were stretched to the limit as the blood burned crazily.

There was no light in Li Tianlan’s eyes except the scarlet killing intent.

The immense pain almost ignored his will and overwhelmed his reason in a moment.

The world seemed to disappear.

All the sounds were farther and farther away.

Li Tianlan only heard the sound of something flowing.

It was neither light nor slow. With extreme irritability, it was rus.h.i.+ng and surging, like boiling magma.

It was the sound of burning blood.

At this moment, Li Tianlan had no sense.

But his body was exceptionally sober.

Black Ghost was incomparably apparent in his eyes and seemed to be the only target.

All his judgments were faster and clearer than ever.

They were not judgments of the brain but of the instinct!

The most terrifying, natural, and swift instinct.

This reaction speed had almost surpa.s.sed everything.

And all the attacks, dodges, advances, and retreats made by this extreme response speed had another famous name in the Dark World.

Night Walking.

It was the most powerful body movement recorded in the “Invincible Manual” of “Map of G.o.d of War” of the Li family and the Lin Clan.

Li Tianlan gave up his reason. With his instinct, in a battle where no other factors needed to be considered, this was almost his perfect state at present.

The tight bones kept bursting, and the sound was like a dragon’s groan.

Irrational Madness, Night Walking, Dragon Fist.

In such a close combat, Li Tianlan burned his potential in exchange for great combat power, the fastest response speed, and the fiercest offensive.

Li Tianlan, in this state, was utterly fearless.




Every cell in his body seemed to growl to support his wildest fight.

Black Ghost kept backing in his sight.

Dark knife light blended with the night.

The brisk wind suddenly became furious.

The figures of Li Tianlan and Black Ghost came close the moment they pulled apart.

The knife struck Li Tianlan.

The damaged garment made of Cloud Silk was getting more and more damaged.

The moment the blood splattered, Li Tianlan, who had entered the optimal attack distance, became utterly violent.

Firelight appeared in Black Ghost’s pupils.

Then thunderbolts appeared.

The orange and blue colors flashed for a moment. The next second, flames and thunderbolts all became weirdly pale.

The raging energy did not spread but condensed to the extreme. Then it turned into incomparably weird white spots.

It seemed that the white spots suddenly fell before they were completely formed.

A fierce storm.

All of a sudden, all Black Ghost could see were attacks.

Li Tianlan’s body had completely turned into a phantom that could not be captured by the naked eye, in the sound of a nearly deafening groan of the dragon.

His body was right there.

But he was moving.

Straight punch, uppercut, elbow-blow, knee attack, foot sweep, roundhouse kick.


In addition to fast, Black Ghost could only feel the strength that was fierce to the extreme!


Black Ghost could only move back.

His defense was extremely fragile, and facing such power, he could hardly afford any attack from Li Tianlan.

And Li Tianlan in this state…

Black Ghost believed that he couldn’t afford an attack of his own, either.

The problem was that Black Ghost now had no chance to attack.

Li Tianlan gave up all his defense in exchange for the most violent offense.

Li Tianlan, in this state, had no defense.

Both of them were undefended.

One person was attacking.

While the other was dodging.

It was a real life-and-death fight.

Both of them were looking for opportunities.

The moment the deadlock was broken, someone must be alive while the other must be dead.

Jiang Qiansong stared closely at the battle between Li Tianlan and Black Ghost.

His heart kept sinking.

He never thought that Li Tianlan, who was seriously injured to this extent, could still have enough combat power to suppress Black Ghost in an instant.

Li Tianlan was no match for Black Ghost.

The current suppression could only be described as a stalemate.

But no matter how strong Black Ghost was on the surface, in the real battle, his lack of defense would also become a major variable.

Jiang Qiansong hated variables the most.

The Jiang family of South America lost Jiang Qianxie three years ago.

And they lost Jiang Qiannian today.

In any case, Black Ghost must be alive.

Otherwise, how could he expand the Jiang family of South America, which he would support alone?

And the death of Black Ghost meant that the layout of the Jiang family of South America in Eastern European had completely failed, and all the situations now would completely change.

This transformation, in addition to allowing Li Tianlan to rise completely in the Dark World, was also an absolute disaster for the Jiang family of South America.

Jiang Qiansong took a step back subconsciously.

In this situation, he no longer thought about how to win but had begun to consider how to escape unscathed with Black Ghost.

His steps were just beginning to move.

An unspeakable sense of oppression had spread toward him from all sides.

Black Ghost completely disappeared before his eyes.

Only light existed in Jiang Qiansong’s world.

The light was continuous and filled the surroundings, resembling the wildfire that burned the sky and the thunder that destroyed the world.

One hundred elites of Xuanyuan Sword troops remained silent.

But at the same time, they went all out.

One hundred experts with average strength at the peak of the Fire-flaming Realm.

Such a team meant that there were at least thirty Thunder-shocking Realm experts!


Only the real behemoths, for example, the w.a.n.g family of Beihai and the Lin Clan, could have the power of this scale.

Qin Xilai’s figure also disappeared in the dazzling light and shadows.

But the sword, famous in Eastern Europe, was dazzling.

The Dark Swordmaster receded into darkness.

His voice, full of killing intent, sounded in Jiang Qiansong’s ears, extremely clear.

“You must die today!”

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 436 - Onslaught · Life-and-Death Fight

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