The King of Special Warfare Chapter 441 - Date of Death · The Chosen One in Blood

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Chapter 441 Date of Death · The Chosen One in Blood

Li Tianlan stood in the light.

Black Ghost stood in the darkness.

In the vague darkness, his expression was like seeing a ghost.

Black Ghost was a ghost himself.

So at this moment, seeing Li Tianlan’s sword, Black Ghost even felt more terrible than seeing a ghost.

When he turned back and drew his sword, he thought about many possibilities.

He had enough precautions for each one.

However, he never expected to see this sword of Li Tianlan.

The unprecedented fear rose from his heart. In a dark environment, the light was clearly reflected in his eyes.

This was the indescribable sword light.

Pure, bright and dazzling.

It was pure with almost no impurities.

The turbulent darkness all around converged towards the light.

A mist of light engulfed the darkness, slowly spread, and completely enveloped Li Tianlan.

The misty and dazzling sword light had nothing.

At this moment, Li Tianlan did not even have a killing intent.

The rampant sword energy slowly gathered, and only the light was visible.

Pure light.

It was calm within the light.

Li Tianlan stood in the light curtain and looked at the darkness outside. He was equally calm on his pale face.

But beyond the light curtain, it was the terrifying killing intent.

Black Ghost was full of fear and even despair.

But he took the initiative to fight back with a knife. He could not stop this knife at all.

In sight, Li Tianlan’s sword light had stopped spreading. The light outlined a flawless circle in the darkness.

The light reflected everything.

Li Tianlan stood in the light, like standing in a mirror, as if he did not belong to this world.

Black Ghost’s sword light rushed over.

His body also rushed over.

After this sword, Black Ghost did not know what the ending was.

But he could be sure that if he did not use this knife, he would die for certain.

A situation of life and death.

There was really no choice.


Only forward.

At a moment when light and darkness were intertwined, Black Ghost suddenly shouted out a long howl like a beast. His eyes were instantly filled with strange red light. Within a short distance between light and darkness, Black Ghost’s sword suddenly changed from the sweeping direction into the most overbearing vertical split one.

The blood shot out from his body as soon as Black Ghost forcibly reversed the sword direction.

Black Ghost’s breath was instantly weakened, but the knife light in the darkness became crazier and crazier.

He had wanted a chance to fight back.

Li Tianlan had given him this opportunity.

But at the moment when he grasped this opportunity, Black Ghost realized that he had the opportunity, but only once.

If he could not kill Li Tianlan with this knife, there was no future for him.

So Black Ghost burned everything.

All power, all potential.

As long as he could live, even if he was seriously injured or even fell in the realm, it was not unacceptable to him.

The pure sword light was absorbing the darkness.

All the way where the dark knife light pa.s.sed, the s.p.a.ce was broken inch by inch. A pitch-dark light that was tens of meters long appeared in the dark castle.

The arc of light moved from top to bottom, like a black lightning. It split wildly on the pure sword light around Li Tianlan.

Li Tianlan still maintained the posture of holding a sword with both hands.

He looked up quietly and watched the sword light and Black Ghost jumping out of the darkness.

The dark arc of light and the pure sword light suddenly collided.

The mad and fierce killing intent tore the pure light like a mirror at all costs.

The light around Li Tianlan fluctuated violently, like boiling water and a sudden surging tide.

The collision of light and darkness spread around. The obscure light penetrated the wall and the ceiling. Centered on the location of the two, everything within a few hundred meters of the castle instantly turned into powders.

The dark knife light frantically cut the light curtain around Li Tianlan.

Black Ghost had completely let go of everything and madly cut with his knife.




It seemed that all the unique skills had become the most common moves in his hands.

Countless blood was constantly shot out from his body with his waving sword. Black Ghost howled sternly. When the sword light pa.s.sed, the pure sword light was completely covered by the dense black light arc.

Li Tianlan’s pure mirror-like sword light had been completely distorted. But in the face of Black Ghost who was almost desperate to attack at the risk of the life, the light curtain was always unbroken.

No enemy could invade!

The pure light curtain without impurities really did not have the slightest sword energy or killer intents. This sword was pure light, without any offense. But it represented absolute defense.

Black Ghost waved his knife wildly. He did not even know how many times he had waved.

In fact, the first few knives had almost exhausted all the power of Black Ghost. The later the countless knives were, the smaller the power became. Finally the power of the final few knives was not even enough to reach the Fire-flaming Realm.

But Black Ghost still waved his weapon persistently.

His body was shaking. He looked at the unbreakable light curtain, and his eyes were gradually dull.

He moved more and more slowly.

But with his movements, the faint and somewhat ridiculous knife light kept waving. But the light curtain around Li Tianlan had been twisted to the limit.

The dull voice of the air bursting sounded.

Pieces of pure light began to collapse.

The entire light curtain became fragmented, and countless light dots flew into the darkness and disappeared instantly.

There was no excitement in Black Ghost’ eyes.

Instead he became extremely desperate.

It was really…

It was really this sword.

It was actually…

It was actually this sword.

Li Tianlan held Falling Stars with both hands, and turned the sword edge quietly.

It was like turning over a mirror reflecting the light.

In an instant, the light faded.

The same pure silence and darkness without any impurities suddenly erupted in front of Li Tianlan.

The sword energy rose to the sky and destroyed everything.

Unparalleled move.

Two completely different sword intents were the most complete unparalleled move.

Pure light represented absolute defense.

Pure darkness was the ultimate destruction!


There was a sudden blast in the dark silence.

Darkness devoured Li Tianlan completely.

The place where he stood was just like a cracked black hole.

The darkness enough to devour any light was like a surging tsunami, and erupted completely in an instant.

Black Ghost was drowned.

The broken ancient castle hall was flooded.

The open-air garden was flooded.

The power of ultimate destruction seemed to be endless, and filled the castle in the blink of an eye.

All the crackling sounds turned into a loud noise at the same time.

Standing in this mountainous area, known as the strongest war fortress in Eastern Europe, the Rekvia castle completely and totally collapsed in the suddenly erupting black tide.

The pure dark sword intent rushed out of the castle, covered the starlight and became mighty.

Li Tianlan stood at the center of the darkness while his body was shaking violently.

At this step, the genetic drug he had previously taken was finally invalidated with his full shot.

The injuries in the battle with Jiang Qiannian.

The injuries in the battle with Jiang Qiansong.

The injuries in the face of Black Ghost’s and Jiang Qiansong’s combined attack.

Because of the internal and external trauma, blood was pouring from his every wound.

The injuries began to harm his body like never before. Li Tianlan’s eyes turned black continually. His body was shaking, but he concentrated his will as much as he could to prevent himself from falling to the ground.

The blood completely dyed his white broken Cloud Silk clothing red. Li Tianlan, covered with blood and dust, looked like a beggar. But in the darkness, he was full of unprecedented majesty.

Because after the darkness was gone, the African Black Ghost who was strong enough to reach the Holy List was kneeling before him in the most humiliating way.

The dark sword intent completely obliterated all his vitality. The sword light swept every inch of his body. Every muscle on his body was completely torn by the sword intent, and even the internal organs had become fragmented.

Vitality continually disappeared inside his body.

His body was shaking. Before he died, he did not even feel fear, but with obvious doubt and puzzlement.

“Why… why …”

Black Ghost struggled to lift his head. He seemed to have realized the humiliation of his posture, so he moved hard and seemed to want to turn over his body.


In the slight sound, his slightly moving arm suddenly smashed. The blood mist fluttered, and was scattered on Black Ghost.

Black Ghost’s face was completely twisted, but he stared at Li Tianlan with his eyes.

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows and shot Black Ghost a glance.

This was the first time he had killed an Invincible Realm elite with his own power.

It was not the kind of eruption of giving up life.

No one paid for it.

But he also paid the price.

Dual Wind and Thunder Veins had become Wind and Thunder Veins. The imperfect Second to None was destined to not be seen for a long time. His injury had reached his limit. So his next step was to carefully care…

But he killed an Invincible Realm elite.

So Li Tianlan was in a mood to talk to Black Ghost now.

“What why?”

His voice was hoa.r.s.e and weak.

“The Chosen One … the Chosen One Road … Illusion and Reality … Why light and darkness… why at… at the same time …”

He tried to gasp and express himself.

In the dark world for nearly 500 years, the Li family and the w.a.n.g family of Beihai had been standing at the pinnacle of the Dark World.

24 Moves of Sword and Six Paths of Reincarnation represented the ultimate of kendo, and also represented the ultimate of Martial Arts.

Above the ultimate was the true road of the Chosen One.

Therefore, there were only two roads in the Dark World where one might become the Chosen One.

Many experts in the Dark World knew what this path was. But knowing it did not mean that they could make it.

The sword intent of 24 Moves of Sword reached the ultimate. Beyond the ultimate was the real and imaginary sword intent, which killed and destroyed everything, and became unparalleled in the world.

Six Paths of Reincarnation transcended the ultimate, and became light and darkness.

This was the strongest outbreak, and was a two-sided outbreak. Light was the ultimate defense. Darkness was absolute destruction. Between day and night, the attacking power and defensive power that had erupted suddenly almost completely realized the growth of the double.

These were the only two paths of the Chosen One that could be seen in the Dark World.

The Jiang family of South America was not qualified to follow this path.

However, Jiang Qiansong and Black Ghost used the domain of Thirty-meter Mortal World to combine their defense and attack, so they could approach this infinitely.

In other words, they could be infinitely close to perfection.

This was also the reason for the confidence of the Jiang family of South America in Eastern Europe.

Jiang Qiansong and Black Ghost teamed up and had an almost combatting ability to fight with one in the peak of the Invincible Realm.

Because they represented an extremely perfect path.

But now…

Li Tianlan.

After the real and imaginary sword intents, the move of Second to None just now alternated light and darkness, day and night. It was clearly another path to true perfection.


Black Ghost muttered to himself, and still insisted. “Two roads of the Chosen One… reality and illusion, light and darkness, why are you…”

Li Tianlan frowned.

“What are you talking about?”

He glanced at Black Ghost. “Martial Arts are Martial Arts. What’s the use of these your talking bulls.h.i.+ts?”

His body moved and he took a step forward.

This step seemed to disrupt the balance of the entire s.p.a.ce.

Nothingness surged over and completely enveloped Black Ghost.


Black Ghost opened his mouth and made only one syllable. Then the whole man was completely devoured by darkness.

His figure shattered little by little in the darkness, and became flesh and dust.

Black Ghost died.

At the same time, Li Tianlan began to shed blood on his body.

The blood washed away the dust on his body, and it was extremely red and dreary.

He knelt down on the ground and felt dizzy. He could not stand for a while.

No one might have predicted this outcome of the battle.

An Invincible Realm expert died!

The Chosen One bathed in blood.

Li Tianlan clenched his fists tightly, and struggled to stand up. In the darkness, his voice sounded low, hoa.r.s.e, but very firm. “I also have a sword…”

The King of Special Warfare Chapter 441 - Date of Death · The Chosen One in Blood

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